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Pandu-The Menance

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Pandu-The Menance - Page Text Content

S: Pandu.. the Menance

BC: "Akka V Luv U"

FC: The story of one Kid ..who made our lives miserable | Pandu...The Menace | Hahaha....No one can escape from Me!

1: "Innocence" and "Mischief" are two different worlds. Kids are the only one.. who can live in both, enjoying "every moment and to the fullest"

2: This is a cute "little" record of the not so cute kid...who made our lives "little" more miserable than needed | OK! let me start with brief introduction about this photobook ..this is Photo Record of our sweet Memories with this "incredible boy" We Rani, Raju Soumie, Manu, are presenting our "Crying Princess" Madhuri on her 33rd Birthday.

3: There lived a Kid...Pandu..Notoriously Naughty..Innocent..Shy..Cranky...but Sweetest to all of us

4: He Cried and we cried... He Laughed...then also we cried !!! Oh Godd...veedu em chesina manakeyy band!!

5: spring is in the air | springtime | T r e e | Direct Victims

6: Pinni && Chinnana

7: Athayya & Mavayya | Abeyy wohh!! Saale...neetho naadhi okka pic kudaa ledoo beyy

8: Oka Baava!! | Oka Chelli | Cousins....

9: Oka Thammudu (vaadini em chesavv ra!!) | Andarnee veedu Torture pedathaadooo..aataallo!! | ....Little Victims :)

10: One Boy! Many Shades!!

11: Nava Rasaaloo pandisthadooo. appudey Navvu appudey edupu..appudeyy Thikka...annii...

12: 99% "Monkey" + 1% Innocence | Every kid in this world is unique...

13: Bab | 1% Calm | 99% Thikka | We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up. --Phyllis Diller | Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it. --Kids Dictionary

14: Games are not only for winning..but for fun | Message | The Player

15: Kids usually have great love towards games..and this fellow is more playing with Sand, Play sets,water...

16: Play Boy..... | Pandu

17: Porn Star | Veediki snanam cheinchaali anttey andariki Hadalll.... Snanam ayyakaa ahh bathroom bucket lo 30 mins aadi vacheyvaadoo.. later eehh dance poses

18: Little star Born on 25th Feb 2004, 3.58 PM

20: My Thodu pelli koduku.. | Curious Cat

21: Maakanna..veedey ekkuva pics lo unnadooo...

22: Athayya...Creativity

23: on Alluddooo | Sowmya learnt Photoshop in my University & tried on Pandu's Pics

24: Pandoo..nuvvanttey chaala istamm.. ninnu evaranna edhainaa anttey chaala kastamm.. Manoj dhooram gaa unna ninnu chusukoni marchipothunnam... | Ammama Say's | Our love for you

25: Arrey..Pandu..nen Naa pillalaku kudaa eppudu cheyyaledoo nik chesinathaa.... .... chinnaptnundii naa chethulaa meedhugaa perigavv.......I love much | Thathayya Say's | Never Fades

26: Dear Pandu, I saw you growing up in front of me....ur always my cute 'lil' buddy.. **** I still remember ur Crying (horrible)...first talks ("Idhentoo cheppu"), first accident (25 paise coin mingessavv...) on... I love u beyy saale!! **** | "Mavayya" Speaks: | Our Star

27: Arey pandu.. Nuv nannu entha torture pettevadivo gurthundha..? System dheggara pooti.. Car drive chesthunte,first seat lo kurchuni adeskune vadivi... Annam thinamante...peechi.....Cartoon n/w chudodhante kopam...etc Kani inni chesina....nen ninnu entha thittina...I love you ra pandu ga.... :) And i like wen u call me "Somyathayya" bale pilichevadivi ra... <<>> | "Athayyaya" Speaks:

28: Dear Pandu, when I gave this photobook to your mom, I Asked her to hide this from you for next 15 years that you are enough matured to look back your childhood... we could record most of you in pics but still you are really great kid having countless traits n could not capture all these in the I would like to give a brief notes about you... when ur born...I was sleeping in our small house after previous night shift...when I called ur dad about ur update ...he said ur born at 3.58PM...immeditaly i thought our relationship should be unique than any others....may be by calling u "Maamaa" and u calling me "Pandu" but never worked out though....

29: Adventures: 1) Age 1 to 2 : u r playing in our house and suddenly started crying..dont know the reason but we thought something went in your eyes...u did not stop crying even after our long efforts...then we realised U had a pin peirced in your foot (thanks to Vizay)...we have removed it....I still feel so bad .the age where they are so happy.&&Sad ..but never express the feelings other than luaghs or cries 2) age 3 to 5: ur playing with coins (may be handfull of coins)...and we went to the next room for a second...and u came running to us to tell us u swallowed...but could not then...Thathayya and Ammama are so worried assuming u swalloed 1 rupee coin (large coin)...and they rushed you t local hospital and they scanned and found it to be 25 paise (small coin) came out after your bowel movement 3) Age 4 to 6: u went with along with a neighbour..on his bicycle..u came with ur ankle u put ur leg in the cycle wheel..again u r rushed to KIMS hospital, Had a cement bandage for a week..and i remmeber u laying on that bandage against the doctors, mothers advice o anyone else...ur damn nutty fellow

30: Uniquely You: Here are some of your traits...which make us shiver: Crying: Oh Godd ..dhenkainaa ...Edupu okkateyy solution.....may be first two years u are like our sweetest kid ..ever ever In our life...inkaa after two years the naughtyness in u started growing with U...also crying.... Eating: neeku annam thinipinchaali anttey...andariki neerasam vacheysedhiii....I guess mee mummy neeku 7 yrs vacheyvaraku thinipinchedii and I used to scold ur mom and ammamma ..when this guy would eat on his own? ani... Kurkurrey: This deserves separate section the best of my knowledge..u never enjoiedd..eating anything outside food...but Kurkurey used to be ur favorite fried snack..sometimes u ran to nearest shop and buy on your own.. also Paani ur other favorite food...ur mom used to make special trips to Sweet shop to feed u..healthisest panipuri..where the guy claims using Mineral water for making the Paani..

31: Computer: when anyone of us are working with computer..u slowly walk to us and ask for playing games for 5 minutes(mavayya plzzzz...athayya plzzzz)...but this 5 minutes continues for atleast 60 mins..or end u with crying..Soumya athayya and U used to fight a lot..and she used to scold u like anything!! (nikemanna gurthundha ra??) TV: hmmm...nuvvu intlo any other kid...u stuck to Cartoon Network..ur favorite programs are Chotaa Bheem, Power Rangers, Ben10 or anything that has lots of Action...Thathayya and U had great fight. mi idharu okkadheggara unte top legisipoyedhi...we used different strategies (in secret) to keep u away from TV.Niku TV entha pichante "During my Furst night..u r with ur grandparents in ur house..when ur mom came late that night found u watching TV at around 2.00 AM..and n u know wat? u wer hardly 5 yrs old" Toys: u would be curious abt new toy..but trust day u kick that aside..or that simply broken in ur hands...sometimes u bought snacks only for getting the free toys along with snacks ...u vexed thathayya to buy these stuff for U..also me

32: One last page about you Before we conclude...u know Pandu....u are raised not only by your parents..but more than ur grandparents...(Ammama, Thaathayya,Nannamma, Thaathayya)..Athayya & Sometimes mavayya...Bharathi pinni (she deserves second best mom for U...first being ur Ammamaa),,then ur third Mom is ur Mummy.. Ammama never complained about u TO ANYONE...WHAT ever u did..she is happy all the time and she greatly loves U....Thathayya never spent enough time with Us...when we were kids but he dedicated most of his time to u..taking care of all ur needs...ur dad is equally great...and ur mom is sweet angel...always loved any best mother possible...... dont ever hurt them..if u did... try to resolve it..... ............ yours loving Mavayya

34: I wish to add few more memories as you grow....

35: Jaapaani...Jaapaani: | WHen our family lived in NCL colony on NH7 near Kompally..u r hardly 3 years and dont know who taught you that..when ever you see Nepaali Gurkha on road..with your friends you shouted Jaapaani Jaapani...calling them Japanese... One day I was given responsintily to bring you from Kukatpally to NCL Colony and on bus you were with me...u saw the Nepaali Gurkhaa again and started to shout Jaapaani Jaapani...every ine else gave a surprised look..but i was kind of embarrassed :)

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