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S: How Can Peace Be Gained

BC: About The Author | This variety of poems were all originally written by me, Gabe Hagen. I am a 12 year old student of Acs Hillingdon International School in London. I was born in California but then I moved all over the world due to my dads job. I have enjoyed moving around because it has given me an opportunity to learn different world cultures. Nevertheless I still miss my friends in my previous countries. One of my many hobbies is playing sport I play many sports and I have recently joined a baseball team. Although I love playing sports and being outside, I also enjoy writing poems such as these one's you have read. All in all I hope you enjoyed my poems

FC: These are my poems about peace that were written in Ms. Pesonen's English class. | How Can Peace Be Gained By Gabe Hagen

1: 2,3 Spread The Peace 4,5 Flow Freely 6,7 Peace Flies High 8,9 A New Beginning 10,11 Generations Of Peace 12,13 An Unwanted Change 14,15 A Little Drop 16 About The Author | Contents

2: Spread the Peace | Look at you your peace Peace is everywhere on you Now run and spread it.

3: In this Haiku the poem is talking about how anyone can make and spread peace. By the poet saying "now run and spread it" in the last line he intends for there to be peace everywhere. Also, I find that the picture is very suitable because it is a human peace sign. The picture is saying that everyone can make peace together. So even though this is a short poem it sends a big message. The message I feel it sends to me is that everybody can come together and unite to make peace.

4: Look at that white dove It is flying in the sky Freely like peace does | Flow Freely

5: The End | This Haiku uses imagery as a poetic device. Imagery is when the poem displays a picture in your head. This poem means that peace flows freely through the air like birds. Also, it means that since there are birds all over the world, there is peace all over the world. This poem makes me feel like there is hope in the world and there is something to look forward to in the future.

6: Peace is a bird, I hope you do believe I fly high in the sky, oh so very free, I am a bird of peace I spread everywhere I fly I have been north, south east, west yet still people die, I am just a bird, I can't do it all myself, but if you really try, soon everyone will help! | Peace flies high

7: In this poem, the poet uses personification as a poetic device. The poet speaks as if peace was animal, in this case a bird. As birds can fly freely wherever and whenever they want, I couldn't have chosen a better animal. In the first few lines I explain the great life of a high flying bird of peace. Until, the last six lines I explain how one bird cannot spread peace on its own, it needs support and help. Which basically is saying that everyone needs to help each other to find world peace and unity. This makes me feel as if I need to help the planet more.

8: As the Church bells rang filling the air with sweet ongoing notes nothing could make this day better for me, but a lot of things could make this day worse. I breathed in the crisp air making a relieving sign as I exhaled, but I knew some thing was wrong in my historic town. Then at that very moment from over the hills was the uninviting smell of petrol, the demolition team was hear to take down the oldest building in my beloved town. Once that building is gone there will be a part of me missing, taken forever! As the demolition team pulled up closer and closer the pit of my stomach deepened until it hit the point of no return. I couldn't do anything but watch as the recking ball dug deeper into the buildings foundation and my soul. Every hit made my jaw clench and the sound of the stones hitting the ground made my eyes squeeze tighter. Then I came to realize as I pick up the crushed stone remains, that this was a chance for a new beginning. | A New Beginning

9: In this poem I used the characters feelings in connection with the building to really emphasize how the reader would feel. This poem means that sometimes even though things may seem very bad at the time, it will most likely get much better. Some people take bad times to seriously and let that feeling of anger linger in there mind, But somethings you can let that feeling go and start a fresh. That is the message I think this poems gives off. This poem made me feel like even though stuff might go wrong here and there you can always get past that .

10: Peace oh peace it's everywhere I see Peace oh peace it's in you and me Peace oh peace its here and there Peace oh peace it's in my hair I can't wash peace out of me It's stuck to my body like bark to a tree I don't want it off my skin today Because then no peace will ever stay Peace oh peace it's everywhere I see Peace oh peace it's in you and me Peace oh peace its here and there Peace oh peace it's in my hair Everybody across the world Has peace in there body, boy or girl Peace is infectious, its here to stay no more war just play, play, play | Peace oh peace it's everywhere I see Peace oh peace it's in you and me Peace oh peace its here and there Peace oh peace it's in my hair If you want a piece of peace just come along, don't worry it's free We should all come together, everyone Forget about fighting and just have fun Peace oh peace it's everywhere I see Peace oh peace it's in you and me Peace oh peace its here and there Peace oh peace it's in my hair Peace is forever, Peace is free Join in, just you and me Lead by example for kids to come So when its there turn they can have fun | Generations of Peace

11: I used repetition in this ballad during the chorus. Using repetition in this ballad means that I use the same phrase multiple times. The message in this poem is quite straight forward, everybody should make peace with one and other because all in all we are the same. In the last verse I speak how we should make peace for generations to come so they can live in harmony. This means that we should keep the world safe and peaceful for ever. These messages of peace throughout this ballad are supposed to leave an inspiring impact of peace on the reader because they did on me. By reading I felt like I should respect everyone no matter what our differences are.

12: Peace Wonderful, uniting Colorful, happiness, joy Marvelous, Light, tenderness, affection Distant, blaring, forsaken Unwanted, unloved War | An Unwanted Change

13: In this poem I use contrasting words to really emphasize how quickly the poems mood can change. Using contrasting words means you change the mood of the poem throughout the poem by using antonyms. The message that the poem gives off is that the world can change almost instantaneously to something bad or good. This poem made me feel as if I should take all the good times I have for granted because like in the poem those good times can change in to bad ones very quickly.

14: In this Concrete poem, I used many adjectives to describe the ups and downs of peace compared to water. The message I am trying to give off through this poem is that like water, peace has its ups and down. In this case sometimes there is no water/peace in the world or some people don't have peace/water in the world. This poem made me feel as if like water sometimes peace is hard to find and even though you might have to go very far to find it, it pays of in the long run.

15: A Little Drop | Water Is Like A sudden Knock at the Door Unexpected and often bad But welcomed and embraced. Water is like peace, in all shapes Loved, excepted and embraced but like water, peace isn't everywhere in the world

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