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Poetry Potpourri II

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FC: Poetry Potpourri II by: Constance J Grote

1: Look to Tomorrow I shall not pen any more sorrow., I shall only look to tomorrow The future waits, And I surely can make My song full of joy, To sing to the world Across the hills and mountains and plains And then around the world and back again That was then, This is now Joy, Happiness, Cheer, Again and Again Year after year | Tetons

2: Breeze God’s breeze caresses me as I sit Absorbing and immersing myself in it The wind blows around me strong And makes me know that I belong To all of God’s nature, And God’s entire plan Grasses dance before me I would like to think they adore me Leaves on trees, not to be outdone Rustle and quiver in the sun I look to the hills and see, Rocks in silent sentry Secrets locked in their depths for eternity And still, the breeze caresses me And strokes my face and body and limbs And I thank God again and again

3: Perched on a Limb Here I am again Perched upon a limb I only came to take a look At God’s universe and the brook Oh, how privileged I feel To sit upon this hill To gaze upon the wonders I see A privilege bequeathed to me A favor for everyone Who wants to come and sit in God’s sun A freedom so grand, to stand Upon a hill and take a look At God’s universe and the brook

4: Are We All One? Are we all one? This nature and I Are we all one? God’s world and I Are we all one? Or are we just wandering by To be gone in a flash And turned to ash To evolve again out of the dust Out of the embers to form again Into some semblance of man Into some form of reckoning Is there someone beckoning to be Born again, and free? Free to be all part of one Of nature and earth and wind and sea Part of all who are privileged to be free Are we all one?

5: My Muse and I This muse comes upon me Whenever I can be Out in nature and free Alone with my thoughts And free of strife The times I can see What is inside of me This muse comes along And sings my song It comes through my fingers Up from my soul It pours in rushes It cannot be stopped, you see This muse When it is upon me It flows and flies on wings of flight On wings of might Unstoppable, longing and craving To be set free Through me My muse and I, forever free

6: Be Still, On The Hill When I came upon the hill I knew that I had to be still I knew that I had found A very special place around A slice of time that is only mine Granted by Spirit for me to shine For me to enjoy silence And beauty And time And know that today it is truly mine Special, grand and I am Reminded of a privilege so rare A freedom to care A freedom to stare At the hill And be still | Chair Mtn near Marble, CO

7: Flight A crimson cardinal flew by to say hello But, I do not know If he was simply scolding me For occupying a space he considers his place I shall enjoy his brilliant hues and birdly chatter As if it matters While he flits from bush to tree Seemingly scolding me | Silly Little Spider A silly little spider Sat upon a stick He took a lick Now what would a spider lick Upon a stick?

8: Look and Listen He sits atop a fragile branch Looking this way and that Surveying his world from a birdly place And thinks that This is only his place He makes not a sound this time around Then silently, swiftly disappears He’s off to another perch atop another birch To look and listen and to see Who is invading his favorite tree?

9: Nature, God, the Muse and I I suppose I should leave, you see For darkness is calling me I really don’t want to go I only want to know That I could stay and forever be Quietly reverent under this tree Respectfully silent and hushed Unwilling to make a sound Or end the solitude all around This time is granted And I shall make no mistake It’s a privilege rare for Nature, God, the Muse and I To gratefully share

10: Canopied Haven Van Damme State Park May 1997 I thank thee, God for this lovely spot Make me whole The green forest of my mind materialized A canopied haven, Gentle breeze Conversing leaves Nature’s voices sound in dialects of their own God’s gentle hand stirs the woods And includes me in its space What a lovely church I found today What a lovely place to sit and stay | Kansas church

11: Soul Wanderings My soul is cleansed, My soul is free And I am gratefully, Lost in the wanderings Of my soul, In the rambling of my mind, I find Some meaning for me alone Some time to reflect and wonder Who am I, and where am I going? Why do I exist? Questions man has always pondered But never answered In the depths of his soul, Where the privateness is In the chasms of mind, Which goes round and round In the circles of self, so profound My mind never stills It constantly asks and rambles And searches for answers to life’s mysteries For peace and stillness and understanding But, no answers, Because If we have answers, we’re finished with life’s quest.

12: Who Am I? Am I the person my friends look at, Choose a dress off the rack and say, “That’s You.” Am I the deep introspective being who dwells in my soul When I am completely alone. Could I be the witty charming carefree laughing personality Portrayed in social circles? Where’s the mother I used to be? The lover and goddess of younger years now lost to long ago. Am I a writer, poet, painter, seamstress or gardener? I domesticate as a housewife, Sell as a sales woman And then, I’m a traveler, dreamer, seeker of life and its mysteries. I’m up and down and all around. Sensible, foolish which will I be? Today, tomorrow, next week, in a year? Casual and simple, elegant with grace.

13: A lady at times – gracious and kind. Selfish one day, generous the next. I’m a wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, lover and yet I fret at times to think I’ll never be an Adventurer, protester, leader of packs. But, who am I whenI’m all alone? Who am I? in the dead of night In the light of day, On the seashore On the mountain side, At the opera, Or in the park Dancing in the sun, Or skipping in the rain Shopping for clothes in a grand salon Sipping cappuccino or perusing a book There are so many things, you see That a person can be.

14: Skyward with the Moon June 1997 I sat beneath the moon tonight No one else was there I know it shone in brilliant splendor For me alone to stare Moonbeams burst around its edges And touched me with their tips I basked in the glory, made my way skyward To float among the stars beside it God spoke to me with silver shafts I knew the moon was mine I love this moon, I love its glow It’s there, you see,, Just for me I know!

15: Holy Space Van Damme State Park May 1997 Green must be Peace that flows And calms the minds of men Quietly lush, asking naught Tranquil in its stillness Mind cleansing in its grace Reverent in its stature This is my church today This is my holy place I cleanse my mind My being responds I’m full of grace In this holy space | Listen, Wait June 1997 Placid lake Green tinged liquid of shadowed trees A stillness, no breeze A sacred place A few moments alone To escape the wildness of humanity Slow down, mind Listen, wait Quiet peace, its there I need this place I need this space If only it were still

16: Water’s Edge October 2010 Bear Creek Trail It came to me Ripples and crests To set me free Silver and gold The leaves they boast Peeking through viridian Standing tall and stately still Accepting the approach of winter’s sting Biding their time along the lake Along the water’s edge | Alighting Soul My soul alights My spirit soars The Heavens open And I pour My life’s blessings My fruitful path Into god’s enfolding abyss The great chasm of bliss

17: God’s Face God’s wondrous grace Shows it face Emboldened by the moon Mountains glow and down below Evolution continues Lush grasses Where little critters stir Spread amongst all that glitters Water shines forth, tumbling on Singing its song Of God’s wondrous grace Showing its face

18: Moon so Fair I wandered neath The moon so fair Crystal beams upon me Light shadows all around No sound disturbs the magic This moon & I shared Became one with the night Magic poured, my soul soared Restored As I wandered neath The moon so fair, My Soul is fed | Day of all days So fair you are Blessings shower upon me Blue calm hovers over Spiked with white clover Lush emerald cushions my soul Shades of coolness soothe me Cool wisps of air caress me Peace emerges As my soul is fed I need no other Peace surrounds No sound Day of all days, So fair you are

19: Unselfish Beauty I came upon a flower so fair Nearly distracted as I stare Bountiful wondrous beauty God’s nature so blessed So unselfish, giving to all Who would look and see The wondrous sight of thee Fragile petals, multiple hues Surround thy hardy soul So we are whole, you and I Healed by your unselfish beauty

20: Perfect Action I know that God is guiding me As I sit beneath this tree He quietly sees whatever I need And continues to embellish my world When, at His discretion, the time is right He will simply orchestrate Everything I need to take place And, in the order He decides And, in the time He knows And, for my sake He will When the time is right, Allow the perfect action To accomplish my transaction I know that God is guiding me | Bear Creek Canyon

21: What More? What more perfection Could I ask What more beauty Could I see What more peace Could I experience What more contentment Could be mine What more joy, Could abound What more love could I have found What more could I ask Than to be in this park In this soothing shade Under this tree | A Tree A tree is a friend so fair It just is there In all its quietness and beauty Asking nothing, just giving Its peacefulness and comfort Its strength and endurance Its shelter and calmness Sharing all it has Of God’s gifts

22: Wonderful walk I walked in the park today Silently watching birds at play Swooping and gliding Catching their prey Little beaks to feed Little wings to teach Skittering to and fro Skipping across a puddle So busy in their daily routine Unmindful of me, No enemy am I Flitting hither and yon What a wonderful walk, In the park today I want to stay and play | Satiated This is all for now All for today I thank you for this play Of words on paper Of nature’s sharing Of caring and peace Love from above I go now Satiated, blissful Till I can return again to play All day

23: Rude Telephone I have never liked the telephone Its ring disturbs me When I want to be alone It cuts through the silence So golden to me Slicing my blissfulness It comes along, singing its song Which I did not invite How rude it can be to interrupt me When all I want Is quiet to think my own thoughts and Move at my own pace to erase cares of the world Ah, well, tis quiet now My peace returns

24: My Friend My friend and I The butterfly So freely he glides | Transcend Time Oh beautiful day, stay, As I play Transcend time just for a while I smile, as I play This beautiful, glorious, timeless day Please stay

25: Nature Speaks Whenever I can, I seek Nature and its guests It doesn’t speak but, wait, it does Birds around tout their sound Brooks babble Waves roar Fish jump Eagles soar So yes, nature speaks As I seek

26: God’s Universe Challenges The breeze speaks to me A little louder than before Perhaps I should listen What is it telling me? It tells me that I can stay Just for a little longer Until it becomes stronger And drops of love from above Moisten my flesh, Thunder growls Clouds gather over the sun And the playfulness of God’s universe begins Challenging this solitary peaceful day

27: This Day Soaking up the solitude I peacefully thank the Source I came to bask in the outdoors to heal my soul Of mind’s wanderings Into worthless floundering I bask, I soak, I gracefully pray And say to God Thank you for this day | Sopris Mtn, Carbondale, CO

28: I thank thee, God For eyes to see The blessings you have bestowed on me I thank thee for ears to hear The sounds of earth and nature so dear I thank thee for arms to hold The love of man For arms to hold a newborn child and then again To embrace all of life’s adventures we face I thank thee for hands to write For feet to walk and legs to stand A heart to beat and lungs to breathe Oh, God, I thank thee for all of these

29: Lingering So many words harbored here Unspoken, lingering So many souls, Wandering lost Drifting aimlessly Abyss they descend Friend, friend the darkness Struggle upward Lift out of gloom Till light becomes your room Spread outward, upward, beyond Lift, lift out of gloom A new moon appears To appease your tears

30: May your heart soar, may your soul fly In billowing waves of rapture across the sky No more these earthly chains to bind your human flesh or the mind Soar, my friend, and forever be in spacious, gracious eternity Now rest on cotton-soft clouds, gaze on star-studded velvet skies Cling to our forever love as your spirit flows And knows - All is well here on earth Farewell, goodbye, adios amigo Fly, soar, forever more For Richard Hofferbert, July 2011 | Casperson Beach, Venice, FL

31: Kani 2013 | Fall Hills and fields lay parched Bits of gold peek through dry branches Stately green guards Golden rays pierce blue Amid puffy mounds Soon glistening white blankets all Securing peace abounds | Gentle Walk Into Spring Starlit nights so still Awaiting winter’s chill Warmth steals into earth Awaiting another birth Secured ‘neath soil, Hiding for a time Winds blast will last Throughout frost, throughout ice and snow, And we know Throughout blizzard’s wrath But soon the path will take us anew Unearthing the warmth Providing a gentle walk into spring | Tetons

32: I trust you have enjoyed these musings and may angels surround you on life's journey. May your souls soar with life's bounties of love, peace, prosperity, good health and happiness, Blessings, Constance J Grote - 2013 | Redstone Cleveholm Castle, Redstone, CO

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