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FC: Scott and Mary

1: Thank you for reading our profile and for sharing a bit of our life together and our hopes for the future.

2: Dear Expectant Parents, Words cannot express our feelings right now. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult taking this path might be for you, and we can only hope that our letter might provide some encouragement and hope as you travel this way. We want you to know that we would be overjoyed to provide your child with a lifetime of love, happiness, stability, and adventure. We will encourage your child to reach for their dreams and support them every step of the way. We would love to get to know you and learn about the hopes and dreams you have for the baby and yourself. We want you to know that should you wish, we will be there for you every step of the way. About us. We have been together almost two years now and we cannot imagine our lives without each other. Neither of us have ever had children; however, we have both wanted to become parents for a very long time – we just had to find each other first! We cannot wait to share the beautiful journey of parenthood with each other and share our love with a child. We have a cute ranch style home on over two acres of land with lots of room for adventure and exploration. We also have three of the most amazing, sweet, and funny dogs anyone could ask for and they mean the world to us and are truly our four-legged “kids”! Gimpy Goo is a 7 year old black lab that loves to play fetch more than anything in the world, Sierra is 7 year old beautiful, fluffy mix that loves to smile, and Wilbur is a two year old black lab mix that absolutely hates baths! All of our dogs were adopted from animal shelters. We love to spend time outdoors more than anything – exploring nature, hiking, working in our garden, and playing with our dogs. We are very active, fun-loving, and adventurous. We are very close to our families and spend as much time with them as possible. Our families are extremely supportive of our adoption plans and cannot wait to welcome a child into the family. Mary has many nieces and nephews who are the light of her life and they are so excited to have a new cousin! About Scott (written by Mary). Scott is a loving, strong, and fun-loving man. He has a zest for life and a playful spirit about him that is infectious and more than anything is what attracted me to him so much. He is an extremely hard-working man and takes pride in all his does and he is always busy doing something! He would be an incredible father to a child – the kind of dad that you would find outside digging in the dirt with his child, teaching them how to build things (or take them apart!), and hiking on a trail with his child in a baby backpack. Scott loves to ride his antique motorcycle,

3: hike and backpack, listen to music, and tinker around in his garage. Scott grew up in California, but spent most of his adult life living in Georgia. Scott is in the Army and has two years left in his enlistment, he has no upcoming deployments. After his enlistment is over in two years he plans to pursue his dream of having his own welding business. About Mary (written by Scott). Mary is a loving, compassionate, and adventurous person. Her favorite thing in the world to do is hike or backpack, particularly in the desert Southwest. She loves exploring places no one has gone before and her sense of adventure is what attracted me to her more than anything. She loves to laugh at the silly things in life, and also loves to see other people laugh as well. Mary would be an extremely nurturing mother – since she was a little girl she has taken in every baby animal that came her way. One of Mary’s biggest passions is volunteering for animal shelters and other animal rescue organizations and she has devoted countless hours to helping dogs in shelters find adoptive homes. Another of Mary’s favorite things to do is garden! She loves planting beautiful flowers, particularly flowers native to Texas. Our front yard is seeded with paintbrush and bluebonnet and is breathtaking in the spring. Mary also loves to quilt and has made quilts for all her nieces and nephews, many friends, and her parents. Mary grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, and went to college in Texas and Utah. Mary works as a wildlife biologist and supervises an endangered species program. About our life with our future child. We want to share the love we have in our hearts with a child and provide them with a lifetime of love, happiness, and opportunity. We want to instill in our child a sense of compassion, respect and love for nature and all living things. But above all we want our child to be happy with whom they are and believe in themselves. We are open to staying in touch with you over the years in whatever way you feel comfortable, so that you can be reassured that your child is happy and healthy and so that your child can know you as well. More than anything, we want you to know that whatever you decide, please trust that your decision is the right one. We wish you a lifetime of peace, love, and happiness. Know you are in our thoughts. Love, Scott and Mary

4: We love hiking and camping and spending time in nature more than anything!!

5: We do get dressed up sometimes, that is why Scott looks so sad!!! These were taken at the military ball.

6: Scott and our dogs at the river

7: Gimpy Goo and Wilbur are very tired!!! | Sierra is a sweetie!!!

8: Scott loves being outdoors, spending time with the dogs, and loves to ride and work on his antique Harley.

10: Mary traveling in South Dakota with the most remarkable person she has ever met, Dr. Jane Goodall | Mary | Mary loves puppies!!!!! | In Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Nation | Hiking with a friend and his dogs

11: Mary on her solo backpacking trip in Utah

12: Mary with with her nieces and nephews - they range in age from 3 to 15 and are the light of her life!

13: Mary's brother with her niece and nephew | What is that? A mop on his head?

14: Our home in the country. We love the peacefulness, the space, and the starry nights!

15: Our backyard Our front yard in the spring is a display of native wildflowers

16: We would decorate our daughter's room in lavender and sage green with lots of flowers and butterflies!!! Her crib would be white or lavender and styled like the crib in the bottom photo.

17: We would decorate our son's room in a jungle theme or a nature theme of some kind with lots of bright colors . We would hope to find a brightly colored crib for him.

18: Adoptive Parent Profile Adoptive Mother: Mary Adoptive Father: Scott Children in the Family: 0 Physical description: ( Height, Weight, Coloring) Adoptive Mother: 5’5”, 135, brown hair, hazel eyes, medium-dark skin Adoptive Father: 5’8”, 160 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, medium skin Age:: Adoptive Mother: 46 Adoptive Father: 39 Education: Adoptive Mother: Master’s degree, wildlife biology Adoptive Father: High School, technical college and community college (welding) Career field: Adoptive Mother: Wildlife biologist Adoptive Father: US Army (is not re-enlisting and has no deployments scheduled before end of enlistment) Ethnic background:: Adoptive Mother: Caucasian/Native American Adoptive Father: Caucasian Religion: Adoptive Mother: Spiritual, follow Native American teachings Adoptive Father: Spiritual, no preferred religion Health: Adoptive Mother: excellent Adoptive Father: excellent | In the space below, please provide a brief statement of your infertility problems: We suffered a miscarriage almost two years ago (December 2009) and have been unable to conceive since. Mary has fibroids in her uterus that are increasing her chances of future miscarriages and due to that, and her age, we have decided not to continue to try to conceive as we want to become parents in the very near future and do not want to risk the heartache of another miscarriage. Length of marriage:: 19 months (anniversary January 3). We have been together over two and a half years. .

19: Briefly describe your courtship: Scott and I met on the internet when we were both searching for a hiking companion. We immediately developed a bond and a close friendship and loved spending time outdoors on long hikes with each other and discovering new places together. It did not take long for us both to realize that we were meant to share our lives together as we both have the same dreams in life, enjoy the same activities, and love every minute we share with each other. In which state do you reside? Texas Give a brief description of your home and neighborhood: We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style home on 2.5 acres in the country. We have a huge open field for our three dogs to run and play in as well as a nice, secluded wooded area. Our home is cute and cozy, but was a bit “stuck in the 70s”. We are in the process of updating it which is a lot of fun!! We are making all renovations in an environmentally friendly manner and have painted with non-toxic paints, put in recycled wood floors, and non-toxic carpet. We still have a bit of work to do on our home, but are enjoying every minute of it! What are your interests, hobbies, recreational activities, etc. : Adoptive Mother: Mary loves to backpack, hike, and explore nature. One of her favorite places in the world is the canyons of the Colorado Plateau in Utah and Arizona. She loves the remoteness of the area, the beauty of the canyons, and the peace she feels when she is there. But anywhere with trails and beautiful scenery is amazing, just being in nature is the most wonderful thing in the world to her. Mary also loves to spend time with our three dogs, Gimpy Goo, Wilbur, and Sierra. They were all adopted from animal shelters, as every dog Mary has ever had has been. They love to play fetch (constantly), go hiking and hang out in the yard while we are working outside. All three are very loving and gentle with children. Mary also loves to garden, particularly planting wildflowers and other plants that are native to Texas. She also loves to quilt and has made quilts for all of her nieces and nephews, as well as for her parents and friends. Volunteering her time for dogs in animal shelters is also a big passion of hers and by doing adoption outreach for dogs in urgent situations at animal shelters, Mary was able to find adoptive homes for over 400 dogs that were running out of time. Someday she hopes to have a small sanctuary for dogs that will be a place for them to live until she can place them in a loving, permanent home. Volunteering her time for various causes such as animal welfare are extremely important to her. She also loves to work on home improvement projects! She also loves to read just about any book imaginable! Adoptive Father: Scott absolutely loves to backpack, hike and explore nature! Anywhere there is a trail, he is happy! One of Scott’s favorite places is the Pacific Northwest where some of his family lives. He also loves to work on and ride his classic Harley Davidson. He rides mostly on the weekends during the summer and has been riding for many years. Whenever Scott goes missing, Mary can usually find him in the garage, working on some project or another – either building something or taking something apart. He LOVES his garage! He also loves to help garden, and is particularly good at digging holes for Mary – sometimes all the way to China!! He loves doing other yard work as well. Basically, Scott is really happy when he is building something or working on something with his hands. He also loves to weld and plans on having his own welding business when his enlistment in the Army is up in two years. Neither Mary nor Scott watch much TV and neither of us are couch potatoes at all!! We are constantly active and prefer spending time outside together or working on household projects. How do your family members, grandparents, and other relatives feel about adoption? Everyone is very supportive and excited and is really looking forward to showering a baby with lots of love! Mary has five nieces and nephews ranging in age from 3 to 15 that are very, very excited about having another cousin to love. This child will be treated no differently by our family than a biological child would be treated.

20: What are your plans for childcare? Mary will stay home with the baby for at least the first three months. When she returns to work it is our desire to find someone to care for the baby in our home. If for some reason, this is not possible, the Army installation has wonderful day care facilities which would also allow us the opportunity to see the baby during the work day and respond quickly to any needs our baby may have.. What educational plans do you have for your child? We both believe education is extremely important and will definitely be actively involved in our child’s education – helping with homework, being there for sports or other school activities and encouraging our child to “reach for the stars”. Mary used to be both a high school and middle school teacher, so she can lend a lot of support with school work. We also definitely plan to send our child to college and pay for their education and expenses during college. However, we also believe that should our child choose to pursue a career that does not necessarily involve college, such as art, music, or a technical career, that we should (and will be), there to support and encourage them. Because what is most important is that our child is happy with their chosen path in life. We both believe that true happiness comes from within – not from material possessions, or how big of a salary one has. And what we wish for our child more than anything is happiness and contentment. Do you plan to send your child to college? While we will encourage our child to go to college, and hope that they choose to do so, what we want more than anything is happiness for our child. They may want to pursue a career in something such as art, music or a technical field which does not require a college education. Should this be the path they choose for their life, we will support them on their journey because we cannot define happiness for them, happiness comes from within and from doing something you love, whether that requires a college degree or not. However, should they choose to go to college, we will provide all the financial support they need while they receive their education. What are your expectations for your child? The basic expectations we have for our child are to be happy, well-adjusted, honest, and compassionate. We also want to raise a child that has an inner strength and is proud of who they are. We want to encourage our child’s interests, whatever they may be - such as music, sports, nature, etc. We will not allow hour child to spend countless hours in front of the TV or on the computer when they are older, but will encourage other activities that develop creativity and involve learning. We also believe that it is extremely important for a child to develop compassion and we plan to involve our child from a young age in volunteer activities that involve animal welfare, the environment, community issues (such as housing for homeless, etc) – and that as our child grows we will support them in their efforts to support the causes that become important to them as an individual. What are your thoughts on child discipline? We both believe that children should be disciplined with love and tenderness. Children learn from their mistakes, therefore good behavior should be encouraged while bad behavior is discouraged in a loving manner. Neither of us believe in spanking or any other form of physical punishment. Therefore, we would use discipline that is appropriate for our child’s age at the time, such as time outs, withholding privileges, and just talking through whatever the behavior might be.. Briefly describe your feelings about the birth parents: We cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you, but are so honored that you are considering us to be the parents of your child. We know that considering an adoption plan for your child is an incredible act of love and selflessness. We want you to know that should you choose us to be the parents for your child, we will always, always speak of your love for them, how your love of them led to your decision to seek an adoptive family for them, and we will share with them all we know about their birthparents. We will always cherish this child and do all we can to provide them with a beautiful life full of love, happiness, and wonderful memories.

21: Would you be interested in correspondence with the birth parent(s) through the agency following the completed adoption process? Absolutely Telephone and/or letter? Yes Perhaps a photo of the adoptee from time to time? Yes Future visits after adoption: Yes Would you support your adopted child in searching for the birth parent(s) when the child reaches adulthood ? Yes. What else would you like the birth parents to know about you? We want you to know that we will love and cherish this child with all we have in us and that our focus will be to raise a sweet, adventurous, compassionate child that is proud of who they are. We know how difficult this is for you and just want you to know that should you choose us to parent your child, you should rest assured that we will do all in our power to honor the trust you have placed in us. We also want you to know that we are open to a continuing relationship with you should this be something you wish.

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