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FC: Domains kingdoms vertebrates mixbook by Matteo Caramazza

2: Domains | Archaea Archaea are one celled organisms that that are very similar to bacteria, but are genetically very different from them. Members of this domain live in environments very similar to that of ancient earth such as thermal vents in the bottom of the ocean and in extremely salty waters

3: the photo on the top is a picture 0f archaea cells the photo on the right is als a picture of rchaea cells and so is the picture in the bottom right corner

4: Bacteria these cells are one celled cells that are rather simple and are also prokayotes.

5: the photo on the left is just regular bacteria, the photo in the middle is soil bacteria and the photo on the right is called staph bacteria

6: Eukarya All of the organisms in this domain have cells with a nucleus. This includes almost all of the multi-cellular organisms on the planet. All plants, animals, and fungi are in this group along with some one-celled orgaisms. | one celled Eukarya | llama | puppy

7: coconut tree | cactus | sun flower | orange fungus | shiitake mushroom | honey fungus

8: Monerans The organisms in this kingdom are made of one cell and have no defined nucleus, they get their nutrients from things that pass through their cell membrane. They reproduce by dividing in two, many bacteria are in this kingdom | bacteria

9: the picture on the right is red bacteria which is a moneran, the one in the middle is a single cell moneran and so is the one on the right.

10: Plants living organisms made of many cells and get nutrients from the sun and from their surroundings. They reproduce from seeds | moss | lace fern

11: oak tree | grass | thistle | raspberry bush

12: fungus usually made of many cells they get their nutrients by digesting and absorbing the surface they live on and reproduce with spores | wine cup mushroom

13: the top left is razor top fungus and the top right is eyelid fungus

14: Protist living organisms usually made f one cell that have a defined nucleus. Some of them get food from eating other organisms while others get food from the sun, they reproduce by splitting in two

15: protist | green protist | marine protists

16: animals living organisms that are made of many cells. They get nutrients and energy from eating other organisms, they reproduce through cells that are grown inside or outside of their mothers body | polar bear | chameleon

17: lion | Tasmanian devil | great white shark | king cobra | human

18: Mammals almost all mammals give birth to live young nurse young with milk have hair or fur and are warm blooded | echidna | platypuss

19: monkey | sea lion | kangaroo | grizzly bear

20: Monotremes most primitive mammal still in existance, monotremes lay eggs | echidna

21: platypus

22: Marsupials mammals with a pouch to carry their young, the young emerge extremely small and crawl into the pouch for feeding on milk | wombat

23: koala bear | kangaroo | opossum

24: placental mammals mammals where the fetus is attached to the wall of the uterus through a spongy material | n | tiger | human

25: sheep | wolf | gorilla

26: Birds lay fragile eggs have feathers on skin breathe with lungs are warm blooded and all birds have wings | red macaw | peacock

27: bald eagle | toucan | ostrich

28: reptiles cold blooded animals have scales or plates, lay leathery eggs, and breathe through lungs | alligator snapping turtle | frilled lizard

29: king cobra | anaconda | horned lizard

30: Amphibians cold blooded animals with moist scaleless skin lay jelly like eggs in the water and young breathe with gills and adults breathe with lungs | fire salamander | gecko frog

31: giant salamander | poison dart frog | bull toad

32: Fish live in water, are cold blooded most use gills for breathing, and are usually covered with scales | puffer fish | clown fish

33: blue marlin | salmon | conger eel

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