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Science Project

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FC: My Science Mixbook | by Mark Betts

1: The Domains: Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya

2: Bacteria Characteristics: 1. Simple cells 2. Prokaryotes 3. Usually in the shape of spirals, rods and spheres 4. Extremely small 5. Some bacteria is deadly to other organisms and can invade them and severely hurt or kill them

3: In the red is salmonella typhimurium bacteria.

4: Escherichia coli bacteria

5: A gram positive bacteria

6: Archaea Characteristics: 1.Prokaryotes (unicellular organisms with prokaryotes cells 2. Live in ancient and extreme environments 3. Ribosomes in their cytoplasm but no oganelles 4. Tough cell well that protects organism 5. Very similar to bacteria but are genetically different

7: A methanococcus janaschii archaean.

8: Halobacteria

9: Methanosarcia barkeri archaeans

10: A sulfolobis archaean

11: Eukarya Characteristics: 1. All organism have nucleus 2. Includes most of plants, animals and fungi, even human cells are from the domain Eukarya 3. Includes unicellular organisms and multi-cellular 4. Somewhat complex structures inside cell membrane 5.Reproduces by having cells divide into "daughter cells" with own set of DNA I

12: A hilanthus cell

13: A liver cell

14: A breast cancer cell

15: The Vertebrate: Fish Birds Mammals Amphibians Reptiles

16: Fish Characteristics 1.Usually covered in scales 2. Most have gills 3. Live in water 4.Cold blooded 5. Have fins

17: A hammerhead shark

18: Lion fish

19: Dragon fish

20: Birds Characteristics 1. Lay fragile eggs 2. Have feathers on skin 3. Breathe with lungs 4. Warm blooded 5 Most birds fly

21: A scarlet robin

22: A red lory

23: A house sparrow

24: Mammals Characteristics: 1. Have fur or hair 2. Give birth to live young 3. Nurse young with milk 4. Warm blooded 5. Some have pouches four young

25: In the top left there is a giraffe next to it is a bat. Below the bat is lion and next to the lion is a hedgehog.

26: Reptiles Characteristics: 1. Cold blooded 2. Breathe with lungs 3.Skin usually have scales horny plates 4. Lay leathery eggs on land

27: Clockwise from top left: Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus), Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas), Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) and Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus).

28: Amphibians Characteristics: 1. Cold blooded 2. Skin is moist 3. No scales 4. Lay soft and jelly like eggs in water 5.Young go through stages from larvae and tadpole stage to full grown 6.Young breathe with gills, adults with lungs, however some can breathe through skin

29: Western Spadefoot toad

30: A golden toad

31: A caecilian snake

32: Kingdoms: 1. Monerans 2. Protists 3. Plants 4. Animals 5. Fungi

33: Monerans Characteristics: 1. Organisms made of one cell with no defined nucleus 2. Get nutrients when they pass through their cell membrane 3. Reproduce by dividing by into two 4. Mostly made up of bacteria

34: Anthrax bacteria

35: Lime disease bacteria

36: E coli bacteria

37: Protists Characteristic: 1. Usually made of one cell that have a define nucleus 2. Some of them get nutrients by sun others by eating other organisms 3. Reproduce by dividing into two 4. Many are very small (microscopic)

38: Amoeba

39: Kelp

40: Didnium

41: Fungi Characteristics: 1. Usually made of one cell 2. Get nutrients by digesting and absorbing the surface they live on 3. They reproduce with spores

42: Sticky Fungi

43: Fungi Earthstars

44: Maidens veil

45: Plateau Characteristics: 1. Made of many cells 2. Get energy from sun and nutrients from surroundings 3. Many reproduce from seeds 4. Many are green 5. Have cell membrane and cell wall

46: Lupine

47: Orchid

48: Rainforest blossom

49: Animalia Characteristics: 1. Made of many cells 2. Eat other organisms for food 3. Reproduce by cells which grow inside or outside the mother's body

50: Bald Eagle

51: Caribou

52: Burmese python

53: Credits: Credits for Science Mixbook

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