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1: What are land fills? | Landfills are a place where all the garbage is put into a site. There are a couple of ways garbage is treated. Landfills are able to be there for about 40-50 years. | Landfills are a place where all the garbage is put into a site. There are a couple of ways garbage is treated.

2: A very dangerous gas called "methane" comes out. If people inhale this to much it can increase the chances of getting cancer.Landfills make a very impact in the Earth mostly because of the toxic gases. | Landfills have two kinds, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Industrial Waste.

3: How does it work? | First machines dig big holes in the ground. They then fill it with garbage until it is full/looks like a little hill. They put a layer of soil on top of it then overtime water from rain,snow etc.. will go in it and some of the garbage will go away. | Later on a pipe from the bottom will take out any liquid from the hole and dump it out. These things can be quiet harmful, toxic and poisonous to wildlife and nature. | Another set of pipes take some garbage and it gets burned up. Not all of it is done like that most garbage and the rest just goes into the air.

4: Puente Hills Landfill- L.A,U.S.A. | layout of the site | Puente Hills Landfill is Americas biggest land fills. This has a span of 700 acres and can hold around 4 million tons of garbage. The highest point of the landfill is 150m. | This landfill is a little bit different. Some of the organic waste is generated into something called 'biogas". Biogas is when the organic waste gets tuned into a gas that could be used for fuel and heat source such as a heater.

5: Short term affects | Short term affects may include: -very smelly odor -very dangerous gas being released -when methane get released it is highly explosive. in the US 30 explosions happened and many people died. -toxic leachate may go into the water ways which is bad.

6: -pipes that are connected to water streams, may pollute or contaminant the waters. -loss of many animals or sea creatures. -many toxic chemicals escape -Leachate(waste, methane and other chemicals mixed together) is released in liquid form.

7: Long term affects | Some long term affects may include: -contamination to the Earth increases -many species can be wiped out or even be extinct if they leave near. -the poison and pollution in water systems and rivers that have contact with the site will increase. -more methane is released giving a bigger chance of an explosion.

8: -methane is immune to global warning overtime -bacteria slowly goes out of the landfill and is harmful to the environment, people and nature. -because of landfills the world could rise 4.50 degrees in the next 40 years which makes sea level rise and many more natural disasters.

9: Affects on human are:leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, liver, lung, kidney, bladder and brain cancer. These sickness can be caused or mostly will be caused by methane, leachate, poison or noxious gas emissions. | Affects on human and wild life | Noxious gases may go into the air drifting into forests giving the plants poison. The poison can go into the roots of a plant may be trapped in of oxygen or gases that the plants breath in. Water may be contaminated with poison and pollution killing may sea creatures like fish.

10: To humans it would usually affect a person after a while and symptoms may increase slowly not knowing.People may not know that species slowly go away(long term). It mostly affects fish that swim in the water that get polluted like the picture beside. | Cadmium, lead, copper, mercury, selenium and chromium are a kinds of very hazardous metal to human and animals. Lead causes Neurological disorders for humans. Copper mercury, and silver can hurt a fish's tissue in there gill and then kill it. All these chemicals are either washed away into the river or people handling it not very carefully/accident

11: Hurricane Katrina | Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest hurricane. It was 38 million cubic yards hit new Orleans. In there two land fills the Old Gentilly Landfill and the Chef Menteur Landfill. hose two spots was where it was hit hard. Just before the goverment was talking about the wildlife and Fisheries Commission | There were barley any authorities over the landfill and they said that in five years you will see that landfills will make a bigger difference. The goverment has blamed a lot of it on those landfills and they 130 million because of the landfill.

12: This method decomposing garbage is very bad. First it causes a lot of pollution and gas that gets released. You may not even know that you are breathing in gas too. | A lot of smoke comes out of the machines that help polluting the air. All these things led to natural disasters, global warming and more. | What concerns are associated | with landfills? And is it safe?

13: Do you think breathing in toxic gas and handling poisonous things a concern? well it should be breathing in harmful gases like methane in a long term will damage your body. | Leachate is also not safe because it is waste mixed with methane and dangerous things in liquid form. Leachate a liquid you shouldn't be near because inside the chemicals and gases go into the air. Some workers may be exposed in some parts and might be in contact with toxic/poisonous things.

14: Thank you for reading about landfills!

16: spring: a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May. b. A time of growth and renewal.

18: "be like the flower, turn your face to the sun." - Kahlil Gibran | It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

20: "Blossom by blossom the spring begins"

21: It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

23: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

24: Nothing Is So Beautiful As Spring

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