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S: Tanner Alan Barber Nov. 28,2010- April 24, 2011

BC: Tanner Alan Barber Three years old 2011

FC: This was a party to remember! Friends, cake, games and lets not forget the best part, lots and lots of presents! | Tanner's third birthday! Nov. 28, 2010

1: I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true! | Tanner turns three!! You are so cute!

2: I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

3: I made you a birthday cake but it didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it was still yummy and you liked it. I can't believe you are three, time is going by too fast. Your family was all here to celebrate with you. You are such a sweet boy. We love you so much.

4: Party Time!

5: Hope you have the greatest Birthday ever! | You got a chainsaw that you were really excited about, also a toolbelt with tools. You LOVE to fix things and figure them out.

7: You were spoiled and got lots of presents, tools, and clothes, a chainsaw, a table saw. And lots of other toys. You were singing 'happy birthday' a few days before today. You were so cute and excited for your birthday!

9: You and dad being twiners wearing your new goggles. How cute is that? | Happy Birthday to my cute birthday boy! I love you!! | Dad bought you a football helmet cause you wanted one so bad and you just looked so cute in it. You would put it on and get a football and say, '6, 24'. I love how you play.

10: Dear Santa, I want one of everything

12: We decided to go see the lights downtown and you really had fun. There was a horse there and you were able to pet it, you especially loved that. You sat on Santa's lap and didn't mind, but Kaleb sat on Santa's lap and he screamed the whole time. It was cute. We bundled you up and had a good time. Dec 2010. You were 3 years old.

16: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas | Colton, Trevor, Danielle, Ashlyn

17: Christmas Eve we always have a party & invite whoever wants to come. | Christmas Eve- Hailey, Tanner, Kaleb & Mandi

19: I took this picture right after Santa left. He brought you all kinds of toys and animals. A kitchen and toy story couch, buzz lightyear, a weedeater... and lots of goodies. Santa told me you were a very good boy this year! Dec 25, 2010 Three years old!

20: You looking at all your toys Santa brought you. I don't think you knew what to think of it all. The first thing you wanted to play with was the weed eater. You loved that and played with it for the longest time.

21: Here you are with your weed eater and tigger. You had a good time checking out all the stuff Santa brought you.

22: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days

24: Yay!! Presents! | Christmas | 2010

25: You were having fun opening presents- you thought it was great. Santa spoiled you and so did Mom and Dad. You are such a sweet boy and deserve every present. We love you!!

27: Everyone came over to celebrate. Jamie's on the couch cross stitching, Kaleb & Mandi being silly. Brad is trying to get away from the camera, bad boy. Trevor, home from the army to celebrate Christmas. Tonya, Rexann, Colton, Kaleb.

29: We had a very nice Christmas this year. It always goes by so fast but it's nice to be with family for the holidays. And all the kids are growing up so fast. Always remember the reason for the season!

30: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | You made Mommy & Robyn put these goggles on with you, you are so cute and just love to play.

31: MAKING MEMORIES | You looked so cute sleeping with your bandana on~ I couldn't help but take a picture. | The things that entertain you~ silly boy!!

32: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen

33: Grandpa has to wear a c-pap machine at night to help him breathe and you thought it was fun to wear his mask, you thought it was great! Jan 2011. Three years old

34: We went over to Robyn & Michael's to frost Valentine cookies. You wanted every cookie to be frosted purple with blue sprinkles. You & Hailey had a good time. Jan 2011

36: After frosting, you had to taste a cookie and see how they were. You are so cute. You are mom's valentine! | I love you!

38: Tanner & Hailey having fun! | I love you

39: You had to get glasses and we were ready for church, you looked so handsome, I had to take a picture. Jan 2011

40: You are so into 'Toy Story 3''. You always have to watch it. Santa brought you this toy story couch so you were watching the movie and sitting on your couch.

41: Right before going to church, you are so handsome!

42: In Jan. you had to get glasses and you look so handsome in them. You take them off often and misplace them & are still getting used to them. But overall, I think you like them.

43: You are at the dentist for the very first time and you did awesome! You let them clean & floss your teeth and you were totally okay with it all. Mom & Dad were so proud of you. They gave you a little bag with your own toothbrush, floss & timer and you thought that was great. Jan 2011

44: You were wearing Michael's hat backwards- too funny! You love hats, you are so cute. You & mommy being silly!

45: Wendi, mommy's friend, made you this blue scarf and you were so excited to get it and wear it. But when we took the picture you are kinda looking like you are bored or something. You have the cutest little face and make the cutest little expressions. I could just give you hugs & kisses all day.

46: Campout | You were so excited to sleep in your tent in the living room. You are such a good boy, after we said our prayers, and read a book, you were ready to sleep and didn't even get up to play. Feb 2011 3 years old.

47: Winter Memories | Michael, Robyn, you, Brodie, Emma & Hailey all went to Hardware Ranch to take a wagon ride & to see the elk. there were over 300 elk. Feb 2011


49: You guys posing for pictures. You & Hailey look so cute here!

50: Cozy Winter Wishes

52: You love horses & were excited to pet this one. | You guys were petting the horses & the one nipped at Robyn's arm so she jumped back. Maybe she pinched him? | for the camera!!

53: Resting? Silly kids!!

54: Hardware Ranch Feb 4, 2011 Tanner, 3 years old

56: My Favorite Valentine | We love you so much, you are our everything!

57: This is a valentine that Nana & Grandpa Barber gave you this year. I don't think you are sure what a 'valentine' is, but you liked it anyway . Valentines Day is a day that you show your loved ones that you love them. Mommy & Daddy love YOU soo very much. Feb 14, 2011 | A couple valentines you got from Hailey & Tonya, Brett, & Colton.

58: We went to Wendi's for dinner and you wanted to sit in the dog's kennel. You were kissing Brutis. You were too cute. 2/14/11

59: I went to check on you one night and you looked so cute and peaceful, I couldn't resist taking a picture. 2-11 3 years old

60: You were playing in your toy box pretending it was a sandbox and you just looked so cute, and look at that smile. I love to see you happy. Feb 2011. 3 years old.

61: Below: I don't know what you & Kaleb were doing but you both looked silly. Right: you taking a nap in your winter hat and gloves. You make mommy laugh, you are so cute. Feb 2011 3 years old.

62: You were so funny, pretending to be sewing!

63: You were playing in your room and I went in to check on you and you had your truck and blanket and you told me you were sewing. It's probably because you see your Aunt Robyn sewing. You have the best imagination, you amaze mommy so much. You are such a smart little boy. I am so blessed that you are my little boy. I love you so very much. Feb. 2011 3 years old.

64: Feb. 27, 2011. 3 years old

65: You were ready for church and you just looked so stinkin' adorable I just couldn't resist taking a picture of that cute little face. And you actually let me take it.

66: “When you look at your life the greatest happiness are family happinesses” ~Dr. Joyce Brothers | This picture of mommy, you took all by yourself, you did pretty good for your first picture. We had fun making cookies together. You were so cute. March 2011, three years old

67: We were putting flour on each other & you would laugh and laugh, you thought that was great. | Making car & airplane sugar cookies

68: You were playing with your blocks and was 'fixing' something with them and your screwdriver. We are still working on potty training- hence no pants. 3/2011

69: You had to have some dental work done and we decided to put you all the way out so you wouldn't be afraid of the dentist so early in your life, and you were so brave. Such a good little guy. March 10, 2011 Three years old. | My brave | big boy!

70: These were yours and mommy's id bracelets, so they knew we belonged to each other, also what was being done. | It makes mommy sad that you had to have surgery to fix your teeth, but you were a very brave boy and Mom & Dad are so proud of you. You are mommy's boy. We love you so very much!!

71: March 11, 2011 we went to Disney On Ice. You, Mommy, Robyn, Hailey, Emma & Brodie. We all had so much fun enjoying all the Disney characters.

73: You were SO excited to see Buzz Lightyear, Woody, & Jesse from Toy Story. I loved seeing you so excited and happy. You would clap and kept saying, 'Mommy, Mommy, look'. Then you would say, 'Oh toodles'. That's what Mickey Mouse always says on the T.V. show, 'Disney clubhouse'. You were so cute. We all had so much fun. Robyn bought You & Hailey a Disney mug with slush in it- Yum! Then, Mommy spoiled you & bought you Mickey Mouse ears & a Mickey Mouse character to play with.

75: We enjoyed the Disney show & it lasted a couple of hours, then we went to eat at Crown Burger & had some yummy hamburgers. You did sleep pretty much the whole way home, you were so tired.

77: You were 'sweeping' just like Daddy does. You had your blue mop bucket and everything. You are so cute. And such a big helper. March 2011 3 years old. | My little cleaner

78: We went to the dentist for a little checkup and you picked out these glasses for your prize and you HAD to wear them everywhere that day. You make me smile. March 2011 3 years old.

79: You have this football helmet and these goggles and you put them on and then made me put them on while Rexann took a picture of us. You are always wanting mommy to do whatever you are doing. The top picture of me you took all by yourself. Mar. 2011 | It's all about the helmet

80: You didn't take a nap this day, in fact, you are not taking naps most days, but I guess this time you were just plain tired because your eyes kept shutting at dinner and you just put your head down while Mommy was doing the dishes. So I just let you sleep for a few minutes. I guess you are getting to be a big boy... no more naps. :( Three years old. April 5, 2011 | Tanner Alan Barber

81: Kaleb, Tanner & Hailey doing some Easter crafts. 4/14/2011

83: Easter crafts | Emma and I decided that we wanted to do a craft day with You, Hailey & Kaleb. You all sat at the kitchen table and colored some Easter pages, then we helped you glue some white cotton balls on the sheep. Kaleb was so excited that the cotton balls were 'balls'. He LOVES to play with all kinds of balls. After that we made some Easter cookies and of course you guys loved that. 4/14/2011

85: Happy Easter | Easter Egg Hunt Sat. April 16, 2011 3 years old | I love you so much!

86: Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one The best of them all.

88: We colored Easter eggs and you loved it. We had eggs in the cups and you would just reach in the cup with your whole hand and get them out.

89: Such concentration on these eggs. You would take the eggs out of one color and put them in another color.

90: We had a good time dying Easter eggs and you were too funny, you just reached right in and got the eggs out of the cups with your hands and then quickly put them in another cup. So, I think we ended up with a lot of eggs that are multicolored eggs. But who cares :) we had FUN and that's all that matters.

91: Check out these hands mom!!

92: Your Easter basket the Easter Bunny left you. He brought you a watch, a toy story book, number flashcards, a dvd 'princess & the frog' (you loved that movie), toy story bubble bath, some balls, a shirt, a couple of 4- wheelers, a big truck rug and of course CANDY!! You kept saying after, 'who brought me this'? I think the Easter Bunny spoiled you!!

93: Easter~ April 24, 2011 We all gathered as a family at Robyn & Michael's house to have dinner and just to celebrate Easter. You, Hailey & Kaleb went out to have an Easter egg hunt and you picked up maybe 5 eggs and then you didn't want anything to do with it. You were more concerned about the sandbox. That's all you wanted to do. You guys were so cute looking for eggs the Easter Bunny hid for you.

94: Grandma Rexann and Kaleb

96: Tonya, Robyn, Rexann, Sandy Easter 2011

97: What a face Kaleb is showing~ Mandi too for that matter~ silly kids. Everyone had a good time on this Easter Sunday eating, visiting & an Easter egg hunt. It's always good to get together with family! Easter~ April 24, 2011

98: This is the waterfall that Michael is building~ it's going to be nice. So peaceful and relaxing. | Michael, Duane, Rexann, Judy, Brodie & Dad

99: Emma, Robyn being silly. Jamie is holding you~ she doesn't get to see you very often. Mandi, Emma Jamie~ cousins but also friends! | This is the 'trucks' rug the Easter Bunny brought you! So cute.

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