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The Adventures of Grampy and Natalie - Volume Two - Seeing God in Creation

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S: The Adventures of Grampy and Natalie - Volume 2 - Seeing God in Creation

BC: The Adventures of Grampy and Natalie | Volume 1 - God Directs Our Steps Volume 2 - Seeing God in Creation Volume 3 - Lost-Truth-Rescued Volume 4 - God's Strength in Hardship is Joy Volume 5 - Want to be Kind to Others | By Philip W. Arnold and Natalie G. Buzzell

FC: The Adventures of Grampy and Natalie | By Philip W. Arnold and Natalie G. Buzzell | Volume 2 - Seeing God in Creation

1: “Natalie, can you see the wind?” said Grampy. “When it is cold out, I can see my breath, but I can’t really see the wind. Oh, but I can see what it does. I can see it blowing in the trees.” “That’s right,” said Grampy. “Let me ask you another question. Can you see God?” “No, but just like the wind, I can see what God does. I can feel God pushing me to do a good job in school, just like the wind pushes me on a windy day.” | “That makes me think of a windy day on top of a mountain in the Adirondacks,” said Grampy. “Here is a picture of me with my hiking friend, Ken. Natalie, do you see the wind blowing the hood of my jacket and Ken’s hair?”

2: “What else do you see that God has created?” said Grampy. “Oh, I know. I see my little brother, Colden, and my baby sister, Eliza. I remember when they were born.” “Yes, they are very special creations, just like you. Here is a picture of you just after you were born, and one of all three of you.”

3: “When we go to the Adirondacks, do you see anything else that God has created?” said Grampy. “Well, there are waterfalls, forests, and mountains. There is the lake where we swim, and sunsets with all their beautiful colors.”

4: That is right,” said Grampy. “God has also created forests with animals, like chipmunks, deer and even bears! That makes me think of one of my hiking adventures in the Adirondacks. About two months before you were born, I was hiking in an area known for bears getting hiker’s food. I had heard about a hungry bear, who had chewed through a steel cable, which is almost like chewing through an iron train track. “That is amazing!” said Natalie. “The bear did it so he could pull down the food bags that hikers had hung out of his reach,” said Grampy. Natalie thought for a moment, and then asked, “I wonder if that made him break a tooth?” Grampy responded, “It probably did, or at least it gave him a bad tooth ache.” “So, I decided to rent a bear canister, which looks like a big black, plastic jar and was supposed to be impossible for bears to open."

5: The next day, I started hiking, and stopped for lunch on a bridge, where a little chipmunk smelled my food and came over to it. Animals can smell food from far away, especially bears. After lunch, I kept backpacking and enjoyed taking pictures of a waterfall, along the Opalescent River. By late afternoon, I arrived | at the Uphill Brook Lean-to, a three-sided cabin. Alone and hoping to avoid bears, I fixed an early supper and ate it several feet away from the lean-to. I didn’t want the bears to smell any food where I would be sleeping inside the lean-to.

6: "Then I wedged my bear canister between two fallen trees, so it would not easily roll away. After relaxing a while, I went to bed early." | “Just as I was going to sleep, a bear woke me up. It was walking behind the lean-to, where I had put my bear canister. I could hear him trying to open it.” “Grampy, were you scared?” “Yes Natalie, but I stayed very quiet and didn’t make a sound. He never came around to the front, where I would have been able to see him in the moonlight. After a while, he left.” Grampy continued, “The first lesson in this story is that even though I didn’t see the bear, I knew he was there.” “Yes,” Natalie said. “That is like the wind and like God.”

7: Well, the next morning my bear canister was not opened, so I had food for breakfast. After hiking Gray and Skylight Mountains, the next night I came back to the same lean-to. There were two other guys there, reading a story in the log book, which is a diary about experiences that hikers have. The story was the same story I had heard before my hike. It was about a bear chewing through the steel cable to pull down the hiker’s food bags. Sure enough, when we looked around the corner of the lean-to, there was the broken cable. This is where that happened!

8: “Wow. That’s kind of creepy,” said Natalie. “The night before, I had noticed a pile of rocks and a long pointed stick in the lean-to. Now I knew why they were there. Fortunately, the bear did not come back that night, and I did not have to use them to defend myself.”

9: “Natalie, what is the second lesson in this story?” “I think it is that we can also see God in His protection of us. Grampy, that makes me think of when our sailboat tipped over. Do you want to hear that story?” “Of course, tell it to me.”

10: “I would have been scared, too. How did you get the boat off its side and back up in the water again?” said Grampy. | OK. It was a windy day, and my other grandpa asked my cousins and me if we wanted to go sailing. We all said we would and started out. We kept sailing so far that we couldn’t see the people on the beach anymore. Then when we were turning around to go back, there was a huge wave. Because all the weight was in the back of the sailboat, the boat tipped backwards into the water, and rolled onto its side. We were all bobbing in the water with our life jackets on, and I was really scared.

12: Well, Grandpa Buzzell had us all get away from the boat, so we wouldn’t get hit by the big, tall post, called the mast. He put a buoy under the mast, so it wouldn’t sink underwater. Then we all got on the side of the sailboat and pulled and pulled and pulled. Because we were so far out from the beach, nobody could see us and come help us. We pulled for an hour. Finally we pulled it up off its side and upright in the water. When we came back to shore, everyone was surprised to hear the story, and happy we were alright. “Wow. That is a great story of seeing God’s protection.” said Grampy.

13: OK, let me summarize what we have said so far. The main lesson is that God is like the wind. We can’t see God or the wind, but we can see what they both do. One example is what God has created, like mountains, lakes, sunsets, and animals. A second example is God protecting us, like when your sailboat tipped over, or the bear wanted my food.

14: “Natalie, you mentioned another example earlier. You said that God is like a wind behind you, pushing you to do good deeds. Can you think of an example of someone doing good or showing kindness to you?” “My mom and dad do,” said Natalie.

15: "That is a terrific example. They are showing love and kindness to you all the time."

16: "My hiking friend, Ken, showed kindness to me by pumping water for both of us to drink. Wasn’t that nice of him to share his water with me?" “Yes,” said Natalie. “That is a good example of kindness.”

17: “Natalie, have you ever wished you could stay at Camp of the Woods and live in the Adirondacks all the time?” “Yes, that would be wonderful.” “I agree. Actually there was a time when God created a perfect place. It was beautiful and safe, and the people were kind to each other. Do you remember that Bible story?” “Wasn’t that about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?” said Natalie."

18: That’s right. Someday, when we get old and our bodies won’t work anymore, we will die and go to Heaven to be with our Savior, Jesus. That will be even better than the Adirondacks or the Garden of Eden, because we will be there with Him forever, and never have to leave. Until then, we can do two things. First, we can be kind to others. Secondly, we can enjoy being with God, feeling close to Him, and being content in his creation. That reminds me of a promise in the Bible. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

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