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THE ZEN OF CHAOS - thoughts of a wondering mind...

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FC: THE ZEN OF CHAOS ...thoughts of a wondering mind... | PAIRAMA WRIGHT


3: Dedicated to Jack & Peg Toro... two shining souls who came to this earth to give & give & give... Chaos: "a condition or place of great disorder or confusion...a disorderly mass or jumble..." Wonder: "having doubt in the moment... feeling or expressing awe and admiration..."

4: Preface This book that you are now holding in your hands or reading from your kindle was once a formless mass of jumbled thoughts attempting to unravel and make sense of two of the most asked questions in the Universe: WHAT AM I? WHERE DID I COME FROM? I am not saying this book will tell you the answers to these questions, but what I can say is that since nearly drowning 20 years ago and experiencing those divine 3 or 4 blissful minutes of source-energy flooding through my every bodily cell...life and the way I see things from that moment on have never been quite the same. It was almost like these two questions (which always intrigued me since I was a child) suddenly became less mysterious?

5: This work is a "serious but not so serious" look at life and everything that prevents us from keeping in touch with our essential nature. A joyful voyage accompanied by over 90 photographs & artworks all with a slightly left of centre (but connecting!) Zen-chaotic bent. Create within a new way to start thinking about things "you always knew" were not quite right...but were never bold enough to admit to yourself..? Enjoy...let go...and shine again as children... In gratitude Pairama x 2012, Fremantle, Western Australia.

6: Introduction... The idea to write this book came about while on holiday in Japan, and staying with my wife's family. I seen quite clearly that the Eastern mind had a totally different approach to the same day to day issues that we in the West encounter. The title: "The Zen of Chaos "came about while viewing Tokyo city from one of it many observation decks some 300 meters above street level. I noticed below what looked like "a large green garden with trees" amongst this hectic city...?

7: Later while enjoying lunch in this tranquil small park with many other Japanese business men & woman, I seen that the serenity on these faces were the same as those on their way to an important business meeting loaded with brief case and mobile phone to their ear not three meters away from our park bench...!? For two years I have been carrying around a small notebook writing my thoughts & observations "trying to make sense" of this chaotic world I lived in, & here in this small park in the centre of Tokyo it all seemed to come together...?...everything is linked...every moment is one.

8: This book is not about trying to convince anyone of anything...on the contrary, it's about collecting the mental-junk we place so much importance on and if we let go of it

9: for just a very brief moment...we can sense a lightness that seems to feel closer to home. These words in this book are nothing more than an inspiration from that small serene park in the centre of Tokyo... I finally realised that what I had been trying to write about was we don't have to "work it out"...we don't have to run around "looking out there" for anything...in every one of us is this same small park. The children of the future will be taught at school to let go & simply allow their natural birthright...one of divine wealth on every level to flow with ease & joy into their daily experience.

10: This book is about becoming one of those people NOW...! As humans we are the only race on earth that continually beats itself up over & over again for the same mistake...? We are life force energy & we are having a human experience...there are no mistakes...guilt, regret & low self esteem are all man-made. ! The following pages are simply appearing before your eyes to shake up & loosen those cobwebs...the light is much brighter than we think...! In gratitude...Pairama x

11: Life mission... I am a being of infinite light, eternal joy & divine wealth... I see clearly a meltdown of the world that no longer serves me... With a new wave of energy I direct & rebuild a new life vision for myself & all who live on this earth..."

12: There is only ever the one glorious divine eternal moment of now... (...of course what we are doing when this is going on is another story...?)

13: What people think & say & do to me... ...is none of my business...

14: Once in a while move away from the head... breathe silently through the heart... ...your heart has different concerns...a gentler way of looking at the world...

15: It is the feel" of Life Force within that life is about... ...everything else is secondary...

16: Too many words...too many thoughts...be still... become the silent space between the words & thoughts...become "more space than words... (...now isn't that a funny thought..?)

17: Struggle...regret...living & re-living the past over & over only holds you away from connecting to source energy... ...it's like going to a movie with your eyes closed... you only half get the story...?

18: The way things turning up in your life will continue... ...until you change the way you think about these things turning up in your life..! (...kick the stereo... it's only a scratch on the record...)

19: Everyone creates their own world...what you see, feel & believe you create as your reality... ...this alone explains why some people have or don't have...

20: Make your "pure-intention" & send it out with belief & expectation that it IS on it's way... ...know that you are going to receive it...be willing to enjoy the unfolding of the journey along the way... (...Divine patience...learn & remember this one...)

21: The lunacy of collecting mental-junk has the same value as an Eskimo taking a journey to a shop in the desert to buy ice... ...a complete waste of time...

22: You can make absolutely startling changes in your life... changes you cannot even conceive of right now..! ...start with the small startling things... (...they're still startling..!)

23: Buddha tries talking to me every day...mostly though I can't take the call because I'm too busy or hardly at h-OM-e..?

24: Though no-one can go back & make a brand new start...anyone can start now & make a brand new ending...!

25: When it seems you've been travelling through an eternal dark night & things are at there worst & beyond control...... this is the very moment when the light of dawn is nearest

26: Look at “your-self” closely...the pure serene you is the real you...The cloudy things...the grey & murky things are just clouds passing in in front of your serenity...

27: You "Joy your way to Joy...you cannot struggle to Joy..! Its a bit like a mouse owning a cheese factory... (it's just never going to happen..!)

28: Let go of all the old things in your life by realising they are the old things in your life...!

29: God & heaven is not on some far off divine planet where holy men are giving out nirvana flavoured ice creams... ...all these things are right here now as we think...

30: Although it seems quite funny at first...... the ability to love is directly linked to the depth of ones patience..! (...but as I said...only at first is it quite funny...)

31: If you are searching for your lifes purpose & the path you are currently on thrills you... ...know within there is no need to look for any U-turn signs..!

32: Distance healing is as special as reaching down to your big toe to give it a scratch... ...distance is just a word created by man to explain his twisted belief that we are separate from each-other...?

33: The ultimate test in a Japanese house-hold is when you are washing the dishes & you’re mother in law is drying..! (...always see yourself accomplishing every goal in life no matter how impossible it may seem..!)

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