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Trimester Three Book Report

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FC: Written By: Sharon Creech | Due Date: 5/14/12 | Walk Two Moons | Created By: Jonathan Swift | Scrap Book | Salamanca Hiddle | By:

1: June 5, 2005 Dear Journal | I am Sal. I love the outdoors and could stay there my whole life. I moved to a neighborhood in Ohio with my dad after my mother left. There were a caboodle of houses and I didn't like how close together the houses were. Even though I was having a blast with my new friends, Gram, Gramps, and I set out to find my mother. My father stayed in Ohio. I spent the whole trip telling Gramp and Gramps about my adventures with my friend, Phoebe. My favorite part of the story was when our teacher was reading our personal journals out loud. Everything got out of control because kids wanted to know who wrote the journal and get more information! Our teacher had to come over and apologize for sharing our personal journals. My favorite stop on the road trip to Idaho to find my mother, was in Yellowstone. Even Gram cried as we left Yellowstone. It was the first time that she had ever seen it and it was hard to pry her away. Later on our trip, Gram got very sick and had to go to the hospital. Gramps stayed with her and he gave me the keys to the car so I could drive to find where my mom died. I found where my was buried and I realized she wasn't going to come home. My Gram died when I was gone so Gramps and I went back home. After Gram was buried we moved to Kentucky with my dad.

2: This is me, Sal.

3: This is my dad, John Hiddle. He loves the outdoors and smelling the nice and fresh air. He very rarely gets mad at people, almost never gets mad at family. He is honest. My dad is the happiest person that I know and can't be sad unless a situation is very serious.

4: This is Phoebe Winterbottom, my best friend. Although Phoebe can be somewhat rude, I continue being her friend and walking two moons in her moccasins. The outrageous story that I tell comes from Phoebe and her adventures.

5: This is Gram and Gramps. They are my dad's parents and call me "chickabiddy". They drive me across the country to find my mom. With Gramps driving though, I'm praying to every tree that we make it there and home again! I tell the story of Phoebe to them as we drive to Idaho. Gram loves the story as it gets more and more crazy.

6: This is my mom, Chanhassen but my dad calls her Sugar. She is the reason that Gramps, Grams, and I traveled so far in that old car. We traveled to find her grave. She died by a bus crashing and rolling down a hill and crumbling with only one survivor, Ms. Cadaver.

7: This is Ben, He was living in my neighborhood. He was always testing me about flinching and was getting on my nerves. We are friends though and now he is coming to Bybanks, Kentucky this year to visit us. I can't wait to show him everything!

8: I drove Gramp's car! I drove four hours on the highway, roads, and near cliff sides. I finally found where the bus crashed that my mother was on. I thought I was going to get arrested by the sheriff who found me driving. Instead he took me to my mother's grave. My mission was over and I realized my mother wasn't coming back. | We all went back home to Bybanks, Kentucky. | My Greatest Accomplishment

9: This is Bybanks, Kentucky where I live. This place is very beautiful and has everything that I could ever want. My house is an old farmhouse. There is no other place on the entire earth that could beat Bybanks, Kentucky.

10: The | Climax | The climax is when I drive four hours in the middle of the night to the site where my mother was killed in a bus crash about a year and a half ago. I had to drive myself because my Gram was sick. This leads to the sheriff finding me. I thought he was going to take me to jail!

13: The resolution is when the sheriff finds me wandering on the bus wreckage where my mother died. I thought he was going to take me to jail. He passes the jail and goes to a graveyard. In the graveyard I find my mother's grave and try to remember this place. I know my mother is not going to come back. We leave to go home to Bybanks, Kentucky and live there without my Gram who died. My friends are soon coming for a visit. I will give them a special tour of the farm where I grew up. | The Resolution

14: This is my postcard from Indiana. I got it at a gas station. It is very beautiful and the have lots of car races. I would like to stay for a visit in a hotel for a week there once. It also has lots of water to splash in and lots of farming land. To bad that we have to leave this place. I will never forget it. | Here is the picture of the rest area in Turnpike, Indiana. Gramps tried to help a woman at the rest area whose car was broken down. He took out many different pipes from her engine. He called them snakes. After about two hours of taking apart her engine, he was too scared to put it back together. He had engine pieces all over the sidewalk! He called a tow truck to take it in to the shop. We left in a hurry before the woman could call the police. I'll never forget that rest area! | KEEPSAKES

15: This is a map of Ohio. I moved here after my dad and I figured out that my mom wasn't coming back. I got this at a rest stop near a big map of Ohio. With my map I could find out where we were going. I kept it so that I could tell people where I lived after we moved back to Kentucky. | This is a postcard from Idaho. We traveled 2,000 miles to get here. I got this card to remember my trip. It's all about the journey, not the destination. Next time I go to Idaho, I will drive to get there. | This is a rock from when Gram, Gramps and I were wading in a river. A man came along and said we couldn't be there. Gramps tried to prove we were tough. I tried to throw this rock though the knot hole in a tree. After I threw the rock it stuck in the knot hole. Gram then got bit by a water moccasin. We rushed her to the hospital. I kept this rock as a reminder of that experience.

16: This is the lunatic, Phoebe's worst enemy. Closer to the end of my adventure, I figured out that the lunatic was actually Phoebe's mom's first son. Phoebe's mom, Norma Winterbottom, had him and gave him to an orphanage. Sergeant Bickle adopted him.

17: July 20, 2005 | Dear Journal | I'm Phoebe. I'm 13 and I met my best friend Sal when she moved into my neighborhood. I live in Euclid, Ohio. This is a picture of Sal and I. We became good friends once we met each other. Until I became friends with Sal, I mainly was quiet and didn't have many friends. I think that Sal is the nicest girl that I know. She helps everyone she can in times of need. She's never afraid of nature - not even spiders. Sal and I thought her dad was crazy for liking Ms. Cadaver. At first, Sal and I thought that Ms. Cadaver killed and buried her husband in her own backyard. Turns out that her husband died when a drunk driver ran into his car. Sal and I started to feel bad for her. Ms. Cadaver was actually very kind and nice. Now we know not to judge a person until you have walked two moons in their macossins.

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20: BONDI BEACH is one of Australia's most famous beaches and among the world's most well-known beaches. The beach is roughly a kilometer long and is located on the east coast of Australia and is a suburb of the city of Sydney.

22: THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE is a multi-venue performing arts centre in the Australian city of Sydney. It was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jrn Utzon, finally opening in 1973 after a long gestation starting with his competition-winning design in 1957.

24: Farewell Australia... until next time....

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