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Wilderness Suvival Guide by Shelby

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Wilderness Suvival Guide by Shelby - Page Text Content

S: Shelby McKay Parker

BC: The End

FC: Shelby McKay Parker | My Survival Guide

1: This is my survival guide. Here you will learn how to survive and use nature in the wilderness. Enjoy!

2: To make a fire, first you need to gather dry sticks, grass, and branches. Then you need to put stones all around it. Use matches, rub sticks together or do like Brian did and find a place where there are sparks and blow on it. Fire can make you warm and you can cook on it too! | Fire

3: Note: Do not play with matches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4: A moose is a herbivore. It's size is 2.5-3m and the tail is 5-7.5cm long. They live in forests near rivers and lakes, so they have to be really good swimmers! | Moose

5: Most moose are found in North Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Northern U.S.A, and New Zealand. They are very sensitive when they are with their babies!!

6: These are gut cherries[a.k.a choke cherries].They are round and dark red.The taste is like a bitter almond! | Choke Cherries

7: The cherries have a bad odor and are [usually] found near streams. When Brian ate them, it caused his mouth to pucker up because it was so sour.

8: Porcupines have a small head and small legs. Their needles are strong and they are vegetarians, which mean they only eat plants They live in wood and woodlands. They weigh 10 to 40 pounds and they have 4 toes on their fore feet and 5 toes on the hind feet.

9: Porcupines enemies are animals like wolves and mountain lions. They live from 6-10 years and their babies are born between April and August. | Porcupines

10: It's color is black with a white stripe down it's back. | Skunks let off a revolting smell when they feel dangered. | Skunks

11: The size of a skunk is close to the size of a house cat. | Skunks eat mice, fruit, insects, lizards, trash, acorns, birds and bird eggs. | They dig shallow burrows.

12: Mosquitoes are black or brown with small legs. They like to live where there is water and some like living in trashy areas.

13: Most mosquitoes are not harmful to humans. Yet there is two diseases that humans and animals can get. Malaria and Yellow Fever!! | Mosquitoes

14: Bears sometimes attack humans. Black bears sometimes have very poor eyesight. Most bears like honey and often attack bee hives to get it. | Bears

15: There are 7 types of bears that are black and most of them eat termites, beetles, larvae, fruit and nuts.

16: Tornado's are violently rotating columns of air. They usually occur in the mid west[Tornado Alley]. Two air masses coming together cause tornadoes. When they form over water it is called a waterspout. | Tornado | If you are stuck in a car during a tornado, get out immediately and head to a nearby ditch. Put your hands over your head and protect yourself!

17: You know there's a tornado when you see:A greenish, black sky, clouds moving fast, hail and of course, rain. Stay away from windows walls with glass and outside.

18: Water is very important.You can only go without water for a week or less. You need to have at least 6 to 8 cups of water a day. Your body is made up of more than 60% of water and the whole earth is made of water! The water that Brian drank was bad. It had giardia in it. Giardia is a micro parasite that is in some water sources everywhere on Earth. It can give you a disease, so make sure to check the water before you drink it. To kill the parasites, boil the water just in case you are unsure.

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