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Bella and Maggie - First Year

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Bella and Maggie - First Year - Page Text Content

S: Bella and Maggie 2012

BC: Our hearts had been broken, Our hearts not quite healed, When I found some puppies Needing a heart to fill. We looked and we wondered If we could give them our love, We wanted sisters this time, We wanted them sent from Above. I contacted the shelter and filled out the forms, Approval came fast - oh what have I done? We ran to the park - so anxious and then some, Both cute and playful, glad I'm not taking just one. We brought you home for Josey to meet You both were so tiny, you hid by our feet. You were part of the family and needed a name, Anna Bella was easy - the other needed the same, I came up with Gracie Mae, but never could remember. I took some pictures and shared with another. A friend told me - Maggie Mae . Oh, that's it! I called her by Maggie and she agreed - it fits. Our little family expanded and grew, We now have Josey, Bella and Maggie Mae too, | Bella and Maggie | by Jeanette Rucker

FC: Pawprints On Our Hearts | Bella and Maggie | 2012

1: A dog is a bundle of love wrapped in fur." | AnnaBella and Maggie Mae | Born March 10, 2012

2: I began looking on Petfinder for sister pups to adopt. A mama dog with her 5 puppies were brought to New Best Friends Rescue. There were 3 tiny girls and 2 tiny boys. They are the cutest Chihuahua - Norfolk Terrier mix puppies. We filled out the paperwork and waited to be accepted. They played in their foster Mom's (Aimee) home until we could be together.

3: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings

4: Josey meets her new sisters. The 'twins' were so scared of their big sister - at first.

9: A Dog's Life

11: They would slide down the recliner and stop when Josey would be laying down at the bottom. If I left the room, they would turn on the step so Josey wouldn't get them.

14: Molly came over to meet the twins

16: Maggie follows Bella and will look everywhere if she wakes up and Bella is gone

17: Happiness is... A Warm Puppy

18: They are still a little careful about running by Josey, so when Josey is on the floor they start down and back up a few times before finally getting off the couch.

25: Cats and dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Bettina Eddie

26: We moved them to the laundry room in the big bed during the day while we worked. They would drag their favorite toy for the day into the bed for a nap.

27: Once we got home, they had free rein of the living room as well. If not on the couch, they could be found in the little bed wrestling near Josey.

28: Bella does not normally bother Josey. Maggie, however, seems to seek Josey's approval and will cower down in front of Josey. Then she'll inch her way to get close to Josey's mouth. | Sometimes Josey will growl, but usually she squeaks till I make Maggie stop.

29: They both love the steps that help them get on the couch | Maggie stretches on her back and tries to lay against Josey. Josey is not amused.

30: They love to play outside and finally learned to look out the door.

40: We blocked them out of the bedrooms where we have carpet. They would stretch to see in the room. Josey let us know she wanted in with a yawn.

49: Maggie snuggles in close to her big sister, Josey. As first Josey was unsure, but if she moved - Maggie got closer.

51: We pick up Lacey from the breeder for Kay. The twins look so big around her. Maggie and Lacey bond instantly.

52: Lacey wants to play with them and follows them everywhere,

53: They have no idea that tomorrow they will be heading to the vet to be spayed.

54: While Lacey takes her nap, they wrestle with each other once again.

55: We were surprised to meet Bella & Maggie's brother, Jackson, and sister, Emma Rose, at KAAWS waiting for our appointment. It was a puppy family reunion. It took some nerves away prior to taking them back.

56: Maggie was running around really quick. Bella was slowly moving and crying all night. | Bella wanted to get close to Maggie | They tried to kiss each other, but couldn't seem to get past the collars.

57: Maggie learned really quick that she had to keep her head up while she walked. She tried to get close to Josey, but the collar would not let her get close. | Bella would jerk the collar when it got caught.

58: Since they were not trying to get to the stitches - only each other, we decided to remove the collars. They immediately crawled in their bed and snuggled close. Bella finally calmed down and got some rest.

59: Wayne and I slept in the living room with their bed in-between us. It was a rough night, but they slept off and on. | They were back to normal in a few days - playing tug a war with one of their toys.

62: They LOVE playing outside

64: Bella will run ahead and try to get Maggie to chase her - when she doesn't she makes Maggie run. | They do everything together - even tinkle.

66: Bella is going for Josey's ball.... | Guess she changed her mind. Neither one picked it up. | Run | Play

67: Love is... | a four legged word

68: I was surprised they ran in and out of their carrier.

69: Run

71: Maggie found something in the grass. When Bella noticed, she had to run over and investigate too. | Then Bella spotted Josey and ran up to give her kisses.

75: Bella finishes her treats really fast and usually takes Maggie's away from her. Maggie grabbed her treat and ran into the crate. She growled as Bella approached. Since Bella did not have much room, Maggie was able to enjoy her treat.

77: Maggie tells Bella - Wait a minute... That's my spot

78: Even they take time to smell the flowers. | Josey shows them how to roll around in the grass

79: Maggie to Josey - I want to be a dentist, open wide so I can practice. Ummm... I might need to pull a tooth or two. Josey replied - No, I think I'll go somewhere else.

81: Josey plays a game of Keep Away with her favorite ball.

82: No, Bella, you cannot have my spot. I got here first and it's warm.

83: They go from fussing at each to snuggle in a few minutes.

84: Maggie arranges the blanket where she wants it. Bella checks it out. | Bella decides to take over. | Maggie's not happy about it.

85: Bella guards access to the couch, but let's Maggie up. Maggie took Bella's toy, but later left it behind for Bella to play. Bella was surprised. | Bella moved to the bed and Maggie jumped on her to make her move.

86: Wayne gave them a stick to see what they would do | They both grabbed it | Maggie turned around and ran as fast as she could. Then finally Bella let go, She was so happy to have the stick to herself.

87: Josey teaches them to walk the whole property line. They go everywhere that Josey does. When they noticed we were heading inside, they ran down the driveway as fast as they could.

88: What's this? I guess Josey has accepted the twins. She's letting them help her lick the pan. | Lacey comes to visit.

90: I found the perfect Halloween shirts for the twins. | This is the first time they had on clothes. Maggie kept biting at the sleeve.

99: Josey pulled toys out of her pumpkin - showing the twins what to do. Maggie would get close, but not look in. Bella would look in the pumpkin, but not pull out the toy.

106: The twins stockings arrived just in time to decorate for Christmas. Maggie watched our every move while decorating the tree.

109: As soon as we started placing their gifts under the tree, the twins were interested in them. We heard a few squeaks, but when we walked in the room they were just sitting there. We finally saw the pieces of paper on the floor. They opened all the packages with their toys. Ha-ha. Finally Josey laid down by the tree to guard the presents. Maggie kept her eye on the presents from the couch after that.

112: As the temperatures starting dropping, we took them shopping for a coat. They tolerated them only because they were cold.

113: We tried to get a good Christmas picture of them. However, Maggie would step in front of Bella every time. That's why her t-shirt says - Dear Santa, Let me explain...

114: We even tried holding treats, but that did not work either.

115: Maggie even seems to laugh at my efforts of the perfect Christmas picture.

116: They play hard - often fighting over the same toy. However, when it's time to take a nap, they snuggle close.

117: Maggie uses her 'Poor puppy' face to get her way | Poor Bella. Maggie wants every toy she tries to play with. Time to teach Maggie how to share.

120: Bella loves playing with her small tennis balls so much that she sleeps with it in her arms.

124: Christmas Eve is here and it's time to jump in the booster seat and head to Grandma Cheshire's. This is their first ride in the new seat. Bella was the first to settle down. | Toys, toys and more toys. Josey and the twins loved every gift

126: After we ate, opened the gifts, snooped around the yard - it was time to head back home. Maggie wanted to lay where Bella was sleeping. However, she soon settled down.

128: Bella could open her gifts without much help. Maggie tried, but she would get distracted by all the squeaking around her.

129: They heard a horn beep and ran outside to tell Molly and Lacey Merry Christmas. | They never seen so many toys - and they were all for them... and Josey. | All of them were really excited - yapping and running around.

130: Wow! More present to open - more toys to squeak - more balls to roll - more treats to eat. They really enjoyed their first Christmas.

131: They had a busy day learning about Christmas, opening new toys and treats and eating a good Christmas dinner. Now all they want to do is snuggle in their bed in front of the roaring fire.

132: They lick the plate going up and coming down. | Then they get nervous with all the fireworks ringing in the new year.

133: Countdown begins - 10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... HAPPY NEW YEAR! They both give Josey a kiss.

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