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Buddy (ORIGINAL) - Page Text Content

S: A CAT'S LIFE...Featuring Buddy...aka Pudley, the Traveling Kitty

BC: Copyright 2015 Sharon Rodgers

FC: Paw Prints On Our Hearts | B | A Cat's Life... Featuring BUDDY aka/ ""Pudley, the Traveling Kitty"

3: ""A cat is a bundle of love wrapped in fur." | December 2000 | I adopted my parents... | I think I was born in Alabama, but am not sure; however, I was a lost kitty, out in the cold on a December night in Tennessee, when I adopted my parents. I had "courted them for two days, and once inside their home we all knew I was a keeper...thus! my big adventure began...

4: My first memory is of getting into a warm environment filled with love, and slurping down a bowl of warm milk; after all they weren't sure I would adopt THEM, so how were they to know to have my favorite meow food waiting... That was the most comfortable night I'd had in a long time - I got to sleep indoors with my new parents in a nice soft bed.

5: After a few days in Tennessee, my family and I headed out to Florida, taking my new-found granny with us for the rest of the winter. I loved traveling in the car because my mommy folded up her big down jacket and let me sleep on it in her lap. Once in Florida, it was so warm and sunny I just sat in the window for hours watching the beautiful yummy looking birds.

6: As soon as we got to Florida, mom said one of the first things we had to do was build me a nice toilet so I could have some privacy. It took her and dad three days to convince me to go inside it, but now I use it regularly. Here, after my daily visit to the throne, I'm coming back into the house through my own private entrance,

7: I even have my own Hurricane Preparedness Kit - stuffed with a fresh litter box, food, water, and even a bit of catnip - just in case there's a hurricane coming and we have to leave quickly. Over the years, I've found that it pays to be prepared. | My Hurricane Preparedness Kit

8: Once we were in Florida, dad tried to teach me how to play chess...but I would just sit and contemplate for hours before making my next big move.

9: Purrr... | My first real accomplishment though, was that I taught mommy how to take naps during the day...

10: And...mommy taught ME how to dance. At first I wasn't sure about all that jumping around and her holding me up by my two front paws, but then she placed me on her shoulder and we waltzed and I've been hooked ever since. It is so peaceful and I feel safe up next to my mommy.

11: Mom and dad are both into walking and exercise, so I thought it would make them proud if I showed off my agility for them. Only problem is, when I had the urge to do so, it was during the night, after we had all gone to bed. I jumped up and down and off and on the bed, and ran across the top of the bed near their heads several times. They tolerated it for a while with only a small reprimand, so I though, well, maybe I'm not doing it well enough. So...I became more aggressive and really put my weight into it when I jumped on and off the bed. At one point, I actually landed on mommy's tummy. I guess 10 lbs. of weight was a little more than her tummy could take. Next thing I knew I was being carted off to what mom and dad call the gym, which is actually mom's bathroom. They closed the door and left me there the rest of the night. I have to say that while I was in there I did get a good work-out. I stood up and punched and clawed that door constantly for two hours. That alone, gave me a grand respect for boxers. Boy was I sore the next day. Just thinking...maybe exercise isn't for me after all.

12: Granny and I don't always see eye-to-eye, but we have developed a mutual respect for each other. She still won't let me sleep in her bed though. I can't imagine why...

13: The quality of this photo isn't much, but I just had to include it, as my mom says I look so regal in it.

14: As for holidays, Christmas is my favorite - I just love that time of year. The house comes alive - I get presents and LOTS of treats...

15: Here I am at my first Valentine's Day party...I loved it...except for the big gold ribbon. Of course Mommy liked it, so I wore it, and got LOTS of treats.

16: Then It was St Paddy's Day, dad's for me I never developed a taste for the beer. The green did make my eyes look sexy though, now didn't it?

17: I am a lucky cat to have been born when and where I was, and I'm proud to be an American. Here I'm decked out in my 4th of July attire and resting comfortably on my White House towel.

18: I Here | Here's my Halloween photo; however, I absolutely refused to wear that goofy, stinking costume they tried to put on me. You can probably see from my photo that I'm a little put off by the whole thing.

19: Mom says this is her favorite photo of me...that's why she asked me to use it on the cover of my book.

20: For several years we spent the winters in Florida and the summers in Washington state. While living in Eastern Washington, I slipped out unnoticed through the garage door one morning while mom and dad were leaving for work. I didn't realize I would have to stay out in the heat all day without food and water. I hung around the house most of the day but decided to go exploring around 4:00 p.m.

21: I didn't go very far, just across the street and into the weeds. I heard mom and dad calling me when they returned home but I was hurt and angry that they had left me outside all day, so I didn't answer them. Finally, dad found me and carried me back home. Both he and mom were so happy to see me that they didn't even reprimand me - instead, I got lots of hugs and kisses and yummy treats. Actually, I was glad to be back inside the house where it was cool so I could take a long comfortable nap.

22: I've traveled by many modes of transportation, but one of my absolute favorite modes of travel is with my dad on his Harley. The first time he took me for a ride he put me inside his leather jacket and zipped it up so only my head could stick out. Other times he has put me in my carrier and placed it upon the gas tank behind the windshield,which shields me from the wind. Actually, I don't mind wearing my Harley gear as it makes me feel like a Bad Boy.

23: As you can see, I'm ready to ride at the drop of a chain...

24: I was so tired after my last Harley ride that I went right to bed without taking off my biker gear. | TIRED BUT...

25: My mom insisted on getting me a bed, but I'd rather sleep with her and dad; so...the only way I'd sleep in this thing was if it was turned upside down. Finally mom just gave up and threw it away... which suited me just fine.

26: One of my favorite pastimes is taking long walks with my dad. He puts me on a leash and we walk all over the neighborhood. I get to see lots of interesting things up close and personal, such as birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc. It drives some of the neighbors batty watching dad walk me on a leash. One day a man who was passing by said - You're walking a CAT on a leash? Dad said - Yeah, but I've got to hurry home and change the dog's box. You should have seen the man's expression I just had to laugh. People can be so stupid at times...and they say animals are dumb.

28: I thoroughly enjoy meals with my family. Here dad and I dine in style - well our style, anyway. Mom and dad both say I'm a finicky eater. Really? The thing about it is I know exactly what I like and don't like, and I'm not about to eat anything I don't like, and that's that. Guess I take after my dad.

29: We celebrate many things around our house, but sometimes I have to remind mom and dad about upcoming events, for example...MY birthday. We're still not sure of the actual date of my birth, so every year we just celebrate the whole month of December . | Enough of this...I'm ready for TUNA

30: See my leash hanging on the's where I wait every morning for dad to snap it around my neck so we can go for a walk. By the way, I tried eating the orchids once, but didn't like the taste of them. I also tried a lizard, but that didn't work out very well either - I got sick as a dog...well sick as a cat, anyway. I had to go to the vet and mom had to clean up the mess I made...neither of us were happy campers - if you know what I mean.

31: Dad insisted that I continue to pursue enlightenment, so I returned to the University of Washington Tacoma to complete my Mouser's Degree...

32: I used to wear a collar with an ID tag; however, one day when we were visiting friends in Walla Walla, Washington, I got it hung on the bedsprings when I went underneath the guest bed to nap. It took me a long time to break loose, but I finally did. When mom and dad found the remains of my ID all bent and broken underneath the bed it really scared them, so they took me to the vet and had a ID chip implanted underneath the skin in my neck. Now I don't have to wear that ID tag anymore. I'm glad, as it was just a nuisance anyway. | Back in the days when I had to wear the collar with the ID tag...

33: Seeing as how I met my mom and dad in Tennessee, I'm a BIG UT fan. Here I am with my colors and pom-poms waiting for the next big play. Eventually, I got tired and sleepy though, and mom was kind enough to wrap me in her UT sweater and let me take a nap. | GO VOLS!

35: It's not worth it...! It's not worth it!... | Sad to say, but during my teen-age years I did have a little problem with the booze. Here I am with my first big hang-over. Boy did my head hurt!... | While the cat's away...the mice will play...

36: One of my favorite pastimes is napping, and I have a favorite place to do so. It's inside mom and dad's boot bin in their closet. I can go there 24-7 and always find a dark, quiet spot for a nice nap.

37: My second favorite place to nap is on the lanai, where I can feel the fresh breeze and hear the birds singing...

38: I think every guy dreams of a Man Cave,"and I'm no exception. Ever the optimistic, I actually thought I had found mine one day, but boy was I wrong.! Dad left his dresser drawer open one morning and as it wasn't full of clothes but contained just enough to make a comfortable bed, I hopped into the drawer and stretched out for a nap. Dad was having eye surgery that day so in his hurry to get to his appointment he didn't notice me when he shut the drawer. When I awakened I was so surprised that the drawer had been closed and that I was trapped inside. Seeing as how I couldn't even stand up, much less escape, I settled back down for another cat nap. Late that afternoon, mom missed me and started hunting for me. When she couldn't find me she got worried and got dad and granny involved in the search. Dad even drove around the neighborhood, with one eye covered because of his eye surgery, looking for me. I could hear mom calling me but I was a little put off about spending the day trapped in the Man Cave and wouldn't answer her. I also heard her when she came back into the bedroom and tore the closet apart the second time. When she didn't find me. I guess she just stood there surveying the room and happened to think about the drawer. All at once she jerked the drawer open and to my

39: surprise, there she was, right in my face. I tried to act nonchalant and put on an air of what's the big deal and what took you so long, but actually I was really happy to see her. I'm sure she wanted to wring my little neck; however, instead she scooped me up, hugged me tightly and gave me several of my favorite treats before running down to the office to tell dad, who by that time was in the process of putting out an APB in the neighborhood. Well... all's well that ends well; however, I'm not so sure I want a Man Cave after all. Think I'll just stick with the closet or lanai. | Here I am in the Man Cave, (after mommy opened the drawer), trying to look nonchalant.

40: Purrr..

41: I just love my much so that I have stars in my eyes. She and dad say I'm her know, like in the olden days when witches had black cats that were called their Familiars because they followed the witches around. I follow my mom around all the time because she talks to me with respect, tickles me with feathers, and gives me lots of strokes - not to mention all those great treats.

42: B A T H T I M E | Here, mom is giving me a bath and I'm tolerating it; however, it wasn't always this way. I remember how traumatic the first bath was for both of us. Mom put me into the shower, turned on the water and shut the door. I think she was trying to get me used to the water, but really, she just didn't know how to bathe me. Anyway, that was many meows ago and she's learned a lot since then. Now she puts me in the sink, uses baby shampoo and warm water through a sprayer, and talks softly to me during the whole ordeal. Then she partially drys me off and lets me go out into the sun to finish the job myself. I have to admit, I do smell good afterwards, and can sleep for hours.

43: Mom has always been a stickler for keeping me well groomed. Sometimes, it really gets on my nerves and I just have to let her know. Other times, like here, I just lay back and enjoy it. I just don't want to become known as a push over who goes along with any old thing. Is that cutting off my nose to spite my face?

44: I have traveled throughout the US with my mom and dad - sometimes it's fun and sometimes not so much fun. We've stayed in many motels and it seems to me that every time I get settled in and ready to relax they start scooping me up, telling me it's time to go. I've gotten wise to them though. Now when I see the bags come out I run underneath the bed and get as far away from them as possible. Why one time when we were in a motel in Atlanta I hid so well they had to break the bed apart to find me. I have to say I did get a little nervous though when I heard mom say they might have to call the fire department to get me out.

45: Another time, when we were visiting friends in Seattle, I found an opening leading into the furnace room and made it up into the attic before anyone missed me. Actually, I was a little frightened up there and was glad when dad came and rescued me. I'll never forget all that messy insulation and drywall that came falling down on top of us as we were coming back down. Guess we left that place in a mess...

46: Here I'm snuggled into my carrier on one of our many road trips. Notice mom's blue down coat in the background - she always brings it along for me to lie on in case I decide I'd rather sleep in her lap.

47: As you can see, I was making an obscene gesture or raising my fist here; therefore, I must have been dreaming about fighting, (not good), When I've tried it for real, someone always gets hurt and it really upsets my mom and dad.

48: As a matter of fact, to be an indoor kitty, I've had my share of fights. The first one took place in Yakima, Washington. I was all comfortable, lying upon a table where I could see out into the back yard when a young, frisky, gray male cat came sniffing around the back door. Now, mind you, I had worked hard to earn my spot in the hierarchy of my family so I wasn't about to let some young punk spoil it for me. I leaped off the couch and ran smack dab into the screen door. I hit it with so much force that it knocked the whole door down and out onto the patio. Talk about the fur a flying...I was tearing that little fella up, that is until dad came out and threw his shirt over the both of us. Needless to say, he grabbed me up and reprimanded me. That, of course, squashed the fight. Dad tried to shame me but I had no shame. One thing's for sure, though, none of my family ever saw that cat again. I heard later that he adopted a family in the neighborhood. I wish him well...

49: All the other fights have taken place in Florida when I've been home minding my own business. Invariably, every spring when it is mating season, some cantankerous feral male cat, who's obviously jealous of me, comes prowling around our lanai,.. just asking for trouble. We've fought through the screen a few times over the years, with mom and dad always trying to break us up. Once, dad scooped me up to take me inside, but I was still so angry that I instinctively clawed at him and ripped his arm open. It was such a bad wound that he had to go to the hospital. Let me tell you, I was in deep kitty-do for a while over that one. The last fight I had with that insane cat was in the spring of 2012. He came stalking around again, and I had had just about enough of his crap.!I lunged at him through the screen and ripped the lanai screen open. Mom ran out and grabbed me and screamed at old cantankerous, who tore out of there like lightening. Thank God, from past experience, I knew not to nail mom, At any rate, I believe the old boy got the message - we haven't seen him since.

50: I was having a blast exploring my new surroundings when all of a sudden a flash of red jumped out and started chasing me. The only thing I remember is mom screaming TANK and grabbing the big red ball of fur. About that time dad scooped me up and ran upstairs to our room. He then confined me in my carrier and set me upon the dresser where I had to stay for the rest of the afternoon. Everything happened so fast I didn't really have time to be frightened; however, I heard mom and dad talking about it later and they said that it was a really close call. Seems Tank, who has since passed on to his reward, had been known to take out a few kitties in his time and wouldn't have thought twice about making an hors d' oeuvre out of me. To give him the benefit of the doubt, though, I think he must have been a pretty good guy, as he obeyed my mom when she yelled and grabbed him...and she wasn't even his master. RIP Tank... wish we could have been better friends | I've had a few close calls myself. As a matter of fact, one time when we were visiting Ed and Judy Bruce in TN dad left me in one of their bedrooms so that I wouldn't come into contact with their son, Tank, who was a Chow. However, being ever curious, I managed to finagle the door and get out into the rest of the house.

51: Another close call came when we were visiting our relatives, Mike and Pammie, in AL. I slipped out of our bedroom into the hallway and almost got snapped up by their son, Corbett, who is a Boston Terrier. Had dad not been there to intercede, the jaws of death would have had me and I wouldn't be here to talk about it today. | Corbett

52: Here dad and I are, enjoying a stroll around the courtyard at Jim and Atsuko's home in Palm Desert, California

53: When we were in Tacoma, Washington mom even tried to teach me how to play pool. Needless to say, that didn't work out - I took one look and decided there were just too many balls to juggle - I didn't mind the pub though, as long as I could watch the action from my carrier

54: Once, when we were traveling cross country, we stopped somewhere in Illinois and dad hoisted me up so I could pretend I was Superman.! I think I really did think I was Superman cause after looking around a bit, I put out my claws, showed my teeth and growled... that's when dad took me back to the car.!!

55: Here I'm resting on the window-sill at Cowboy Poet, Baxter Black's ranch in Benson, Arizona. I just HAD to have a little rest after a night of composing cowboy poetry with Baxter...we're working on one called The Mouse's Nightmare...

56: Here I'm traveling through Roswell, New Mexico...looking for UFO's

57: I'm enjoying a beautiful sunset from the window in my motel room in Pendleton, Oregon.

58: Going under the Great Platte River Road Archway, on I-80 in Nebraska, heading for the wild, wild, West

59: Here dad takes me into a winery in Washington. Once inside, the lady said I couldn't stay, so mom and dad both said that if I couldn't stay they wouldn't either - the lady relented and let me stay; however, if I could have gotten out of my carrier I would have meowed her off and left.!

60: Here I'm in North Carolina, heading to my friend Bud's home, located in the mountains. I just love his place - I get to sit in my own window and watch the wildlife. Would you believe, there are bears there...!someone mentioned moose too, but I'm not sure about that one yet...

61: Enjoying a rainy night in Georgia... people watching in Savannah. I just love to roam around in the beautiful parks there.

62: In Lake Placid New York someone tried to get me to try an illegal substance, but I firmly just said NO...I'm not falling for that old cat trick, (or is that hat trick), anyway...I'll stick with my catnip.

63: Here my dad and I are, walking on the beach in Sanibel, Florida on Christmas Day - what a lovely place. I was having so much fun until a group of people came around making loud noises and spoiled it for me. I made a beeline for my carrier so dad put me back in it and we left. Sometimes people can be so annoying.

64: Here I'm relaxing at Jim and Debbie's cabin in North Carolina. I love going there because they pretty much let me do as I please. Can you believe it...Debbie even let me sleep on top of her clean towels. Well, she didn't tell me I could, but when she saw me she didn't make me move and commented that I looked sooo cute.

65: Here I am in Button Willow California, sporting a big old yawn after a long hard day on the road. I didn't particularly care for this motel, so nap time came easy.

66: Relaxing in Silverhill, Alabama at Mike and Pammie's home. I love going to visit them because Pammie and I talk in cat language; however, as their cat, Cheech, and I are both males, he and I haven't bonded yet. | CHEECH

67: Another one of my favorite spots for watching the birds and other wildlife is in granny's window in Baxter, Tennessee. Course she's not too happy with mom and dad raising the blinds, pulling the curtains back, and moving everything off her table so I can jump up into the window easily. | I figure I must be Irish for I surely do like the feel of the sun on my back. Here I'm enjoying its warmth in Yakima, Washington

68: Heading for Chicago, Illinois - guess I'm just like my dad cause I sure hate that rush hour traffic. He screams, and I hiss and growl - not good.

69: Arriving in the Music City Capitol of the world - Nashville Tennessee. What a fun place. Didn't realize I'd need a cowboy hat though. Oh well, next time. | I heard there's a poodle in Printer's Alley; however, dad wouldn't let me check her out. Just wondering why...

70: Here, I'm checking out the entryway to Bruce and Linda's home in Powder Springs, Georgia. I experienced my first puppy, I mean kitty, love at their place - a sassy feline named Saga...much to my dismay she rebuked all my advances. To this day, I still don't understand why.

71: Over the years, I have been on many fun vacations with my parents, and I've also stayed at many pet retreats, at least that's what my parents call them. In my vocabulary I call them cat prisons, because when I go there I get locked up for days on end. Occasionally, there will be someone who will let me out for a little while, but that is rare. The following is a list of a few of the locations where I've been incarcerated: Metairie, Louisiana; Marietta, Georgia; Lake Placid, New York; Winter Park, Florida; Fort Myers, Florida; Cookeville, Tennessee, and San Rafael, California. Out of all these, I'd have to say I liked (if there is such a thing), the one in San Rafael and the one in Fort Myers best. While at San Rafael, I was released from the cell for play time. When mom and dad came to pick me up I was loose with all the other cats, in a large room, where I was perched high above the rest of them holding court. In Fort Myers I've developed a pretty good rapport with a lady named Darryl. She always reserves a two-story cell for me in front of a window so I can, at least, watch the birds, She also tends to give me a few extra privileges. Once, she actually gave me a catnip toy to take home . Needless to say, I'm always happiest at home with mom and dad, where I'm free as a bird and usually get my way.

72: I just love playing peek-a-boo with mom. She chases me throughout the house. I hide and peek out at her - then she looks for me and when she finds me she runs away and I run after her. When I catch up to her she scoops me up and gives me hugs and kisses. | Here I'm peeking out at mom from my hiding place

73: I'll never forget the first time I saw myself in the the mirror. At first I thought it was another cat, but then I realized how handsome he was and knew it could only be me...boy was I happy.

74: The theme dinner parties mom and dad host are lots of fun. That's when all their friends come over and everyone laughs and eats and drinks too much. At these events I get extra strokes and attention...but best of all, I get extra treats too. Here, I'm waiting patiently under the table for the Cinco de Mayo party to begin.

75: O.K. O.K., usually I'm a cream drinker but sometimes a fella has to entertain friends who happen to like tea...Actually, I sit with my mom every morning while she has her tea.

76: I used to love to sit upon this ledge overlooking the lanai; however, because of its height, I haven't done that much since I had my spasm in 2011. It hit me out of the blue. I blacked out and my body became stiff as a board, and I fell off the bed onto the floor. It really frightened mom and dad. They both | me and calling my name. When I came to I assumed a fighting stance, as I didn't know what had hit me. I kept looking over the edge of the bed to see if I could see the culprit. Finally, mom got me down in the floor and together we looked in every corner until I was comfortable again. Mom and dad took me to the vet the next day and he said not to worry unless the spasms become frequent. So far, I haven't had another one, so hopefully we won't EVER have to go through that again. | thought I had had a heart attack. Mom grabbed me up and put me back on the bed and started rubbing

77: This is one of my absolute favorite photos of me - here I'm hiding in the grass while stalking a bird.

78: I just love it when mom and dad tuck me in like this - here I feel so warm and safe | Cat nap time...

79: My mom calls me her Little Sentinel because this is where I sit every night while she takes her bath. Once I see that she's safely out of the tub I go about my business. It's really good to have someone watch over you, like when I had my spasm, she and dad watched over me.

80: Ever since I adopted them, mom and dad have taken me to the vet annually for an exam, and to get my vaccines. I don't particularly like that process, for it seems every time I go to the vet's office I get poked, stuck, gouged and weighed, and my mouth gets pried open so they can look at my teeth. Can you believe that? I usually give them one of my low guttural growls when I show them my teeth. Sometimes I even stick my claws out and hiss - all to no avail. I guess they do have my best interest at heart, but at times like that I seriously have to wonder. Anyway, over the years, there's been a little controversy between my parents and the vet regarding the fact that I haven't been neutered. Dad just absolutely refuses to let them cut on me. His explanation, (which I like), is that I'm an indoor kitty and am not going to be outside breeding like a rat. Now granted, I do understand the importance of neutering, especially with so many kittens without homes and no one to take care of them. Remember...I've been there - out in the cold. That's why I repeat...I am one lucky cat.

81: Here I'm loving on Betsy... | I'm now 16 years old, which is 80 in human years, and I've never had a real girlfriend. Mom gave me a very soft blanket when I was a baby and I fell in love with it, So... I sleep with it and call it Betsy. Life is good. However...if you know any nice feline out there who would like to meet a nice fella and perhaps become a proud parent have her look me up. Just saying...

82: thing I know for sure...I AM a Mouser...I know because I heard mom and dad talking one day and dad said I was. I think he must have been talking about the time we were visiting granny and I got up during the night to get a bite of crunchies. Upon entering the kitchen I found a fat mouse smacking his jaws on MY crunchies. Well, that was just a little too much. I grabbed that mouse and ripped his head right off his shoulders and left his body there by my bowl for the family to see the next morning. Naturally, they were quite upset to see a headless mouse. Granny started searching the house and engaged mom's help in looking for the mouse's head. I just sat back with a full stomach, a big grin, and watched. What a delicacy a mouse head is in a cat's life. I say a cat has to do what a cat has to do when the need arises. It's just nature's way.

83: Even I can get scared at times though. I remember one New Year's Eve when mom and dad went out to a party. They left granny in charge of me and the house. Well, wouldn't you know...there were tornado warnings and a huge storm blew in. Granny is deathly afraid of storms so she bolted up all the windows and doors except for the little pass through window from the kitchen to the lanai. I guess she just missed that one. Seeing the opening I jumped upon the sink and out through the window only to find the wind and rain blowing in all around me. I sat there a minute or so debating what to do when I heard the window snap closed above me. Granny had found the open window.!Now, keep in mind, granny is hard of hearing, so no matter how loud I wailed and cried she couldn't hear me above the storm. I sat on that lanai shivering in the wet and cold until mom and dad got home around 2:00 a.m. Let me tell you, I was one wet kitty and very happy to get back inside the warmth of their arms. Granny later said that during a lull in the storm she did hear some scratching outside and thought someone was trying to break into the place so she was just as scared as I was. Guess we both were just scaredy cats that night.

84: One morning while dad was still in bed, mom went out into the garage and fell and broke her arm. She couldn't get up off the floor and was calling for help, but dad couldn't hear her. I ran to the garage door and was clawing on it trying to get to mom but couldn't get the door open, so I ran into the bedroom and woke dad up with my meowing. At first dad thought I wanted outside, so he opened the lanai door for me. He soon realized that wasn't the case when I kept meowing and started walking toward the garage while looking back at him. Finally, he got the message and followed me out to the garage where he found mom. Naturally, that was a hectic time while he got mom to the hospital, etc.; however, once they were both back home I got lots of strokes and treats and they both said I was their little HERO. Boy did that make me feel proud.

85: Here I am sporting my beautiful new coat I received not long after my act of heroism.

86: I I I | Into all lives some rain must fall. In January of 2014 we took a trip to Okaloosa Island FL with some family members. Mom and dad went out to dinner and left me in the motel room. While they were gone I started bleeding out through my urinary tract. The pain and bleeding was so severe that I ran | from place to place trying to escape it, which only made things worse. By the time mom and dad got back there was blood all over the floor, on the bed and in the bathtub. Naturally, they freaked out as we were on the road and it was a Sunday night so they didn't know a vet to call. My cousin Pammie, who was with us, said she would call her vet and maybe he could see me the next day. Mommy bundled me up and I slept next to her that night and we went to Pammie's house in AL the next morning. Wouldn't you know it...a winter storm blew in. There was ice on the streets and hardly any traffic. When Pammie called her vet he said his assistants had already gone home because of the

87: storm and we could all readily see that he didn't really want to take time to see me. Mom got on the phone with him and told him it was an emergency and that she would assist him! At that point, Pammie realized that her sister had worked for a vet at one time so she got on the phone and convinced the vet that her sister, Fran, could assist him. He reluctantly agreed, so off we went to his office. It was very treacherous outside so mommy had to carefully carry me in my carrier until we got inside the vet's office. Once there, we all went back to the surgery room. I was very nervous to say the least. I could smell all the scents of the previous animals who had been there and it freaked me out. The vet said he would have to put me to sleep so he held me by the scruff of my neck and slammed a needle into me. It was such a shock to my system that I wailed and jumped out of his grasp and went at least 2-3 feet into the air. Luckily, Ms. Frannie was there to catch me and prevent me from falling on the floor. I was out like a light. I saw flashing lights and dreamed some wild dreams and really don't know much more about what happened next but mommy says that they all assisted in drawing the urine out of my urinary tract. She said they had to do this three times in order to get all the blood and urine out. While I was out they also cleaned my anal glands, cut my nails, cleaned my teeth and removed a cyst from my tail. Not a great way to have a spa day.!Anyway, I survived but was groggy until the next day. I then had to take a couple rounds of antibiotics which cleared out the infection. The photo on the preceding page is of me sleeping after we got back to Pammie's home where mom wrapped me up in a nice warm fleece blanket. I was a sick, sick kitty, but I'm back now!

89: Well, I could go on and on and regale you with many more stories and snippets of my life, but I won't, because I've heard that cats have nine lives, and who knows, I might want to spend one of my next lives with YOU. All I know, for sure, is that if my next lives are as wonderful as this one they will be awesome. I heard my parents talking the other day, and one of them mentioned that they won the lottery the day I adopted them...if that's true, I'd like to know where the money is. Actually, I guess they were bragging about me, which is their right, and it sure makes me feel good. | One thing is for this life, I have two loving parents, a nice warm bed every night and I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. Sad to say, that is more than some children have. So that's why I repeat...I am one LUCKY CAT...

90: I sincerely hope that I haven't neglected or left any of my friends out of this memoir. If I have, please forgive me. If you've taken the time to claw and paw your way through this thing called my life, please feel free to leave your name along with a comment on one of the following pages. I would appreciate it, as it will help me to determine if I might want to adopt you somewhere in time. Till then... Your friend, Buddy

91: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and THANKS Mom and dad for letting me adopt you Granny for letting me into your home and for tolerating me My sister, Cheri, for taking care of me until you became allergic to me...(I know that was tough) All the vets who have taken care of me even though, at times, I've made it miserable for you Darryl\ All the people who have welcomed me into your homes: Bruce and Linda Gore Jim and Debbie Chitwood Jim and Atsuko Hewett Baxter and Cindy Lou Black Joe and Jan Alexander Ed and Judy Bruce Bill & Darlene Keller Dave and Michaele Carver Charlie and Edna Hewett Bud Cowan Debby Isley Mike and Pammie Geary Phillip and Sue Geary Tommy and Brenda Baldassarre and...last but certainly not least All those who have befriended me and given me strokes & treats and my special friend Jody

92: Buddy contributed 2 recipes to the Wags to Riches Animal Rescue Cookbook in 2008. Now he is a published cook kitty in a cookbook (pictures and recipes) and it helped raise money for other animals who needed to be adopted. Thanks, Buddy. Juanda Krebs Union Gap, WA | NOTES:

93: Buddy is the most amazing and amusing cat that I have ever encountered. I, too, was one of those stupid humans who thought a cat would not walk on a leash. Buddy has taught me a very valuable lesson about cats. He has taught me that this cat loves to walk on a leash and also loves to have his picture taken. He will even strike a pose for you, but only if he's in the mood. This book is a wonderful tribute to a sly kitty who is definitely the Cats Meow. Debbie Chitwood Fort Myers, FL

94: Buddy, you are a beautiful cat. You take beautiful pictures and you have the best mommy in the world. She treats you like a king. You are the king of the house. You even take Bill for walks, and at times you and great-granny have had some funny moments. Jada and Josh love you and Jada has worried about you when you have been sick. She was happy when you ruined her pom poms because she got to get new ones. lol. You are having a very exciting life...getting to travel the world and meet new people. Just know that everyone who meets you thinks you're beautiful. We all love you very much. Cheri, Josh & Jada Orlando FL & Baxter TN

95: Buddy, the regal cat with claws as big as Eagle talons. Cheech honors your male prowess, yet soft heart. Stay friends with your humans, they love you dearly. My humans are alright too. The female actually speaks Meow with me and has the best kitty treats next to her bed. Beware the dog... Corbett, my Boston Terrier is as dumb as a brick, but he cleans my ears and keeps me warm at night. We all love your book Buddy, and we all love you. Stay strong and cool. Love, Cheech, Corbett, Pam & Mike Geary Long Island NY- Silverhill AL

96: Filled with: | Beautiful | And more... | Words are not adequate to describe the joy and wonderment you have brought into our lives and the fun we've had with you Pudley. We've also learned a lot from you such as being independent is a good thing; to stretch when getting up; to nap when needed; to make our wants known; to repeat our wants when necessary; to have a sense of adventure; and many more things too numerous to mention here. The only thing we haven't yet learned is how to eat grass. Maybe in time. I truly feel that God blessed us the day he sent you to adopt us. What a joy you have been and are every day. LOVE...Mom 2015 | A beautiful

97: Well, I'll tell ya, Pudley, when we named you Buddy, I had no idea we'd travel throughout the United States on planes, trains, boats, automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles; however, we have, and we've walked together through rain-forests, over mountain trails, down into the desert, along the beaches of both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, and you've made friends wherever you've gone. (Well, Corbett and Tank had some doubts, but both tolerated your presence.) I feel sorry for people who don't naturally bond to cats, as they are missing a lot. You and I communicate and respond well to each other because we want to. There's only one thing that I've been unable to communicate to you and that is that DaDa really pulled your chestnuts out of the fire. I'm sure you remember our first visit to the vet in FL; however, what you don't know, is that the vet suggested that you be neutered. As you were already a well-adjusted mature house cat who only went out on a leash, I asked the doctor why he felt this was a necessity. When he responded by saying...It will keep him from getting Testicular Cancer, I asked him...Dr. what remedy would you suggest to prevent him from getting Brain Cancer? Thus, you still have two, owe me one. Here's to Happy Trails... from DaDa 2015


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