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Cats and Dogs

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S: Our Special Friends

BC: My Furry Friends

FC: "Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." | Max Pepper Charleston Cosmo 12/04/1995-10/07/2008 Approx 1997-06/15/2011 April 1999 - 10/06/2011 Approx 1982 - 12/16/2000

1: Sweet Max | Ken's mother created this wonderful portrait of Max with her pastels. She has captured Max's spirit and facial expression very well.

3: Even after all these years your paw prints are still imprinted deep within our hearts

5: Photographs taken 1998/1999. Cosmo at his most healthiest and enjoying life with us. He was a happy grumpy old man.

8: Max December 4, 1994 - October 7, 2008 He loved life and made the most of each day, but above all he loved his family.

9: Pepper Pepper joined our family in October 2001, just before Halloween. He was probably about 5 years old. October 2001 - June 15, 2011 With all his problems and anxieties he loved his family, but above all he loved chicken!

10: I will never forget the day when Max came into our lives. He was meant for us and we definitely were guided to him. We had visited many pet shops, and cuddled lots of puppies. I was always tempted but not enough to bring a puppy home. We were living at Somerset Village Apartments in Utah, and on our way home we would pass a pet shop not far from where we lived named "Animal Kingdom". It was difficult to get to, and Ken would have had to make a U turn so I never asked to go there. One day on our way home Ken asked if I wanted to take a peek at the pet shop. Of course I said yes. We walked inside and right in front of us was a plastic toddlers swimming pool, and inside this swimming pool were four of the cutest puppies. There were two Akitas and two Cocker Spaniels. One of the Cocker Spaniels was standing up on his tiny little back legs peering over the top of the swimming pool. I scooped him up and held him, he was so warm and cuddly. Ken asked me if I wanted him, and he kept urging me to buy him. I walked around with him nestled into me for about half an hour before I decided that he was meant for us. I was working at the time, and all kinds of thoughts raced through my mind, especially how I was going to care for such a small puppy and work as well. Before I knew it, we had bought him. He had stolen our hearts and everything else at that moment didn't matter. When we got him home, he didn't make a sound until Ken gave him a stuffed koala toy to play with, and he made the cutest low growling sound, and from that day on we played the 'growly game' with all his toys. He would grab onto a toy and we would shake it all over his face, tugging at it, trying to release it from his grip. He would get himself into such a growly frenzy. To this day, seven years later, this is still Max's favorite game. he loves for you to throw a ball or toy, he will retrieve it, but he will not drop it at your feet, instead you have to chase him down and try to get it from his mouth. He loves to go for walks especially to Pets Mart. He loves marrow bones, chewies, pig's ears and dog biscuits. he is a sweet natured dog, but he is not a dog that likes to be cuddled and smothered with love. When he wants loving he will make a low grunting sound, which is your invitation to come over to wherever he is and give him a smooch, but only for a few minutes. If you smooch over your time limit, then you will get the paw. He will raise one of his legs and push it into you, a warning that the love session has ended. Too cute! He keeps away from the other dogs and doesn't like to get into any fights. he knew to keep away from Cosmo (waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge) and our new puppy Charleston (now 3 years old). When Charleston was a puppy he would jump all over Max, trying to entice him to play. Max was not interested, he would discipline Charleston with a few growls, walk away, but Max never nipped him. He is also very sly, he will take every opportunity to sidle into a room where there is a pig's ear or chewie left unattended by the other dogs, (usually because they have been distracted by something outside) and with a flash he will grab it and make a mad dash to his doggie house. He likes to let you know that he has stolen something by letting out several loud barks. He wants you to go to him and pretend take it from him so he can pounce on it, and make his growly noises.

11: With his lip curled up barring his teeth, it would appear to someone who didn't know him that he sounds and looks vicious, but it is just part of the game. His favorite person is Ken, and it doesn't matter which room he might be in, but if Ken is hugging me in another room, he will be right there next to our legs in a flash looking up at Ken and letting out a pitiful cry. He can't stand me getting any attention from Ken. He doesn't have to see me getting a hug, he can just sense it. I must admit sometimes I will tease him just so I can hear all those cute sounds he makes when he wants attention. He also likes to suckle on his toys, then he will play with them, shake them as if to kill them, and then suckle on them again like a little puppy. His tail is constantly wagging, and sometimes when he is laying down and you nestle your face into his, he makes soft grunting and moaning noises, but he will still stretch his leg out and push it against you so you don't get too close. There are endless words to describe how wonderful Max is, but I look into his soft brown eyes and we share that special moment between pet and human, and I am so glad that we made that U turn in January 1995. and cannot imagine our lives without him. Written by Josette Kramer 2002 Las Vegas, Nevada | Meeting Max

12: Max 1995 Unfortunately, I do not have a clearer photograph of Max in growly mode, but here he is with his head tilted upwards looking into your eyes, mouth slightly closed letting out his familiar grrrrrrrrrrrrr sound, white fluffy toy between his front legs, ready for you to play. When he does this he wants you to grab his toy from him, as soon as you move your hand he pounces on his toy, gets it into a vice like grip in his mouth and then the growly game begins.

13: These photographs were taken at Somerset Village Apartments, Salt Lake City, Utah between January 1995 and early 1996. The yellow ball is one of Max's favorite toys. It was actually a baby's toy that makes a lot of loud jingle noises. Inside the yellow ball are several smaller balls that have silver bells inside of them. Max uses his head and mouth to push the ball around the house, banging it into furniture or whatever else is in his way. He usually makes a growling sound while he does this, and most times he will pick up one of his fluffy toys in his mouth, and with the toy in his mouth will push the ball into everything. He is too cute! Every morning he has to have his "ball fix", it relieves all his frustrations. Max also loves cuddly toys. If we came home with some toys he would go crazy, jumping up at the bag, scratching our legs. When we handed him the toy, he would grab it, cover it with his body and let out one of his magnificent growly noises. He would then find a nice hiding place, usually his doggie house, let out several loud barks to let you know where he is. This was your invitation to come and try and take the toy away from him. He loved this game. Written by Josette 1996

14: "Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs." J.R. Ackerley

17: Sweet Memories of Long Ago 1995/1996 | Salt Lake City, Utah

18: Ken and Max Salt Lake City, Utah Somerset Village Apartments 1995 Max knew that when Ken put on his shoes that he was going out, and was always hopeful that it meant he would get to ride in the car and for for a walk. In this photograph we were getting ready to take Max to Liberty Park.

19: Liberty Park Salt Lake City, Utah 1996 | Ken, Max and I at Liberty Park. Every weekend Ken and I would take Max to Liberty Park. It was a fun park with lots of beautiful trees. There was plenty of open space and the park was full of families having picnics, people jogging and walking their dogs. | We loved going to the park during the fall and spring because the seasonal changes were so beautiful. Of course Maxed loved the car ride there and back, but above all he loved the smells and his walks. Within the park was a placed called "Tracy Aviary". The aviary had a large variety of very interesting and exotic birds. A couple of times during the day, the aviary put on an incredible bird show which was fun, educational and included some very talented feathered actors.

21: How did you do it!? | Apart for cute fluffy toys, you also loved to to steal Tina's little plastic toys. You would take them into your crate, growl to let everyone know that you had something, and then play your "come get it from me game." You managed to somehow with precision chew off minute hands, bows, noses and ears.

24: "There is another world for all that live and move, a better one!" Robert Southey

25: Photographs taken January 2008, and October 2008. You had another relapse of your disease, and you were in the ER for about 4 days. Once again, you were gravely ill, and it was unlikely you would pull through. However, you fought hard, and you pulled through, and stayed with your family for another 9 months.

26: Max 12 years 2006

27: "An old dog, even more than an old spouse, always feels like doing what you feel like doing." Robert Brault | A true gentleman | 1995

30: You fought so hard to stay with us. | "God made the earth, the sky and the water, the moon and the sun. He made man and bird and beast. But he didn't make the dog. He already had one. Native American saying.

31: The day before we said good-bye. | Charleston and Max never really interacted, You were both just there, and occasionally sniffed each other. However, on this day he came over to where you were resting and dropped a tennis ball in front of you. You showed no interest and you had stopped eating. He knew how sick you were, and just laid there with you. Just two dogs who have shared many years of their life together saying good-bye in their own way.

32: Saying Good-bye to Max

33: Love | Always

34: Albert Staehle 1899 - 1974 | "Albert Staehle was one of America's most popular illustrators from the late 1930's into the mid-1960's. Staehle used lived animals as his models, often surrounding himself in his studio with various animals to help him capture their moods. The artist's career focus changed dramatically when the Saturday Evening Post asked him to illustrate a dog cover for the magazine. Staehle's first Post cover appeared on the February 19, 1944 issue and showed a black and white Cocker Spaniel named "Butch" chewing up a book of wartime rationing stamps. The magazines sold out quickly and mail poured in to defend the mischievous puppy; some folks even sent rationing stamps to replace those Butch had appeared to destroy. Staehle used different Cocker puppy models for his first few Post covers, but realizing his illustrated Butch's growing popularity, he soon purchased his own puppy born in June 1944. Staehle registered the puppy with the American Kennel Club as "Cover Boy Butch", and thus began a successful partnership that was to run 20 years. Staehle's Butch appeared on 25 covers. Both Butch Cockers {Butch and his offspring) made numerous public appearances with Staehle to raise money for various worthy causes." | By Sharon Damkaer | Staehle designed one of the most prized posters of the 1939 New York World's Fair. | Staehle was eagerly sought by advertisers for his billboard artwork.

36: I really believe that Pepper came to us through our beloved Cosmo. Pepper lived in a small dog run/cage in the back yard of one of our neighbor's homes. He shared his enclosure with their pet dog Samantha. I would never have known that he was there except he would let out a pitiful long howl every now and again, and it really tugged at my heart strings, and it wasn't just a dog howling it was so much more than that. He was communicating his sadness to me. It was so intense that I couldn't get it out of my mind. I had heard him howl on and off for a few months now, and although it did effect me, I really didn't know what I could do about it. In October 2001, I became almost obsessed with this poor dog. I looked over the fence and saw that he was a beautiful cocker spaniel, black and white. He was cooped up in that cage like run all day and night. The little girl in the house owned the other dog that sometimes shared his prison. I think she did take her out for walks every now and again. This is where fate intervened and a helping paw from Cosmo. Ken and I were out the front gardening and who should walk by but the young girl and her dog. Her mother was walking Pepper. I was very surprised to see them. I automatically bent down to stroke Pepper, and the we began to talk. Apparently, she took him from her brother (she told me two different stories on how he came into her life) because she didn't want to see him put down. She said that she really doesn't have the time for him as she works long hours. Then she asked if I knew anyone who wanted a cocker spaniel. I said that I didn't, but I would ask around. She told me his name was Bista. I am not sure if his name was spelled this way, but it's the way it is pronounced. About half hour later, I heard his cage door close and he started howling. Then it was like someone was pushing me in the back to move forward and do something. The next day I left a note on their door saying that if they wanted I would take Bista for a walk everyday. That was my initial plan. I left my phone number on the note. Later that afternoon I received a phone call from the lady's daughter and she said that would be great. I went to her home, she led me out to the back, and this was the first time I saw Pepper's cage up close. It was small for one dog, let alone two. It was a dirt ground, and in the corner some strange bench set up that allowed for undercover protection. She let him out and he jumped all over me, he was so excited to be going for a walk. I took him for a 20 minute walk. I looked in his ears and they were oozing with wax. I knew he had one of those famous cocker spaniel ear infections. He desperately needed grooming, he had some poop matted in with his hair. I took him back to my house, bathed him and cut out the mats. I then took him home and spent the rest of the night thinking about him. I was totally consumed with this little dog. I knew that I needed to take him from that place, but I was so worried about how the other dogs were going to adjust, and whether Charleston would be friendly to him. For one mad moment I decided to call them. I don't remember if the mother answered the phone or I left a message, and she phoned me back. Whichever, I told her that we would take Bista. Within seconds, she was at our door with poor Bista, holding his bedraggled collar and lead. This is where a different story about how he came to her was told. This time he came from a very wealthy home, and he was an expensive dog.

37: He was a magnificent looking cocker spaniel, so maybe the expensive part of the story was believable. She promised to bring us his details and identification discs the next day. She never did. To this day she has never inquired about him. We changed his name from Bista to Pepper. It was going to be Lucky. We took him straight to the vet. He had all his shots, received treatment for a massive ear infection and had him groomed. He is a totally adorable dog. The most loving and affectionate little guy. He has the cutest face you can possibly imagine, and his expressions just melt your heart way. I have no idea how many homes he has actually lived in, how he was treated, or even about his past, all I know is that for a little guy who has been through so much he just fits so perfectly into our family. It took one day for Charleston to accept him into our pack. When he first saw Pepper outside through the patio doors, he went crazy. We had to put his mask on him so he wouldn't nip or bite Pepper. He sniffed around for a bit, and Pepper checked him out. Max just accepted him. Pepper really really LOVED Max, however, it wasn't the kind of loving that Max wanted. The day Pepper came to live with his forever family was Halloween. I was sitting outside handing out candy for the children. Ken decided to be daring and took off Charleston's mask. Everything was perfect from that moment onwards. Pepper just leaves Charleston alone, and occasionally bothers Max, but mostly he just sniffs and licks him. Our little fur angel Cosmo knew where Pepper belonged. We just love Pepper so much, and couldn't imagine our lives without him. Oh, and Samantha, Pepper's old friend spends most of her time inside the human house now. | Meeting Pepper | Written 2001

38: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings

40: Our sweet boy Pepper | A Dog's Life

41: "Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails" Max Eastman

42: Yummy! I want some of what your eating | Tired Pepper

43: Pepper | with a new friend our handsome little son Jordan | Tired Pepper

44: We knew that the day would come soon, and it would be up to us to make the most painful decision of all. You were a dog that had suffered so much during your life. You had such anxiety, was diagnosed with Cushings Disease and you had the most horrendous ear problems which never went away. You did well on your medications for Cushings Disease and continued to live longer than we expected. The battle with your poor ears was never ending, and they gave you such worry. Inspite of all this you were a very tolerant and patient dog when it came to treating your ears. The past couple of years your personality changed into one of great neediness and you were a very persistent little guy. You grew use to a routine, and there was no way that anyone of us would forget. You wouldn't let us. You knew when you got your pills in the evening because they came with peanut butter. You would get up out of your basket and keep going towards the patio door to be let out, and then you would walk straight back into the living room. You would keep this up all night if you had to until we gave in and gave you whatever you wanted. You would go crazy for chicken. You would be in a frenzy all night. We didn't often buy chicken because we knew the effect it had on you, but sometimes we just went with the flow. You were deaf, and your eyesight was going. During the fall we took you for walks which you loved. You peed over any smell, and you could walk for long periods of time without getting tired. The last year you slowed down, and slept a lot. Your ears would drive you mad, sometimes to the point that you would scratch them and make moaning sounds. The pain must of been terrible. We would give you pain killers. We had tried everything with your ears, and unfortunately with the Cushings Disease you were prone to infections and cysts. You were getting very old, and with all your problems it was starting to make your life uncomfortable. We had put off making any decisions because just when we thought it was the right time, you seemed to perk up. Your anxieties were getting worse. Sometimes you were up all night. Ken came home from work on June 15, 2011. It was just another ordinary morning. This particular morning your ears were driving you crazy. You were shaking your headfrantically, scratching your ears as if to remove whatever it was that was causing you so much pain. It was there and then that Ken made the decision that today was the day. We could not see you suffer like this anymore. It wasn't fair. I knew it was the right time too. We called the vet, and we bought you in straight away. You died peacefully in Ken's arms. Our sweet, patient tolerant boy was finally free of pain and running freely with Cosmo and Max. Your death really affected me, and I wished that we could of been the ones to have raised you from the beginning of your life. I am glad that we had you in our lives, you brought such joy and fun. I look at old home movies and there you are alert, vibrant, running and chasing the ball. I have movies of you barking with delight as you chased the kids when we played games with all of you. It is wonderful to see.

45: I asked for a sign. Is this it? We had trimmed down a bougainvillea plant. Usually it grows right back pretty much straight away. This time it didn't. I put it in the corner of the garden, watered it, and nothing happened. It was like this for months and months. I decided that it was dead, and I needed to throw it out. I was watering the garden, and went over to the pot with the dried up sticks in it, and decided I would throw it out that night. Tina went outside to play, and said "mommy, come and look at the plant it has leaves on it". I told her that it was probably a weed. She insisted I have a look. I went over, and sure enough, growing from the dried up twigs were leaves. How could that be? There was nothing there in the morning. I took this as the sign I asked for, and that it meant that you were new and young again. | Beautiful is the sleep that ends all pain | Saying Good-bye to Pepper | June 15, 2011

46: 1997 | A friend to everyone. | 1997-2001 | Las Vegas, Nevada

47: Max's Fur-ever Friends | Charleston Cosmo Pepper Miche

49: The faces that we miss seeing everyday.

50: Charleston came into our lives when he was only 6 weeks old. We went shopping at "Raley's" like we usually did and a couple of shops down was a place called "The Pet Pros". Sometimes we would go into the shop and cuddle all the puppies. I felt so sorry for them, knowing that they were bred to sell to a Pet Shop without any regard as to what would happen to them after they were sold. This Pet Shop assured me that their puppies were not from "Puppy Mills", and compared to a lot of other Pet Shops in Las Vegas their puppies were taken care of rather well, and the owner seemed to love the puppies, but one can never be too sure about anything. On the day that Charleston came into our lives, we popped into the Pet Shop, and in the back were about 4 puppies, 2 black and brown ones, and 2 grey ones with black speckles. Ken had always wanted a black and brown dog, and the owner said that there were half blue heeler and Australian shepherd mix. I personally can't see either breed in him, the only blue to be found is on his tongue which is made up of pink and blue patches. We were not sure whether we should bring him into our home as we already had Max and Cosmo at home. Cosmo was very old, and aggressive and we did not think he would take to a puppy, however, we decided that we would make sure that our new puppy would not bother Cosmo or Max. All the puppies were males, and the lady in the Pet Shop said they had been abandoned, she didn't really elaborate on their story, but they were the only mixed breed puppies in the shop, so it may have been true. For a mixed breed puppy, he didn't come cheap, he was $ 200.00, but worth every cent. We picked him up and he was warm, cuddly and just way too cute, like all puppies are. He sat on my lap on the way home, curled up in a chubby little ball. When we got home, I showed him to Max who was very excited to see him, which Max is whenever he is introduced to something new, but after a few hours the excitement wore off and was replaced by tolerance. Our grumpy old man Cosmo took an instant dislike to him, and we knew that there would be problems down the road. Charleston was only a puppy for about a week, and by the next week he had grown into his paws, well almost. He was easy to crate train, and he was house broken in less than a week. he never had an accident in the house, the only time it looked like he was going to go potty was when I caught him squatting in t he living room and I made a mad dash to the patio door, and he ran outside still in his squatting position to do his business. One smart puppy! Charleston adores Ken and there isn't anything or anyone that he loves more. He is definitely not a smoocher, and if I go near him he will hide just in case I am going to do something to him, like give him a pill, clean out his ears, wipe his face or even worse, a bath! He is quite skittish, and will bark at strangers the fur kind and the human kind. Unfortunately, he hasn't been socialized with people so he often feels threatened by people and other dogs. When he sees a strange dog he will bark because he feels insecure and will always look up at us for reassurance. however, once he understands that a dog is going to be part of "our pack", he accepts and tolerates them. In reality, Charleston is quite timid, and lacks self confidence. Poor baby! We think it is just his personality. He lets us know how he feels and what he wants through

51: his eyes and expressions. he is our very photogenic handsome guy. At the time I write this, our darling Cosmo has gone to the "Rainbow Bridge", Max is still with us, and we have another cocker spaniel who joined us in October last year. Charleston is now 3 years old. Written by Josette May 13, 2002 | Meeting Charleston

52: Photographs taken the day we bought Charleston home. We took him outside, and tried to think of a name for him. Ken came up with the name Charleston after Mt. Charleston. Naming him after Mt. Charleston was a good idea as our puppy's colors of brown and black are very earthy colors. Here is Charleston getting to know Ken, and his new home. He is just too cute, a nice plump bundle of fun! | Photographs of Charleston in his doggie basket with his toys. He loved to play with the balls the most, and he also loved to eat and eat. Now it is hard to get him to eat, as food is not his number one priority, playing ball is.

53: May 1999

54: Charleston was such a fun little puppy. He had so many facial expressions. He just loved to play with his ball, hang all over Ken and jump on Max. We did have a few bumpy months when he hurt himself. The vet believed the most likely got a thorn imbedded into his skin that caused his infection. We never knew that he was in any pain because he was still very active and his only focus was on his ball. One day he went inside his crate and I could hear him frantically licking himself. I peeked inside and there was blood everywhere. I noticed that he was licking his groin area and there was a large purplish red patch there. We took him to the vet and they discovered that he had a deep infection. They were going to have to cut the infected skin away. He was required to wear a cone for 2 weeks and he had a tube inserted to drain the wound. We had to put an antibiotic liquid into the tube twice a day. He healed up great. He accepted that he had to wear the cone and found new ways to catch his ball. Nothing was going to stop him from catching his ball. He could scoop the ball up with his cone, roll it down the cone and onto the floor ready for Ken to throw it to him again. He was sure one smart boy. It doesn't take him long to learn anything. | 1999 | One Special Face. So Many Expressions. Our Sweet Guy. Charleston. Las Vegas Nevada 1999

55: 1999 | He picked up on all those words that matter to a dog very quickly. Words like chewie, pig's ear, cookie, ride, walk, and the only word you don't need to repeat twice, chicken. | How Smart Is This Pup? Really Smart! This cute little guy was so easy to train. He learned to fetch a ball and drop it at our feet in about 3 days, something we couldn't teach our beautiful 'cocker boy'. He mastered the sit command in 2 days, when we go for a walk he always sits before we cross the road. He loves to go for a walk. When we first step out he is so anxious to get going that he will tug and pull you along. Once he gets going he settles down, but he does bark at other dogs that he can see behind their gates. He is easy to walk around the local State Park he takes it all in, occasionally sniffs and never lifts his legs to cover up other dogs smells. Cosmo loved to leave his scent around and so does Max and Pepper, but not our Charleston. He thinks that doing such a thing like that isn't too proper and doesn't like to behave too dog-like when we are out. He is way too cute! When we introduced him to riding in the car, it took him only once to learn that his place was in the back and he needed to stay there and not jump over the seat. | 2000

56: "There is another world for all that live and move, a better one!" Robert Southey

57: Our shy, handsome gentleman We can never tire of looking into his eyes. He spoke with his eyes, just a look would reveal so much. You were Ken's little big shadow. We miss you so much. | "If there is a heaven, it's certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with your own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them." Pam Brown

58: 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada Age 12 years

59: Our handsome boy Charleston

60: Today we unexpectedly had to say good-bye to our sweet Charleston. He has been wearing down over the past year. He had difficulty getting up, and his back legs were weak. We knew he was old and it was probably arthritis. He also had surgery this year to remove one of his toes. He lost a toe nail and the vet told us that it will probably not grow back. It did, but it grew to the thickness of three nails. We tried to trim it, but it was getting more difficult and his toe was separating from his other toes. We took him to the vet and they amputated his digit. He was a pretty good boy considering how skittish he was,and he was a great at home patient. He also had a large fatty tumor on his thigh. It was huge. Inspite of all this he was still his happy, shy, skittish self. He had found a new passion, chasing the cats from our backyard. This brought him great joy and for a brief while he was a puppy again. We were feeding stray cats, and he would look out for them through the glass patio door. We kept the blinds closed so he wouldn't make a mad dash and slip across the floor. We had placed rugs everywhere so he would not slide on the floor. Most of the cats knew he couldn't catch them and would sit on top of the fence and look down at him. This would be a good day for him. Barking at cats. Last night Charleston vomited several times, and he didn't seem himself. He went potty outside came back in, laid down and went to sleep. He moved from the bedroom to the living room and lay on the carpet. He never got up again. We had an appointment for Jordan that we had to keep. Daddy tried to coax him to get up, but it was to no avail. We offered him a dog biscuit which he didn't want, and he only nibbled on some cheese. We bought him water and he drank that. We had to leave him there, not knowing that this would be his last day. We got back and he was still laying there. We were now very concerned, and realized it was more than just his stiff aching legs that he couldn't move. Daddy called the vet, and they said to bring him in straight away. We dragged the rug he was laying on outside with him on it. We all managed to lift him up into the back of the van. The vet called again and I informed them that you were on your way. Normally, you would of panicked and struggled with us, you didn't make a movement. The vet ran some tests and Charleston was a very sick boy. His liver levels were 100 times what they should be, he had arthritis and was also diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy which had caused him unable to move his legs, and there is no treatment. We were devastated. We knew he was getting up there and was getting the usual aches and pains that come with old age, but we didn't know that the end of his life on earth was going to be so sudden. Ken was there with him, and was just too overwhelmed with information and decisions so he handed the phone to me so that I could speak with the vet. She was very compassionate and understanding, she explained to me that the kindest thing for us to do for Charleston was to end his pain. She said that she would ensure that he would die with dignity. I was devastated. I was not ready to say good-bye to him just yet. | Thursday, October 6, 2011

61: Your best friend in all the world was Ken, and he held you and spent time with you before you made your next journey from this life to the next. He told you how much we loved you, what a brave boy you have been and a wonderful dog to our family. After a while the vet came in and gave you a sedative. When you were relaxed, she gave you the medicine that finally ended your pain. You slipped quiety, and peacefully from this world cradled by the loving arms of Ken. You are the last one of our dogs to go. In June we said good-bye to Pepper, and you were our only dog for a short 4 months. It is terribly lonely here without you. Ken bought McDonalds tonight, and something was missing from the order. Your chicken nuggets. Our home is missing the presence and spirit of you, Pepper, Max and Cosmo. Our lives will be empty and never the same. We will have to get use to a new normal. We love you Charleston and we miss everything about you. Until we meet again. | Saying Good-bye to Charleston | Written by Josette October 6, 2011 | Signs On the way to the ENT I looked up into the sky and usually I can see a few dogs and the faces of people in the clouds. On this day, I saw so many cats, dogs and puppies in the clouds. There was a whole group of them and a patch of blue sky with the sun streaming through. I thought even then that this was a sign of what might await us at the end of the day. On the way home from the vet. Ken looked up into the clouds and saw a dog running freely. Later that night Ken heard your familiar bark, and I heard you the next day.

62: Lucky Dog

63: "My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet." Edith Wharton

64: JOY

65: The new and improved Cosmo. I believe he is about 15 years old. He is in great health now and has got all zest for life back. He is the dominant dog in the house and COSMO RULES is tattooed on the other pooches minds. He is very smart for an old guy but he is going blind and if he accidently runs into you he will have a go at you until he realizes it is Ken or I.

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