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FOR rescue 2011

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BC: Save a Life! Adopt!

FC: Saving Dogs in the South | Friends of Retrievers Rescue 2011

1: Alfie 1/14/2011-2/19/2011 I went to the Huntsville pound to pick up a border collie mix but beth said the pound thought she would be adopted quickly and asked if I would take a dog that had been there for awhile. I said sure and it was going to be a golden retriever/wirehaired terrier mix. In walked this 53 lb white Irish wolfhound! He was really cool looking and I took him straight to the vet (feeding him wheat thins along the way) and they absolutely loved him. He was very well behaved and I was very excited that he was healthy. He was scheduled to get fixed on Wednesday so he loved marking the couch and Christmas tree in the mean time. He got along great with all the dogs but Bailey and Rachel didn’t like him. Belle played with him a little but I think she was totally afraid. He was mostly well behaved but still had some potty training to learn. Alfie was great with Gabe (puppy) but LOVED to get dirty outside. Alfie got adopted by Martha and Danny Smith in Savannah, TN ( He was one of my favorites!!!

2: Haha got to love it! | Foster 12/20/2010-1/26/2011 Foster came from a litter at the pound. I went to the pound going to pick up 3 other dogs but they were all getting adopted right as I was about to take them. So Jackie told me about the litter of yellow lab puppies they had. There were about 10 yellow and about 5 black ones. So I took two of them for the time being and named them Sushi and Kibble. After a few days Sushi showed signs of Parvo and had to be sent to another foster to recoup from the treatment and Kibble went to stay at Bethany's (he never got parvo). Foster also tested faintly for parvo and had to undergo treatment and stayed with Cameron. Over the holidays Cameron was leaving so Bethany took Foster for a few days till she realized he had too much energy for her dogs. So I took Foster. Belle and him played nonstop. They loved each other. Bailey would also play with him some but mainly stayed close to Rachel. Foster and Belle would sleep with me every night and by the time he left he was sitting, going into his crate for his food, and had learned his name. I got to take Foster, Belle, and Rachel to dad and Bonnie's on Christmas. Foster loved to play in the snow we got that year. He loved running around with all the dogs and wouldn’t mind getting picked on from them. He loved to cuddle and never really chewed up anything he wasn’t supposed to (except for grabbing my slippers and running into the next room with them). I really missed him when he got adopted. For some reason he had such a hold on me and I know Belle was really sad to see him go. She wandered the house whining for him and slept with his toy. Im sure he went to a great home! (

3: Gabe 1/21/2011-2/4/2011 I drove to Scottsboro to pick up Gabe and Mickey. Gabe was a very sweet energetic puppy that needed potty training but did GREAT in his crate. He would go in there to sleep while we watched TV. He loved playing with the dogs, especially Belle. He was very scared at first and walked around like Kiki but he progressed very well and became more comfortable around people and coming in and outside of the house. The other dogs really helped him come out of his shell. Gabe got adopted in Massachusetts by a lady Gwen Cardoos Tom Maguire 10 West Dexter Avenue Woburn MA 01801 781-935-4840 781-727-4458 February 12 Londonderry NH

4: Puddin 2/14/2011-2/23/2011 I saw Puddin on Petfinder and fell in love with her. She was the cutest Great dane mix puppy. I called the pound and got her right after work on Valentine’s day. She was so scared but walked right beside me. I took her to the vet immediately and she had her round of shots which she didn’t like at all. I took her home and was shocked when Brent was so sweet to her and said she was his favorite. Tuesday the 15th at 2 am she started throwing up and she continued throwing up all night. I was exhausted the next day and couldn’t go to work. I took her to the vet first thing and they kept her for a few days. Turns out she had parvo and had to be watched carefully. I got Puddin back from Karens (where she had to stay for 4 days!) and she was still sneezing and coughin. Poor girl. I had to keep her quarantined in my room so I would just lay in bed and watch TV with her. Puddin got adopted by a family from Anniston (Luke and Sabrina English, or . I really hope they take good care of her because she is just so cute and has been through a lot!

5: Klondike 2/25/2011-3/25/2011 Klondike was a stray that was found by some firemen. They kept her at their firehouse for a week to see if anybody would come for her but nobody ever did. So they contacted Liz who kept her at the vet until I went and got her. She was a very mellow puppy and got along great with all the dogs. She was 40 lbs and only 4 months old. Towards the end of the weekend I noticed she wasn’t eating and she started throwing up so I took her back to Karens Monday morning and sure enough she had parvo. They started her on fluids and she started feeling much better. Klondike got all better and loved playing with Bailey and Belle and getting dirty outside. She got adopted up in Massachusetts. (

6: Mary 4/5/2011-5/14/2011 Mary survived a lot! She delivered puppies and had a very advanced case of heartworms but before we could get her from the Athen’s pound they had to fix her and we were very scared she would die from the procedure but she made it through so I knew she was going to be something special. I was a little nervous about her being house broken as she had been outside all her life. Mary was great. She was very calm and I had to work on her car fear and her crating but she improved alot! She slept with me and would wake me up when she had to go out. Belle and her look like twins! Sometimes it got hard to tell them apart! (

7: Chip 3/6/2011-4/16/2011 We got Chip from the Athens pound after a lady emailed Bethany to rescue him. She said she just couldn't put him down even when they didn't have enough room and really wanted our help. He was the cutest beagle ever but didn't feel good at all. He would just rather sleep in his crate even though sometimes he would get a burst of energy. He was terrified when we first got him and wouldn't stop shaking and hiding. He had heart worms and a fever so we couldn't give him treatment until his fever went down. He was a very easy foster because he felt so crappy he didn't have much energy. Chip got to feeling a lot better and as a result he showed his chewing side! Shoe strings, socks, cords! He loved them all. He had to be crated when we were gone Chip got adopted by a mom who was looking for a playment for her daughter who had cancer. Her name was Darby and she was just finishing up chemo! I could relate to how she felt and it was a great present for Darby AND CHIP! Valerie Jones-

8: Cookie 4/17/2011-5/3/2011 Cookie was found in a church parking lot with her two puppies. She was really sweet and SO soft. She didn't really like or play with the dogs. Cookie just wanted to be loved on and that was pretty much it. She was housetrained and I could leave her in the kitchen while I was at work. Cookie got adopted by Lisa Harper ( who absolutely loved her! Cookie was one of my favorite fosters and so well behaved. She was the one foster I let roam the house while I was gone and she never touched a thing. Definitely a hard one to let go!

9: Petey 5/3/2011-5/14/2011 I had seen Petey on petfinder awhile back but knew Brent wouldn’t let me get him until we had a foster spot available (no matter how small). So when Cookie got adopted I wasted no time going down to the pound right after the tornadoes came through and we got power back. I went into the outside pen with the man and all these little dogs were all over my feet. I saw Petey and reached down to pet him and he instantly started licking my hands like crazy! I fell in love and picked him right up! He kissed me all over my face. He was totally healthy and was such a great dog! He would just run with the big dogs and would play with them like he was their size. I think Bailey was a little scared of him haha. Petey got adopted by a single man that lived on the Arsenal. (

10: Betsy 5-23-11 to 7-1-11 Betsy came from HAS and had a litter of puppies. Since I had just adopted out Mary I figured I could handle another momma dog. She was very sweet but wasn't crate trained and hated getting in car. She also got out of crate one day and tore up my blinds but she was great with all the other dogs including Corbin. She got adopted by a Sweet couple (Jonathan & Candace TN that we met in Chattanooga.

11: Corbin 5-27-11 to 6-6-11 I had gotten an email from Scottsborro pound about 2 golden mix puppies. So I took the male and the Jodi took the female. He was a very mellow puppy with the softest fur ever. Everyone loved him and wanted him. We got so many applications on him. He was adopted by a young couple ( in TN and they update their Facebook all the time with pictures of him! He's gorgeous!

12: Gracie | Gracie 6-3-11 to 7-1-11 I heard about Gracie when I went to Decatur Animal Services. They were talking about how nobody would adopt her because of her ear. I asked them what they were talking about and they said someone had unprofessionally cropped her ear too much and how she had half an ear. I asked to see her and saw how cute she was so i decided to take her. She snuggled up to me on the car ride home to thank me for taking her. We had to work on her housebreaking and ALL of her training as she hadn't had any. She was Adopted by Jessica Jones in TN (

13: Chico 7-5-11 to 7-19-11 Chico came from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. He wasn't fixed and was NOT crate trained. He barked and barked to be let out but was perfectly content on your lap. Chico finally got crate trained and stopped marking the house. He LOVED playing with Bailey. Chico got adopted by a young couple in Huntsville with a high energy dog! Chico was one of my favorite fosters! (

14: Maggie 8-6-11 to 8-12-11 We received an email about a dog needing a foster home. At the time we didn't have any money so we said we could take her as long as she was sponsored. Her name was Maggie and she resembled Rachel. So i agreed to take her and fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She was about 60 lbs and had long black/silver hair with the most gorgeous eyes. I knew should would be adopted quickly but her pictures just didn't do her justice. She was perfectly behaved and not a problem foster at all. She was adopted by the sweetest people who have been looking for a dog for 2 years now. Their house was gorgeous and I know she would love it there. We met Mary Alice in Adairsville, GA to drop Maggie off to her. (

15: Pinnix 8-15-11 to 9-5-11 We named Pinnix after Jo Ann Pinnix who always gives us such generous donations. We got him from Jenna and he was an absolute doll. He was very well behaved, and being a puppy he wasn't quite potty trained yet. Brent loved him which was SO shocking to me. He went to a nice couple with 2 kids that lived in Kingston, TN. We met them in Chattanooga while it was pouring down rain and flooding. The family loved him and I was sad to see him go. He was definitely a favorite of mine...AND BRENT's! (

16: Phoebe 8-19-11 to Phoebe was rescued from a terrible hoarding situation in Lacey Springs. I got her on Friday and Sunday she escaped from the yard. I was so upset & we set a trap with food that day and night. The next morning she was in the trap and I couldn't believe it. She was so terrified that I had to rehab her and work on socializing. I had to ignore her the first week. She is doing so much better now but is still working on her trust issues. We have her listed as a special needs dog. I hope someone will give her a chance!

17: Kuda 9/5/11 to 9/17/11 Kuda was displaced by the tornadoes and then was reunited with her owners who later returned her. She then went to a foster home where she jumped the fence and got lost. I took her when they found her. She was very shy and not housebroken but always used a puppy pad. I think her presence helped Phoebe come out of her shell. We took her to the Downtown 47 event at the square and she was adopted by a nice couple with 3 kids that lived in Blossomwood. Melanie & Bill Fowler (

18: Gretchen 9/21/11- 10/29/11 We took Gretchen from Mary because her husband had Alzheimer's. She wasn't my favorite since I don't really love boxer breeds but she grew closer to me and got alot of looks at the HOTC dog fair. She was fairly well behaved but would only come in from outside when she wanted to. Sometimes I would have to lasso her in for her to come inside. Eventually did alot better about coming inside and going into her crate when I asked her to. She had a cute underbite and giant bat ears! haha. She got adopted by a young couple that lived by Bethany's old house ( Their dog Rosco absolutely bonded with Gretchen immediately. I am so happy for her!

19: Ellie 9/24/11- 10/4/11 I actually stole Ellie from another rescue. I saw her at the HOTC dog fair in a crate and thought she was so cute! A lady wanted me to take her from the rescue as they didn't appear very reputable. So i asked the lady if I could reimburse her for her vetting and take Ellie. She let me and I got to take her home that day. She was the BEST puppy we had fostered for awhile. She was house trained and crate trained. She got along great with the other dogs and was the cutest when she just sat down and looked at you. She was a big cuddler and I thought Brent would kill me when I brought her home since we had 3 fosters but since she was so cute he was understanding. Ellie got adopted by a nice young couple with a hyper young dog named Ace. Nicole and Christopher Cecil fell in love with her at the dog fair! (

20: Castanza 11-7-11 to | Castanza was pulled from the Athens Dog Pound and was being boarded for awhile. I picked him up in Madison and he was so quiet in the car I almost forgot he was in the back. He did great with my dogs but had a chewing problem. He walked in the Veterans Day Parade with us. He was a handful as he barked alot and chewed on everything.

21: 19 Dogs Adopted this year!

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