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Furry Friends (Copy)

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BC: This book represents a portion of the animals in which we tried to make a difference. Those not pictured here are ones like "joey" the kitten found lifeless in my neighbors' driveway. He survived to be very adoptable. Or the duck who got caught on a hook attached to a cable. He gave me a dirty look when I released him, or Gallagher, the teenage squirrel that lost his siblings falling from a nest. He's safe! I pray other ones in need will be as fortunate . I want to thank Connie for all her support and help in the many hardships she had to endure. She sacrificed her home & her time to help the ones in need...like late night Sikeston rides! I also want to thank Mary Jo and Di for helping so many times in finding homes. And lastly, I want to thank Sue Gassner for her relentless compassion, kind words & consistent availability RESCUES...TO BE CONTINUED.........

FC: FINALLY HOME | by Susan Kraus | It's really the cat's house, he just lets us live here.

1: in memory of all the ones who live forever in our hearts folly, fred, velvet, toby, tuxedo, diggity, annie, squeaky, sophie, chimi, brownie, bitsy, peppy, dude & moxie | I learned better how to live from my loyal friend I learned better how to love from my loyal friend I learned better how to laugh from my loyal friend I learned better how to be a loyal friend Thank you loyal friend from your human

2: This is our story of the many animals that have crossed our threshold and stepped into our lives

3: As of the publication of this book, pictured is our four legged family. As with anyone who loves their pets as much as we do, knows such a family is ever changing. We care for, love, admire, enjoy, those that are with us for their short little lives. When their time comes, it seems another comes along. In the pages of this book, I have captured images not only all those who we have been fortunate enough to share our lives with but those who have crossed our paths from a rescue/foster perspective. The memories are treasured for each & everyone of them.Thank you little ones for teaching us so much about life

4: Cats leave paw prints on your heart. | The following pages were inspired by my grandfather Kerber t

5: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” - Roger Cares | Licks of Love

6: My story began at a very young age with a dog named Tippy. I was unaware then of the unconditional love an animal could give. Then I met Folly the day of Jane Biehls 21st birthday party. (on right) Folly was in the streets of S. Broadway. I picked him up and made him my first pet. on my own Folly was gorgeous but did not give cats the best name! Then there was Fred. (lower left) Fred was found on Dewey by Mary Jo and I took her in thinking she was a tom; that's until she became a Frieda with 4 kittens! Velvet came next (lower right) and wasn't much better than Folly. I took him in to watch for a friend and he never left.!

7: In the beginning of our dog story....there was Toby, our "Tuxy" and then our Diggity"... Toby was rescued out of the middle of the street after being hit by a car. She was adopted by my Aunt Kay until her passing, at which time Toby came to live with us. Tux was "rescued" from a convent when Kelly told me how he was tied to a dog house at 6 weeks! I'm going to hell for sure after the story I told to rescue that one! Dig was rescued in St Charles on a cold rainy day. I spotted him next to a trash dumpster, head thrown back, howling.. He was 9 mo. They all lived to be 14/15 years old.

8: In the recent past, there has been such great animals that became part of our pack & touched our lives in countless ways. Squeaky (right) was quite the character. We adopted him with a respiratory infection from HSM when we heard it was his D-day. He went straight to our vet for isolation. since we were leaving for Hawaii the next day. Not to worry, Mary Jo visited this little stranger while we were gone. We didn't plan to keep him although I think we always knew we would. He became a HSM spokesdog! We let our "bud" go at 17 to kidney disease. | Our Chim Chim (left) was rescued after we learned he was bought by a lady who would dispose of them outside w/no shelter when they weren't puppies anymore. . He & Squeak were such buds. Chims liver shut down at 16 | my girl Annie who after months of trying to reassure her, gave up and brought her home from Open Door. She loved us but never trusted others until she went deaf! She died of mouth cancer at 17 | Sophie was relinquished by a family who no longer had time for her. Her first night w/o them was hell for all of us! She cried all night. She went through Chemo for cancer and died at 13 WE MISS YOU ALL

9: This is Brownie who Jules rescued when she was very young. We took him for her. He acquired problems that was never diagnosed. let go at 11-12 | what a great dog, Moxie, who we finally took after months of convincing. Had a yr & she had an unexpected liver that burst at 9. Too short | This is sweetie itty bitty Peppy who was supposed to go to Johnny. She said no so we kept him. Peppy died too young by another dog. Everyone loved him. | Bitsy was rescued by our neighbor from a parking lot. She was so flea ridden all her hair was gone. She also died too young from an attack | The Dudester was rescued by Con when at 9 he was given up by his family because he snapped at their grandchild. He died after a fight with congestive heart failure 13 | Finally Peekaboo. He showed up on our front porch one day and after a short (less than 1 yr) stay,, he disappeared

10: We insist on love among our crew and boy do we get it. They sleep together, play together, hang together. Leave it to an animal to bring peace and harmony to a household!

11: We also expect that affection to be carried through to all the fosters we bring in. Looks like they are doing a pretty good job of that too.

12: This was the last dog group picture taken before the new crew showed up. Jada is the only one left from this crew. Our newest members shown on the front pages are Clyde (from a puppymill) who was fostered by us through the HSM and after 3 months, he was too sassy to be put up for adoption. He became ours! Chia (hoarder) was also a foster and was adopted to a wonderful lady (Marie) who loved her unconditionally. Marie passed in 2010 and we took Chia back. Tootsie and Gracie were luxuries. Both could have found homes but.....Gracie was supposed to be adopted by a friend and when she ended up unable to, we did! Toots (Prada) was going to the shelter if not homed, so we took her to find a home... .she found one!

13: These are our cats, as also shown on the beginning pages. Smokey came to us through my cousin Sherry. Her other cat terrorized Smokey and she had a mohawk from hiding in the rafters. Char was a foster with her kittens. The kittens went back and up for adoption but each of the 3 times Char did, she got sick. Third time was her charm, we kept her. She is our talker....just ask her! Boo was my feral that took months to get him to come to me. Once he did, he became a lover boy

14: This is one of our first rescues found in a rabbit hutch across the street. in '93. One puppy was almost dead from heat.stroke & had to be revived in our pool. We fostered them and 2 went to Jan at work (abbie and dexter) and 2 to the Bronsons (jack and olivia). the 5th (beagle looking) was requested back by the same neighbor. Oops....she ran away and found a wonderful home with Sue Gassners' sister in law!

15: Top left is Blondie and Dagwood who were found alone in a sewer drain. They were very shy but sweet. They went to a lady in Arnold who took them both and was home all day with them Second and third is is Hansel & Grettle. ( formally lady & tramp) adopted by Julie Lea. Hanzel was hit by car in '94 Bottom is Bear from Jim at work. Bear went to .Johnnie to join his new sister Dig 2.

16: This is Jack. (lft) Mike and Mar got him and realized what a puppy is all about. I adopted him back out to the Chney's 1/04. Last I heard, he never did calm down! | To the left is my Griffin. We took him from a lady who left him for days alone in the yard.. He was a challenge for our home, as he had to be watched with kids. Griffy went to the Epsteins, a wonderful home.. They still have him and absolutely adore him. The feeling is mutual! | We fostered Dolly (rt) for the HSM for 3 months. Although she was a sweetie to us, Dolly began attacking other dogs. We had to make the decision not to adopt Dolly out, since she was a pit with such an unsure destiny. One of the hardest decisions ever to make.

17: This is Nikki (formally CoCo) with her new brother. This little stinker lucked out with the best home who didn't care if she would bite your hand off if you came near her food. She was so sweet any other time. Now is loved unconditionally by Vessna (Epsteins housekeeper) 3/07 | Some of the other pups rescued by this point were "Chili dog" given to a family at a softball game ( I didn't realized yet how adopting should have been done ) and FW, who connie found on hwy 55 and we found a home with a friend of hers.

18: And so it continues with the babies that went to wonderful homes Can't keep them all! one kitty not pictured here was found in plaster & went to a lady in KC Brenda knew | Tommy Tune was an orphan so we fostered him until he was adopted | Lacy went to a wonderful girl in Ill she keeps me up to date still. Here are all the pix she sent. What a gorgeous dog she became | Marsha's daughter had this cat and she went to MJ's neighbor who is crazy about her | little Brady went to Mike Hartman. & family. They just adore him. It was certainly the right decision

19: mama cat went to Julie Lea when Johnnie and Ross couldn't take her with them on their move to Vegas. | This is Toontser who went to friends ( the Martys) at work 1993. He was rescued on 270 in rush hour traffic , from the inside median, at 5-6 wks. Yes, this is the story where I stopped 5 lanes of traffic yelling "it's a baby"! Well, it was.! | Chris Becker gave me this cat. "Mo". he went to Julie Lea at SWB in '94 | Got a call to rescue this kitty and her kittens left in abandoned house. Got mom and 4 kittens easily. had to work for 5th for days. Finally did with help from the mommy. All the babies found homes. Mom went to B and was named Penny. She died in 2010

20: Stuart Little (to right) was named for his ears. he went to Jane Wong & her 2 daughters who also have other rescues. | These 2 pups were rescued by Con from rap;id roberts at the lake. we fostered them and then gave them to HSM to adopt. They both found homes | Our Syd girl was fostered at the same time as Chia through the HSM. Syd went to the Giblins. What a life she has. She should have been Amelia Earhart! tho!

21: Mama cat and her kittens were rescued by Rhonda after over a year of trying to get her. We found a home for all of them, mama and one baby with a client of Rhondas | Puppy Love

22: (upper left) was a deer chihuahua we rescued from a lady and found a home with con's friends' mom. | This was my Oshi. fostered for heartworm & adopted to this family, the Hills. | Years later they took him back to HSM but we could never find out why. Great ending, I readopted him to Sue Moore until his death in 2010 | Bailey bought at an auction. was kept 2 days & no then longer wante.d We fostered this wild women then adopted to Jena Yarbough in 1993 | this little sweeti was in our yard when we got home one night. Of course we took her in & adopted out

23: All these kittens fostered at one time or another. Each of them went to homes through HSM | Cats leave paw prints on your heart. | this little gem went to Kristen Green 7/06

24: little Willy was adopted by a client of mine then decided he wasn't right for her. He went to Pam's mom who loved him so much till he passed in 2010 | Winnie was found on the streets outside of Destin by B and I coming back from a funeral. We snuck her in, bathed her and then boarded her until we left hotel 5 days later. She's in a happy home now ( the Callihans) | Our Teddy boy was fostered for C A R E then quickly adopted by MJ and Di. Who love this sack of potatoes with all their hearts | Dotty wasn't so lucky. She had heartworm and uncontrollably vicious with cats. it was in the best interest not to adopt her out | Shivers, who soon became Peanut went to Joanne and Charlie Berry. Jo was an old HS friend

25: Tangerine was a stray that went to Jim Murphy. He loves him to pieces | Tasha found this kitty & we fostered and found a home "Ace" went to the Jozwinahowshi 10/04 | This kitty was fostered and later adopted by Diane's niece to join her sister Lucy on the couch.

26: Mattie was found on Mattis. Vickie (fellow rescuer) took her | Sexy is the only one we dont feel we did her right. she was adopted by an older lady and later returned. She then went to Pyliss Ruble 3/03. she loved this little dog with all her heart but sexy seemed so shy with her. We pray it worked out. | Sleeper (Ditto) found in sleeper and no one claimed him. Neighbors of Barb Lou took him | mama and her babies fostered for the HSM | puppies fostered for the HSM | Dolly was fostered for HSM with heartworm. She became aggressive with other dogs and was not adoptable. She was so sweet, it broke my heart.. But for her sake, not knowing her destiny, I had to make that decision. | Kathy adopted "Toby" but felt she was too mouthy. MaryEllen Bell took her

27: Cats are like potato chips - you can't have just one. | Kittens, kittens and more. These kitties were fostered for HSM. Each were checked on until they went to their new home.s | Little Omally in the background went to Kelly's family. | these top two went to Kelly Rosenblat 10/05

28: More sweet babies fostered for the HSM. the bottom right were 2 of 5 we rescued on our own at 2 weeks and nursed them until they were old enough for adoption. Katherine Barns, Sara Baker were two of the adopters in 11/03 The little black on top was adopted 8/98 by Susan Naccarato

29: This older beauty was rescued, fostered and adopted | This tabby settled in very nicely with her buddy at my cousin Janet's home.

30: above is Venice (Pearl) who was a stray on our porch in Venice b4 we even got there. I found her a home with our neighbor Pat. Unfortunately she disappeared shortly after | We had an older neighbor who's 6 cats had kittens all at same time....36 of them. They all had ringworm and I took it on bathing all of them 3X a week! After 2 weeks, the daughter had them all picked up and taken away without my knowledge! Needless to say, I was very upset. | this upper pix was taken by the new owners. (the Liesenfelds) 11-98 . they sure love "sammie" | this black beauty went to Dyln Fentherly 9-04 | This is a HSM foster mom and her 5 kittens. not one of them looked like her!

31: above is mama cat (Maddison) She went to Judy Kraus | look at this line up. mama & babies for 6 weeks. We did it! All healthy | are the ones to the left gorgeous or what? | All these guys were placed in forever homes.

32: There are the neighborhood rescues too.... | Max was on an email sent to me and in need of a home. Our friends Andrea & Rick saw him as a perfect companion for their other dog Kenya, they were right!! | Sammy is a big boy who was rescued from a lady Con knew at Cape when her daughter went to jail. He is now the proud "owner" of our friends Mary & Denny. He loves his sister Hillary & is a very spoiled boy | This is Rosey on the left and Lilly on right. More fosters from HSM who got lucky and went to live w/the Kreugers. they have a sister, Cloe and 3 boys who love them very much. | Stories like these pages will continue as long as there are homeless that need our help. Following are pages capturing ways in which we enjoy those rescues.

33: Here are some of the family rescues...Petey, Augy, Cosmo, Izzy, Omally, Sundae, Bear Ruby and Punkin. Thanks to all who adopt or rescue!

34: Dogs leave paw prints on your heart. As the years go by...

36: Captured moments...

37: Continued

40: "Anyone for a good game of play?" | "Pleeeeeze" | zzzzzz

41: "So, what are we looking for?" | "Happy Biiirrrthday to meeee" | "Is everyone comfy?" | So why are you here??

42: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” - Roger Cares

44: A Loan From God God promised at the birth of time a special friend to give. His time on earth is short, He said, So love him while he lives. It may be for 8 or 10 years, or only 2 or 3, But will you, till I call him back, Take car of him for me? A wagging tail, a cold wet nose Or silken velvet ears, A heart as big as all outdoors, To love you through the years. His small little wiggle will gladden you, And antics bring a smile, As guardian or friend he will, Be loyal all the while. He'll bring his charms to grace your life, And though his stay be brief, When he's gone the memories, Are solace for your grief. I cannot promise he will stay, Since all from earth returns, But lessons only a pet can teach, I want you each to learn. I've looked the whole world over In search of guardians true, And from the folk that crowd life's land, I have chosen you.. Whatever love you give to him Returns in triple measures. Follow his lead and gain a life, Brimmed full of simple pleasures.

45: Enjoy each day as it comes, Allow your heart to guide, Be loyal and steadfast in love, To the pet there by your side. Now give him all your love, Not think the labor vain, Nor hate me when I come to call, To take him back again. I fancy each of us would say, "Dear Lord, thy will be done," For all the joys this pet shall bring, The risk of grief we'll run. We'll shelter him with tenderness, We'll love him while we may, And for the happiness we've known, Forever grateful stay. But should the angels call for him, Much sooner than we've planned , We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, And try to understand. If by our love we've managed, God's wishes to achieve, In memory of him that we have loved, And to help us while we grieve. When our faithful bundle this world departs This earthly world of strife, We'll get yet another pet, And love him all his life. author unknown

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