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In the Animal Kingdom

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BC: My Animal Friends

FC: In the Animal Kingdom

1: Beluga whales are white. They live in the Canadian, Alaskan and Russian Arctic regions | The Beluga Whale, by Yiannis | They eat fish. | They are slow swimmers. | by Yiannis

2: A wolf is a mammal and it is in the same family with the dog. It eats meat. | The wolf | by Nadia and Dora

3: The gorilla | A gorilla is a quiet gentle animal that lives in Africa. It is shy, peaceful and vegetarian. But they are in danger of becoming extinct. Male gorillas are much larger than female gorillas and twice as heavy. Their arms are longer than their legs and they have brownish hair on most of their body. | by Dimitris and Kostas

4: The tern by Mikolaj | I observed the common tern. It is a silvery-grey and white bird which has a long tail. The common tern is sometimes called 'the sea-swallow'. It measures 31-35 cm in length and weighs 110-145 g.

5: Common terns live in North America, Europe and Asia on the shore-line.

7: Common terns usually eat small fish, shrimps and aquatic insects, which they find in the sea or lakes and large rivers. The birds living along the coast drink salt water and they don't search for fresh water even when it is available nearby.

8: This is a tiger. The tiger is the king of the jungle in Asia. The tiger can weigh up to 300 kg and it can be 3.3 metres long. | The tiger by Michal

9: The tiger has a massive body. It has got short, muscular legs, 30 teeth and a long tail.

10: The tiger rests under the trees. Its coat is reddish-orange with dark stripes. The tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. It is an endangered species.

11: Tigers are often hunted for their fur as well as for other parts of their body which many people use in traditional medicines. In captivity, they can live for 26 years.

12: The tiger lives in Asia. Tigers that live in cold northern areas are usually bigger and heavier than those that live in tropical habitats. They are never found far from water.

13: Tigers hunt at night; they can see well in the dark. They usually hunt alone. They eat deer, antelopes, young elephants, crocodiles and fish.

14: The tiger can swim well. Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers enjoy water.

15: Tigers live alone, except for mothers and their young. A female tiger may have from one to six cubs in a litter. She looks after them on her own. By the time the cubs are about six months old, they leave the den area for good, following their mother on her hunts. They usually stay with their mother until they're at least two years old.

16: You can see tigers working in the circus. | The tiger is a Chinese zodiac sign.

17: The tiger is often a sports mascot. | Tiger is the name of a German tank.

18: A Horse's Life | "'And God took a handful of southernly wind, blew His breath over it and created the horse.'" ~ Bedouin Legend

19: The horse by Ada

20: "‘'A man in passion rides a horse that runs away with him.' - Bertrand Leclair

21: Horses have evolved over the past 50 million years from much smaller creatures. During this period they were used to transport people and cargo and sometimes for food. Most foals are born at night. They can stand up within one hour of being born. Horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land. Because horse's eyes are on the side of their head they are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time. Horses use their tails to send signals to each other about how they are feeling. They are herbivores (plant eaters). Horses are intelligent animals that can be trained to be obedient and to perform certain commands but they can be quite stubborn. Horses require special attention and care, They must learn to trust one who cares for him. Horses that are neglected or not properly cared for can become wild and dangerous.

22: The dog byAndreea

23: "'My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet.'" ~ Edith Wharton

24: My Furry Friends | Dogs descended from a very small animal that was an animal Dogs was first domesticate | First dogs appeared in Eurasia about 13,000 years ago, and they are probably descendants of a small wolf. Dogs were first domesticated by cavemen in the Paleolithic. The tallest dogs are Irish Wolfhounds. The heaviest and the longest dogs are English Mastiffs. The smallest dogs are: Chiuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Terrier.

25: Different breeds have different characteristics and skills, but most dogs have large teeth, they can run fast jump, walk on their toes, and they have strong muscles.

26: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings | Smaller dog breeds tend to live longer than big dog breeds. Having a pet dog has shown to make people healthier. They live longer and have fewer heart attacks.

27: Chocolate can make dogs very sick or even kill them because it contains a substance called theobromine, which is like a poison to dogs.

28: Pawprints On Our Hearts | 'Happiness is a warm puppy.'— Charles M. Schulz

29: ""A dog is a bundle of love wrapped in fur." | They have an excellent sense of smell which has made dogs good at tracking as well as sniffing out illegal items like drugs or bombs. Dogs also have an excellent field of vision. Dogs hear around ten times better than the average human. Their great hearing makes them good guard dogs. | Dogs have very good senses.

30: Here Kitty, Kitty

31: Meow | The cat by Marutu | “'What greater gift than the love of a cat.'” Charles Dickens

32: The domestic cat is a carnivorous mammal. Cats and humans have been associated for nearly 10000 years. The cat is a small animal. It usually weighs around 4 kilograms to 5 kilograms. Its skeleton consists of 250 bones. | Cats have flexible bodies and teeth adapted for hunting small animals such as mice and rats.

33: Cats' hearing is better than that of a man. They have a powerful sense of smell and night vision, allowing them to see at light levels six times lower than what a human needs in order to see.

34: Cats understand the importance of a nap. | Meow | Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day.

35: Cats are capable of reproducing after the age of 9 months. After about 60 days 4 kittens are born. Cats spend a large amount of time licking their coats to keep them clean. Cats live for about 12 to 15 years.

36: The penguin by Magda

37: 'It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.' Joe Moore

38: Penguins are birds that cannot fly. There are 17 species of penguins, each slightly different.

39: All of the species live in the Southern hemisphere. Many live at the South Pole on Antarctica Some are found on the coasts of South America, the Galapagos Islands, Australia, Africa, and New Zealand. There may be as many as 100 million penguins in the world. No penguins live at the North Pole.

40: Penguins spend most of their time in the water searching for food. They cannot swim backwards, however.

41: Penguins eat fish and other sealife. They can drink sea water. Penguins are flightless birds. | The Emperor Penguin is the tallest of all penguin species, reaching as tall as 120 cm in height.

43: The giant panda by Maria | The giant panda has a black and white fur. It lives in China. Pandas are an endangered species, with only about 1,600 living in the wild. Pandas like eating bamboo. Giant pandas eat about 10 kg of bamboo a day. A baby panda weighs only around 150 grams. Adult males can weigh up to 150 kg. Giant pandas are good climbers.

44: The bearded dragon by Julia :)

46: My lizard's favourite activities are swimming and basking on a rock. Spike's favorite food (he is called Spike) are banana crickets .

47: . | The bearded dragon is tan to yellow in colour. It is called bearded"because of the dragon's ability to flare out the skin in the throat region when it is threatened. It is found naturally in Australia, but bearded dragons are kept as exotic pets in many places all around the world. They reach up to 60 cm. They eat insects, worms. and leaves. They enjoy spending days in the sun charging until nightfall when it is much more active.

48: Body length of about 32-35 cm \ | The puffin by Kamila & Wiktoria :)

49: Atlantic puffins are black-and-white seabirds with a large, colorful, red, blue, and yellow bill. Their legs are orange. Males and females look alike, though the male is usually bigger. | Puffins are found in coastal regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The puffin is also found in the colder Arctic Circle. The puffin nests on cliff.

50: Because of the shape of their beaks, Atlantic puffins are sometimes called "sea parrots." Another nickname for these birds is "clowns of the sea."

51: Atlantic puffins are birds that live at sea most of their lives. They fly through the air like most birds, but they also "fly" through the water, using their wings as paddles. | Puffins eat small fish—such as sand eels and herring—which they hunt underwater.

52: Puffins usually stay underwater for 30 seconds or less, but are able to stay down for up to a minute and dive 61 meters deep. The largest recorded number of fish in a puffin's beak at once was 62. Both parents take care of the single egg the female lays. It takes about 42 days to hatch. Mum and dad both care for the hatchling, too, An Atlantic puffin lives to be about 20 years old in the wild.

56: The anura by Maja

57: The anura is a small frog. Its body length is from 3 cm to 13 cm. It lives in trees. It is carnivorous and can eat anything it can get in its mouth. The frogs often have red eyes. Frogs' skins vary in colour from brown, grey and green to bright red or yellow and black to advertise toxicity and warn off predators.

58: The elephant by Mateusz

59: Elephants are the largest land-living mammals in the world. There are two types of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant.

60: An adult elephant needs to drink around 210 litres of water a day.

61: Both female and male African elephants have tusks but only the male Asian elephants have tusks. They use their tusks for digging and finding food. Elephants are herbivores and can spend up to 16 hours a day collecting leaves, twigs, bamboo and roots. | Elephants can swim - they use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel in deep water.

62: Ospreys by Wiktoria | The osprey by Wiktoria

63: The osprey is a bird of prey as it hunts for food. | The osprey is found on every continent but Antarctica and breeds on every landmass it's found but one, South America.

64: Ospreys have several field marks. They have brown speckles on their white breast, a dark stripe through each eye and dark brown wrist marks on their wings. | Ospreys feed on fish, which they catch with long, hooked claws called talons.

65: Ospreys make their home near water; oceans, rivers, lakes and marshes. They build their nests at the top of dead trees and use them year after year.

66: The osprey uses 5 different calls to communicate.

67: Some ospreys, but not all, migrate in the spring and autumn. Ospreys mate for life and travel up to 14 km to find food for their young.

68: My budgie by Oliwia

69: Budgies can register 150 images per second while humans can only register 16 images per second. "Budgies can count up to three. Budgies can turn their heads 180 degrees. Budgies have such a well developed sense of feeling that females can feel when the embryo is moving inside th egg and when the chick is getting ready to hatch. Budgies poop every 12 to 15 minutes. | Wild budgerigars are originally from Australia and are nomadic birds, moving from place to place in search of water and food. Wild budgies are usually green with black stripes and yellow heads. Domestic budgies can be green, blue, yellow, white (albino), gray, violet and many varieties of these colours and patterns. Budgies see the world in colour. Their eggs are white. Budgies can turn their heads around 180 degrees. If an adult budgie's flesh above the beak where the nostrils are located is blue it is a male, if it is brown or tan it is a female. Budgies are friendly and they can be trained to talk. They sleep 10-12 hours a day. The average life span of a domestic budgie is 7-15 years.

71: Drawings:" | Yiannis, Nadia, Dora, Dimitris, Kostas, Mikolaj, Michal, Andreea, Magda, Maria, Kamila, Maja, Maja, Wiktoria, Maciej, Aleksandra, Ewelina, Julia, Michal, Radoslaw, Amelia, Dawid, Patrycja, Monika | Photos: | Marutu, Julia, Oliwia, family photo albums, http://www.stockphotosforfree.com/

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