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Jared's Book 8.5 x 11 FINAL

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Jared's Book 8.5 x 11 FINAL - Page Text Content

S: Support Supernatural Fan Campaign 2010

BC: My Furry Friends

FC: Pawprints On Our Hearts | Support Supernatural 2010 Fan Campaign | Over $34,000 raised for A Dog's Life Rescue | Book for Jared

1: A pet is a bundle of love wrapped in fur." | In 2010 Support Supernatural made a huge leap and decided to set a lofty goal of $30,000 to donate to A Dog's Life Rescue. Thanks to the generous fans of Supernatural, we surpassed that goal and generated $34.000 in donations. This books represents most of the fans who made donations. They wanted to send a note to you and share some of their favorite pets and their stories.

2: Jared, thank you for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk when it comes to animal rescue. You are an inspiration. Keep up the amazing work. ! All the best to you. Respectfully, Lindsay Warren Royal Oak, MI (Co-founder of | Pebbles (left) and Lexi (right) are our sweet rescue fur babies. Who could ever give these sweethearts up? Their loss is our gain.

3: Our Furry Friends.. | My beautiful green eyed rescue Peanut (P’Nut). He definitely wasn't named for his size as he's a big boy. He was actually named after the bass player from the band 311. He was found in a dumpster as a little kitten and turned over to one of our local Kitty rescue shelters and then adopted by our family. He greets visitors at the door, welcomes you to the morning with a meow and he loves to watch people eat. He is my big schmooze and I don't know what I would do without him. | PEANUT | You continue to shock & awe me every week on Supernatural. I wish you the best and continued success. Melanie Thompson Windsor, Ontario, Canada

4: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings | This is my baby Noel who went to Heaven on February 17, 2008. She came into my life when she was nine years old and was given a few months to live. A few months later, the vet and others couldn't recognize her! She was given a second chance and became a new dog. She lived another, happy,7 years! Not only did I give her a second chance, but mostly, she gave me one! At 26 years old when I received her, it was the FIRST time in my life that I experienced unconditional love. Noel was truly a gift to me, and I will forever be grateful. | Felicia R. | Noel | I'd like to thank you for being so creative and for bringing Sam "to life. No one could have done it better. Sam wouldn't be Sam without Jared. Erik Kripke has a winner because of the excellent casting that was implemented for this show. You have also been wonderful and appreciative to your fans, which states so much about you true character. I know that Supernatural fans can get a should I say this?, crazy? (LOL) and you and those you love have been put through a lot from time to time. Yet, you never said a bad word, and stayed true to the heart of the show. I'd like to you give an extra thank you for endorsing A Dog's Life Rescue. Without you, this charity would not have reached the fundraising potential that they have. I have a 'furry baby' of my own (she doesn't know she's a dog - so why spoil it?) and I appreciate those that realize they need love and help, too.

5: Felicia R. | To Jared (and the whole 'Supernatural' gang), I just have to say thank you. Thank you for bringing such an entertaining, insightful, fun program to life every week on The CW. Thank you for taking some very serious, and at times surreal, subject matter and making it fun and accessible for those of us who were never genre fans before. You infuse such heart and realism into the show; it is a true testament to your ability as actors. Also thank you for being so great with both the fans and the press and indulging our need for spoilers and photos and extremely specific questions at times. Fandom is an extremely powerful thing, and the 'Supernatural' fandom is like no other. That is truly a testament to you; because you are so sweet and respectful to your fans, the fans in turn are respectful to each other and rally together to do give back. Thanks for setting such a great example! It goes without saying but we love you and will now follow you to whatever you do. Danielle Turchiano | This is my my little guy, Madison, who is literally like my son. The law says animals are our property; we often refer to ourselves as dog owners; but in reality, they are so much more than that.

6: I really appreciate you and all you've done for the fans and the show. I hope you love it as much as we all do. I really wish you the best of luck and love in your future! I've been a fan from the beginning of the show and you can bet I'll be following you for the rest of your career. All the best to you. Thank you! Maria Bartolletti | My dog's name is Sparky and we got him when I was 8 years old. He's a purebred beagle and we got him from a beagle farm on the border of Minnesota and Iowa in the summer of 1997 (my best friend at the time got one of his brothers, Hunter). He loves food of any kind (and will stop at nothing to get it) and even though he goes for a walk everyday, when you pick up his leash he gets so excited that you would think he's going on his first one. He definitely does not show his age. He's been my best friend for the past 12 years and I've learned so much from him. He's taught me that having a pet is truly one of the greatest things you can have in life, and as long as you take care of them and love them, they'll give you everything in return. I love him so, so, so much, and I'll never have another dog like him. There's just something about the pet that you grow up with that no other animal can compare to. | Sparky

7: Hey! Thanks for supporting a great cause like A Dog's Life Rescue. And, thanks for creating something really special with Supernatural. You give me something to look forward to every week! You're incredibly talented and I don't think anyone else could have taken Sam to the levels you have. Beyond that, you and the rest of the cast and crew have created an amazing, insane, loyal, coo-coo-nuts community of fans, among which I'm glad to be counted. Hope you love working on the show as much as we fans love watching it. All the best to you, Nadine Przybylski | Lily came to us in August 2009 through a rescue group in the Northeast who works with animal shelters in Tennessee. They rescue dogs from death row and foster them until they can be placed into adoptive homes. The shelter Lily came from had a 90 percent euthanasia rate at one time. That means 9 out of 10 dogs who found their way into the shelter never made their way out. Heartbreaking statistics. While every single dog is deserving of a loving home, we felt especially lucky that we found Lily. After our 5 year old Dobie, Jet, passed away from congestive heart failure, we were absolutely crushed. We didn't know if we wanted another dog. But, the void Jet left behind was enormous. So, hearts still hurting, we went ahead and decided to adopt Lily. Best decision ever.!She is the epitome of unconditional love - sweet, affectionate, easy-going - with an unlimited supply of kisses and cuddles. Needless to say, she has been an amazing healing force for us. And while we still miss Jet terribly, we know he would approve and would love Lily just as much as we do.

8: A little over 10 years ago, my husband, my two sons (who are about Jared's and Jensen's ages now), and I adopted a dog that had been given up by two prior families. He was estimated to be between 1 and a half and 2 years old, but no one really knew how old he was. He is now over 12 years old and nearing the end of his life. He has a tumor in his leg that grows steadily every day.But as long as he eats, gets around reasonably well, and isn't in any real pain, we continue to care for him and love him. It is only what he deserves after all the love and companionship he has given us over the years. Soon we will have to make a very hard decision, but it will be made easier by the knowledge that we provided him with a home that no one else would. I am attaching a picture of Duke, who has given us so much love over the years. Thank you for all the work you do in helping dogs like Duke. | Marilyn Case | DUKE

9: A Dog's Life | You are amazing. You are a wonderful actor! Keep up the amazing work and all the best to you. Carleigh | This summer, I was a week out of graduation, when we discovered my dog that we had for 9 years, Annie, had a rather large lump in her side, and feared it was a tumor. Unfortunately, we were right. She was put to sleep only a few days later. We went a few months without a dog, which was very unusual for our family. As long as I could remember, we had a dog in the house. Finally in July, we found a shelter not far from our home that had a beautiful black lab mix puppy up for adoption. We took him home, named him McGee, and he's become such a wonderful part of our life. He's got a wonderful personality and is always happy to see us, which is great when I come home from college and my brother's complaining about having to give my room back for a few days. He was just what we were looking for to life our spirits after losing a beloved family pet. He's been there through a lot already, even though he's only been with us a few months. I'm glad we were able to adopt him and give him a good home, because that little troublemaker deserves to have the best life possible.

10: A special thank you, Jared and all of the cast and crew of Supernatural. Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated. Our common love for the show has allowed us fans to meet many amazing people and has given us the opportunity to form life-long friendships with them. Supernatural has brought us countless hours of entertainment. The show and everyone involved with it will forever remain in our hearts. Tammy T. New Jersey | About 6 years ago, we acquired a mini pinscher named Bam Bam. He was originally a breeder dog. Once he passed his prime, the owner decided he was going to have him put down. The local vet had him in their office asking if anyone would be willing to take him. We adopted him in a heartbeat. We've always had large dogs like huskies and shepherds so we weren't quite sure what to do with this little lapdog that didn't know how to play and was so cold at times that he would shake. But we learned to adapt and loved him from the start. It's amazing how each dog has it's own personality, yet they are all loyal and bring so much happiness to their homes. We just lost Bam Bam last month to cancer. He is greatly missed but we are still happy that we were given the opportunity to have him as part of our family and enjoyed the time that we had together. | Bam Bam

11: Thank you and the rest of the cast and crew for making Supernatural so wonderful. Sonia McWhirt Adams, MA | We found him at a local shelter about two and a half years ago and have been blessed to have him in out lives. He joined our family of 5 cats, 2 horses, and assorted small animals-and about 350 dairy cows on the family farm. He fit right in from the day he arrived. It's hard to believe that he was found as a stray. | ARCHIE

12: Though it's a definite thing that all of my pets have had a positive impact on my life, I concluded that the story of Socks was most appropriate to share in relation to the work done by A Dog's Life Rescue. In December 2007, my beloved cat of 20 years and first ever pet, Alice, finally succumbed to old age and we had to end her suffering. Thank goodness that I had my younger cat, 10 year-old Squeak, to help get me through that incredibly tough time but nonetheless, my heart still broke a little more every time I had to say 'my cat,'"instead of 'my cats,' because it reminded me all over again that Alice was gone. But eventually, I was able to start using the plural again thanks to the arrival of Socks, a feral-born cat who my parents and I only knew as 'the little gray kitty' for the first couple of months. He came to us half-starved and so wary of people that he wouldn't let us get within ten feet of him without bolting for cover, so we started out just leaving food on the porch for him and taking our approaches step by step. And sure enough, the more he came for his food, the more he saw of us and the less afraid of us he got. Soon I was able to stand close to him, then pet him, then have him sit on my lap, then pick him up, until it reached the point where he was comfortable being inside the house...and from there he only got closer and closer to us. Now, right as I type these words, Socks is curled snug up against me in my bed, as physical contact when he's lying with me is a must for him...a total 180 of his first couple of months with us. He's now a healthy, happy, lovable big boy, fixed and vaccinated and definitely no longer homeless. And my 'rescuing' Socks was a symbiotic thing, as having him to take such intensive care helped me through the loss of Alice. Much as I still miss her naturally, I've been able to move on to my current, content status as a proud 'mother' of three - Squeak, Socks, and the other feral-born cat that we took in a few months after Socks, a female who went from being called 'the little white cat' to being named Possum...and her story goes much the same as Socks does. I consider them both to be my own personal 'rescue' success stories, and I hope that other stray animals and the people out there who would care for them can have equally happy endings as well. - Amanda Briggs from WV | Just wanted to give you some well-deserved praise along with my donation to A Dog's Life Rescue. Jared, the work you do for this organization is amazing, made even more so because it's plain to see that your desire and drive to help these animals comes straight from the heart. I've seen that snapshot of you from People Magazine where you're out on the South Central L.A. streets at night helping to collect strays, and it never fails to further my admiration for you. My initial thought is often along the lines of 'wow, very few celebs out there would get THAT hands-on'...but then I remember very quickly that you're not just any celebrity, that first and foremost you're a regular, wonderful guy from Texas whose strong values and character remain unaffected by your star status. That much was made clear to me by - to name just a couple of examples!- the multiple times I've met you at conventions (EyeCons 1 & 2, Vancouver 2009, Chicago 2010) and by your dedication to causes such as animal rescue, which is a cause I too am definitely behind. | I know from my own experience with two feral-born cats I took in about a couple years ago, Socks and Possum, that it only takes a little TLC to turn strays from starved and extremely skittish into healthy and lovable companions...and when I think of that, I'm so thankful that there are devoted individuals out there like you helping to make that happen for other street animals in need of a home and help. Love and blessings to you (and to Harley and Sadie, of course); keep up the fantastic work and see you at the Nashville convention this June.!

13: Jared, Thank you for getting involved with A Dog's Life Rescue. Lindsay and I were looking for a charity to support when Suzanne got in touch with us 2 years ago and we are continuing to raise money for this wonderful organization. We have also made friends with Alli and Julia. They are awesome woman and we are blessed to have been able to meet them both through our campaigns and at their Annual fundraiser last year. On a Supernatural note, thanks for bringing such a great show to life every week. I have been a huge fan since day one and will be until the end. Continue the awesome work and good luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, Heather Vitas Baltimore, MD. (Co-founder of | Pictured are 2 of my guinea pigs, Mulder and Blackjack. Blackjack was adopted from a guinea pig rescue here in Maryland. I had never had a long haired guinea pig and let me tell ya, they are a bear to keep up with. Giving them monthly haircuts was a feat in itself. Mulder was one of 3 babies that were had from a guinea pig that I purchased from a, don't hate me, pet store. She was a spur of the moment purchase which I'm glad I made. I took home Tieka on my birthday in late October. In late November, around Thanksgiving, I realized something was up with Tieka. She was getting fat and I felt movement. I took her to the vet, who actually brought a book out about guinea pigs and told me she was pregnant, which I already figured out on my own. In mid-December Tieka had 3 babies, Mulder, pictured above, Scully and Salem. I feel like it was fate that I took Tieka home. I could only imagine what could have happened if the wrong person took a pregnant guinea pig home. Who knows what would have happened to them. Guinea pigs make great pets. They all have such distinguished personalities. I'm so glad they were a part of my life. - Heather

14: Thank you for all the great acting you do on Supernatural. I love watching you. All the laughter and tears are totally worth it. Keep doing what you do! And I'm glad you got involved with A Dog's Life Rescue, it makes me happy you care about animals. Ineyda Velasquez | Jensen

15: So glad the cast and crew of Supernatural are supporting the awesome charity A Dog's Life Rescue. - Sarah Young | Our own dog Ally (Aloysius) became a member of our family as the family who had got him for Christmas at only 6 weeks old decided 3 weeks later that it was not the right time for them to have a dog. We couldn't imagine life without him.

16: So, this might not seem very original, but I'm a big, no, a huge fan of Supernatural and its actors. Supernatural is the first show that ever got me hooked from the first episode. It's a great show and one can feel the dedication behind it – from every single member of the cast and crew, which is something I haven't ever experienced with any other show out there. As you know you have supporters and fans all over the world and I am very glad to be part of such a devoted and supportive fandom. I'm sending you my best from Vienna,/Austria | Linda Czerny Vienna Austria | Abbie

17: My dog Abbie has been living with me for more than 6 years now. At the time I didn't think of getting a dog because my old one - the first dog I ever had - had died a few days before and I thought I wasn't ready yet to open my home and heart to a new one. But as destiny goesI saw that fluffy and trembling bundle of fur and helplessly fell for her. She was rescued from an eastern European shelter where dogs that aren't adopted within two weeks are shot - or even beaten to death when they run out of bullets. She was the cutest little thing, but unfortunately she'd been abused badly in the first year of her short life and was one of the most traumatized dogs I've ever seen. Still I couldn't help but take her home with me. The first weeks that she stayed with me she wouldn't let me touch her, was afraid of loud noises, wouldn't eat when anyone was in the same room with her and was very sick. She wouldn't step across thresholds – cowered outside the door as if she was being beaten if she went inside. There were some days when I thought that I wasn't up to it, that I wouldn't be able to help her to ever get better and live a normal life. As it turned out, though no matter how scared and scarred she was, she instantly attached herself to me in the most determined way possible. She followed me wherever I went, howled like a wolf when I left her alone,–or with another family member for merely a minute. We had to do a lot of learning, but I think we did alright in the end. She taught me about patience and endurance and unconditional devotion. While it took time, maybe all the ups and downs and hard work we went through together made our relationship even deeper. For years now we are practically inseparable. When I got her she was scared to death especially of men and little children. It took two years until my dad could touch her without her whimpering with fear, but now they are the best buddies (I think he's spoiling her senseless ;)). I have two little nieces who are now two and four and Abbie declared herself their best friend, dotes on them with fierce determination - plays with them, protects them and sleeps next to their bed when I babysit them. She's turned into a happy, crazy and loyal-to-the-core little dog. Abbie loves to play in the snow, can't pass a pond or river without taking a swim and is very smart, well behaved and well trained. So, needless to say, Abbie is very special to me. If there such a thing, I really think we were meant to be a team. I couldn't imagine life without her around.

18: Cats understand the importance of a nap. | My own cat has made the most impact on me, she is like my daughter, my friend, my soul mate. I more than adore her and even the mere thought of anything happening to her like some of the things that happen to some other innocent and unfortunate animal tears me apart. I must admit, I try not to hear too many horror stories because if I did, I don't think I would be able to cope with it so I thank people and places like A Dog's Life Rescue for all it does and all it goes through. A truly wonderful cause. Kara McLeod | The reason I donated was that even though I do love and care about animals, always wanting every single one of them to be safe and happy, I donated this time as a congratulations to you and Genevieve on your/marriage. It was my way of showing my support for you by giving to your charity. I never expected you to know or to find out but at least by doing it, I felt like I was sending on my best wishes to you guys and an animal was helped in the process, which is always a good thing.

19: Meow | This is a great project for animals. My precious one and a half year old, sweet orange cat somehow got two slipped discs in his tailbone area, so every time he had to go potty, he screamed and hollered out horribly in pain. The pain was so bad it was preventing him from going in the litter box. Thankfully, he's been to the vet for the treatment he needed. He is much better now. The bill was high, but I paid it instead of food, gas and other bills. Donna Allen | I feel so silly loving"you because I'm friggin 50. I feel so silly when I read Twitter comments about you (and I join in) when mostly your fans are teens!! But gosh, I really love Supernatural, especially Season 4 & 5, and all the Classic Rock, comic remarks yet suspense. It's terrific. I look forward to seeing you (& Jensen) become the next Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. You both 'got it.' I really would love to meet you, Jim Beaver, and Misha Collins at the LA or San Fran Convention (or wherever) but it's way too expensive for me and the food, lodging and gas, just don't have that kind of finances. I'm a hairdresser and makeup Artist (on the side) so if ever I can work for you guy as part of the crew DO let me KNOW. That was my dream when I was 18. I wanted to act and be a makeup artist or hairdresser in the studios. I did get to a few times for a studio for their guest singers. Then I got pregnant and my kids' dad wanted to move out of CA and up to WA where his family was. :( But since back in CA, I've done plays and makeup/hair for actors in plays. So you never know, maybe it could still happen. Gosh it would be so cool if I could go to your set and just observe.!Anyhow, can you ask the writers to put back on the classic rock again and the 'Before"NOW' previews before each episode? Sure miss that. And I hope Crowley is just being a demon and lying about resurrecting Sam and Samuel because remember how Ruby said no demon can do that not even the Devil?? I think Michael did and is on assignment somewhere. Cuz the top dog Angel of God can have that power if God allowed it. Don't you think?

20: Lucky Dog | My dog is Wilson. He is a Bassett Hound. His my little kid ;) We are currently battling Lymphoma. We were diagnosed last November and went into remission last April. It has come back and we are fighting it again. A new treatment we just started is showing some good signs so hopefully it is going to be a Happy Christmas. | Awesome job on the show and keep it up. Love the show and the work with the animals and how nice you are to the is great. - Cortney, Jason & Wilson

21: You are the reason why I became a huge fan of this organization (A Dog's Life Rescue) and why I take time out of my day to try and help promote it in any way possible. You bring out the best in people and you make them want to be the best. I truly believe that you are a major reason for why Supernatural fans are so supportive of this wonderful charity. Keep up the great work and I hope one day we get to see you on some rescue runs with the organization, maybe an Animal Planet TV show ;) You are a wonderful actor, the best Sam on TV. You are an inspiration and a truly beautiful human being, I'm glad to be a fan. | Tibby | Zippity | TANG | This little baby, my baby :) was born a house cat. But I wouldn't have him now if we didn't rescue his mother, Zippity. They are the loves of my life and I truly believe that everyone should have a rescue animal as a house pet. Your organization promotes that, I hope more people start realizing it as well :) Nur Zahra Young

22: Thank you for all you've done. This show has not only helped me to re-evaluate (and improve) my family relationships, but has given me a whole new one in fellow fans. - Lauren

23: I love all animals, and I'm definitely a dog person - but this is the story that changed me. B came into my life is a puff of dirty black tail hidden away in a storage closet in my apartment complex. My plans for him were a basic TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release). Feed him once a day to gain his trust, trap him, bring him to the vet to be neutered, and release him. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans...We became pretty much inseparable...My cat, his the point where my parents....the insanely allergic ones who couldn't be near me until I changed after I got out of Last hope (Cat shelter I worked at for 2 years in NY) - fell so totally, utterly in love with him that they wanted to keep him. Wouldn't that have been a dream come true? We even had him in the apartment (well, on the terrace)...litter box trained, and gradually working him with the dog. But we were moving, and I know that's not exactly the best time to bring in a new cat. Despite the fact that my parents’ allergies actually seemed to be contained with him, I went a bit adoption crazy-checking local non-kill shelters...making phone calls, posters, flyers. I needed to do what was best for B. Part of me always niggled about a fact from Last Hope...B had just turned 11 months...and it was a bit harder to adopt out a cat over a year, no matter how wonderful. Then, a light in the dark. A classmate of mine, a woman I adored with3 cats and teenage kids, touched my shoulder one day. "Lauren," she said. "You always talk about this cat...I recently lost one of mine, and I like a balance of power in my household." This woman was big on rescues, after all. All of her animals were. It was fate. A few days later, after dropping B off, I left for New York. Couple of phone calls later, I hadn't received word from her. I chalked it up to the fact that it was Christmastime, then New Years. One phone call later, after she'd been absent from school (which she never was) she said the cat had not come out of his hiding place, and nipped at her husband when he tried to get him out. My B? Nipping? Very long story short...A few days later she called, clearly emotional, and confessed that B had gotten out one day, and was seen trolling the neighborhood. Despite the efforts of her kids and husband, B made it clear he wanted in no way to return to her home. Mom was there to hear my side of the story, listening to me comfort and reassure my friend. She admits to leaving the room and crying, unable to understand how I was so calm. Now...The part of the story that would go down in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul history...Mom comes into the room not a minute later. She tells me to get my shoes on, that we were driving to Glendale to troll the neighborhood where B was last seen. It was worth a shot, she said. We'd go once or twice a day, drive around, see what happens. So I humored her, and we drove almost a half an hour from 7th Avenue in Phoenix, to 89th in Glendale. The fact that we weren't picked up by cops...a car moving at a snail space through a residential area, is amazing. Later, we found out that my friend's husband had seen us, and my friend laughed at him. Suddenly, there was a black and white cat...enough for me to jump out of the car, before realizing the cat was large, and had too much black on his nose and legs. Moving on, keeping an eye on the area that seemed to have a good deal of black and white strays, I finally froze. 'B -'s B, it's B, it's B.' Sure enough, about to duck into someone's backyard, was my B. Mom hit the brakes as I leaped out of the car. If he disappeared...that was it. Then I heard my mom yell from the car, 'B.' And that son of a gun froze, did a feline double take, and turned toward us. I headed toward the house, hand out, keeping low, and the cat that my friend said ran if approached, came toward me, slowly. The closer he got, the more vocal his meows got, until he stopped in front of me, and rolled to his back. It was that move that broke me. He always did that upon seeing me, or wanting to play. He then got up, pushed his cheek against mine, and crawled into my arms.

24: I will tell you about Rex, my favorite foster dog who also happened to be my first. Rex was found tied up in a yard that was full of junk after the owners had moved out. He is such a sweet, loving boy, and I fell in love within minutes of meeting him. He was full of energy, which unfortunately resulted in several injuries to me (a black eye, a jammed finger hence the splint in the photo, a broken toe, numerous bumps and bruises, etc . . .), but that didn't lessen my love for him at all. He just needed to learn that there are different rules for an inside dog than there are for an outside dog (it become very apparent that he had previously been an outside dog). He is very smart and therefore learned the new rules very quickly (including the fact that he couldn't just pee wherever he wanted to (thankfully, he picked up on that in a matter of days). | But as wild and crazy as he was, he still loved to cuddle. He loved sitting in my lap even though he was 50+lbs. He was such a snugglebug. Rex made me laugh daily. He was always smiling himself, which typically made me chuckle especially when he was doing something that he shouldn't be doing. He'd also jump over anything that got in his way including my couch, my coffee table and my 100+lb rottie mix . . . once he jumped over my couch while my rottie mix and I were lying on it. If I were lying on the floor, he would jump over me rather than going around me. He was very efficient that way. | He also taught me a lot. He taught me that I am pretty much capable of handling anything. When I realized that he had tape worms (I won't tell you how I figured it out as it is pretty disgusting), I did not freak out. Well, I did for about 2 minutes, but I quickly got over it and handled it. He also taught me that when you love something you have to do what is best for it and not for yourself. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to give Rex up. I was so in love with him. But a family was interested in adopting him, and they had a huge yard plus someone was almost always home and the energy level of the kids matched Rex's energy level. I couldn't come close to giving him a home like that. And I knew that was the best fit for him, so I gave him up. It was hard. I cried for hours the night his new family came to get him. Heck, I'm tearing up now just thinking about it. But I know that I made the right decision. He is so happy with his forever family, and he is so loved. And that is really all that matters. Thanks! Kati

25: A couple of years ago, my foster contact called me to tell me that they had a potential foster for me, but they had to catch her first. She had befriended three dogs and would happily play with them when they outside, but she was petrified of people and would bolt whenever approached. There was a big concern for her welfare because the temperature was about to drop below freezing. I don't remember how they ended up catching her, but thankfully, they did. She had to be held at a local animal control for 5 days before I could take her home. I visited her every day, so she could get to know me. The first day I went an employee told me that she was vicious (which, by the by, was mildly comical being that she's not a big dog at all) and mean. He said that she growled and snapped whenever anyone came close to her. She was huddled in the very back of her cage trembling with fear. My heart just broke for her. Luckily, I had come prepared and had a Ziploc bag filled with cut-up hot dogs. So I threw pieces to her and talked to her. I slowly inched the pieces closer to me. After about 2 hours, she finally came and laid up against the front of the cage and let me reach in and pet her. I stayed for about another hour just talking to her and petting her. When I finally got up to leave, she jumped up against the cage and started to whimper. I placed the palm of my hand against the cage, and she started licking it and wagging her tail. I, of course, started bawling as I was just so touched. I knew at that moment that she and I were going to get along just fine. I named her Pippa (which led to nicknames like Pipsqueak, Pip Pop and Pippapotamus). | She wasn't the easiest dog, but every day she grew more trusting and more confident. From what I could tell, she had been mistreated by a human probably a man as she was more accepting of women than she was of men. She was terrified of men and reacted violently toward them (which is probably why the guy at animal control told me that she was “vicious”). Anytime I raised my voice even if I was just yelling at the television which I tend to do), she would start to shake violently and go hide somewhere. Luckily, I am pretty soft-spoken and laid-back, so that wasn't often an issue. Plus once I realized how upsetting it was to her, I made an effort to keep my voice modulated. She was not easily housebroken, but I think that was because she was so worried about being forced to become an outside dog again and therefore was afraid that I would never let her inside again. She was so fixated on being let inside that she couldn't focus on taking care of business while she was outside. But as she got more comfortable and started feeling more secure, that ceased to be a problem. Every day she came more and more out of her shell. She had such a fun little personality. She was part border collie and had a lot of border collie traits including the high intelligence and the desire to “herd”. She often would shuffle my rottie mix from one room to another. She loved to cuddle. About six weeks after she came to live with me, she was adopted by a lovely couple. I knew it was a match made in heaven because she took to the man before she did the woman. She had no issues with him whatsoever (which, of course, led to me bawling again). She continued to blossom with them. Kati Huber

26: I had never had pets before. I'm 27 and here's my story... A little bit over a year ago one cat came in my yard looking lost and started meowing. It sounded like cries, a baby crying. I had never heard that before and didn't know what to do. I was standing inside the house looking at that poor thing. I went outside and started to pet her, she would let me. She had that sad look in her eyes and I knew I had to do something. I went to get her some food and fresh water and saw how she would jump on it like she hadn't eaten in days. It broke my heart. I let her inside the kitchen and she kept coming around my legs for me to pet her. She left a little bit later only to come back after a few hours. The next day, same thing, she came over again and cried. I petted her and gave food. She's been coming every day since and she spends most of her time inside the house, near me. She has a lot of cat food, toys...I don't have a job so I don't have much money and can't afford much but the little I have I like to give to her. She doesn't miss anything and she's healthy. Most importantly she looks happy. We're family now. Since then another cat, younger, came around and did the same thing and again I felt my heart breaking and had to do something. So now, we're 3. They like playing together, they even play hide and seek with me, you wouldn't believe it. They like being outside at night and they're at the kitchen window when I get up at around 7 a.m. They're there waiting for me and it's adorable to see. Once inside the house it's party time. I can feel their love and I hope they can feel mine. What matters isn't the money I have or don't have but the love I do have for them. They've changed my life and I know I've changed theirs. Now they aren't lost anymore they have me. I love them with all my heart and never regret adopting them. I know I did something good. I couldn't think that someone just left them, they're so cute, so adorable. And I couldn't give them away knowing that in shelters here they have too many and have to kill them. Nobody will ever harm my cats, I'm here for them, forever. I am glad I could donate because it's very important to me. Anything for the animals. They always come first. - Maryline in Belgium

27: I'd like to say that you make me smile, you give me happiness. During the good and hard times you're there, even if just on my screen, it adds something positive to my life. You are a great human being with a big heart. You're devoted to others and you're always there for us, the fans. Thank you for being you. You and Jensen make a great team and Supernatural is a great show, one of the best ever made. Together you look like real brothers and it's a pleasure to watch every week. Once again, thank you for the happiness you give us all. I hope that someday I can meet you, it would be a dream come true! I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Many hugs from Belgium - Maryline

28: I was widowed at thirty four (no children), an only child with both parents dead. Acouple of animals have meant so much to me. One was a little red canary called Honey. My Dad, who was last to go died almost 6 years ago and he used to breed budgies when I was a child, but always said that we should get a canary. We never got round to it and one day after he died I called into a pet shop to get food for his fish and there was Honey. I loved her from the start and she was so different from the usual shy canary. Once she got used to me I left the door of the cage open each night and she came out and sat on my shoulder all evening. There was a programme on from Australia called Neighbours and she used to watch it and answer the birdcalls, then she fell asleep for a while. When she woke up she used to rub her head against the side of my face to get a treat (she loved broccoli). She saved me from going mad with loneliness during those first years on my own and something to come home to. Unfortunately she died last November, but she was there long enough to get me through the worst times, she was a little angel. | The other animal who was precious to me was my first dog Shandy. I was born in March and we got him in June. He was a border collie and he was trained not to bark so that he didn't disturb me. He was like a substitute sibling and I learned to walk holding on to him. He was so gentle with me and if my parents scolded me he would sneak over to me and lick my face. He was never on a lead unless we were in the country (his parents were sheepdogs and he had the instinct) and he followed me everywhere. When I was old enough we used to go to meet my Dad at the bus stop when he came home from work and Mum could always trust him to look after me. He wasn't supposed to come upstairs at night, but once the house was quiet he sneaked up and slept on the top stair and each hour he went into my parents' room then into mine to check that we were okay. He crept downstairs in the morning before Dad got up, and there was no way that we would have scolded him! I was in hospital for a few weeks when I was 16 and Shandy died while I was in there. He was almost blind but had a heart attack and it broke my heart that he was gone. He was a great dog! | The Supernatural fandom has been such a support recently. I discovered conventions in 2009 and have been to six Supernatural ones with two booked for next year (so far). I had the pleasure of meeting Jared and Jensen in Barcelona last June and have met Misha at three and Jim at two. They are all wonderful friendly people who use their fame to very good effect. Their support for their individual charities is inspiring and their interaction with their fans means so much to all of us. The Supernatural fandom is something quite special and I am so pleased and proud of their achievements. I can't really have a dog now, much as I would love to, but I'm out all day and it wouldn't be fair, so hopefully A Dog's Life can be my surrogate. I till have Dad's fish though. Good luck to all at www.supportsupernatural and keep up the great work. Best wishes Barbara M. Belfast, Northern Ireland | Honey

29: I'm always happy to find people and organizations that are willing to spend time and money to support animal causes. Too often we forget that it is our duty to care for the animals of this planet and that the animals, especially domesticated ones can offer us so much. I'd like to thank Jared and Jensen for putting their time and effort into such a great cause. The least I can do is donate a bit of my money. This is a picture of my rescued dog 'Doom the Beautiful.' He's a great pet and an awesome companion. He has an amazing demeanor and I thank God on a daily basis for bringing him into my life. He has brought joy to myself, my friends and my family with his crazy antics and his kisses of Doom. Keep up the great work on Supernatural and on rescuing dogs! - Tonia | I am an animal nut & for some reason, animals, babies & old folks are drawn to me and I would never, ever take in a baby raccoon that lost it's Mommy before her eyes & ears were even open, I would never spoil her so much that she sleeps with 3 poodles & uses a litter box. I would never, ever let them have what was going to be my Florida room as their bedroom or create an outdoor habitat for her to go out a doggie door through a tunnel to, not me. My best to you all, Susie aka nobodysbaby1 P.S. I never, ever stop traffic to get a turtle off the road either.

30: Buster's $3,000 piece of ass!! | Thank you for supporting “A Dog’s Life Rescue” by donating so many items to help raise much needed funds for the animals in need, you rock! - Vanda | Since I was 4, all of my pets have been shelter animals which I have loved & cared for dearly, but my current pet Buster has been the one that's most affected me. Here is his story... This is Buster... he's a pit bull with a heart of gold, and the most playful nature you've ever seen in a dog. Buster is my best buddy in the whole universe. He follows me everywhere I go, and misses me like crazy when I leave for work every day. He's always there waiting anxiously for me when I come home... tail wagging, and eyes full of love and anticipation. Buster had developed 2 tumors... one on the base of his left ear and one on his scrotum less than two years ago and had undergone surgery to remove them before they became threatening. After two separate surgeries two weeks apart. He had persevered through endless discomfort during recovery and I spent 1 month taking care of him and sleeping on the floor with him until all his stitches were removed. He made a full recovery though and I was back to his old self in no time. It was heartbreaking to see this happy dude without a care in the world totally oblivious to what was happening to him. Having to put up with the almighty bucket collar for a whole month, losing his dog-hood and a 3rd of his left ear! On Christmas Day 2009 I made a discovery that Buster's cancer has returned. We booked to see the vet on Saturday. On Monday morning we had an appointment with the Specialist for an ultrasound and X-rays... to see if the cancer had spread to any other parts of his body. If it was isolated surgery would proceed.

31: We made it to the surgery where I signed us in, and we sat and waited patiently for the specialist who very honest about what we were to expect & he pointed out the possible scenarios & our options in each instance. I walked Buster to the pen where he would relax until it was time to begin. I gave him a tight cuddle, and kissed him on the head as I always do, and he licked my nose repeatedly! Then my brother & I headed off so I could get to work on time by 8.30am. Once I got to work I started in on keeping busy to try and distract myself from worrying. My phone rang around lunchtime. I held my breath as I answered the phone scared of what was to come...I was relieved at what I heard. No other tumors were found, the tumors Buster had were isolated which was great, and all other test results were excellent. Surgery was OK to go ahead. He did say though that it would be a deep incision, and that Buster would need a skin graft, to help close the wound. Surgery as it was clearly the best option for completely removing the tumors, and seeing as Buster was already under it would be easier than having to wake him up & knock him out again. He would call me once surgery was complete. I waited anxiously for the rest of the day, and I was on my way home from work when I got another call. Surgery went better than expected with no complications. They would keep him there for about a week to ensure that the graft is successful, but the surgeon was very happy with the result, saying he was confident Buster would make a full recovery. Buster came home on his 9th birthday. I waited anxiously for the call all day and around 4pm my phone rang. It was the surgery to tell me that Buster was good to go! I literally jumped out of my seat with joy. I rushed home from work and straight down to the hospital. I think Buster realized we were there 'cause I could hear him yelping, out the back. Eventually, out walked the surgeon with Buster alongside. He looked so miserable, and then he realized who he was looking at and came running straight up to me, licking me like he hadn't seen me for years. It certainly felt like that for me too. The surgeon explained all the details and said all indications so far point to the best result possible. The discharge had slowed considerably, but he still has the drainage tube inserted, which would be removed in a week's time. The graft was looking fantastic, and the Surgeon was extremely pleased with the outcome. I must say he did a wonderful job on the stitches...My brother said they looked better than stitches he's seen on human surgery. The surgeon said Buster now has a few nipples where they shouldn't be, but that's no worry for Buster - LMAO. We made it to the vet's nice and early for Buster's drainage tube removal! Buster was really well-behaved during the removal, hardly flinched a bit. The pathology report came in, and there was good & bad news. The good news was that they confirmed the tumour was successfully removed completely meaning it will probably not return in that same spot. The bad news is that the cancer has now been upgraded to stage 3. (That means that there are cancer cells present in his body, and that one day it would return elsewhere.) The day finally arrived; Buster's stitches were finally going to come out. Buster was very energetic that morning. It was like he knew.!We made it into the car for the usual wrestling match during the short drive to the vet. The surgeon discussed the best option for getting the stitches out. We tried without sedation but trying to wrestle a 35kg (70lb)dog onto his back was not going to be an easy feat. There were over 180 stitches to be removed and after several failed attempts we decided to give him a mild dose of sedative to settle him down. It was supposed to take about 15 minutes to take effect, but Buster was fighting all the way... so it took closer to an hour. The surgeon finally removed all the stitches & after examining the scars, concluded that the graft was healing perfectly. We thanked everyone for taking such wonderful care of Buster, and for saving his life, and made it back to the car for a not-so-difficult ride home. Buster was still a little woozy so he actually didn't move an inch for the entire ride back. When we made it to the driveway though, he bounced out of the car like there was no tomorrow.

32: If you keep making the episodes, I'll keep watching them. That's a promise from me to them. Supernatural is without a doubt the best show on television. -Matt Parantha | You have brought so much joy and laughter back into my life, so THANK YOU for all of your hard work. You have been Blessed with endless talent and it's great to know that you still remember where you came from and stay grounded. Wishing you continued success! Michele McLeod | I'd like to thank you for being a great actor and an awesome person.You bring an immense amount of joy to my life. - JaCaria Williams | I, of course, have supported A Dog's Life Rescue for Supernatural, but also because I have had more than one rescue dog. My current dog, Snickers, was adopted over a decade ago from a local shelter. We were her 3rd family, her last family moved and could not take her with them, and they made the shelter promise they would not put her down and find her a home. She is half beagle, half basset hound and completely funny looking. When I first saw her on the Internet, I thought 'Hmmmm, who would want that weird looking dog?' But our vet was convinced that she would be a perfect fit for our family. She was right. Something people may not realize about shelters, at least my local one, is the effort they put into placing the right pet into the right home. Rescuing a dog is rewarding for both the family and the pet, and donating is a great way to put one more pet with the right family. - Heidi Hall | I love watching you in the show every week. You do an incredible job and you blow me away with the intensity and the lighter scenes. P.S. I was late coming to Supernatural because I was mad at Dean Forester. I'm not really an animal person, and they can sense that most of the time. Last summer, though, I went to visit a friend for a few days and her cat, who normally doesn't like strangers, loved me. She cuddled right up next to me on the couch. It was really sweet. -Adina Judovin | Thank you for being in a show that continues to delight, amuse and entertain and thank you for your support of this wonderful cause. We adopted a 1 year old pitbull that had been abused by its previous owner. From the day we brought him home we could see he wanted us to love him but he was afraid, it took patience but he eventually learned to trust us. He was such a loving addition to our family and we were heartbroken when he passed a few years ago. It taught me that with love and patience anything is possible. - Robin Giangarra

33: What can I say that hasn't been said before? You guys are fantastic, as actors and as people. You're my role models--keep doing what you're doing. There have been two dogs in my life that I will always remember. One is my first pet, my puppy Heidi. I got her from the Humane Society when she was a year old. She sadly passed away last year. The one thing I loved the most about her was how she would sleep in my room at the foot of my bed. Granted, it wasn't so fun when she jumped ON my bed ( :D ) but when she laid in my room with me, I felt so safe. I still miss that sometimes. The other dog is Misha-puppy. (Guess where he got the name? ;P ) I don't think I've ever loved a living creature so much--it's overwhelming sometimes. We've had him for a few months now. It's funny, because I'm in college, and I've been feeling completely clueless as to what I want to do when it's over. In the past two months, as I've been feeling more and more clueless, I've started donating to A Dog's Life Rescue, watching a new show I love about dog rescues, and of course, adopting Misha-puppy, and the joy I've felt from this has led me to believe that this is what I'm meant to do, to work with animals. It's only a small step towards finding my future--but a step closer. So thanks to Supernatural and Jensen and Jared, Support Supernatural, A Dog's Life Rescue, and Misha-puppy--you guys have all changed my life. -Martika Allen | My name's Marla Hilmer, known Shark Goddess on Twitter & Sharky2055 on You Tube. I love my family & friend, dogs, sharks and Supernatural. It's my dream that overfishing & finning of sharks will cease, I'll start a no kill dog shelter and have my scripts for Supernatural turned into shows for Season 7. I love dogs & they have always been a large part of my life. My dogs, Jellee, a 3yr poodle mix and Athena, 3yr bichon/jackrussell mix, both adopted from local city shelter, along with my husband, give me strength to keep believing and working on my scripts. It's because of your show that I've embarked on a new career. I am finally putting my writing skills to professional use as a script - screenplay writer. You are an incredibly gifted actor & I'd be honored to give the scripts to you and tell you about my girls, my furbabies, in person. | Thank you for supporting A Dog's Life Rescue organization. Your help and sponsorship will bring an awareness to the public of the need of so many abandoned or discarded" animals that deserve loving people to give them loving homes. I have been a "foster mom" in the Michigan area for the past 15 years and realize the need that is out there to help these animals. Thank you, again, for your support and for the great work you and your crew "behind the scenes" do on Supernatural. It is a pleasure to watch you "interact" each week with Jensen. By the way, what is the temperature in Vancouver tonight? Here in Michigan it is 19 degrees with snow falling. Happy holidays to you and your families, and much success in 2011! -Carol Frazee

34: Jensen and Jared - you guys are my all - time favorite TV show duo. I have to first say that I have never before seen a pair of leading actors with the chemistry you have. I adore both of you, but I have to say that I emote more with Dean. My friends Dana and Kristi over at "The EMF Podcast" have been accusing me of having a mancrush on Dean (Jensen) for a long time. Mostly because in my eamils to them I tend to take Dean's side in any situation. Now, I'm not nearly as tough or strong as Dean physically - but I am gifted with a psychological strength that won't quit. I certainly don't mean to undermine Jared's Sam - but here is the reason I count myself as one of the "Dean" guys. I am an older brother to one younger brother (he is 10 years my junior). I practically helped raise him. (He is technically my half brother - he was born after my Mom got divorced and married his Dad). But you wouldn't find two closer full blood brother anywhere on the planet. We are so close that I can even instinctively tell what he's thinking. He now lives about 3 hours away but when he has a bad day- I can feel it in my bones. And I know when he needs me to call so he can unload on somebody. Being an older brother is almost exactly how Jensen makes it look when he's playing Dean. There are a lot of people I care about, but very few that I would literally lay down my own life for. Brothers are like that. Especially little brothers. Every time I see him the first thing I see isn't Chris (his name) as he is now - but as a toddler who needed me to change a diaper that his Dad wouldn't touch when Mom was out of the house because that was "Woman's Work". So yes, I did my share of diaper changing. A second point is that we had a really rough life growing up. But the whole point of this story is that I know the on-screen relationship between Dean and Sam intimately – and no one I know could play it out better that you guys, Jensen and Jared. From someone whose been there – it’s sometimes chilling to remember through your scenes how much I had to do to protect my baby brother and myself just to make it out alive. And therein lies the crux of why I emote more with Dean – I have always been the older brother – the one who had to be strong, to sacrifice, and to make sure I kept the one person on Earth who depended on me safe. So, kudos to you Jared – you are an amazing actor and I always love your work (in personality I am more like you as Sam – cool, calm, logically thinking ways out of situations) but in every other way I am like Jensen’s Dean – there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my family and loved ones – I can say with every fiber of my being – family isn’t dictated only by blood. So thank you for every week reminding me that family is worth the fight. And that we have to do the things that are necessary because somebody has to – but not many are willing. Jared and Jensen, I salute you both. You both do a Helluva job. Your very admiring fan, Much Love, Terry Woodson (Facebook: TeknoKai, Twitter @TeknoKai) PS – I know that you don’t know this, but I’ve been doing it for the last several years anyway. I am a HUGE supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the March of Dimes – I make donations to each of them 3 times a year – on May 8, I donate in the name of my favorite singer Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden) for his Birthday, on July 19 I donate to each of them in honor of you, Jared, for your Birthday, and on March 1 I make a donation to each of them in honor of you, Jensen, for your birthday. I’ve been doing this for the last 5 years (Though I’ve been donating in honor of Darren for maybe the last 10). I always choose the option to have the “Donation Made in Your Honor” card they send out to the addresses I have for your publicists – and I’m sure you never get them, but I just wanted to let you know that you are thought of. And greatly appreciated.

35: To everyone involved in a dog's life, SupportSPN and all the guys at Supernatural, thank you all for your hard work and thank you for shedding light on a great cause. I am lucky enough to have been touched by rescue pets and without your work there would be a lot more animals in a sad situation. So thank you. I have always had rescue pets from a young child, something that my parents thought us was that there are pets that are unfortunate enough to not have a home. The 1st pets that I can remember were 2 Great Danes, as a kid of around 4 years old i thought we had horses! My father took them in as puppies, they were going to be dumped by the owner as he could not look after them, I remember them being bigger than me and in a 3 bedroom flat with my my parents and my brother and sister, it being crowded. When they grew to the great size that they they were given new homes as police dogs. They were trained in drug search. it was pretty cool and we got to visit them often. From there we had several dogs mostly either strays or pets that people could not look after, at one point we had 3 cats, 2 dogs, half a dozen gold fish and a canary. All in our crazy little flat. 3 years ago our beautiful German Sheppard 'Sasha' died, she was 15 years old and could no longer walk. She was the runt of the litter and was not expected to live more that a year. but my parents being my parents took her in, the other option was her being put down. she was crazy and amazing. She would let anyone in the house, but nip them in the bottom on the way out the door. My father once set fire to the frying pan and the fire brigade were called. They too received the same treatment.! Currently we have 2 rescue cats, one was beaten ('Saraman') and one ('Graham')"was found on a building site with the rest of the litter. (the names they had before we had them :o)) Its taken 4 years but they are amazing and strange and funny and loving. I will never understand who people can be cruel to animals or toss them out on the street like rubbish. I am truly grateful to my parents of always allowing us to take in any strays that we found on the street and showing us how wonderful having pets is. The work that you all do is fantastic and I want to thank you all. I want to say thank you to SPN and support SPN for bringing this charity some light so that people like myself can have the opportunity to donate and help in the small way that we can. Well I have gone on enough, so please let me say again, THANK YOU. Regards Lee R.

36: This is a list of the rest of the donors in our campaign. Without them we could have not exceeded our 2010 goal! THANK YOU ALL. | AmyinSydney @chchristenson @GraceSimms @may_esq @nadinect23 @squeemonster Abby G. DiLeonardo Alessandra Baker Alisa Heflin Amanda Fairbrother Amy L Tapia Amy Palermo Amy Rinearson Amy Roberts Amy in Sydney Angele Bossuat Annika Astradsson barbiecan Becky G Brenda Brittany Marie Just Carmen Rodriguez Carolyn Hennesy Castina Wallace Charly Collins Cynthia Jean Baldwin Darynda Jones Dave K Deedee Box Desiree Lopez DudeUfuglySPN Elizabeth Scibetti Ellen Bridges Ellie Murasaki Emily C Erica Hohing Erin McCloud | Frank Edwards Gem2me Gia Brainerd Hannah-reinranko Heather Hebert Heather McGinnis Ian Martine Jabber_Moose Jackie Welch Jamie Rose Flowers Janessa Jennifer C. jessica7779 joking11 Julia Brown K Hawksworth Kait C. Kat Siffel Katelyn Michelle Ugarph Kathrine Blois Kathy & Sandy Stephens KatiSue77 Kazamigorical Kelly Donahue Kim Dawson Kimberly Dawson Lauren Schatten Leah Harvey Leslie Davis Liana (mousitsa) Lianna Mika Linda Shaffer Lisa Herman Loren Steins Mallory Butler MandySC Margaret Gallagher Megan | Megan Elsinger Megan P. Megan Russell Melanie Cox Melissa Cruz Meredith J Jacobs Michelle L. Simmons Michelle Lynn Mingo MJ Molly E Nichole Bentley Nicole Bogusky Nicole M. Murray Nikki Moore Pamela A. Mulkey Patricia Carter-Falotico Peter Melvin Pinkfinity Robin G Comer Robin Helene Vogel Robyn Elizabeth Facchiano Sabine Eichenberger Sara M. Sara Meeks Sarah E Fasnacht Sarah Kaplan Shari Shari Lynn Weiss Todd Stephanie Ann Patterson sue2dw Syndy Box Tally Recher Tara R Ferguson Terri Samuels Tonia Schneider Whitney P. Smith WInchester Daily Winschwester :)

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