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Josie - Page Text Content

BC: April 26, 2008 - May 17, 2010

FC: Our Sweet Girl Josie

4: A dog is a bundle of love wrapped in fur."

5: Whoever said you can't buy love forgot little puppies. - Gene Hill

6: Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. - Robert Brault

7: "My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet."-Edith Wharton

8: tug-of-war...one of my favorites | 'No matter how little money or how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.' - Louis Sabin

9: Daddy's Girl

10: Training sessions with my 'big' brother

12: 'Happiness is a warm puppy.' - Charles Shultz

14: A Dog's Life

15: A day at the lake!

17: Back to normal :) | Allergic reaction to the Rabies vaccination :(

18: I had so much fun playing in the muddy 'French drain' my dad dug just for me :)

21: Best Friends

22: A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings

23: I love, love, love the water

25: Lucky Dog

26: I love to play ball... almost as much as I love my daddy.

27: 'No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.' - Charles Morley

28: Winter Snow 2010

29: Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Roger Caras

30: Tribute to Josie | Dear Josie, As we write this we are still hoping that we will wake up tomorrow and you will be at the back door, wagging your tail, and that your tragic death will be one bad dream. We want you know how much you were loved and that you will always have a place in our hearts. You brought us so much joy in the two short years you were with us. We laid you to rest in Harmontown; it seemed only fitting to take you back to the place where you loved to run free chasing birds, swim in the pond, and take walks with us through the woods. At the head of your grave we planted a Lorapetalum bush, the shrub you would always take a bite out of every time you walked past it. We miss you so much. You were the 'sunshine' of our home. Below are some of the little things that remind us of you and bring us joy when we think of them. You were, and always will be, our 'sweet girl.' We love you always, Preston and Angela | -You loved to play ball, frisbee, go on walks, swim, play tug-of-war with Samson, chase birds, and most of all, RUN. You were really, really fast. -You always wanted to please and you were always very obedient. And very smart. You knew all the commands. -You loved to chew on rawhides. You never buried your bones. You always ate them immediately...as fast as you could. :)

31: -You would sneak out of your crate at night (whose door was left unlatched when Preston was gone so you could defend me if someone broke in) and sleep out on the bedroom floor. When you would hear my alarm go off or me getting out of bed, you would dash back into your crate and pretend you had been there the whole night!:) I laughed at you every single time. -You loved your backyard and would sit on the highest part of it (we called it your 'pride rock') and just look around and survey your yard. You had a defined path around it's perimeter, behind the hydrangea, that you would habitually jog. The one time I made the mistake of infringing upon your backyard and planted tulip bulbs and potted pansies, you dug up the bulbs and ate them and proceeded to eat all the flower heads off the pansies. -You would always walk right next to Preston the whole time he mowed the grass in the backyard. Back and forth. Back and forth. -You always barked at and bit the vacuum cleaner and the swiffer when I cleaned the floors. -You loved to chomp on ice cubes. -You loved to catch popcorn in the air as Preston tossed it to you. -You loved to take turns with Samson nibbling apple cores after Preston finished them. You would always patiently await your turn as the apple alternated between you and Samson. He would try to take big bites out of it, but you always nibbled it like it was an ear of corn. -You loved to ride in the car and would stick your head out the window. You were always up for an adventure.

32: -You loved all other dogs, except Daschunds. You hated Daschunds. Not in a violent way, but you would always bark and growl at them like crazy. -You were the messiest drinker EVER., and would drip water all over the kitchen floor, after splashing it all around and out of your bowl. -Your hair that you shed would form 'tumbleweeds' on the floor. -You would 'heel' while Preston had a treat in his hand, but as soon as he gave it to you, you would surge ahead and start pulling on your leash again. -Your back legs looked like Mr. Tumnus when you would walk fast. -You would snore ever so slightly at night, especially after a hard day of playing. -You would gingerly take a treat from our hands if we told you to 'take it like a good girl.' -You would raise up on your back legs (like a bear) and look out the front door window if you heard something outside. And every time you would bark, you would shake your head. -You would obediently sit and wait for me to give you the 'ok' before you would eat if I told you to 'leave it' as I put your food in your bowl. You wanted it so badly you would drool, but you always waited for your command. -You laid on my feet every morning as I blow-dried my hair and you followed me around so closely that if I suddenly stopped you would bump into my legs. You were my precious little shadow. You would even follow me into the closet every morning and as I put on my shoes, you would wag you tail at me, causing my jeans and skirts to swing on their hangers.

33: -You were jealous of Preston and would give me 'mean looks' when he would hug or kiss me. --You had a distinctive way you shuffled your feet around the house as you walked and you would always carry around one of your toys in your mouth. -You weren't allowed on the couch, but when Preston wasn't there and I was sitting on the couch, you would put your front legs and half of your body up on the couch and lie on my lap, while keeping your back legs on the floor. -You would stand by the front door and peer through a potted plant to 'spy' on Preston and me if we were watching TV and not giving you attention. -You loved your brother Samson so much and were always very protective of him. When he would get in trouble, as I would scold him, you would put yourself in front of him and try to take his punishment. You would always sit beside me as I gave him his baths and watch every move I made. When I blow-dried his hair, you would lie on the floor next to us with your head propped up on my legs and just watch me dry him. -You loved water and always made sure you splashed through every puddle you saw, especially the muddy French Drain while it was in construction. :) -You would come and sit in front of us and put your paw up on our knees if you wanted our attention. Or you would stand in front of us and just lie your head on our knees and stare at us with those big, beautiful brown eyes of yours. -You loved us so much. Even as a puppy when we accidentally left the back gate open, instead of running away, you walked around and just sat on our front doorstep and waited for us to open it for you to come back in. Also as a puppy, you would walk around our neighborhood between Preston and me with no leash.

34: -You would 'rabbit run' when you got really fired up about something and would run around really fast with your tail between your legs and your ears laid back. -You liked to lie on your back on the floor and hold up your toy between your paws and chew on it. -You liked for Samson to chase you around the house, barking at you. When you were small, you would run and dive under the couch. That didn't last long because you grew so fast. After that you just had to run and escape him with your speed and quick maneuvering. -You also liked to try to get Samson's bones away from him while he was chewing on them. He would growl at you and you would turn your head away but keep your eyes cut over to the side to look at him. -You would 'nibble' on us in the sweetest, gentlest way while we were playing. -You didn't have a mean bone in your body. Big dogs would pick on you at the dog park and you would always just lie down and surrender to them. -You loved to eat and would inhale your food in record time. Without chewing it. Same with treats. You would swallow them whole. -Your favorite toy was your 'chuck-it.' When you would see one of us get it from the garage, you would start jumping like a kangaroo all the way to the front door. It was the one thing that got you so excited that your 'exercise induced collapse' episodes would occur. I had to make you take frequent breaks to prevent these episodes. After you would drink some water, when I wanted you to drink more and would tell you to 'get a drink,' you would put your paw in the water. ;) -You loved everyone and everything, and never had a bad day. Your tail was always wagging.

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