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Let's Be Friends

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FC: Let's Be Friends | By Bruno Riga and Robert Camacho

1: We would like to dedicate this book to Sophia, Spooky, and Salem. We love you very much.

2: There once was a clumsy and goofy dog named Sophia. Sophia lived with the Riccacho family; along with her feline nemesis named Leroy. Leroy was a cat who was really smart and had good manners.

3: But he did not like Sophia. Neither did Sophia like him. Together they would always fight like normal cats and dogs would.

4: Their fights got so bad, that sometimes, Mrs. Riccacho would have to stop the fight. Now, Sophia wants to be friends with Leroy, but it just doesn't work.

5: Every time Sophia tries to become friends with him, Leroy makes fun of her because of how goofy she is. Sometimes, Leroy would say, “Hey Goofy, are you friends with Mickey!”

6: Sophia was really tired with this and knew that she was faster than Leroy, so she decided to chase him.

7: Hours past and still, Sophia couldn't catch that cat! “I thought I was faster than that mean Leroy! Why does he have to be so mean to me? I really want to be friends with him.” She complained.

8: “Hey Goofy, come and catch me if you can! Ya slowpoke!” Sophia was a German shepherd who was getting old. After running for a long time, she'd get tired and her hips would start to hurt. Her bones would get weak and sore. And it hurt her very much.

9: "What's the matter Sophia, are you getting old?" After Leroy said that, Sophia gave up with him, and ignored him. She went to sleep for a little bit just to get her mind off of everything that had happened with Leroy.

10: Sophia became so relaxed and calm, that she didn't even need a blanket to sleep.

11: She had her cozy fur to cover her for warmth.

12: When Sofia woke up, she realized Leroy was at the wide open door. He was walking closer and closer and closer! “Leroy, where are you going?” Sophia asked. “Don't worry about me.” He answered. Leroy noticed a piece of yarn out in the front yard and really wanted to play with it, so he dashed outside to go fetch it. When he did, Sophia went to go chase him. Once they both were outside and were nowhere to be found, Mrs. Riccacho closed the door not realizing that her two favorite pets were locked outside! And that's not the worst of it.

14: When they dashed out of the house, they ran too far from the house, and got lost! “Great! What are we gonna do now!” Leroy exclaimed. “Don't worry, I'll find us a way back in.” Sophia said. “Yeah right. With your help Sophia we'll probably end up on the highway.” Leroy joked.

15: As they were walking along the sidewalk trying to find their way home, Leroy and Sophia spotted a stray dog. The dog was trying to go after Sophia. "Hey you! You wanna' come with me, I have some really nice games to play." the dog said.

16: Leroy realized there was something wrong about this. Especially when the dog shoved her into the street. “Hey you leave that dog alone. You got it.” Leroy screamed. The stay dog got scared and ran away. Sophia looked at Leroy confused, “You saved me Leroy!” she said. “Yes, thanks for stating the obvious.” He explained. “You're welcome.” Sophia said with pride. | “I just didn't want to see you get hurt that's all.” Leroy said. “Does this mean you care for me?” she asked with concern. “You know what, Sophia; maybe you're not such a goof ball afterwards. You're a very nice dog.” Leroy said. “But yes, maybe I do care for you. After all, you do live with me. I think that deserves a friendship.” He continued.

17: So Leroy and Sophia became friends, but still had one problem. They were lost and couldn't find their way home. But they were very determined and were confident that they would get back home somehow.

18: While finding a way to get home, Sophia saw Mr. Riccaho driving in his car. It was that time of the day where he was on his way home from work. So, she decided that if he's going home, then Sophia and Leroy can find their way home if they follow his car. “What a great idea!” Leroy said. | So, working as a team, Leroy and Sophia ran together as fast as they could, until they found their way home.

19: Sophia's hip started to bother her. She started to slow down. “Ouch, my him is hurting me!” she complained. “Sophia c’mon you have to be strong if you want to get home!” Leroy exclaimed.

20: So Sophia knew she wanted to get home, and tried her hardest to ignore her pain. “Alright, Ill do it. Lets get home Leroy!” she screamed and continued to run at a fast pace. They never took their eyes off of Mr. Riccacho and his car. Luckily after miles and miles of running, the two pets returned to their home thanks to Sophia's great idea. Mr. Riccacho got out of his car to find Leroy and Sophia in the front yard.

21: “Hey you guys, how was your day?” he asked. All the pets did was licked his face thanking him for coming home when he did. When Mr. Riccacho went inside, Leroy jumped onto Sophia.

22: “SOPHIA YOU DID IT! YOU FOUND OUR WAY BACK HOME!” he screamed with joy! “Hey, I did didn't I.” she said. “Yes you did, and I never thought you could do it. Thank you so much for saving the both of us. And I’m sorry that I didn't have faith in you.” He explained.

23: “Its okay, Leroy, I know your sorry. I’m glad I was able to help.” Sophia said. “I know you are, and if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here right now. So why don't we go back inside, and watch some re-runs of Tom and Jerry!” Leroy offered. “Id like that. Id like that a lot.” Sophia responded. And the two went inside and stayed best friends forever and ever.

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  • Title: Let's Be Friends
  • Sophia is a dog who acts very clumsy and goofy. But she isn't alone in the Ricacho residents. There also is Leroy, one of the smartest cats in the world! Together, they fight like a normal cat and dog would. They chase each other throughout the house and never get along. But when an accident occurs, the two are forced to get along to find thier way back home.
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