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Memories of 1000 Pugs

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Memories of 1000 Pugs - Page Text Content

S: The Year of the Pug

BC: Inspired by Amanda Bradshaw 2012

FC: 1000 Pugs ~ Through the Eyes of the Other 999

1: Amanda, On the following pages, you will find a collection of behind the scenes photos and memories, in gratitude for all that you did, the year you dropped everything. For the pugs. We hope you enjoy it. Much love, The other 999

2: Whatever it takes to get the shot

3: Smiles everyone!!!

4: Dallas 3/9-12

6: Fort Worth Stockyards Puglet hanging out waiting for his fans to arrive, with his favorite Texan Mark

7: Grapevine Botanical Gardens Tiffy the Cabbage Patch Pug | Tiffy getting her supermodel on

8: Amanda, I remember all of the extreme excitement in the air when your awesome project was announced. The anticipation of being a part of it and having Payton’s picture taken by such a phenomenal photographer was overwhelming! And then when Payton passed before her hot dog and brat shoot in Milwaukee, it was a nightmare of reminders that she was gone. My life now had a huge hole in it, not to mention a page would be missing from the 1000 Pugs book. I beat myself up constantly about not taking your offer of an open slot in TX. Even after experiencing so much fun in Dallas, and getting to meet THE Puglet and his nice human, I wanted nothing more to do with this pug craziness. But then when my husband, Tim, suggested that we travel to meet more of Payton’s blog buddies, suddenly the 1000 Pugs and the Remembering Payton Tours were intertwined. What a blessing to have a reason for so many pugs and their people to get together in one spot! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t still hard and very emotional to meet at the photo shoot locations, but I will be forever grateful for the opportunities it provided. I also can't thank you enough for trusting Tim and I to keep an eye on Pug. In Minneapolis, he was a comfort on my lap (although only wishing for a bite of chocolate bread) while I was able to talk to a dear friend about Payton for the first time. In Milwaukee, he lifted Tim’s spirits by recognizing him and showing excitement to hang with another dude. These trips were such a welcome distraction and all of the love and support from the great people and pugs that we met helped us to begin the healing process. After seeing you in Dallas TX, Minneapolis MN, Milwaukee WI, New York City NY, and Toronto Canada, I certainly earned the title of stalker by the 1000 Pugs tour conclusion, and I was sad that it was over.. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would want a 1000 Pugs book on my coffee table, but now I think I’ll be one of the first in line to buy what I know is going to be an amazing treasure.

9: For you and the pugs (both in the book and at the rescues), I wish nothing but huge success and happiness. Thank you for this incredible project, for your dedication and love of the breed, and for all that you did for me in such a dark time of my life, not even knowing it. Love, Christy and Tim and Angel Payton

10: Atlanta 4/13-16

11: We were SO excited to drive down from Nashville for Phyllis and Priscilla's chance to model for Amanda. We got to meet Puglet while we waited our turn, can't you see how starstuck they are? Amanda was wonderful. My two old girls are a little deaf and a little blind and she had them modeling their curly tails off! Th e experience couldn't have been better! Phyllis and Priscilla even got to stay in their first hotel and eat onion rings at The Varsity. I am incredibly happy that I got to be a part of this project with my two rescue girls.

12: Miami 4/20-23

13: Welcome to Winwood Arts District in the heart of Miami, Florida!

14: pug # 304 and pug-to-be # 1

15: Thank you so much, Amanda, for your dedication to make this project possible and for your patience with my little ones. It was awesome to get to meet you and we really hope we get to meet Pug sometime soon. Sandra, Amelia & Coco

16: Minnesota 5/11-14

17: Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Minneapolis. It was thrilling to spend so much time with Pug. Not many people out there can say that they have been stink-butted by the one and only Puglet. I think it was because Michele and I refused to share the chocolate bread. Seriously, we had a great time hanging out as you finished your last appointment for the day and then getting to talk with you at Panera Bread for dinner was icing on the cake. Love, Christy

18: Sabrina and I traveled to Minneapolis from Winnipeg, Canada. I had purchased a photography lesson through the Kickstarter program which meant we got to spend the whole afternoon with Amanda. Sabrina did her best to look ridiculously cute for the camera, however she found the whole experience somewhat scary - right up until Puglet came on the scene and showed her how it's done. Under Puglet's mentorship Sabrina was able to overcome her fears pose her tail off.

19: I had a great time with Amanda sharing our love of photography and pugs - and sharing her Nikon lenses was pretty terrific too. I learned so much and have been able use many of her tips in photographing dogs in rescue. This was an afternoon I will remember forever. ~ Shaila & Sabrina

20: Amanda is beautiful ! Thank you for letting me a part of this project.

21: Minneapolis, MN Best mother's day ever to have Amanda take Sammy and Neko's pictures. Sammy being a puppy mill rescue, she was afraid of everything, but Amanda did her magic : ) Neko loved Amanda's voice. I loved playing with Puglet. One of the best days in my life. Thank you for being so wonderful to both pugs and humans. Manami Berdan

22: Pug #1 loving up on one of his fans | You and your assistant working to get just the right shot at St. Anthony Main

23: Interviewing with the local paparazzi. Puglet being camera shy?!!!!!

24: Milwaukee 5/18-20

25: Pug: Buddy Keaton ~ #442 Human: Michelle Photoshoot: 5/20/12 | Buddy taking it all in. | The Jimmy master supreme! | Buddy and Pug the official meet. | Super Famous ~ PUG!

26: Waiting for our 15 minutes of fame. | Enjoying Lake Michigan pre-shoot. | "I sit like this mom?" | Cindy Grieze giving Pug some love. Ellie was not amused. | During the photoshoot, Amanda tried her best to get Buddy to pose in the grass. He wasn't having it. The two pictures of him in the grass are from my cell phone. On the way back home, Buddy was like, "oh. I sit here, right mom?" He did it all on his own. It still cracks me up when I see these pictures today.

27: My experience of the 1k photoshoot was phenomenal. I wish I had had the time and money and resources to help Amanda through out this entire (near impossible) project she took on...but even though I couldn't, it was such an amazing project to be a part of. I don't care about any of the delays or the drive (from Columbus OH to Milwaukee WI. 10 hours) or any of it. It was a tremendous experience and I am so happy and lucky to have had the chance to be a part of it. Whether Amanda realizes it or not, she really truly is an inspiration to so many of us. What she does for these animals, and not just the 1k project, but all the pictures she takes.....each photo takes my breath away. She has found her calling (and the pugs have answered!)

28: As you can imagine, Milwaukee was the hardest of all our trips around the country. It was heartbreaking not to have Payton with us, but there was also so much love. The kind PugFest folks made sailor hats for the river cruise goers and collected donations for PDE research in Payton's honor. Gampy made this trip too, and he had a blast getting to meet Puglet! Love, Christy

29: Bribing Pug with a marrow bone! | Puglet posing for Tim on a walk around the Horny Goat! | Tim and Pug! | Pug and Gampy!

30: Gen & Foo channel their inner divas under Amanda's magical spell

31: Gen | Puglet observes closely | Foo

32: Amidst one of the largest gatherings of pugs in the Midwest, three days of pug shooting took place. One of the these was hosted at the Horny Goat, a micro-brewery in Milwaukee. The venue was overtaken by scores of pugs and their people. #435 and #436 were among them. | May 19-21 Milwaukee, WI | Foo

35: Ellie & Puglet | May 21, 2012

36: Getting the chance to have Ellie photographed for this project was, in my opinion, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The day for her photo-shoot was a beautiful day. | The location, North Point Light Station, was just perfect. I loved the lighthouse. We had a bit of a wait and enjoyed watching Amanda work with the pugs ahead of Ellie. She has such a way with them...

37: ...she is a pug whisperer for sure. However, Ellie didn't seem to be listening to anyone during her session - even a pug whisperer. Ellie was sassy and barked the entire time. The entire shoot was done with Ellie between my legs. | I loved the entire experience. I hung out after Ellie's session and spent some time with Puglet. He is such a superstar and smelled faintly of bacon :)

39: I would like to say thank you to Amanda. This was an amazing experience that I was proud to have been involved in. Pugs & Kisses, Cindy & Ellie (pug 439 of 1000)

40: Our journey began on Friday, May 18, 2012 | 4 hours later ... we made it to Wisconsin | We stayed at The Comfort Suites

41: Our photo shoot was in Milwaukee's Third Ward District

42: We were so excited to meet Puglet | And Amanda, too!

43: We got to meet a lot of the wonderful people and pugs in person and in the fur that we have met through our blog | Thank you, Amanda, for allowing us to be a part of this awesome project Love Ellen & Gordon and Zoe #414, Peyton #415, Webster #416 & Liberty #417

44: We decided to join in on the Milwaukee shoot since we wanted to attend Pugfest. This involved traveling 14 hours with 2 of my furry 6. What a great ending to a great weekend. Kiki was not able to be part of the shoot, you know that 100% Pug thing, but she tagged along and Stewie our most recent little "lion-hearted" rescue did. | Stewie was the first shoot on Monday morning. We were a little panicky driving to the park, but were so happy when we got there and saw all the great lion statues and the lighthouse!

45: Stewie would have posed ANYWHERE for Amanda, she is a dog whisperer for sure! | We had a blast and can't wait to see everyone's photos and someday the entire book!!! Pug Hugs, Debbie & Stewie #437

47: I was so excited when I read about this project. Not only was this my first time at Pugfest, but Mia was going to get the opportunity to be a part of something very special. I'm proud that we could be a part of such an amazing project. It was wonderful meeting Amanda and Puglet. | Watching Amanda work was a delight. Mia can be stubborn and Amanda had her sitting in the middle of flowers and plants like she did it every day. Thank you Amanda for taking on this project and showing the world how special our smushie faced babies are. Jess & Mia #440 of 1000

48: Portland 6/8-11

50: Our pug Hugo was lucky enough to be added on at the last minute after we had thought we lost our chance at being part of the 1000 Pugs project. We were beyond thrilled when Amanda squeezed us in for a fun shoot at Voodoo Donuts! Hugo is a pretty hyper little man but she did so great with him and was very patient and kind. We were lucky enough to visit with Amanda, Pug, and Dutch for awhile after the shoot and had such a blast!

51: -Amanda- Thank you SO much for giving Hugo the chance to be a part of your amazing project. The fact that we will have a book to remember our little man by for the rest of our lives makes us happier than we can explain. You are a talented and wonderful person! -Chet & Cheryl Thomas (and Hugo too!)

52: Seattle 6/15-18

53: We had such a great time at our photo shoot. The best part was the impromptu play date we had with Puglet and Dutch. | Memories | June 15,2012

54: We arrived at Bhy Kracke Park just as Amanda finished the shoot before us | Dutch!! | Happy to be out of Mazda and playing and yes eating treats too! | Puglet!!

55: Playtime | Dutch is getting love from the gal who had the shoot after ours. Her pugs, Helga, Igor, and Boris were adorable!

56: As the end of play time drew closer I knew it was time to pull out the P.I.T.K. treats. After we shared them we made sure to send a bag home with Puglet and Dutch | Amanda we would like to say "Thank You" so much for the opportunity to have been a part of your amazing book. We are so very thrilled, proud and honored to having been included in such an awesome undertaking as this., it is one we will never forget. - Toni, Lucy, Gator and Chaz too

57: Puglet | At SPR'sPug Gala 2012 | Chaz wishing hew was 1 of the 1000 Pugs too. | Lucy and Gator

58: Charlie

59: Our photo shoot was a miracle! We really wanted to participate in all the fun and excitement, but the Seattle shoot was sold out too fast for us to get an entry. Our luck changed when we attended the Seattle Pug Rescue annual Pug Gala. We had a fabulous time as usual, visiting friends, meeting new ones and playing with lots of pugs. A generous donor offered up an entry for a sitting in a silent auction. We were thrilled to win the photo shoot with Amanda and the opportunity to be one of the 1000! Hooray! Our slot was the very next day so was gave our Charlie girl a bath and watched her shine for Nikon under Amanda's professional skills. We can't wait to find out our number and see this book full of wonderful pugs friends and family! Dan, Judy and Charlie Kelley

60: Boston | Oct 1 : While taking a lovely stroll around the Federal Reserve with Scarlet, Puglet left a deposit. We hope it earns lots of interest. | Sept 28th - Oct 1st

61: Amanda & Puglet, We are so honored to be a part of the 1000 Pugs project & that we had the opportunity to meet you & Puglet, as well as many furry & human friends in 3 cities!. Thank you Amanda for your beautiful heart & hard work! Love & Bacon, Meredith & Scarlet | Oct 1 Shoot : Scarlet #786 & Puglet in Boston, MA | Oct 7 : Washington Square Park, NYC | Oct 6 : Red Bank, NJ

62: I brought green beans thinking they would give Roxy a reason to behave. I gave them to Amanda and she chuckled. She thought Roxy was easy, I tried hard not to laugh. But I suppose, for Amanda and the green beans, she was VERY well behaved. Lucky was so laid back through the entire thing it was hysterical. Amanda even took photos of her while she was cuddled in a total stranger's arms. Amanda said she had never seen such a human magnet as Lucky. I don't know how it could have been any easier for Lucky. To be held and photographed, piece of cake. Boston, Sunday September 20th. Marie Swanson

64: New Jersey 10/5-8

66: Stopping foot traffic in Red Bank | #823 Wilma | #825 Sluggo | #824 Brigitte

67: Being able to be a part of this project was meaningful on so many levels. We feel blessed to have been able to share this experience with so many amazing people. Thank you Amanda for bringing us together in the fur as well as in spirit. Thank you for your undying devotion to the pugs. | Pug tries on his special gift | Marshy | Wilma

68: The Southern Fried Pugs | Petunia | Tallulah | Riverside Garden Park Red Bank, NJ October 6, 2012 | Isabelle

69: New friendships made | Isabelle rocking her stroller | Tallulah & Petunia patiently waiting their turn | OMP, it's Puglet!

70: 1000 Pugs! is an amazing adventure that we will never forget. It was worth every mile driven, the emergency vet visit and the cold New York rain. With the help of an unbelievable friend, we were able to make it to Manhattan despite a migraine. Kathy, you rock!

72: NYC 10/5-10/8

74: I never thought I'd say that I LOVED having someone's butt on my foot. Seeing Puglet sitting there was a honor I will always remember! My foot still tingles. - Yeon-Mee | Mochi was afraid she would come off "stalkerish" with Puglet, so she tried to play it cool. | NYC 10/7/2012

75: Now I know where Amanda gets her skills...her wonderful mom! | Marshmallow & Macho trying to do "The Puglet" | The master holding class on modeling. | Yumee was so starstruck! She tried to rub Puglet's belly for good luck.

76: My sister & I could never have anticipated how participating in 1000 Pugs would change our lives. But it has. We've met so many wonderful, hilarious, and loving pugs and their humans. Thank you Amanda, Puglet & everyone involved. Love Yumee, Yeon-Mee, Mochi (#848), Macho (#849) & Marshmallow (#850). | Brigitte | Scarlet | Tallulah | Isabelle

78: Despite the on again, off again drizzly weather, Socrates & I had the most wonderful time at the 1000 Pug photo shoot in New York City. Amanda was just amazing, and Puglet was totally awesome. I also would like to thank Sophie and her Mom for their kindness and good humor, being the perfect hostesses during the long day. | NYC 10.07.12

79: Socrates, Pug #857 | Sophie & Sophie's Mom | Puglet gave free modeling advise.

80: Pugs take Washington Park! There is certainly a lot to explore in NYC but all of the excitement was at the small dog run. Despite the rainy and cold weather everyone and everypug had a great time! In fact, I think these pugs would follow you any where! | Tim and I were so happy to meet your mom and sweet Sophie. And although Puglet enjoyed hanging with Tim again, he was always keeping an eye out for his beloved (cheating) human. Love, Christy

81: Every Pug likes a good butt scratch! I'm going to miss keeping Puglet distracted from those "other" pugs. | "Do you see her Tim? She's got to be around here somewhere. Pick me up so I can look. Thanks buddy. You know how to treat the #1 pug!"

82: Hurricane Sandy Tribute

83: Just a few short weeks after pugs invaded the East coast, Hurricane Sandy struck with devastating force. Many of the communities who were so welcoming to us, were destroyed beyond recognition. This page is dedicated to all of those who suffered in her wake. Much like the resilience and fortitude of the pug dog, we know you will all come back stronger than ever.

84: Toronto 10/12 - 15

85: I'm glad we got a chance to talk briefly during a quick break between your appointments in Toronto since we missed each other in NYC. Especially since this would be the last time I would be able to stalk you (at least during this project...). The end of the 1000 Pugs and Remembering Payton Tours was certainly bittersweet. I enjoyed getting to meet so many wonderful pugs and their people. Life without my angel Payton is still so hard, but life must go on. Having experienced so much support on these trips (needed escapes from an empty home), I was able to get through a rough time. Thank you Amanda. Love, Christy

86: I was honored to be part of the Toronto shoot. You came and embraced the pug licks and left behind a trail of happy, wagging, curled tails. Larry St. Aubin Founder, Pugalug Pug Rescue

88: California Sprinkled throughout the year

89: Meeting the famous Puglet | Puglet GUAPO | Arriving at Tails Pets store with Spongy, Ex-saint Patrick & Licky

90: Spongy | Puglet | Licky | Patrick | #674 | #675 | #1 | #676

91: Amanda at her BEST!!!

92: Amanda taking wonderful pictures and Debra was her Bella Assistant

93: Come on Puglet give tia Mema a big BECHO!!! | Debra & Marcella

94: las Chicas & Guapo at the Photo Shoot!! Amanda was Wonderful!! They loved her so Much!

95: Ex-saint Patrick, did not like to be far away from la Mamma, so I had to be near him so he would not cry!

97: I love this photo so much!! it the Happy trio!! Spongy, Patrick and Licky! We had a Great time at the photo shoot Amanda is a great person and Photographer!! We love you!!! Abrazos y bechos

99: Muchas Gracias Amanda!

100: Thank you for capturing our Gracie Girl. | We will treasure these photos always. RIP Gracie. | A very special rescue pug, Honey Kate | Honey Kate

102: Noodles, Number 75 of 1000 The shoot was atBuena Vista Park in San Francisco, CA. It was so exciting as my daughter and I had never been to this spot in San Francisco. It was very cold and foggy when we arrived - how appropriate for San Francisco in February, huh? We were greeted at the playground entrance to the park and very quickly told to walk up the hill to where Amanda was shooting. We had met Amanda at Bellatrix's birthday party some months before so Noodles was already familiar with her. Ah, but then Amanda started giving her those special treats and WOW!Quickly they were best buds! The Shoot Amanda picked up her camera and my shy little dog was suddenly a supermodel. She pranced to every spot Amanda pointed, smile on her face and tail tightly furled. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at the camera, which was constantly and on command. It was a sight to behold. Chinese New Year We were done with our shoot and had a dilemma on our hands. The whole family was coming up to the city for a birthday celebration which would not allow dogs. So it seemed we would have to drive the 50 miles to take Noodles home and then return to SF for dinner. But sweet overworked Amanda said she would be happy to watch Noodles for the rest of the day until our dinner was over. She could spend the day playing with Puglet and Dutch and we'd have one less thing to worry about. We did not count on the Chinese New Year Parade being that same night and we found ourselves trapped in downtown San Francisco until past the hour we said we would pick Noodles up. Amanda was cool, though. She told us the best way to get to her place and it was fine to come after the parade. When we finally got to her house she walks out with my very contented, almost comatose pug who wanted nothing more than to stay with Miss Amanda (and her treats).

103: February 11, 2012 | I took this picture of my daughter and Noodles prior to our shoot with Amanda.

104: There is just one thing left, before we close.One very important thing. None of this would have been possible without the #1 pug. We love you Puglet! Thank you for lending us your thumbs!

106: I've looked this way | And that way....

107: Maybe this blonde human will do.....

108: Has anybody seen my human?

109: Thank you Puglet. You and Dutch can have your human back now. we know you have missed one another.

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