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Oggi's first Summer

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S: Oggi's First Summer

BC: Well, it seems to me that a puppy book is not supposed to have a beginning middle and an end. But here it is. This book takes us back down a journey of excitement and anticipation through a heart wrenching decision to rehome our beautiful puppy. In our time with Oggi we got to know our exuberant and adorable funny little guy. He is the only dog who I have ever seen do a complete perfect summersault! He learned to sit/stay/come very quickly (after just a couple of tries he had it down cold) and learned to ring a bell on the door to go out to use the biffy. He went to bed in his kennel every night happily and slept like the rest of the family until morning. In so many ways he was the perfect puppy we had been looking forward to. Whether the issue was timing for the kids, or Oggi's particular issues with mouth control, one way or the other the repeated chomps that the kids received as they were walking by ended up being a serious obstacle that we were having no luck training away. The day before he moved he jumped up and chomped Zach's tummy. He is not "vicious" - but when it comes to your kids' safety and security you can not take chances. With very heavy hearts we found him a new home where he has a canine sister to chomp on and learn his bite control the canine way. We all will miss him dearly and are saddened by the loss of something we were all so excited about. The behaviourist said everyone gets a beta personality dog in their lives at some point so they can fully appreciate the dogs that come after and came before. I hope she is right and next time around we will try to ensure a puppy doesn't have dominance issues so we don't end up in this awful predicament. We can rest assured that he is in a home without small kids now and everyone's best interests are cared for. We love you Oggi. | By Brooke

FC: The Oggi Book

1: Oggi's Mom and Dad | Oggi's Mom and Dad | Oggi | Diamond | Boudy | We got to go and meet Diamond and Boudy before deciding to go with Sandy Ridge Kennels as a breeder. We were so happy to meet the two nicest pooches you could imagine and Aaron and Janelle who are such kind and caring breeders. We can not imagine that these dogs could possibly produce anything but a great new family member for us!

2: 5 Days Old | 4 Days Old

3: We got to come and see the pups at 4 days old. We had pick of the litter and if we were going to keep our dog's tail natural we needed to pick before they were a week old. We chose Oggi because Tim wanted a male and he had the cutest pink and white face!

4: I knew they'd be small, but I didn't think they'd be THAT small!! | The pups were so small that Max told Gramma that they were mice. When we looked back at the video, we saw that he called them mice when we were there too!

5: Oggi has two sisters and one brother. At two weeks old, these were the photos on the website. At this point all 4 of them had already been sold to some happy families. | Shelby | brother | sister 2

6: Two and a half weeks Old When we came to see Oggi at 2 1/2 weeks old, his eyes were now open. So cute! He was almost twice as big at he was at 5 days old!

8: The other boxer puppies born two weeks earlier at Sandy Ridge Kennels were now walking around. So cute! Can't wait to see Oggi on is feet!

9: Three and a Half Weeks

10: Cats and dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Bettina Eddie | Grampa meets Oggi

11: On his feet!

13: Four and a Half Weeks | We went to visit Oggie again this weekend. He is getting to the point where he can play with us now and he doesn't seem so fragile. We stayed for a whole hour. We had a hard time pulling away!

14: Tim Muggles Oggi at every visit - This is something he did with all 3 kids. Diamond gave me a good looking over - I think she's trying to make sure we're OK | I love how this picture shows how tiny is really still is. | Diamond checking me out.

15: First game of Come to Mama"

17: The kids are so nurturing with little Oggi. It's amazing to see those traits so clearly in them. This week though, Max spent most of his time with Sidney - a large American BUlldog. He really liked her, and was a little stand offiish because last week he got a tiny scratch from Oggi - as Max said, "Oggi got me

18: Oggi

20: oggi | At five weeks old, it is May long weekend. We are going away to Grand Forks on Sunday and Aaron was not available for us to visit before we leave. This is the new picture they put on the website of Oggi at five weeks old. Can't wait to see him next week!

21: Six and a Half Weeks | We came for a visit at 6 1/2 weeks. Oggi and his sisters and brother are doing great They eat well, have lots of energy and are quite independent. Aaron says we can take him home before 8 weeks! We are currently trying to work out the details around home!!

22: Brooke and Zach were busting at the seams to get their hands on Oggi. Max was still excited about seeing Sydney again!

23: Playing Together

25: 7 Weeks Old: Time to come home. The kids woke up at 6:00 this morning. They were so excited. We took Brooke out of school for the afternoon and went to get Oggi instead. She said in the car that she was so excited hat she felt confused and hyper. | Last Romp with Dad | First trip to Dairy Queen | OK - I got him...Let's go

26: force fed treats | First Walk | Meeting friends | Introducing the toys | Trying the bed

28: We discovered quickly that Oggi is a luxury seeking beast! He LOVES his bog soft bed and is quite a cuddler.

29: First Bath | On the first day home, Oggi went to Dairy Queen, met some friends and neighbours, was introduced to his things, met Gramma and Grampa, and went to the park. At bedtime I put him in his kennel and closed the door. He didn't make a single whimper all night and woke up when the kids woke him in the morning.

31: Oggi's many forms of transportation at the Academy Road Street Party

32: Sunday at the Forks | Sunday at the Forks

33: 9 Weeks Old | 9 Weeks Old

35: In his 9th week, we had some alarming moments. We witnessed on several occasions that he seemed to sometimes, without provocation, whip around and snarl at the kids. We made an appointment with a dog behaviourist to have him assessed this week. Hopefully it will not be something that goes on. We all want Oggi to be a part of the family- so we hope we can teach him his place in the pack and rest assured that he will be safe to have around.

36: I looked in the rear view mirror to find him perched on the back seat headrests. A few seconds later he was gone - He fell into he trunk. | Get Off the table!.....!

37: Go Zachy Go! | Spring evenings spent cheering on the kids | Spring evenings spent cheering on the kids

38: Puppy Photo-Shoot

40: Oggi

41: Through the past couple of weeks we have seen a dog behaviourist and another trainer. The behaviourist felt that Oggi is a personality type that could be unpredictable, and with two years of hard core training she could get to a place where we could be confident with him and the kids. Ultimately though, she said he was not a great match for a family with small kids.We took her opinion very seriously and called Aaron. His opinion was that he didn't buy it. We decided to get one more opinion as Oggi's behaviour had seemed to exemplary.The second trainer felt that he needed dominance related training, and she could not provoke an aggressive response from him at all On one hand we though that was great- but on the other, if there is no trigger, how do you deal with it? We decided to persue the training with an ongoing eye on the situation. We were hopeful that the aggressive incidents we had experienced were fleeting puppy slips and that we would not see this again. We all want Oggi to be a long term part of our family.

42: Sleepy Head | Sleepy Head | The race to see who will poop first - Oggi or Max

43: With all of the stress around figuring out what to do, I took the kids to the lake for July long weekend. Tim had to work, so Oggi stayed home with him and Tim's Mom came to puppy sit in the evenings. I thought that some time away from the drama would allow me to come back to face the challenge from a better place. We got home Sunday and went for a park picnic with Oggi. As we settled back to the home environment, by Monday afternoon Brooke realized how high her state of stress is in the house. Oggi often lunges and chomps at them. He specifically mounts Brooke's leg every time she passes by. She mentioned throughout the day several times that she doesn't feel safe and at ease. Combined with the numerous concerns that we already have, this clearly solidified the path we have to take. I placed an ad on Kijiji today to find Oggi a great new home where he can be properly trained to be courteous and gentle without three small kids quaking in the corner of their own home. We are all very sad about this outcome, but maybe this just wasn't the right time, Whatever the case, babies first.

44: With very heavy hearts we let Oggi go with Laura, a nice lady who has another dog who needed a brother. She assured us she would give Oggi a very happy life with her. She said she would send some pictures addressed to Brooke as updates and would ca;; us if she was nearby sometime so we could visit with Oggi. I hope she really does. Brooke and Tim and I are all truly sad. The boys....I guess they are too young or too boy to be so affected. Lucky them!I hope we did the right thing.

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