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Our Foster Dogs

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S: The Parker's Foster Dog Diaries: December 2011- July 2012

FC: The Parker's: Foster Dog Diaries | December 2011- August 2012

1: In honor of our girl Bear... who shared our lives ... and our bed for 13 years... | ...and in gratitude to Home For Good Dog Rescue for George... who we look forward to spending our future years with.

3: FOSTERING... my experience With all the scams going around in the world I am hesitant with all causes and where the money ‘really’ goes I chose to take a trip to Georgia and South Carolina to see the real story up front and personal of where the dogs come from that we foster. I came back from the trip a changed person. The lack of caring for dogs is astonishing and disgusting. Yes, they have no money for the dogs, food, medication, care or in some cases even decent living areas. We saw, bugs, disease, more bugs, fleas, ticks (lots of them), puppies with welts on their tummies from ant bites, dogs with legs chopped up. Last but not least the bones showing through the skin and the slaughter rate was pathetic. I saw our group’s leader send dogs to the vet on our dime, medicines and food were given to those who needed it to care for the dogs till they are well enough to be sent to NJ to be adopted. I saw monetary and physical support to the few local people who give all their free time for nothing but the satisfaction of getting the dogs healthy enough to ship north and get adopted into their forever home. The work, coordination and effort from preventing that dog from being killed to being adopted is done by the most amazing group of volunteers you could ever imagine! The most remarkable thing is that every dog we have fostered has either been terrified, skittish, shy, happy or playful however, never have I seen a mean one. Even the dogs that you know were abused! You take this terrified dog into you home, overwhelm it with kindness and love and within a week, you see the dogs begin to come out of their fear and begin to get playful and start listening to everything you say. The feeling to watch your foster dog evolve so quickly cannot be described! If there is a heaven, I know there is a very special section for the fosters who not only saved these little creatures but changed the lives of dozens of families forever! Watch the expressions on the faces of the families that adopt them. You want a reward, WOW! There is nothing I have experienced more fulfilling! I thank God that I have the means, opportunity and time to help. I am also so proud of my wife who devotes herself to this project. Richard Parker

4: WINNIE our first foster... almost a foster failure chocolate lab mix approx. 5 months old separation anxiety became attached to me spayed at People for Animals very smart loved her toys took her to Dr. Tony who said she was a great dog and told Toni-Ann that I should have adopted her!

5: Fostered December 2, 2011 December 12, 2011 | adopted by Carol S. (fellow HFGD volunteer) lives with an older brother Cody, and 2 human siblings

6: SKIPPY first foster to jump in the pond gentle giant loves other dogs and children nice manners loving and affectionate went right to his bed when we ate we didn't know dogs could be this good!

9: We wanted to keep sorry to say good-bye... Skippy was going to be euthanized because the shelter he was in was closing for New Year's Fostered January 7, 2012 January 11, 2012

11: TANK | Only one night of delightful puppies. .. lots of pee & poop but you should see them now! | TURTLE | Fostered January 12, 2012- January 14, 2012

12: KIKI (now Penne) smart, cute, playful, feisty puppy...

13: it was love at first bite!

15: adopted by Amy (who, I found out, works in Scotch Plains Library with my friend Pam) and her boyfriend, who live in Scotch Plains. Fostered January 27, 2012 February 2, 2012

16: LANDRY Looked like a German Shepherd dog from his neck back. Was scheduled to be euthanized when HFGDR saved him. We were smitten with his loving personality and his gorgeous face.

17: Adopted by a loving family who wanted a German Shepherd mix to replace the dog they lost. Fostered February 13, 2012 February 18, 2012

20: STELLA sweet dog who loved to play she was the softest, fluffiest dog I had ever had I fell in love with her gentle personality of course I wanted to keep her... she went to a great retired couple who lost their dog...

21: Fostered February 18, 2012 February 21, 2012

22: SOCKS (now Nashville) What a handsome man. He shook like a little chihuahua. He was afraid of everything. We only had him for one night but became so attached to him because he was so needy and scared. He was happily adopted to a couple who live in back of the greenhouse with two canine siblings who can teach him how great it can be to be a dog!

23: Fostered February 24, 2012 February 25, 2012

25: SHEILA | March 4, 2012 | One fun dog who didn't have an off switch. She sure knew how to play...without stopping. But did not know how to behave in a house. She now lives on a farm and has sheep as her constant companions. | Fostered March 3, 2012

26: BO Beautiful, sweet Bo. As lovely as any dog could be. We would have kept him in a heartbeat... He went to a couple in Pennsylvania and was treated for being Heartworm positive. If he had stayed in Georgia, he would have been euthanized. Fostered March 4, 2012 March 5, 2012


29: Took George and Louise to WDHA's Rock n Ruff and met Teri Carr where she fell in love with them and featured them on her broadcast. | I was going to take a break from fostering because of our Tricky Tray fund-raising event, but Nathan came home and asked me to get a I got two! George was so laid back. Louise was a spitfire. The two of them together were a ball of never ending fun.....

30: WDHA'S ROCK N' RUFF George and Louise are exceptional puppies! Rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina by our friends at Home for Good Dog Rescue in Summit, they are sweet little fluff balls. George and Louise are 4 month old flat coated retriever mixes and have the most amazing dispositions! They walk well on their leashes, are obedient, mellow and playful at the same time! They are extremely loving and are quick to cuddle and give affection. George and Louise are being fostered together but can be adopted separately. They are spayed and neutered and just looking for their new forever families. If you are looking for an amazing, beautiful, loving puppy..this week we have 2 to choose from. Adopt George OR Louise!

35: LOUISE (now Cali) Fostered March 9, 2012 March 22, 2012

36: GEORGE.... | (now George Parker)

38: ZION Named by the rescue who found him at the Mt.Zion Elementary School in Georgia where he tried to climb into each the children's cars to go home with them. Zion was a dumpster dog who hung around the school looking for food and for someone to take him home. One day Zion was limping so the rescuer tried to catch him to take him to the vet. Zion disappeared. When he returned a week later and the rescuer took him to the vet. An x-ray showed he had been shot with buckshot. Despite adversity, Zion was the most affectionate loving dog I've met. Unfortunately, Zion was also heartworm positive, maybe the reason he became homeless, and was treated by HFGDR. He now has a great life with a three year old boy and his mom and dad who lost their Rottie mix in Wilkes Barre, Pa. Fostered March 30, 2012 March 31.2012

40: GORDON (now Harleigh) The chocolate lab I looked forward fostering.... until I figured out she wasn't a he... and she was in heat and was frustrating poor George! Imagine explaining all that to your son and his girlfriend.

41: Fostered April 6, 2012 April 7, 2012

42: ORCHID (now Zoe) A big personality in a little body. Orchid could hold her own against George who was more than 3 times her size. Feisty. Smart. A big dog in a little package! That is Orchid!

45: Fostered April 11, 2012 April 16, 2012

46: LAMAR High energy George look alike. Couldn't tell who was who? Fostered May 4, 2012 May 5, 2012

48: TOM TOM (now Angus) We only had him for one night but we were lucky to have had such a sweet loving little boy. Tom Tom and George got along so well we know he will have a happy life! Fostered May 5, 2012 May 6, 2012

50: Teddy (now Sam) What a sweet boy. Susan asked me to keep an eye on him because she thought there was something wrong because he was so mellow. He had the cutest face of all and the sweetest smile:)

53: Fostered June 10, 2012 | June 16, 2012

54: HOPE (now Holly) So nice she was adopted twice! First to a family in Flemington, but their son was afraid of her playfulness, then to a young attorney who lives in a condo with a dog park. Hope will sure to be adored as she is one of the gentlest, sweetest dogs ever!

55: Fostered June 8, 2012 June 10, 2012 and June 16, 2012 June 23, 2012

56: LANCE (now Boomer) What a good boy. He is a goofy puppy in a big boy body. We took him to a craft fair and he was a perfect gentleman who said hello to everyone, loved children and walked well on a leash. He is great dog and will have a wonderful life in Hoboken with a young couple. | Fostered June 24, 2012 June 27, 2012

58: CLYDE What a wonderful boy Clyde is. When he first came into our home he cowered in the back yard with his ears down and his tail between his legs. He didn't even want to play. As resilient as they come, Clyde came out of his shell and became the happiest boy. He loved to play and give kisses and go to the dog park.

59: Clyde was a quiet boy who went to live with a family of 3 girls and 2 boy with a nice yard in Union. He is sure to get lots of love. Fostered July 7, 2012 July 15, 2012

62: NELLIE This is a girl who tugged even at our heartstrings. She was so afraid of everything. Cars. People. Noises. She loved other dogs, especially George. Once she knew she could trust you, she only wanted to love you UNCONDITIONALLY. We know she will be happy with her new mom and dad who live in Hoboken and will have fun at the local dog park with another rescue dog from Home For Good Dog Rescue!

63: Fostered July 20, 2012 July 26, 2012

66: TAMMY Tammy is an 10 week old Black Lab mix. Mom is a Chocolate Lab. She has five other litter mates -- 4 girls and 1 boy. Mom was found abandoned as a stray in Georgia. Listen to what Tammy's foster mom has to say about her: When Tammy came into my home, she was quiet and shy. Within, 1 day she opened right up. I have 5 other dogs that she rolls around in the grass with. She sleeps quietly in her crate all night and is crate trained. She has almost mastered housebreaking too. She is a joy to have around. She did not even know what steps were a day ago and now she is running up and down the steps. She is a very smart dog and quick learner. She would fit into any family with small children, cats and other dogs. . To adopt Tammy please complete an online application at Fostered July 31, 2012 August 4, 2012

68: Comments from our adopters... Skippy is doing great. We love him so much. He gets to run up at Echo Lake Park a couple of times a week and is very sociable. He's up to 75 pounds but looks sleek and trim. He's a fantastic addition to our family. Turtle (now Forrest) has been such a wonderful addition to our home. He is playful and fun loving and he loves us as much as we love him!! Stella (now Casey) is an absolute joy. She and our cat have become fast friends,(although we aren't sure why they think 4:00 in the morning is a good time for a romp!) She is smart and learning new things daily. She has tons of doggy friends here, and loves the doggy park.Our friend was here last night for movie night with her Bernese Mountain dog, one of Casey's beaus. She seems to be gaining confidence and is not as timid as she was at first. Thank you for all you did for her! Socks (now Nashville) Vicki- Come by & bring your dogs for a play date- anytime. Nashville is a big kisser & loves to stay in bed late. He enjoys riding in the truck. Nash gets along great with our other 2 dogs & 3 cats. He has yet to go to the barn to meet the horse, Willie. He was a great find & has made a wonderful addition to our family. Still untrusting of new people, but with each exposure, Nash improves. Thank you again! Louise (now Cali) is doing great! She loves meeting new people and other dogs, and is friendly and gentle with everyone. Kids love her as long as they don't mind a few kisses. She has been very well behaved with only a few "accidents" in the house to mar an otherwise perfect record. All of her adult teeth are in and the vet expects her to be about 50 or 55 lbs grown (she is 35 now). I hope her brother George is doing well! Gordon (now Harleigh) is doing very well -- while spending the last couple days recouperating from being spayed she is beginning to show her full fun potential. She loves the kids and is being spoiled by hugs and being petted.

69: Orchid (now Zoe) is such a sweet, intelligent, amazing little girl and we absolutely love her. She provides a constant source of laughter, joy, affection, and excitement in our home, and she certainly keeps us on our toes! She loves going to the park, visiting her friends (both human and animal) at the veterinary hospital that I work for, and chasing our two cats around the house. She knows a variety of tricks now, and performs very well for food! We couldn't be happier with her and are very thankful to Home for Good rescue for bringing us together. Tom Tom (now Angus) He is amazing. Hope (now Holly) She's doing great. Teddy (now Sam) I bring him to the dog park 4-5 times a week and he has a ball playing with all the different dogs there. He gets along with every one and there are absolutely no problems. Thanks for being a good foster home. Lance (now Boomer) is a simply perfect puppy. Yes, he chews, has had a few accidents, and has selective hearing - like all puppies - but overall he is becoming more mature by the day. He is full of unconditional love and play energy which we are enjoying tremendously. We couldn't imagine our lives without him, after just two weeks. This past weekend we took him to our lake house and he slowly and tentatively made his way into the water. He didn't go where he couldn't stand just yet, but we're thinking he'll be swimming in no time. He hasn't been to our neighborhood dog park yet since we're waiting on his Bordetella vaccine in two weeks, but he seems to absolutely love other dogs (and everyone else) so we're very excited to get him there. Thank you so much for all you have done to give this sweet pup his warm, loving, and affectionate personality. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog. Hope to see you at the Bark-B-Que. Bill and Nicole Jackson We thank each and every person who adopted a dog for taking such good care of the dogs we've fostered and for giving them the wonderful lives they deserve. Rich & Vicki Parker

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