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The Adventures of Nala

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BC: Writing this book has made me very tired. I love everyone who helped save my life, and THANK YOU. Mom is crazy about me and makes me feel like the luckiest dog in the world. Grandma says I fell into the honey pot.

FC: The Adventures of Nala By Nala Rickman

1: Here is where it all began. Of all these dogs, mom picked me. | This is where I used to live | I was so lucky to be rescued by NMDR

2: This is Lily... She is my hero and paved the way for me to have a happy home. Thank you Lily.

3: From the Author... My mom first learned of NMDR from Facebook. A friend sent her one of the videos about puppy mills and she was stunned and horrified. Although mom had adopted three previous dogs from the SPCA, she knew nothing about this unspeakable industry. Mom began to do research on her own, watching graphic videos on YouTube to further educate herself. Mom came to terms that she wanted to do something, not just read about doggies like me. After seeing a very sad story about another puppy, Mom called Theresa Strader to volunteer some of her time. Then she just asked Theresa if she flew the 2500 miles to volunteer, could she go on a rescue and Theresa said 'yes'... Theresa is the best Grandmom ever. Mom wanted to go on a rescue but I didn't want her to go... what if she found another pooch that she liked more than me? Of course I wasn't sure what would happen because mom had promised her family, friends and peers that she would NOT come back with a dog - so I knew I had my work cut out for me. Then she asked Theresa about her best girls and my name came up.. wow. Before she was my official mom (Victoria) came to visit me in the kennel and told me it was love at firs sight. In the following pages you will see my Adventures, which represent the birthing of a new life for me and the building of a new purpose for mom.

4: This is me and mom at a rescue event in Colorado. Mom knew she was going to take me home so she bought me this cool sweater. I think purple is my color.

5: This is me on the way to airport; before mom stuffed me in that &$&$ carrier. Above she was kissing om me. She does that a lot.

7: This is me and mom on the airplane. I was so happy to get out of that carrier. It brought back terrible memories. The airline lady was so nice; she let me sit on mom's lap. Oh, and we're in first class, mind you. Only the best for me, mom says. On this page we are waiting for luggage in Virginia. I finally made it. Geez, mom has a lotta darn luggage.

9: On the other page are my two new sisters... LadyBug and Tara. LadyBug is pretty laid back but that Tara, well, she's a terror. Mom didn't want me to feel overwhelmed so she sent Tara to stay with Grandma Rickman. The first time Grandma met me, she hugged and kissed all over me like the two other girls weren't even there. I LOVE my grandma... In this picture Lady Bug is trying to make me feel welcome. I wasn't quite ready, but she understood. Turns out that sissy's are pretty cool.

10: Turns out that every place mom takes me everybody loves me. Mom brought me to an adoption event so I could inspire people and doggies; these people nearly squeezed the breath right out of me. It's all good though; I'm okay....

11: This is mom's nephew and his wife; they were crazy about me and could barely put me down. | Grandma

12: This is me and my new fur coat. It's not real fur though, I checked. Mom say she wants me to look and feel my best. At first I felt a little self conscious, but now I LOVE my coat. I think it's figure flattering... | Nala... Fashion Plate

13: This is my new house above. I just love running around with my sisters. Okay, so I don't really run around but I watch them and that's fun. On the right I'm waiting for mom to get out of the bathroom. I kindof follow her around. Geez, she takes forever.

14: Well, it turns out that I love to be outside BUT mom went around the side of the house - out of my sight, mind you - so I just skittled through the fence to find her. Mom went hysterical, running and screaming my name. When I saw her I just came running up to her. She cried. Mom's can be so emotional.

15: Mom was so afraid that I'd get out again that she bought me this Puppy Bumper to keep me in the yard. It is actually very comfortable and I don't mind it a bit. Anything to keep mom from screaming and crying and yelling my name. That was embarrassing...

16: Here I am playing with a leaf; they are the most fun, I chase them around and tear them apart. Before coming to live in Virginia I didn't even know what a leaf was; now they are my most favorite thing to play with. Sometimes I'll bring one in the house for mom. She just giggles.

17: "This is me after play time. Chasing leaves can be very exhausting. I'm on mom's bed, which is my favorite place in the house. Mom told me this shows how relaxed I am in my new home. At first I was a little peeved at mom, for showing my privates and all, but I decided to forgive her since mom has forgiven me for peeing and pooping on the floor,

18: OMG, can you believe what my mother has done to me??? I am a spider for Gosh sake. I don't know how to read but if I did I would prove this is some type of emotional abuse. NMDR is not looking so bad right now. What really ticks me off is that Ladybug got to be the cool Lobster costume. Mom told me it was something called 'seniority'. I think that's crap.

20: This is my new doctor and nurse. Mom gets a little nervous if I cough or sneeze so she took me to the doctor to get me checked out. I didn't mind until they rammed that cold 'mometer up my fanny. I been VIOLATED.

21: Home Is Where The Cat Is | This is Grandma again; she loves on me every chance she gets. She has been watching my two sissy's and my cousin until mom gets home from a long trip. Mom didn't want to leave me so she took me along... ROAD TRIP.

22: Mom loves to take me places. Here we are hiking in the woods. I got pretty tired so mom carried me. That's when we spotted my TWIN. We couldn't believe it. We do look alike but I have better hair.

23: This is me riding home. I just love laying on mom's shoulder, and she loves it too. Sometimes she won't move so she doesn't disturb me. Gosh I love my mom...

24: Mom thought it would be fun to tell people how my life has changed since I left my rescuers at NMDR and moved across country with my new mom. When I first got to Virginia: 1. I went potty all over the house. 2. I didn't know what grass was. 3. I would not walk on a leash (I freaked out) 4. I laid on the floor instead of a soft bed. 5. I would not come to anyone. 6. If you called my name or tried to pick me up, I ran out of fear. 7. I would not look anyone in the eye. 8. I would not go up or down stairs. 9. I would run from other dogs. 10. I did not know what treats were so I refused to eat them. 11. I would not eat while my sissy's ate. 12. I never wagged my tail. 13. I wouldn't let anyone rub on my belly.

25: Now I do all these things: 1. I am about 75 percent potty trained (not bad for 11 years old.) 2. I love to walk and roll in the grass 3. I walk (beautifully) on the leash to get to it. 4. When my mom kneels down, I come to her. 6. When mom holds up her open hand, I do not run (though I sometimes squeal a little - like a girl.) 7. I 'sometimes' look mom in the eye. 8. I will go up some stairs. getting down is harder. 9. If I trust them, I can sometimes play with other dogs. Mom makes sure they are on a leash. 10. I still won't take tricks... day at a time. 11. I get my food, darn it; I fight for it when I have to. 12. I wag my tail all the time. 13. When I'm with mom, I will roll over and show my belly. She rubs it and I love it.

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  • Title: The Adventures of Nala
  • The life of precious Nala just 3 1/2 months after her rescue. For those who doubt the blessings of a 'senior', this girl has blessed my life more than anyone could imagine.
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