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The Adventures of Sunflower and Pachyderm and the Cousins they've never met

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The Adventures of Sunflower and Pachyderm and the Cousins they've never met - Page Text Content

S: The Adventures of Sunflower & Pachyderm, And the cousins they've never met By Smofo

FC: The Adventures of Sunflower & Pachyderm And the Cousins They've Never Met. By Smofo

1: The Adventures of Sunflower & Pachyderm | Soon they were enjoying the lovely handmade quilt in the room of their quaint B&B... | One day, Sunflower and Pachyderm packed their bags and got a ride to the airport. | It was their first time flying, they were very excited to be on a plane Sunflower got the window seat. | They saw the inside of a pocket for a long time, then they arrived at a lovely tropical island.

2: They sat on the porch and enjoyed the warm sea breeze... | And by the time they went out to dinner, Sunflower was already pretty tipsy. | They wasted no time going for the wine... | And watched the papayas ripen from the deck...

3: The next morning they woke way before dawn and packed up their cycling stuff ... then they saw the inside of a hot, rainy, sweaty pocket for a long time before they arrived at ~3500ft elevation at a National Park! Oh boy! | Despite their goading, they only got to ride a little past ~6000ft and 22 miles of endless switchbacks & beautiful views. But the ride down was sure fun!

4: The next day Sunflower and Pachyderm went whale watching. We're not telling who got seasick... | Because they hadn’t yet seen the summit of Haleakala at 10,000ft, they whined & stamped their pachyderm feet until their human friends took them up to see an unforgettable sunrise. A brass plate marks the spot. | They were graced by the presence of majestic Humpback whales swimming right across the bow of the boat.

5: They were a little light-headed at that altitude! | It’s really this high. They didn’t feel too badly about not riding the whole way up. | Later that day they flew to the big island, where they had a lovely lanai overlooking the golf course. They took up golf... | They tasted some Kona coffee...

6: They played castaway on a strand of black sand beach... | They saw a very rough & rugged coastline and had a healthy lunch. They also saw rain forest like they’d never seen before.

7: And of course they soaked up some rays and sipped coconut drinks and had a grand time... | Until the sun went down... | They went to Volcanoes National Park, where someone told them there was a large hole in the ground. They don't believe it.

8: After a wonderful soggy day in the rain, they warmed themselves at the Volcano house fireplace, where they fire has burned continuously for more than 100 years. ***** | Only very hardy things can survive in this environment! | They were reminded to tread lightly, and by all means, not to feed the endangered Nene!

9: Sunflower and Pachyderm had many more adventures over the years. They shared their stories with many friends and all of their extended family. | It was these stories that gave their cousins the idea to take their very own adventures. | These are the cousins stories....

10: The Cousins, who Sunflower and Pachyderm never met, all traveled to Northern California before Christmas and had a little parade before pairing off and heading out on their own adventures.

11: Next he stopped at the Nine Lives Foundation on the way to his grand adventure and spent some quality time hanging out with Tex. | He rubbed faces with Tex and posed for photos before getting in a car and heading off to Livermore, CA. | Tigger made friends with a duck...

12: Lioness and Filly arrived in the Skylands of New Jersey just in time for a cold weather snap! They were treated like royalty by East coast cousins they had never met.

13: They enjoyed a New Jersey family tradition called a "cousins party"... | ...and took in a show at the local theater. | ...where they poured one out for their cousins Sunflower and Pachyderm, whom they have never met...

14: It was a tiring game, so afterward, they took a nap with a new friend. | They played a rousing game of Transformers: Autobots vs. Decepticons. Can you tell which they were? | Filly & Lioness BFF 4 Ever! | Winter 2010 Newton, NJ

15: Then it was off to the playground to slide and climb. It was 18 degrees out! They made snow angels, then headed to the store for snacks with lunasbrothers.

16: Hayek's Market! They always have the best treats | (Lithuanian baked goods are tasty)!

17: Soon it was time to move on. Sol, Luna, and lunasfamily were sad to see them go, but Filly and Lioness were excited to continue their adventure! Where would their next stop be? What adventures would they find there?

18: Long Neck and Kwollie had a few adventures of their own. First they took a limo around the SF Bay Area and stopped at a few wineries. They were even allowed up front with their limo driver Chris.

19: The next day Kwollie and Long Neck attended The Nine Lives Foundation Christmas fund raiser. They hung out in the gift shop and checked out the bar.

20: They helped to decorate a Christmas tree. Posed for some photos... They even got to meet Christopher the cat! | Afterward, they packed their bags and continued on their journey...

21: Monkey, another cousin who was created by Piper in Redwood City, CA, is a naughty little guy. | Happy Holidays! | Winter 2010 Redwood City, CA

22: He was up to no good on Christmas Eve sneaking Santa's treats! | The nerve! He ate the goodies and left a fake thank you from Santa. Monkey is on the naughty list for sure! | The puppet Piper made turned out to have a serious dark side!

23: After eating Santa's snacks, Monkey tried to pull a Grinch grabbing Piper and Mason's gifts from under the tree. He tried to carry off what he could. He was diabolical. He even tried to use Piper's gift as a get away car. | He even put the moves on snowman ... | Monkey loves the California life!

24: Check out these awesome presents all wrapped up under the tree! | "HEY, I'M AN ORNAMENT! Not really - I'm just checking them out!" said Lefty! | Christmas in Bellport, New York

25: Lefty helped to bake a bunch of Christmas cookies, and they got hung on the tree too! "This is so FUN!" he said. | Of course, the best part was eating! This Pannetone is from a bakery in New York City, not from Trader Joes! This was an awesome Christmas!

26: Cousins Moosehead, Lefty, and Penny, had a busy day with Wanda taking care of patients in Richmond, CA. | Preparing for a long day of passing medications. And giving shots! Ouch!!!

27: The best part of the day was chillin in the Christmas tree. And later, unwinding with Sully & Cricket.

28: Meanwhile, Zebra made plans to meet up with some of his cousins in San Jose. It was a long drive for such a little guy, but he managed. | Christmas in the Park beckoned! There, he met up with Cow, Bunny, Secret Ninja and Scary Monster. Zebra wasn't quite sure that he really was related to Secret Ninja or Scary Monster, but he didn't want to offend anyone. (Mom did "get around", after all...)

29: First thing, Zebra had to stop at the ATM - since he doesn't have any pockets, it's hard to carry a wallet. But alas, this ATM was broken, so Zebra was denied and had to borrow from his friend the FINGER. | PSA: Zebra, Cow, Bunny, Secret Ninja and Scary Monster say "Composting is good for the planet!"

30: They were on their way to see Body Worlds Vital, a display of human anatomy using a special technique of preservation called "plastination". They were reveling in the geekiness of it all because they knew Amber would have loved it. They were bummed that no cameras were allowed inside because it was like TOTALLY RAD and GROSS! So they settled for a shot with the poster at the San Jose Tech Museum.

31: Scary Monster (who is really a tyrannosaur in honor of Team Dino-Sore-Ass) shows off his mad dancing skillz. He better watch it or they may make him part of the exhibit. EEEK!

32: Since it was a chilly day, time to stop for a warm beverage. MMMM... nothing like a nice hot chai and good company. After caffeine infusion, they were ready to rock n roll!!

33: While at Christmas in the Park, many things happened: Zebra joined the modern art movement, the group almost got eaten by a shark and they all posed with an random Christmas tree.

34: They wanted to get their photo taken with Santa but, alas, the line was too long. So they snuck in the back and got a cheater photo!

35: There was a scary moment when Cow was almost kidnapped, but the rest of the group shouted "HEY!" and scared the little would-be kidnapper away. Whew! That was a close one! It was scary enough posing on the creepy clown head without being grabbed at!

36: Naturally, there was a long line at the port-o-potties. As usual, Scary Monster had waited a bit too long to let the group know that he had to go NOW, so they let him be first in line. If he had had legs, he would have been hopping around! | All in all, it was a fun day for the cousins. They don't get together as a group very often, but they agreed that they would have to do it more often in the future!

37: Cheeta in Half Moon Bay, CA took a picture from a vista point as he posed in front.

38: Bunny and Monster had a great time making dog biscuits for the SmoFo secret Santa gift exchange. They help roll out the dough and cut the cookies... | Then they got crazy with the decorating!

39: They went together to help with fixing up kennels for some dogs in need. | Mojave! | Bunny and Monster went on a rescue trip to help abandoned dogs in Mojave. | Even the "No Trespassing!" sign could not keep them out!

40: Lefty traveled to Italy, where he tried to climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa. | Then explored St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

41: Back in the U.S., Lefty went on more adventures | To the Grand Canyon | To Santa Monica | To Hollywood Blvd.

42: Lefty had a blast exploring Las Vegas

43: Lefty gambled, visited with showgirls and other elephants. He even posed with a mermaid.

44: He sat on the bottle of the Coke polar bear, rode in a car with the M&Ms, drummed with the Blue Man Group, and climbed into the mouth of a dragon. | Lefty saw lots of famous characters while in Las Vegas

45: While in Las Vegas, Lefty even got to try all the' food and drinks. | He even got into Mary's flowers.

46: Lefty made sure to get plenty of drinks in preparation for his visit to Disneyland, where he would meet his idol - Dumbo!

47: Lefty posed with all the celebrity statues at Disneyland

48: Bobo, Nala and Flor in San Mateo, CA | Bobo, Nala and Flor arrived at the Simba household and were greeted by Aiden immediately. They were ready for their new adventure. Aiden hosted them for a warm dinner and the trio fell in with the little human immediately. They knew right away they would have many adventures together.

49: Michelle suggested that the group might want to visit the Pulgas Water Temple. They were lucky to go in the last days while it was open, as the Temple is closing down for all of 2011. | The dare devil of the group was apparent immediately. They stopped for a quick photo opp and Flor immediately decided it would be fun to take a big jump from heights unimaginable

50: Everyone but Nala was a little worried about the wildlife. Aiden was not too happy about sitting on the edge of the water cistern, but the little trio soon cheered him up.

51: Bobo Was up to Monkey business as usual. | After hearing one of Flor's dare devil ideas, Bobo climbed up a tree in protest | Luckily, Nala and Flor managed to convince him that there are no bad ideas when you are a puppet. It still took a lot of pleading to get him down.

52: Eventually, they managed to get Bobo to agree to their plan for a swim in what to them looked like a huge ocean... | Getting Bobo down the walkway was still quite a feat | Nala and Flor, lay back in their make shift boat and enjoyed the beautiful cloudy sky. Bobo hung for dear life to the edge of the boat and was very relieved to be back on dry land.

53: Relieved and exhilarated by their adventures, the friends posed for a few more pictures before a breathtaking, dare devil drive back home, with Flor at the wheel.

54: They could not believe their eyes at the lights and holiday spirit of the place. No way could anyone convince them they were not at the North Pole. | Later that night, the trio went to Eucaliptus Street in San Carlos, CA.

55: After posing with one of Santa's accommodating snowmen, Bobo drove home and the three friends took a long nap. | They had finally found a home, for Aiden refused to let them go and promised them a life of many more adventures and stories. They each now reside in his special jacket pocket, loved, and petted often.

56: Lioness and Filly arrived in Santa Rosa, CA just in time for Christmas. They were greeted by their hostess, Rosie. She provided them with a warm place to rest and a tongue bath.

57: Our adventurous duo were overjoyed to spend time with Santa Claus. Filly hoped Santa would bring a shiny new saddle and Lioness asked for a cat nip-filled hippototmas.

58: Filly fearlessly lead the way on a sleigh ride (with Santa's Russian cousin who he's never met) through a winter wonderland. They made a soft landing in the arms of an angel .

59: Lioness danced in the chandelier as Filly became fast friends with an Evlish princess named Arwen. | The friends ended their holiday with a few too many glasses of cheer.

60: ...there's a Willow Glen tradition of putting a 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree in the front yard. So all around the 'hood are little trees, it looks so cool that Piggy had to pose in one! | Willow Glen, CA Dec, 2010 | Piggie partied with the lighted Holiday dog on the front lawn. | Piggie also posed for a photo on top of Steve's 2010 world series, SF Giants t-shirt. He wanted to share his team pride. | And somehow woke up the next morning hanging from the wreath on the front door. | It was one heck of a party!

61: After Piggie's adventures in San Jose, he traveled across the globe to Marrakech, Morrocco, | where he met with his friend Beaker. They had a ride in a sweet car, and obeyed all traffic signs, even if they were hard to read. | After his Moroccan adventure, Piggie headed back | to Annapolis, MD to take a nap with Lola.

62: On March 11th 2004 a group of pet enthusiasts left the Craigslist Petfo and created an offshoot they called Smofo. Smofo was made up of pet lovers who wanted to get to know each other as more than anonymous strangers. One of the original members was a poster called CrazyPets, Amber. She shared her life, her pets, her love Jill, and her dreams with us. And in return she cried with our losses, laughed with our joys became a part of our families. When Amber died so suddenly, we felt the loss too.

63: In Loving Memory of Amber Stumbaugh

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