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The Anatolians

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S: The Anatolians

BC: Origin & History of the Breed The Anatolian Shepherd Dog was developed over 6,000 years ago in what is today Turkey to withstand the harsh climate & the Nomadic lifestyle of Turkish Shepherds with their Impressive size,the serve as the shepherds frontline of defense against Predators, Loyalty, Independance & Hardiness set it apart from other breeds. Although it is Extremly Intelligent, It is often slow to respond to commands because of its Attitude Book Created by John Lyle 25 June 2009 14B Maxwellton Court Paisley PA1 2UE Scotland

1: Anatolian means of or pertaining to anatolia in what is now (turkey), or a person from anatolia,IncludingAnatolian,Black,Buffalo,Bump,Leopard,Rock Lizard,Shepherd Dog The anatolian Shepherd Dog is descended from ancient livestock guardian dog type that migrated with the Transhumance guarding flocks of sheep from Wolves,Bears,Jackals & even Cheetas. It is probable dogs of this type existed 6,000 years ago in mesopotamia,The dogs were called Coban Kopegi (Shepherd Dogs) & over the centries Regional Variations or Landraces Developed in the 1970. Western breeders became interested in the dogs & began developing the Landrace natural breeds as modern breeds,by documenting their descent from Particular ancestors & writing breed standards,The Anatolian Shepherd Dog was Imported from Central Turkey into Petoria by author & archaeologist chamain hussey.Many turkish breeders believe that the anatolian shepherd dog is a cross of the kangal dog & the akbash dog a cross between the anatolian shepherd dog & the mastiff was used to create the american mastiff

2: Apperaance The Anatolian is a muscular breed with thick neck & sturdy body.Its lips are tight to its muzzle & it has a triangler drop ears.It stands 27 to 30 inches (68 to 77cm) Females are between 26 to 28 inches(66 to 71cm) & weights Between 85 & 145 pounds (40 to 65kg). With females on the smaller side & males on the larger side.The coat may be any colour,Although most common are white cream "Sesame" & white large coloured spots that do not cover more than 30% of the body AZULE to the right page is only 9 Months old he can stand up tall to my height on 2 paws which we tell him not to do because its bad. I am 6ft 6inches tall, He is a happy Anatolian & he is looked after well by my 2 lovely parents

4: Livestock Guardian Dog A Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) is a domesticated canine used to defend livestock against Predators. LGDs are also commonly referred to as sheep dogs since they most often have Guarded flocks of sheep,but most are capable of guarding other species of Livestock They can be Chracterized as part of Pastoral Dogs.Unlike a herding dog such as a border collie.An LGD does not control the movement of the flock with aggressive or predatory actions causing bunching.The individual animals in favour of keeping an eye out for potential threat, while bunching behaviour is observed. It is the livestock that tend to bunch around the guardian dogs, Especially on open range when Predators are near

8: Mortality There appears to be only one Healty Survey of anatolian shepherd dogs done in 2004 by the UK Kennel Club. The median lifespan for the 233 deceased dogs (a small sample size) in the survey was 10.75 years this is a typical longevity for purebred dogs in general, but several years longer thean the other breeds of their size,Which have median longevities of6-8 years. The leading causes of death of the dogs in the survey where cancer (22%) "Combinations" (17%), Cardiac (13%) & old age (13%) Morbidity Based on a small sample of 24 still living dogs, the most common health issues cited by owners were Dermatologic,Musculoskeletal & Lipomas. Entrpion & Caninehip Dysplasia are sometimesseen in the breed.Eyes & hips should be tested before Breeding

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