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Zoe and the Land Beyond the Frames, A Dog's Tale

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S: Zoe and the Land Beyond the Frames by Brenda Kennerly

BC: I | Mahalo nui loa to you Amy, and to all the amazing dogs and cats that helped me tell this tale of tails. May we be forever blessed by their unconditional love and magic in our lives. www.brendakennerly.com

FC: Zoe and the Land Beyond the Frames by Brenda Kennerly

1: For Zoe, whose love is big enough to span the ocean and bring many people together in pure delight. And for Amy, whose sense of adventure and generosity lead her to touch so many hearts ... with much love and aloha, Brenda Kennerly

3: Far away on a tropical isle, where clear waters flow and lush flora grow, a traveler and an artist met and magic was created ...

4: Once upon a time ... there was a beautiful, loving schnauzer named Zoe. She loved to play with her toys and frolic with her animal pals. One day she said to Amy, her adoring human, "Please have my portrait painted. That way I can be with you always. | ZOE

5: And have my furry friends painted too. Then we can romp together in our magic land beyond the frames while you are sleeping."

6: Amy was a wonder-filled being and she understood the secret ways of animals. She went on a quest to find an artist who was also an alchemist to fulfill Zoe's desire. She carried a photo of Zoe with her.

7: She knew that if the right person looked into Zoe's eyes, that the message hidden in her soul could be poured onto the alchemist's paper. Then Zoe could come alive and revel inside another world.

8: MARLEY | MAX | So following the mysterious ways of the animals, Amy let Zoe's spirit guide her footsteps. She traveled to a distant island, Maui the island of Aloha, where the magic of nature was still strong and radiant. There she found Brenda, her artist/alchemist, and they began to co-create.

9: Meanwhile, Zoe told Max about her desire for playmates. He said "We want to get into mischief ... er ... scamper around with you. After all, Marley acts almost like a dog! And having nine lives, we know a lot about magic."

11: Zoe was thrilled. She knew that these cats, being playful as well as regal creatures, would at least give her something fun to chase. And they did! Brenda got to work mixing enchantments into her paints so that the souls of the animals could travel into the paper. Then she painted invisible pathways between the portraits so that they could find each other and play.

12: Next Zoe met with her good pals, Alex and Andie. Alex barked "We love to race. We want to play with you! Paint us too." And Zoe's playground started to fill with sounds of raucous canine and feline laughter. | ALEX | ANDIE

13: Amy and Brenda loved collaborating together and giggled their way through each design. Brenda consulted with Amy each step along the creative path, sharing photos of the sketches of each of Zoe's animal friends.

15: When she started a portrait, she always began painting their eyes. That way, she connected deeply with each dog and cat, letting their spirits guide her hand to the completion of every portrait. In turn, the animals found their way along her paintbrush into the paints, through the paper and finally to the playground beyond the portraits.

16: MAGGIE | MOLLIE | As Brenda painted each portrait, more and more of Zoe's pals were able to join her and play at night to their hearts' content.

17: Zoe paced back and forth in her excitement. "There's a lot of room to run in the land behind the frames. And I've got plenty of energy! I need more playmates."

18: Maggie was an eager volunteer. "At last!" she quipped, "A place where there are plenty of people to kiss and lots of tasty treats!" Mollie followed Maggie racing all over the land. As a bonus, she found her familiar, comfortable lap again.

19: "You know," Maggie said to Zoe, "we have a friend who is hilarious! He's afraid of so many small things that he always makes me laugh." "Yes!" yipped Mollie, "We can count on him for instant entertainment!"

20: Zoe didn't wonder for very long. Who else was as funny as Mainer? Give him a treat and he'd follow you anywhere! So Mainer joined the nighttime frolicking and brought along his blue ball too. | MAINER

22: Mainer loved stalking the cats as long as he was on the offense. But when they chased him, he ran away faster than any other dog. One night he got an idea.

23: "If my dachshund friend Brewster was here, we could ambush those cats." He planted the idea with Zoe ...

24: Millie started running around in circles. "Oh boy!", she panted, "I can chase balls all day and all night if I want!" Her tail, wagging back and forth in joy, swept all surfaces clean as usual. | MILLIE | LILY

25: Lillie grinned watching Millie's boundless display of energy and sighed, "I'm content with a soft place to sleep in the warm sunshine. Millie, knock yourself out!"

27: Ha | Happily, the animals played together night after night in the land beyond. As much as they ran and chased each other, they never seemed to be tired in their regular daytime world.


29: There is a "coconut wireless" communication system in place in the animal world so nothing can remain a secret for long. Mollie told Freddie and Mainer told Brewster all about Zoe's special playground. Of course they joined in the fun ...

30: Brewster cautioned Freddie, "You know how accident prone you are, you goofball! Just be careful." But Freddie, to the delight of all, found that he could be as happy and bouncy as he liked and was always safe.

31: Ha | "Hey!" he barked, "Look at me! I can even run upside down!" And he chased feisty Brewster around a tree.

32: DENIM | Denim, used to sleeping with his loving person at night, wasn't sure at first how he felt about having a nocturnal romp with the other animals.

33: Once he discovered that in a magic land he could play all night, and at the same time, keep watch over his familiar bed, he howled with happiness.

35: Denim found to his gratification that he felt strong and confident in the magic land. Soon he began having cloud chasing contests in the sky with the other dogs.


37: Zoe was having a wonderful time at night dashing around and gleefully bossing every other animal who would let her do it. RJ didn't mind. When he wasn't sleeping, which was most of the time, he cheerfully munched on the ever abundant treats.

38: He also happily joined Fred in doing a most excellent job of tearing things apart. Rocco, a guard dog at heart, found a buddy in Denim. Each night they made their rounds together, enthusiastically protecting the others from all kinds of fearsome imagined dangers.

39: True to the nature of an enchanted land, the playground beyond the frames provided each animal with exactly what it most needed and wanted. All were very very happy.

40: Thus, Zoe found true love and happiness forever with Amy by day, and fun with her fellow pranksters by night. So with all good tropical tales, this one does not end, but continues ... happily ever after.

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