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100 Reasons I Love You ...

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100 Reasons I Love You ... - Page Text Content

S: 100 Reasons Why I Love You Chris

BC: Happy 2 Years Sweets! Love Cindy xoxoxo

FC: 100 Reasons Why I Love You . . .

1: 100 Reasons Why I Love You . . . #1 You are a boy scout through & through; You ARE trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, thrifty, clean & brave. I took out obedient & reverent ;)) #2 You have an extremely sexy confidence #3 You are amazingly Sweet, not in a sucky or sappy way; just a genuinely nice person through & through

2: #4 Your lips - the way you smirk, smile, their Betty Boop shape & most of all, your incredible delicious kissability :-X. Hot, hot, hot kisser!

3: #5 You are very intelligent, yet in a street savvy way & you’re so unassuming about it. I love that you always just ‘get it’ & can talk about any subject #6 Your quick witted humor. You always surprise me & put a smile on my face with your witty replies to a text or email

4: #7 You figured me out almost immediately ... like I had always been a part of you | #8 The way your hand cups my bum just perfectly #9 You have a deep understanding of sex & sexuality & WOW! You are an amazing lover

5: #10 I feel completely safe with you (not because you are a big guy & nobody wants to mess with you either) but somehow I've felt in my soul from the very moment we met that you would never hurt me

6: #12 You never try to change me or make me feel bad for acting & being who I am ... even when it's a bit over the top sometimes ;)) | #11 You are always so calm & level-headed. You never get really angry & you give yourself these cute timeouts when you get frustrated

7: #13 You have this very sexy ‘look’ you get when you're horny. Kinda like you're on the hunt. Haha Hard to explain a look, but it's the same look you gave me when I first met you. Ooh la la. We know what that led to!

8: #14 That you have an effeminate side to you, yet you're still manly & a ‘guys guy’. You totally understand & embrace women's issues, culinary & home crafts, appreciation of the arts, are able to express & exchange emotion, yet with a masculine flair. | #15 I love that you tower over me ... Don't know why ... I just do. No ‘small man syndrome’ with you I guess ;)) #16 You calm me ... I immediately drop a notch when I'm with you & feel so much more serene. Namaste!

9: #17 Your stamina in bed is amazing ;) Teehee! Enigma was really thinking of you when they produced their music

10: #18 You have a way of befriending people almost immediately. I'm sure it's because you know how to make people feel comfortable. You make me feel that way :-x | #19 You make me laugh ... & laugh. I actually have fun & play when I'm with you or talk to you. You always make room in your life for being joyful... It's wonderfully contagious! | #20 You are totally honest with me, even when it exposes you or makes you vulnerable... there are no hidden agenda's or facades with you. Don't stop that please ;))

11: #21 You are just the right amount of kinky in bed! Willing to be risky without being outrageous. Keeps things very fresh & interesting #22 I'm able to approach you about something that bothered me & you have always been gracious & accepting of my feelings. Most people get bent out of shape & defensive when they receive any sort of criticism. I might add that it is very, very rare that I'm ever bothered by something you've said or done ... I think because you are always conscious of other people's feelings.

12: #23 I love your big, broad, smooth chest & your tiny nipples are so, so sexy | #24 You make doing a chore less of a chore. Somehow you manage to still get the same things accomplished that need to be done in life without the stress & fuss that usually go with it ... I think I'll live longer being around you ;)) | #25 I feel like we're two peas in a pod; two birds of a feather; Ying & Yang. You are the male version of me, yet different in ways that compliment. You fit me like a glove. I love wearing you too

13: #26 You are extremely capable in everything you do. I've never known anyone who becomes as proficient or knowledgeable as you do when deciding to try or do something new. I find that quality very reassuring & sexy | #27 You always treat me with respect, but in a casual equality sort of way. I love that! #28 You just make me feel sooo good just being with you! It's like I can breathe easier when you're around & your nature of being rubs off on me. You are my good Karma, Sweets!!

14: #29 You always think of me ... I never have to ask | #30 You will do a chore without even being asked & you don't get all ‘look what I did!’ about it. That's rare! I love my clean bike. Thanks Baby ;)

15: #31 Whenever I go anywhere with you, you always attract people & we have the opportunity to meet new friends. You don't just enjoy life, Baby, you enrich it! #32 You love to dirt bike too & even though you're in a league way, way over mine, you still play with me ;)) #33 You have the cutest analogies & metaphors for every situation... Must be the Texan in you

16: #35 I can look across a room full of people & connect with you ... It’s like you’re always aware of me. Very sexy! | #34 You never `freaked out`, made a macho scene or got miffed at me when someone grabbed my butt in a bar. I, of course, never even noticed because I thought it was you & if you did `correct` the offender, you did it diplomatically & no one noticed ;)

17: #36 You always strive to grow & improve yourself, both personally & professionally. Whether it's a new lifestyle that you embrace in healthy cooking, a book on being a better man or Kama Sutra, or researching & learning the latest innovations in your work. You're the ever flowing stream – never a stagnant pond #37 You have no prejudices toward people, whether it's culture, economic standing, sexual orientation or education. The world would be a much better place with more of you in it

18: #38 You are a flirt, but in an innocent way. You don't try to make excuses for it or ever take it to the next level where it would be a threat to our relationship. It's part of being a Leo I guess ... because I'm a flirt too ;) | #39 Your voice. I don't know if it's a Dallas accent or a combination of your parent's vocal patterns & where you have lived, but I love the sound of words the way you speak them. It got me the first time I met you & you started talking to me... Melt

19: #40 You're not at all controlling by nature. I can't emphasize how important that is to me that you don't try to control me at all ... not that I'm out of control anyways! ;) | #41 You still show affection in public; a caress, a kiss or holding my hand always makes me feel so good & it's nice that you still do that when we're not just alone. Foreplay should last ALL day. Yum.

20: #42 You make me feel very sexy in the comments you make about & to me. It's very empowering to know your man finds you sexy, attractive & loves what you do to him. Makes me want you even more often! | #43 You don't get jealous. You're confident in who you are & what we have, so you don't have a need to keep me in check | #44 You're breakfast in bed ;))) This has a double meaning. One naughty & one nice

21: #45 You're a blast to dance with... Even beside the table. We'll have to cut a rug more often! Dancing turns me on too!! | #46 You never seem to get angry. I'm sure you do -- everyone does -- but you don't drag everyone into it & you certainly don't dwell there for long. I especially love that you're never angry with me ;)

22: #47 You have a passionate nature. A zest for life. You get excited about things & still have somewhat of a childlike wonder & appreciation for the little things. | #48 You're Mr. Wilson to your neighbors kids ... Children have a way of seeing through to the true nature of a person & they picked you because you are kind & helpful by nature.

23: #49 Sex is never boring with you, whether it's a passionate frenzied quicky or an all nighter marathon of love making, I always have a happy on after ;)))) | #50 You're effortless, like breathing, to be with. No agendas, rules or issues to tiptoe through ... I'm addicted!

24: #51 You are the best concert buddy ever. You love to sing out loud, stand up & dance & party with the neighbors just like me ... Even in the pouring rain & no complaints either. One of my fav things to do with you ;)

25: #52 You have a compassionate nature. You extend help to people without thought for your own gain. All you ever ask for in return is Good Karma | #53 You make the most delicious food ... when you choose to cook. Ahhh the way to a woman's heart. Well... one of the ways ;) | #54 Family is important to you, but you still aren't a Mama's boy. Heehee

26: #55 You are a true optimist & always look at the positives in a situation. Even when bad things happen to you, you don't dwell on them. You're the sunny side of the street ;) #56 I love it when you brag about me ;)). Must be the Leo in me, but it makes me feel very special & that we're good for each other. I always HATED when men & women talk badly or cut down their partners because I think 'why are you with that person then?'

27: #57 You really don't seem to mind me when I sometimes get stressed out & you 'talk me out of my tree' as you so aptly put it. I love that! #58 You never get 'in a tree' about anything... One of us is enough ;) | #59 You can be the funnest guy at a party, but you're still aware of me #60 You're the most genuine person ... What you see is what you get

28: #61 You're a very good listener. You even hear what isn't necessarily said aloud #62 You get in these awesome moods where you are extra cuddly & attentive & you bring out the Best of my Leo #63 I love your artistic creative flair... & what's coolest about it is that you're still adept, capable & organized unlike most artist types ;)

29: #64 You have never judged me for my past mistakes (like my marriages) & in fact, you don't even feel the need to dig up the past at all. That's indicative of a confident man. I like that a lot!! | #65 It doesn't bother you in the least that I dance burlesque in lingerie in public. I only wish that you were in the crowd every time! I still love private shows for you the best!! | #66 You made me like showers again ... at least ones where you're in it!!

30: #67 When I need to vent cause something upset me or I'm in a mood or my kids are driving me crazy, you always listen & you never ever turn it back on me. I always thought men weren't capable of that. Sweet! #68 Nothing shocks you ... You just take it all in stride. #69 You can be a real kid sometimes & don't take life too seriously, yet you are still so amazingly capable. I never feel like I have to babysit you ... even if I am the 'babysitter'! Heehee

31: #68 Nothing shocks you ... You just take it all in stride. | #69 You can be a real kid sometimes & don't take life too seriously, yet you are still so amazingly capable. I never feel like I have to babysit you ... even if I am the 'babysitter'! Heehee

32: Only 30 more to go Baby! | #70 Time flies when I'm with you. I hate that it goes by so fast cause I never get enough of you, but it's good because time flies when you're having fun. Some day we'll have more time for more fun ;)

33: #71 You always watch out for me & I feel safe when I'm out with you, but you never try to 'manage' me. It's a really good feeling to know you've got my back Baby –x | #72 You are really good at almost everything. You're a handyman, an artist, a gardener, a mechanic, a cook, a lover & a friend extraordinaire! Oh, and a painter & volcano maker. Lol

34: #73 That you turn into the Paparazzi & video me doing silly things. Just DON'T ever get mad at me & post them on YouTube! Lol | #74 I still get tingles down my spine when you kiss me ... especially the long, passionate ones.

35: #75 You do things in a way that is very non-threatening. You have a sort of matter-of-fact way about you. I can't imagine ever being insulted by your actions, because there is never ill intent in anything you do or say. #76 When I'm feeling blue, you always manage to cheer me up... sometimes by making a joke of my dilemma ... but it does make me realize not to take life too seriously. #77 Your beautiful soft brown eyes. Especially the way you look at me when we kiss

36: #78 You have an inner strength & are a natural leader. But you are a compassionate leader, not a dictator | #79 The amazing new things that I've experienced for the first time with you (some new for me & some for you). Can't wait to see what else we can surprise each other with ;) | #80 Your faith in mankind is strong & unwavering. You see the good in people; perhaps a bit naive but refreshingly so. Wish there was more of that in our world

37: #82 You are so genuine that I could never be angry with you for long. I'm sorry you felt bad today #83 You remind me of what it was like before I had baggage or put up walls to protect myself. Being with you is like it was when I could Love unconditionally & not have to hold back anything. | #81 You don't have a hairy body. Back hair = YUCK!!

38: #84 We balance each other ... when I'm going 100 miles an hour in my head, you slow me down & calm me | #85 Your incredibly gentle nature is so special & endears me to you, yet you are still strong & assertive | #86 When you wrap your arms around me, I feel like I'm in a cocoon ... Warm, safe, connected. I miss your touch the most

39: #87 You really turn me on ... When you talk dirty to me, when you pull me in, when you make suggestive comments. You're never degrading, just sexy. Mmmmmm #88 You're my go to guy. I can always depend on you & you're always so willing to help. I love you! #89 You don't have an inflated ego (which is rare for a Leo!) but you still have an air of confidence just the same. I find you sexy, Baby & would STILL pick you up in a bar in Mexico today ;)

40: #90 You've made this my Best Year yet ... right from The New Year on | #91 You are absolutely, totally trustworthy. I trust you completely with my happiness, my heart, my best interest, my money, my safety, my body, my love

41: #92 It amazes me how similar our likes, dislikes, opinions, goals & general attitudes about life are. It's so nice to not have conflict or major compromises - loving you is so easy!! | #93 Your hands & how you use them to create cool things, how they touch me in exactly the right places & ways. They are very creative, wise & sexual hands... & I love how they feel intertwined in my fingers too!

42: #94 When I've had a bad day, all I have to do is talk to you and you always brighten it & my day ends with a laugh or a smile ;))) #95 You're mature in all the right ways & still silly, playful & crazy when the time is right #96 You are always willing to try new things in bed (or other random places). Heehee. Just thinking about some of our escapades makes me hot & helps to pass the time until I see you again & can add new memories

43: |#97 You are handsome. Not in a pretty boy way, but more of a classical, manly way ... & you have an amazing smile

44: #98 You empower me! Your belief that I can accomplish anything I set out to do gives me such strength & when I doubt myself, you always set me straight. When I'm scared or nervous about trying something new, you calm me & give me confidence. #99 ... Bottles of beer on the wall, 99 ... You are so much fun to party with. I always have a great time when I'm out with you. You're not just my lover, you're my friend ;))

45: #100 You are a faithful, loyal, thoughtful, responsible, playful, open, generous, unassuming, kind, sexual, honest, intelligent, gregarious, humorous, wonderful man. I love you because you are who you are!

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