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100 Reasons I Love You ... (Copy)

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100 Reasons I Love You ... (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: 100 Reasons Why I Love You Chris

BC: Merry Christmas Love Erin

FC: 77 Reasons Why I Love You . . .

1: 100 Reasons Why I Love You . . . #1 You ARE trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, clean & brave. #2 You have an extremely sexy confidence #3 You are amazingly Sweet, not in a sucky or sappy way; just a genuinely nice person through & through

2: #4 You make my life fun and excited. You change it up and we always have fun.

3: #5 You are very intelligent, you own your own company which is really sexy and I hold a lot of respect for you. #6 Your quick witted humor. You always surprise me & put a smile on my face with your witty replies.

4: #7 I always miss you when your gone | #8 You make me belly laugh like I have never laughed before! And you do it daily. #9 You hate fighting and try to resolve things quickly.

5: #10 I feel completely safe with you. I know that someway you'll figure out whatever comes up and I can trust you to take care of things that are important.

6: #12 You never try to change me or make me feel bad for acting & being who I am ... even when it's a bit over the top sometimes ;)) | #11 You are always so calm & level-headed. You never get really angry & you give yourself these cute timeouts when you get frustrated

7: #13 You have this very sexy ‘look’ you get when you look at me sometimes. Kinda like you're on the hunt. Hard to explain a look, but it's the same look you gave me when I first met you. Ooh la la. We know what that led to!

8: #14 You go places with me that you don't necessarily want to go all the time. I really appreciate it and whatever we are doing its that much better because your with me. | #15 You remind me not to take life so seriously all of the time. Which takes away so much stress for me :) #16 You calm me ... I immediately drop a notch when I'm with you & feel so much more serene.

9: #17 Your stamina is amazing ;)

10: #18 You have a way of befriending people almost immediately. I'm sure it's because you know how to make people feel comfortable. You make me feel that way :-x | #19 You make me laugh ... & laugh. I actually have fun & play when I'm with you or talk to you. You always make room in your life for being joyful... It's wonderfully contagious! | #20 You let the dogs on the bed because you know how important it is to me..even though you hate it with a passion. The dogs thank you too.

11: #21 You are always very affectionate. No matter where we are you always show me you love me. Just another reason why I feel safe with you

12: #23 I love you deep voice, it's very sexy. | #24 You make doing a chore less of a chore. Somehow you manage to still get some things accomplished that need to be done in life without the stress & fuss that usually go with it ... I think I'll live longer being around you ;)) | #25 I feel like we're two peas in a pod. I'd rather be with you then anyone else all of the time. I have more fun with you hanging out and watching a movie rather than going out and drinking.

13: #26 You are extremely capable in everything you do. I've never known anyone who becomes as proficient or knowledgeable as you do when deciding to try or do something new. I find that quality very reassuring & sexy | #27 You always treat me with respect, but in a casual equality sort of way. I love that! #28 You just make me feel sooo good just being with you! It's like I can breathe easier when you're around & your nature of being rubs off on me.

14: #29 You always think of me ... I never have to ask | #30 You always make our weekends fun. I look forward to the weekends like crazy and when we arn't together the whole time I feel like I got jipped!

15: #31 Whenever I go anywhere with you, you always attract people & we have the opportunity to meet new friends. You don't just enjoy life, you enrich it! #32 You love to dirt bike and off road too & even though you're in a league way, way over mine, you still play with me ;)) #33 You always apologize even if I'm wrong.

16: #35 I can look across a room full of people & connect with you ... It’s like you’re always aware of me. | #34 You take Dallas places he has never been. I have never seen him have as much fun as he has with you. I think that his confidence in life will be 10 times better now that you are in it.

17: #36 You love to be outside. You love to camp just like me and our dreams of living in Colorado on a ranch actually seem plausible now that we are together. #37 I think that in your HEART you have no prejudices toward people, whether it's culture, economic standing, sexual orientation or education. The world would be a much better place with more of you in it you just gotta work on that EGO!

18: Here are some of the reasons why Dallas loves you......... #38 He's nice to me all the time. He takes me to fun places. He has fun toys. I love living here. He is generous. He is a good dad.

19: #40 He plays with me and wrestles with me. He watches movies with me and talks to me. | #41 He got me into Bmx and I LOVE BMX! I love Katelyn, Dylan and Ava and he brings me to them. He brings AVA over in the morning to say hi to me.

20: #42 You make me feel very sexy in the comments you make about & to me. It's very empowering to know your man finds you sexy, attractive & loves what you do to him. Makes me want you even more often!

21: #45 I always get excited when your coming home and I always miss you when your gone! | #46 You never seem to get angry. I'm sure you do -- everyone does -- but you don't drag everyone into it & you certainly don't dwell there for long. I especially love that you're never too angry with me ;)

23: #44 You are a democrat! Thank God!!!! | #43 I love your family! They are so great and I can tell we come from the same background and will hopefully turn out like our parents!

24: #47 You have a passionate nature. A zest for life. You get excited about things & still have somewhat of a childlike wonder & appreciation for the little things. | #48 You're Mr. Wilson to your neighbors kids ... Children have a way of seeing through to the true nature of a person & they picked you because you are kind & fun by nature.

25: #49 Sex is never boring with you, whether it's a passionate frenzied quicky or an all nighter marathon of love making, I always have a happy smile after ;)))) | #50 You're effortless, like breathing, to be with. No agendas, rules or issues to tiptoe through ... I'm addicted!

26: #51 You are the best "step dad" ever! Dallas will never forget BMX. The fact that we found something for him that he loves and he can be proud of himself for is amazing. Thank you so much!

27: #52 You have a compassionate nature with people especially children. We will work on the animal compassion for the next 60 years. It will come dammit! | #53 You make the most delicious food ... when you choose to cook. | #54 Family is important to you, they are always in the back of your mind no matter what your doing.

28: #55 You are a true optimist & always look at the positives in a situation. Even when bad things happen to you, you don't dwell on them. You're the sunny side of the street ;) #56 I love it when you brag about me ;)). It makes me feel very special & that we're good for each other.

29: #57 You really don't seem to mind me when I sometimes get stressed out & you 'talk me out of my tree. #58 You never get 'in a tree' about anything... One of us is enough ;) | #59 You can be the funnest guy at a party, but you're still aware of me. #60 You get in these awesome moods where you are extra cuddly & attentive & you bring out the best of my me.

30: #61 I love your artistic creative nature... & what's coolest about it is that you're still adept, capable & organized unlike most artist types #62 You can be a real kid sometimes & don't take life too seriously, yet you are still so amazingly capable. #63 You are really good at almost everything. You're a handyman, an artist, a you know what star, a mechanic, a cook, a lover & a best friend.

31: #64 You have never judged me for my past mistakes & in fact, you don't even feel the need to dig up the past at all. That's indicative of a confident man. I like that a lot!! | #65 You always watch out for me & I feel safe when I'm out with you, but you never try to 'manage' me. It's a really good feeling to know you've got my back. | #66 You have an inner strength & are a natural leader. But you are a compassionate leader, not a dictator

32: #67 Time flies when I'm with you. I hate that it goes by so fast cause I never get enough of you, but it's good because time flies when you're having fun. Some day we'll have more time for more fun ;) #68 Your by far my best friend. The best best friend I have ever had.

34: #70 Your faith in mankind is strong & unwavering. You see the good in people; perhaps a bit naive but refreshingly so. Wish there was more of that in our world

35: #71 You're my go to guy. I can always depend on you & you're always so willing to help. I love you! | #72 Your incredibly gentle nature is so special & endears me to you, yet you are still strong & assertive

36: #73 You are absolutely, totally trustworthy. I trust you completely with my happiness, my heart, my best interest, my money, my safety, my body, my love. | #74 You've made this my Best Year yet ...

37: #75 You're mature in all the right ways (almost) & still silly, playful & crazy when the time is right #76 You are super sexy and I really do check you out all the time! #77 You are a faithful, loyal, thoughtful, responsible, playful, open, generous, unassuming, kind, sexual, honest, intelligent, gregarious, humorous, wonderful man. I love you because you are who you are! I love you because you are my best friend.

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