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100 reasons to love you

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FC: For my seximazing

1: Dear seximazingness I do not take enough time out of my day to thank you for everything youve done for me. I decided to write out a long list of things that youÂ’ve done, or things that you do, or ways that you are, that i really appreciate and love about you. Also, disregard how gay and romantic this is. I just want you to know that I care. Even though I know you know.. you need to know MOREEE. feel gree to save some for later cause theres a grand total of 100 things! and you have a time limit til 11! And donÂ’t forget to follow the directions at the end!! ;)

2: 1. You make me laugh even when I don’t want to. We could probably be at Toes’ funeral and you could still make me laugh | 2.You always smell great even when you say you haven’t showered in a long time | 3.You praise my butt even though I know it’s all jiggly and ghetto

3: 4.You have a sexy back..mmmm | 5.You clean (even if its cause you feel claustrophobic) even though I’m the one who makes 90% of the mess | 6.You don’t complain if I don’t clean for a while (or you do so tactfully.) | 7.You still praise me when I DO clean

4: Always thinking of you... | 8.You move mountains to make me happy, even if it means you might be giving up something important to you | 9.You don’t get upset when I get all emotional for no reason | 10.You try hard to get me to spill my guts when I’m upset.. something I really need when I’m feeling closed off and distant

5: 11.When you make a decision for yourself you stick to it. You're very reliable. | 12.I’m more myself around you than I am even when I’m alone. Something I’ve never really been able to do is fully be myself, but with you its possible

6: Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without, and know we cannot live within. | 13.Sitting on the bed with no power, tv, or computer is somehow still fun when youre around | 14.Showers are never dull cause we’re either fucking like rabbits or wrapping eachother in fallen apart loofahs | 15.I can look you in the eyes and not have to look away

7: 16.Ive experienced near poverty with you and I still looked forward to seeing you every single day.. even if I hadn’t eaten all day and was really cranky, being with you made it less so. | 17.You think about me even when you don’t have to, and it shows by the ways you come home with chocolate bars and a necklace with the WRONG LETTER on it ;) | 18.The cute dance you do when you’re super excited

8: 19.The way you cuddle toes but then turn around and pretend you don’t love him | 20.The way you talk in your sleep and don’t make any sense whatsoever | 21.When you turn down the tv cause you don’t want to wake me up, even though you know I'll sleep through it

9: my love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in | 22. The way we can make love or have crazy sex, and its still AMAZING either way | 23.The time and effort you put into trying to provide for us just so that we can live comfortably | 24.Even through all my faults you still love every bit of me

10: 25.You let me talk about the things I love even if its something stupid like clicky games | 26.Normally I would fucking hate walking to provigo from here, but with you its fun and enjoyable.. in fact, walking anywhere with you is fun and enjoyable | 27.You came to the dawson plays instead of saying it was lame or boring (and you actually enjoyed them, proving how intelligent you are) | 28.You come to family dinners (when the occasional one pops up) without complaining

11: "I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you." | 29.You understand my mumbles that I make in my sleep. | 30.You would tuck me in when you were getting ready for work and I was half asleep | 31.You’ve NEVER hit me (..on purpose lol) or even so much as yelled at me | 32.You can pin point whether or not I’m in a good mood.. even if I’m trying to hide it

12: Be Mine | 33.You cuddle with me even if you think you need to be macho | 34.You let me see your non macho side | 35.You let me poop in the bathroom with you in the shower that one time I really had to go. lmao | 36.You don’t get angry when I accidentally flush the toilet while youre showering

13: 37.We’re able to pick on eachother and actually laugh about it.. (turning the hot water off in the shower, making fun of my penny carrying butt, fake wrestling around the apartment) | 38.You cook for me even if you’ve already worked hard that day | 39.I can ask dumb questions without being afraid that youll think im stupid (WAHTS 4 + 2??? DERP)

14: you | 40.You're my best friend, my boyfriend, my roommate, and my financial partner all in one, and I wouldn’t change any of those things | 41.We’ve been living together for 8 months and I’ve never felt like I NEEDED to get away from you. Which is a big step from when I use to need LOTS of alone time

15: me | 42.I use to go to my moms to refresh myself and have “ME” time.. now when I go to my moms I’m just bored and I wanna be home with you | 43.I use to call my moms place “home”, now home is here with you. | 44.You always take into consideration my opinion, even if I don’t have very good grounds for it

16: All that I love loses half its pleasure if you are not there to share it. | 45.I appreciate every bit of vulnerability youve shown to me | 46.You try to get along with all my friends, even if you don’t “like” them persay (with the exception of Tash, cause she just sucks) | 47.You don’t freak out when my baby fever kicks in | Should I keep going?? I'm not even close to done ;)

17: 48.If I got pregnant, I 100% know that you would be by my side in whatever decision I make | 49.You laugh at my jokes, even if they aren’t REALLY that funny | 50.Even though you knew me when I was 10, you actually saw the WOMAN in me 10 years later | 51.I know if I ever got hurt by someone you would kick their ass | 52.You make sure you walk on the side closest to the street.

18: Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. | 53.You were willing to run to tim hortons in the middle of the night just so that I could breathe easier and sleep easier | 54. You rub my back even though I know your arms must get tired | 55.The way we stayed up all night talking about anything and everything for two (or three?) nights in a row!

19: XOXO | 56.Of all the people in the world, I’d die 100% happy if you were the last one I was ever with. | 57.The way our bodies fit in the weirdest cuddling positions – yet it still feels perfect | 58.Even when I do something crazy to my hair, you tell me I look beautiful | 59.The way we can just lie in bed cuddling without talking and it doesn’t feel awkward

20: I'm so grateful to have you in my life! | 60.How sexy you look in your purple work uniform (LIKE A BOSS!!!) | 61.You rub my feet after I had a long day, and I don’t even need to ask | 62.I’ve never doubted for a second that u love me | 63.I never have to worry about whether or not you’re going to leave me.. something I often felt in my past relationships but that I seldom feel with you

21: You know you're in love when reality is finally better than your dreams. | You can get a glass of water n take a break now if you’d like.. :P | 64.You encourage me when I get discouraged about something | 65.All the great memories I have of us in this tiny one n a half apartment. only you could make something like that possible

22: 66.The way you challenge my fears about my capabilities | 67.I love the way you cuddle up to me in your sleep | 68.Your funny memes, which 90% of them are way funnier than all the ones on homepage | 69.All of your facial expressions

23: 70.The way you comment on my facebook no matter what, it shows me you aren’t embarrassed of our relationship | 71.The way you do the “wave” thingy and swing our hands back and forth when we’re walking, even though I know you feel silly doing it. | 72.You eat anything I cook, even if its “questionable” (kraft dinner and chilli sauce?? Lol)

24: 73.You watched the notebook even though I know you thought it was lame | 74.Youre strong when I’m weak, even though I know you have your own battles to tend to. | 75.The way you giggle when I give you attention | 76.When I’m absent minded and forget to give you attention, you come get it instead of just being angry or upset

25: 77.The way you think you love me too much, but still continue to love me just as much anyway | 78.I could never show you enough appreciation for all the things youve done for me. | 79.The way you want to share your hobbies with me instead of keeping them to yourself | 80.The way you reassured me that things would get better when we were having a hard time financially a few months ago.. and they did

26: Be Mine | 81.You tag me in random conversations on facebook just because.. makes me feel included | 82.You write silly things in my status.. and they always get tons of likes | 83.The way i can miss you 5 minutes after ive left the apartment

27: 84.How when im older, i can tell the best love story ever to our kids.. “I was 10 and he thought i was HAWT” (No but really.. my mom always says our story is straight out of a romance movie) | 85.That even my friends can see how amazing you are toward me. Theyre all jealous. | 86.That you force me to shower with you.. without you i’d probably really stink (MORESO than usual)

28: 87.You don’t obsess about each month that we’ve been together (OMG 6.5 months baby!!!211) but instead acknowledge every so often that we’ve made it this far (9 months already? Cool) | 88.You don’t complain when I just want you to hump my butt | 89. If I want sushi, pizza, shrimp tempora, a unicorn, or rainbow poop, you make it happen. | 90.The creative nicknames you have for me

29: 91.The way I can be reminded of you a million times a day from random things around me (thats a pretty flower... jonn is so pretty) | 92.Even when I get jealous you don’t get upset, you just remind me that you only have eyes for me | 93.That you take the groceries from my hands if it looks like I’m struggling.. or even if it doesn’t

30: If you were a bugger I would pick you first. | 94.That you actually let me use my coupons that one time even though u said u never would.. we saved 10 bucks that day!! | 95.Youre more like a romantic comedy than a romance movie. I don’t want to barf when you say sweet things cause you say them with humor.. even though i know you really mean them whole heartedly

31: 96.How you excel at your job, and try to make it sound like its easy peasy, even though i know you work hard to keep ppl happy, help them move, let them stay on the terrasse, keep the bushes from being stolen, calling taxis, making breakfast for everyone, and still being professional even when some of your coworkers are anal retentive AND still sticking up for them afterwards when things have been resolved

32: 97.Youre the perfect height for me.. you can kiss my forehead, but I can still reach you for a kiss without falling over | 98.The way you ask for blowjobs | 99.You can act like a child in front of me.. which I sometimes forget to do (you know me and wanting to grow up so badly!) but you ground me and remind me that i need to be childish and laugh sometimes

33: 100.Even when I’m not in the mood to have sex, you know how to push the right buttons to get me going ;) | So sexy... Now that you've endured this booklet, type this website into your URL bar :) www.whatthefckisgoingon.piczo.com

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