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100 Reasons Why

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BC: T.S.A 10-30-2010 S.J.A.

FC: 100 Reasons Why I Love You

1: To my Toad, I can't believe it has only been one year! I love you for so many reasons, but here are the first 100 that came to my mind. Hope you enjoy! Love always, Sam

2: 1, You make me feel safe. When I am with you I know that I will be kept from any harm. | 2, You are aware of all of my craziness and you still stand to be around me.

3: 3. One kiss from you makes all of my worries disappear.

4: 4, You take the time and effort to cook for me, and it actually tastes good...most of the time. (Just kidding, its always yummy) | 5. You make camouflage look cute. I didn't think it was possible, but you made it happen. Especially in your camo apron ;)

5: 6. No one can keep me as sane as you can. You have a calming presence, something I need. In the most hectic times I can always turn to you.

6: 7. You make me feel like a little kid. I love that we can watch Disney movies together and not only do you enjoy it, but you sing along to the songs with me. And you waste time by drawing Disney characters in class, just like in elementary school. I love it!

7: 8. Not only do you respect my morals and values, but you share them. I know that I can always freely express my opinions to you and not have to worry about being judged. You respect me and that means more to me than you can imagine.

9: 9. Every time we get in the car you put on the songs from Country Strong because you know how much I love them. And sometimes you even sing them! | 10. You plan fun adventures to the mountains. I never knew how much fun it could be to take hikes and be away from the rest of the world for a few hours. Turns out there are fun activities to do outside of a mall! | 11. You have introduced me to so many awesome new things. Shooting guns, parties at the lake, and Brunswick stew, just to name a few. (The stew is all your mom's doing, but I will give you partial credit)

10: 12. You are always willing to help me or anyone else. No matter what. | 13. You can handle 7 girlfriends at one time. That is just impressive. | 16. You always find the nerdiest and corniest jokes to tell me. And since I am a major nerd, I love that! | 14. Oreos are staple food in both of our diets, which is very convenient. | 15. You are always open to trying new things at least once. Except sushi. I am still working on that.

11: 17. You complement me so perfectly. Where I am weak, you are strong. | 18. You have the cutest smile, especially when you are really happy because then I get to see your dimples. I love your dimples.

12: 19. You always make me feel pretty. Even if I am all sweaty and gross, you tell me I am beautiful. 20. I know that I can trust you with my life. And my heart. | 21. You enjoy Japanese food, Gino's and Hops as much as I do. Choosing where to eat is never an argument. 22. We are both stubborn enough to argue about the proper way to count. (P.s. I am still right!) 23. You are always kind. Everyone who meets you instantly knows that you are truly a good-hearted person.

13: 24. You genuinely take an interest in what I enjoy doing. You will do crafts with me and convincingly pretend to have fun doing them too.

14: 25. When I am sick, which is very often, you do everything you can to make me feel better. You bring me soup and medicine. | 26. You will hold my hand. Anytime. Anywhere. 27. You enjoy Fall as much as I do. It really is the best season!

15: 28. You let me cry, even if you don't understand why. | 29. You always text me when you get home from dropping me off so I don't worry | 30. You are who you are and you don't change it for anyone. | 31. Even though you HATE feet you still massage mine. | 32. You are ambitious and that is so attractive. | 33. You appreciate the small things in life like how pretty the trees look when the leaves change.

16: 34. I can come wake you up at 3 a.m.when I am not feeling well and you will just comfort me. I can count on you, always. | 35. You bought me sparkle heels as a surprise. I mean, seriously, what girl wouldn't love that?? | 36. You love me despite my constant panic attacks and illnesses. I am probably a health hazard to you. | 37. I can wear my six inch heels and still be shorter than you.

17: 38. We can watch Arthur over and over again and it never gets old. Especially when drinking Maker's Mark and eating generic brand Saucy O's. | 39. You introduced me to my favorite city in the mountains. Blowing Rock was the best first real date ever. | 40. We can lay around for hours talking about everything under the sun. | 41. You became a Minnesota Vikings fan (probably at the worst time because they are so awful this year). | 42. You listen to me sing Glee songs in the car. I'm sure that is painful to listen to, I am certainly no Lea Michele. | 43. You have the Southern Gentleman charm.

18: 44. You are so close to your family and I love that. There is nothing more important than family and it is evident that you feel the same. | 45. You randomly send me flowers. It makes me feel special because its never on any type of holiday.

19: 51. You always find a way to fit me into your hectic schedule. 52. You don't have a jealous bone in your body. If you do, I never see it and I really appreciate your trust in me. | 46. We can get lost int he mountains, hike 10 extra miles and still call it a good day. 47. You are so cute when we go out on a date. You even ask me what I want you to wear. 48. You fit in no matter where we go or who we are with. 49. You always make me feel like a princess. You even bought me a princess key to your house!! 50. You understand that sometimes being alone is good. We don't have to spend every second together and that makes seeing each other so much better. | Grayson Highlands

20: 53. You are always in control. I never have to worry if you are going to do something stupid of inappropriate. | 54. You aren't afraid to show emotions. Whether you are sad or happy, you will express that to me. | 55. I have always felt incredibly comfortable in your presence. | 56. You have the prettiest blue eyes. | 57. You hit on me by sending me a fake, mushy love letter after meeting me for the first time. How could I turn that down?

22: 58. You are smart without even having to try. I pretend like it makes me angry, but I really am impressed. Don't let that go to your head though ;) | 59. You completely ignore the fact that my mom and I practically have my entire wedding planned out. You let me have my little fantasy without getting freaked out by it. | 60. My parents adore you almost as much as I do. My dad won't really admit it, but I heard him say it once or twice. Congrats, that is definitely a first!

23: 61. Despite my apparent curse, you are still willing to come home to Minnesota with me to meet my family. 62. You are always honest with me. I know what is on your mind. 63, You take me out to the dock at the lake to star gaze, Very romantic.

24: 64. You know how I feel before I even say a word. You know exactly what to say when I need encouragement.

25: 65. When I am stuck at the tennis courts during a match you bring me McDonald's and Burger King. Oh how I miss the days of funnel cake sticks. 66. You will have food fights with me when we bake. You don't even get mad when I smear frosting all over your face, you just get even. 67. You look so cute in your dress clothes every day when you go to class. | 68. I can call you to vent about things that you will never care about and you just listen. 69. You entertain me with your sweet dance moves when we play Just Dance on Wii. I wish I could record it. 70. You always make sure that I know how much you love me. You tell me every day. 71. You give me lots and lots of back massage. | 72. You have taught me not to sweat the small stuff. I may not have that skill mastered yet but you have made great progress with me. 73. You make super yummy peach cobbler and I am pretty sure there are several people who love you for that. 74. You kind of enjoy shopping. Not near as much as I do, but if we stop by Bass Pro Shop that will satisfy you for the rest of the day.

26: 75. When you surprise me, it not only makes me happy, it makes other girls jealous of how sweet my boyfriend is. That just makes it even better. 76. You brought my mom Tulips because I told you they were her favorite. 77. We have been together for a year and I still get giddy and excited when I get to see you. 78. You let me steal a pair of you shorts over summer so I could wear them when I was missing. That was every day. 79; You always smell amazing.

27: 80. You are a great cuddler. You keep me nice and warm. 81. You have a famous twin (Scotty McCreery). I know one day you will reveal that you can sing just like him and you will serenade me. 82. When I went home to MN for Christmas you sent me a card saying how much you missed me even though we talked every day. 83. Together we have started to spend time on our faith. Going to church on Sundays is one of the highlights of my week and it makes me so happy that it is something we do together.

28: 84. You sent my Grandma a sympathy card when my Grandpa passed away. I didn't even ask you to do. That was incredibly sweet of you. | 85. I could not have made it through Thanh's passing without you. You really were a gift from God to me. | 86. You put up with me on my 21st birthday ... Enough said.

29: 92. You will drive an hour to pick me up downtown when I decide that I no longer feel like going out. 93. You are strong enough to carry me. I love piggy back rides :) | 87. You are good at keeping secrets. This is only a good thing because I love surprises and I know you wouldn't use that skill to hide important things from me :) 88. You were as excited to see Lion King in 3-D as I was. Now lets just hope they do that for the rest of the Disney Classics. 89. You let me have the clicker. Yes, the clicker. Not a remote. 90. You have the cutest baby face. I don't care how tall you are, you still look like you are 12. Which makes me feel better since I do too. 91. You are my toad.

30: 94. You surprised me at the Charlotte airport when I got back from Minnesota. That was probably one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. Plus, you had a sign. 95. ...Because you sir are a vile spend thrift. (Clearly joking but I just love quotes Arthur with you) 96. You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away. | 97. You believe in making wishes. I love that you text me all the time to tell me that it is 11:11. 98. You can make me laugh even when I only want to cry. 99. You are not only my boyfriend you have become my best friend. I can count on you always. No matter what I need I can come to you.

31: 100. You make me a better person.

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