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100 Reasons Why I Love You ...

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100 Reasons Why I Love You ... - Page Text Content

S: 100 Reasons Why I Love You Chris

BC: Happy 2 Years Sweet Love! Love Lauren xoxoxo

FC: 100 Reasons Why I Love You . . .

1: 100 Reasons Why I Love You . . . #1 You are amazingly sweet and romantic. #2 You have an extremely sexy confidence #3 You are so passionate in your faith.

2: #4 Your lips-the way you kiss me. You are always gentle yet very strong!

3: #5 You are very intelligent, one of the first things I noticed about you was your love and passion for knowledge (my history buff). #6 Your humor! You always make me laugh (sometimes so hard I fall on the floor).

4: #7 You know me better than anyone, love! | #8 The way your hand fits perfectly on my butt! :) #9 You always take care of me when I'm sick. Chocolate, Coffee, Flowers, Food Network.

5: #10 I feel completely safe with you (not because you are a big guy & you're a black belt) but somehow I've felt from the very moment we met that you would never hurt me.

6: #12 You hold me when I just need to cry! | #11 You are always so calm & level-headed. When I start to stress about something stupid, you set me straight!

7: #13 You are so compassionate!

8: #15 I love that you tower over me. #16 I love that I fit perfectly in your arms. It's like they were made for me. | #14 I love that you have a feminine side to you, yet you are still very manly. You totally understand & embrace women's issues, appreciation of the arts, are able to express & exchange emotion, yet with a masculine flair.

9: #17 Your laugh! I love when you get really tickled, laugh (and voice) raises like ten octaves.

10: #18 You have a way of befriending people almost immediately. I'm sure it's because you know how to make people feel comfortable. You make me feel that way. | #19 You make me laugh ... & laugh. You always make room in your life for being joyful... It's wonderfully contagious! | #20 You are totally honest with me, even when it exposes you or makes you vulnerable... there are no hidden secrets or feelings with you.

11: #21 You are an amazing kisser ;) #22 I'm able to approach you about something that bothered me & you have always been gracious & accepting of my feelings.

12: #23 I love your big, strong chest. I remember when we first started dating you only had one hair on your chest, and now look at you! :) | #24 You make me sooo happy! | #25 I feel like we're two peas in a pod; two birds of a feather; Ying & Yang. You are the male version of me, yet different in many ways that compliment.

13: #26 God made us for each other. Made out of the same cloth. :) | #27 You always treat me with respect. I love that! #28 You just make me feel sooo good just being with you! It's like I can breathe easier when you're around!

14: #29 You always think of me ... I never have to ask. | #30 You will take out the trash for me because you know I HATE to.

15: #31 You are always thinking of other people! You are so kind and considerate of other other. #32 I love that you like to make up silly songs about anything (this is something I love and hate about you) lol #33 You have the cutest analogies & metaphors for every situation!

16: #35 I can look across a room full of people & connect with you ... It’s like you’re always aware of me. Very hot! | #34 I love when we sing in the car together...even if it sounds horrible :)

17: #36 You always strive to grow & improve yourself, whether spiritually, physically or in school. #37 You have such a passion for law and order!

18: #38 Your love for Lilly (and other kids), it just melts my heart when I see you playing with her or watching after her. She loves her Uncle Caleb! :) | #39 I love when you play with your ears when you're deep in thought, it is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

19: #40 I love the nicknames you call me...Doll, Love, Babe! | #41 You still show PDA. Not a lot, but when you kiss my hand, cheek or forehead...so sweet in my eyes!

20: #42 You make me feel very special in the comments you make about & to me. It's very empowering to know your man finds you sexy & attractive! | #43 I love (and HATE) our fights when you try to lick my eye or face...GROSS! | #44 I love when you hold me! I feel so loved in your arms!

21: #45 You're so much fun to dance with, even though you don't think you are a good dancer! | #46 I love that we can never stay mad at each other, even when we fight, we make up in a few minutes!

22: #47 You get excited about things & still have somewhat of a childlike wonder & appreciation for the little things. | #48 I love that you think I'm beautiful wearing sweats and no makeup on!

23: #49 You go out of your way to help/please me...Fazolis bread sticks at work!! | #50 Your AMAZING imagination. You can make a gun out of a cereal box haha!

24: #51 Your funny people you make up...Hello my name is Tom Derringer! lol

25: #52 Your ability to impersonate anyone! | #53 I love that you are trying to learn to cook some! I love the days you make me breakfast. | #54 Your love for family...blood or not.

26: #55 Your hilarious voices and accents...Obviously! #56 I love it when you brag about me it makes me feel special and loved!

27: #57 You really don't seem to mind me when I sometimes get stressed out, you just remind me to breathe and calm down. I love that! #58 Your ability to look at me and smile, and I melt inside! | #59 Your eyes! Oh my gosh your beautiful brown eyes! #60 You're the most genuine person...What you see is what you get.

28: #61 You always understand what I'm trying to say. When I babble on and on you understand me! #62 You get in these awesome moods where you get super hyper and it is absolutely hilarious! #63 I love your artistic and creative side...Your drawings and book ideas!

29: #64 I love holding your hand...your strong warm hands! | #65 You watch girlie shows with me. Even though its not often, its still sweet! | #66 You and your boots... Super Hot!

30: #67 I love your crazy curly hair! #68 You support me! #69 You can be a real kid sometimes & don't take life too seriously!

31: #70 Time flies when I'm with you. I hate that it goes by so fast cause I never get enough of you, but it's good because time flies when you're having fun.

32: #71 You always watch out for me & I feel safe when I'm out with you! It's a really good feeling to know you've got my back superman!

33: #72 I love your strong legs! haha its weird but I do! | #73 I love when you play with my hair! I could just fall asleep when you do!

34: #74 I still get tingles down my spine when you kiss me...especially the long, passionate ones! | #75 You always manage to guess your presents, or get me to tell you!

35: #76 When I'm feeling blue, you always manage to cheer me up! #77 Your ghettolicious booty! #78 You are ALWAYS warm! My big werewolf!

36: #79 The amazing surprises you plan for me...the hiking trip, the night to Nashville, roses and chocolate! | #80 Your faith in mankind is strong & unwavering. You see the good in people...The FDA haha :) | #81 You always make time for me, no matter what! Even if its only an hour, it means a lot!

37: #83 I love the way you look at me! I can see the warmth and love in your eyes. #84 We balance each other...when I'm going 100 miles an hour in my head, you slow me down & calm me. | #82 You tell me "Today's gonna be a good day." It is a small thing but it means the world to me Caleb!

38: #85 You are so thoughtful! | #86 I love when you put your hand on the small of my back and "guide" me through a room! Super sexy for you to be so gentle yet still in control! | #87 Your long sweet txts I get as soon as I wake up. They could be published!

39: #88 You are my go to guy. I can always depend on you & you're always so willing to help! #89 I love your weirdness... Peanut Butter and Hot dogs?!? #90 You've made these past two years the best in my life... I can't wait for the rest of our lives together!

40: #91 You are totally trustworthy. I trust you completely with my happiness, my heart, my best interest, my safety, my body, my love.

41: #92 I love when you pick me up, hold me, and kiss me! | #93 Your funny adorable feet! | #94 When I've had a bad day, all I have to do is talk to you and you always brighten it & my day ends with a laugh or a smile.

42: #95 You stand up for me! #96 You are my best friend! | #97 You are incredibly handsome. Not in a pretty boy way, but more of a classic, sexy, manly way!

43: #98 You empower me! Your belief that I can accomplish anything I set out to do gives me such strength. When I'm nervous or scared, you calm me & give me confidence!

44: #99 You are so much fun to be with, whether at the grocery store or out on the town!

45: #100 You are faithful, loyal, thoughtful, responsible, playful, open, generous, kind, honest, intelligent, funny, and a wonderful man. I love you because you are who you are!

47: It's like a storm That cuts a path It breaks your will It feels like that You think you're lost But you're not lost on your own You're not alone I will stand by you I will help you through When you've done all you can do If you can't cope I will dry your eyes I will fight your fight I will hold you tight And I won't let go It hurts my heart To see you cry I know it's dark This part of life Oh it finds us all And we're too small To stop the rain Oh but when it rains | I will stand by you I will help you through When you've done all you can do And you can't cope I will dry your eyes I will fight your fight I will hold you tight And I won't let you fall Don't be afraid to fall I'm right here to catch you I won't let you down It won't get you down You're gonna make it Yeah I know you can make it Cause I will stand by you I will help you through When you've done all you can do And you can't cope And I will dry your eyes I will fight your fight I will hold you tight And I won't let go Oh I'm gonna hold you And I won't let go | I Won't Let Go

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