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16 years

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16 years - Page Text Content

BC: girls. Well Skyler was the first person i would go to if i were in any trouble. Like when

FC: Love At First Sight

1: to my friends that have been there

2: Have you ever had a first love?. I had my first love when I was 11.My name is Lola.I thought he was the BEST boy friend ever!!!!

3: But then they say they care about you when they really don't.You go and tell all your friends that he's the one for you

4: Your friends say you should think about dating him.While others say he's perfect for you and that they are so happy for you.

5: Your not sure if you should keep dating him or move on.So you go ask your BEST friend.Thats where my story begins.

6: Her name is Skylar Breen.She has been my best friend since I was 2. We had always been stuck together

7: since our mothers had been in the same television show 'Morning in Mannhattan' sure i was more privledged

8: previliged than other girls. But that didn't matter to me all I wanted was to have some to love me for who I am.Now you are probably saying in your head well you have your parents who are wealthy and who spoil you.But the truth is that the only one who cares about me is my mom.My dad when

9: he comes home he is high and drunk.My mom tells me to go in my room and lock the door and make sure my music is loud.I hear banging on the walls and my mom screaming and yelling.Thats what goes on at my house when my dad gets home.Its a pretty crazy life.When my dad leaves for work the next morning my mom squezzesz me.

10: and says,"I LOVE YOU LOLOA."Even though she does i want to hold a hand at school and say,"YEA IM DATING HIM."But none seemed to want to share that with me.So my friend Skylar tried to hook me up with some kids but none wanted to.I think it stared when i was 12.After some

12: person went and opened their BIG mouth and tolled everyone a rumor that wasn't true.The rumor was that I steel everything when i go over to their houses,my nickname is Swiper The Fox.Now everyone believes her.My life is ruined

13: LOVE is another meaning for DEATH.Its like a DEATH TRAP that you cant get out of. Almost like falling into a well without Lassie to save you. Pretty much living hell.Sometimes boys will break your heart so bad you feel like you just want to die.Thats what happens to me.

14: Ever since I turned 12 its like a dark hole.I am starting to get use to being single hopefully this wont stay with me forever.Doesn't every girl want to hold their boyfriends hand,kiss them, and brag about them. AGE 13

15: I turned 13 today it was supposed be the best day ever well thats what i thought until I figured that my mom was divorcing my father.At the same time I was happy for my mom and myself.Now I don't have to live in fear anymore.But the only thing missing is a hand to hold and know that they will always be there.

16: Still 13 and life is to its fullest or most part i am still missing the whole in my heart.After my dad left the family has been fine SO far.Skylar who was my bff has started to hang out with the plastics!!. She has been kinda ignoring me latley i don't why though? I wasnt that embarrasing was i?

17: The stupid PLASTICS,well they like to be called the BEAUTIES.They probably got to her head and said ,"Don't pay attention to her!!!".So everyday I will sit down alone just watching people go bye.Wishing someone would come and at least say hi but no.

18: AGE 14 Dads out of jail and is stalking us don't know what is going to happen next.I wish I could just live a normal life.I have alot of $ but i just don't have the right father but i love my mother.Don't know why all this happening

19: as I get older.My life i s just falling apart by the blink of a eye.We are moving away trying to make him go away,I am trading schools so we can try to live a normal life but you never know.There's this boy named Robert he

20: probably thinks i am a little weird but i don't care.He has brown hair,blue eyes.I can't help but stare at him. I tried to talk to him but his PLASTIC girlfriend always gets in the way.Why do there be PLASTICS!!!?.

22: She is always like,"MOVE YOU LOSER!!" but Robert looks back at me and says talk to you later but that never happens cause he's stupid PLASTIC girlfriend.I wish that Skylar was here but she's not.

23: LOVE-Whats the meaning? The way Robert smiles he can light up a whole room.One day me and Robert will be together.But I don't count on it but love is trickey!.

24: AGE 15 A year passed and me and Robert didn't go out but we were really close to though.Robert moved and never came back even though he said he would.I miss my 1st love.It's time to move on cant hold on to it forever.

25: This year there are NO plastics thank god!!!.But there is a boy named Sean. He has brown hair,hazel eyes.He always looks at me so i just say hi and he doesn't reply.He seems like big piece of rock that is frozen.

26: I finally decided that I am going to ask Sean out on a date.It's about time for me to go out on a date if he says yes!.HOPEFULLY he will.Maybe just Maybe we will go out on a 2,3,4,5, and finally be girlfriend and boyfriend!!!.I really can't wait till i am 16!!!

27: So i asked Sean out on a date and he said,"Sure!".This i s my 1st date since i was 12.We went out to eat and i say i had BLAST!!.I think there will be more dates coming up soon i hope!!!.My 16 birthday is coming up and me nd Sean have been dating for a month now and he is coming to my party!!!.

28: My party was AMAZING!!. I had allot of friends at the party.I had a great surprise but the surprise was also horrible. Here came drama for the 1st time in my life.Because Robert appears out of nowhere!.Sean looks at him like who are you and why are you here?.Robert asks me if he can talk to me alone and i say,'sure why not!".

29: But Sean on the other hand is not SO sure.Robert pulls me to the side and says,"The reason why I moved is cause I thought it was best so i can make my dission on who to pick you or KATLYN?I came back here to say that I LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!!!. That moment I froze and started to cry, I told Sean bye and i moved on.

30: AGE 18 Me and Robert are living in the same apartment together. I never new that love is a mystery until i discoverd it.Robert i s going to school to become a doctor and i am going to school to be a peditriation.We both have 2trs of collage left and then on with our lives.

31: AGE 21 We both got out of collage and we are now 21yrs old and have 1 baby girl named LOLA just like me!.We are living a HAPPY life with NO drama at all.I thought i was going to be single for ever.Who new that love is magic and everybody has someone out there.you could be poor and date a rich man.

32: I came from a VEREY bad place and none wants their kid to grow up like that but some do.

33: TO:MADISON AGANS AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY:) written by:Katie aaaaallll

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