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2011 Family Album

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S: 2011 Family Album

FC: 2011 Family Album

1: January 2011 The first day in a while that we need to be somewhere in the morning and all three of the kids are still asleep. Unheard of! Where was this when I wanted to sleep in? - realized today that I made it Claire's whole first year without having to buy diapers. I stocked up the whole time I was pregnant and never spent more than $3.50 a pack. Love the bargains! But, we're about out. Maybe it's potty training time :) -Welp. My 1.5 mile drive to take Drew to school only took 30 minutes this morning. The dropoff lane and parking lot were a mess. Several cars were spinning their wheels trying to get up a tiny incline. Thankfully I had plenty of weight in the back of my van with 6 kids! - made some homemade ice cream with the boys using snow. FUN! They gobbled it up. - All you people so excited yesterday because of the snow day. I'm thinking I'm a scrooge because I was not excited. Well, now that it's 2 days in a row, there are more people on my team. Drew goes back, but Ben does not. The poor kid hasn't been to school for a week. - <3 watching Drew play basketball. - I'm watching Ben drag Claire by the feet across the living room telling her to please report to the principal's office. Why do I feel like he's heard that before? It's a sad day at the McDonald house. No more baba. - Ben was writing in a notebook on the way to school and I asked what he was doing. he said he was playing that game where you live in a mansion or a house and you date people. Name that game! - Sipping a big Swiss Chocolate Almond Mocha fresh from my Keurig getting ready for round 2. -Homemade pizza,Diary of a Wimpy Kid and ice cream sundaes with the fam last night. Basketball :) and cleaning :( today. - 7:20am collect call from Sedgwick County Jail. 7:30 mass a lesson on the Beatitudes. - up with Claire from 11:30 to 2:00 last night. I might need caffeine in IV form today. February 2011 - a little indoor swimming at the Y took care of our cabin fever. - I just sent Ben to take a shower. It's like a scene from Fight Club going on in there. Who is he talking to? Who is throwing him up against the door? That kid is a crack up with an imagination! - had a great day. Clean house, 2 fun basketball games. Although, Drew ended up with a bloody nose and a big ol' knot on his hip bone that we're icing...two separate incidents. I think he played some street ball today. Now the boys are making out their Fun Dip Valentines. - en and I were at Dillon's bright and early this morning. We walked by the Valentine section and he was quite a ways in front of me. He yells, "Look, Mom, Snoop Dogg!" Yep, pretty sure he meant Snoopy. That's my kid. - Ben is my little diva. He loves choosing his clothes, cares what his hair looks like, etc. This is the first time he has experienced a theme week at school where they get to dress different ways each day and he's been loving it. However, today is mismatch day and he is really struggling with the concept. - Can I really teach myself to drive a stick again? - For real. We've been home for like 15 minutes and Claire has emptied out the Tupperware drawer, her basket of books, and now she's at the recycle container. Tornado! - Going to buy our new car today. Well, different car. Please let it be nice to us for a few years! And, please let driving a stick be like riding a bike like everyone says. I really think it's been close to 15 years! It will just be me and Claire Bear trying to get home from WSU today. - somedays I wish Ben had a "medium" speed and not just all or nothing. - So, Ben brought home this book today that they colored at school and he was reading it to me and I was thinking, "He is so smart and cute when he reads." Then, when he was finished, he said "Oh, yeah, and I drew a grenade on the back." Oh, THAT'S the Ben I know! - March 2011 - So, I was mopping the floor this morning and thinking about when I was pregnant and really sick and my awesome neighbor Rachel Murphy busted her way into my house and mopped my floor for me because I couldn't with all of the tubes coming out of my body. True friendship! I love that when I brought 3 extra kids home tonight, no one in my family even questioned it and welcomed them like we've known them forever. - A cold day of baseball followed by a pot of homemade chicken and noodles. Come on spring! - listening to the boys have a very serious discussion about rectangular prisms, spheres, and three dimensional shapes. - Not really sure how everything I've got planned for the next few days is going to get done, but they kind of have to.... Garage sale, end of year basketball party planning and the actual party, baseball tournament in Winfield, work, and maybe a baby or two to be born. Oh, and let's throw in the fact that Claire was running a 104 fever last night.. - red dirt + white pants = a nice reminder that baseball season is here for real - Drew just asked why he isn't allowed to hang Claire by her feet. Do I have to answer that? - April 2011 - Mein Traum kommen zutreffend! Drew erlernt Deutsches! - I was just looking to see if Westurban had a FB page, so I could UNLIKE them and they do, but only 3 people like them. That's about right. Our team has been there 6 years, not a game has been played this year, but it's worse every day - Ben is the king of what if. He has a very fun imagination. Except he doesnt say what if, he says whappen. For instance. Whappen if I climbed on the ceiling and fell off. I think he says whappen at least 50 times a day. Really. He is also really into spelling everything right now, so I asked him to spell whappen. It is wapan. - Listed our car on Craigslist this - morning and had cash in hand an hour later. SWEET! The boys will be glad to have the driveway back for their basketball court. - I love how much Claire loves her daddy. And I guess I kind of like him, too. He's out getting ice cream for those of us with sore throats. - I write about Ben A LOT. He's just so interesting, right? We sat in the cry room at church today. Claire was being a handful. We are one of the last ones to go to Communion. We walk into the sanctuary and he immediately yells (and I mean YELLS) LLUUUKKEE! And, quickly covers his mouth like it was out of his control and he was mad at his mouth for doing that. Gotta say hi to your baseball teammates, I guess. | 2011 According to facebook

2: May 2011 - Drew just ate 3 full sandwiches, a plate of potato chips, a bowl of strawberries, and 2 cookies. Is this how 9 year old boys eat? - With gas costing what it does now, it costs $90 to make a trip to KC & back. I'm thinking maybe I should just fly. - Watching Drew, Ben, Dan, Tim, John, & Tommy out my front window. Fun! - Way to go Astros! 9 year old team took 1st in a 10 year old tournament! My favorite way to spend Mother's Day. - When I went to wake Drew up this morning, he was sleeping on his box spring with the mattress propped up against his bed, so he was kind of hidden down in there. He can't remember why it's like that. Those kinds of things crack me up. - They say you learn something new every day. My job allows that to absolutely be true for me. Today I learned first hand how to file a restraining order. Nuff said. - SO done with 3rd grade & all of the at-home projects. I wasn't a fan of 3rd grade 25 years ago and I certainly don't like it now any better. And, I hear 4th grade isn't much better....looking forward to a good summer. - Ben's last day of school today! I think I'm more excited than he is! I'm most excited for the fact that by the end of the week I won't be spending 2.5 hours a day in my car transporting my children. What ever will I do with myself? - Two of my children were in bed by 7:30 last night and the third fell asleep on the couch before 8:30. That made for a nice, quiet evening, but they were all up before I had a chance to gather my thoughts. Hoping a cup of coffee will help... - Nice walk with my boys this morning. - <3 spending time with my neighbors! - Drew and Claire are back in bed before 9am. Thankfully Ben woke up with a smile today! Drew needs to learn the art of sleeping in a little! June 2011 - Gearing up for 11 baseball games in the next 7 days. Summer is here! - I feel like I'm on baseball autopilot this week. Just point me to which field. Should knock out 12 games this week. My friends who are not baseball psychos, I'll see you on the other side of June! - Dear Claire, it is summer. It is not necessary for you to wake up at 6:15am, especially when your parents don't get to bed til 11:30. That's all. - The Astros attended Coach Bob's funeral this morning as a team. Drew had a tough time with it. He's sure learning some life lessons at an early age. The Astros family is going to have a missing piece for sure. RIP Bob. - Almost a 4 mile bike ride with the kids today. They did SO well. Ben even still has training wheels & he kept right up! - Had a super day today. The boys were unusually cooperative in cleaning the house. We took a long bike ride. They had a friend over. 2 baseball games. They built a blanket fort with Tim & are now asleep inside of it. Love summer! - Ben: Mom, I know what it means to be unconscious. Me: Really? What? Ben: It's when a person goes in space and they fall out of the rocket. Then, they are unconscious. Me: Hmm. Hadn't really thought of it that way. - Sometimes people make fun of me for being a minivan mom, but I <3 being able to take 6 kids anywhere. We always have extras and I <3 that. - So, I'm sitting here minding my own business and I look up at Claire. She has brought her diapers and wipes into the living room. She is laying on the floor trying to figure out how to put the diaper on. That girl cracks me up! - Preparing for a 5:30am wake up call for my family. It's gonna be a great day. Baseball, waterpark, fun times with friends! - Happy Father's Day to my hubby! He said he got the best present. His boys brought home the championship in McPherson this weekend. - just back from a 5.62 mile bike ride with Drew. He rocked it! - Love it when I lay Claire down in her bed and she tells me sweet dreams before I say it. - watching Drew and Ben hula hoop. Classic. Then Claire takes a turn. She's got the moves but the hoop just sits on the ground. - Today Dan and I celebrate our 14th anniversary. And, I use the term "celebrate" losely. 3 baseball games tonight :) - I'm really not enthused about my boys playing baseball in 106 degree temps. I'll be keeping the Princess at home. It takes a lot for me to not go to a game. :( - July 2011 - The Astros are headed to State this weekend. Hoping to bring it home for the second year in a row! Looking forward to a good weekend of baseball, family & friends. - The Astros won 14-3 last night and 20-0 this morning. Now I'm hanging out with my two favorite 5 year olds. They are playing DS and have the greatest conversations. Wish I could record them! - Dear Missing Library Book that is due tomorrow. Please show your face. Thank you. - Unsuccessfully trying to explain to a 5 year old why running through the sprinklers doesn't take the place of a shower. - So glad my little man decided to take a good nap this afternoon. It will sure make the rest of the day easier for him....and us. - Congrats to the Astros taking 2nd place at the World Series. Drew had a couple of incredible defensive plays and I really have to hand it to them for playing in 105 degree temps all weekend. Never heard a single complaint. There is nothing like watching these boys who LOVE baseball so much. - Ben & Drew are in the middle of the living room floor trying to reinact John's face plant/slide into home. Pretty good entertainment. - t occurred to me last night that school starts in 3 weeks. I'm SO not ready yet. We are having the best summer. But, I remember feeling this way last year and at about the 2 week mark, I changed my mind :) - The difference between girls and boys cracks me up sometimes. Claire found a screw on the floor and automatically assumed it was an earring. The boys at her age would have been trying to stick it in an outlet or something. - August 2011 - So, on the eve of what is anticipated to be the hottest day EVER in Wichita, our A/C quits working. Awesome! We're camping out at mom's until we can figure out what's up. Dan is coming home with what he is referring to as 3 flux capacitors to see if he can fix it tonight. It was 90 when we left at 8:30 last night. - Tod - ay's stop on the pool tour took us to Rock River Rapids in Derby. Always a good time. - School supply shopping is DONE. Got both boys done for $23. Considering Kleenex and hand sanitizer was $8 of that, I think we did pretty good! - Great start to my day. Sunshine, 70 degrees and no humidity. A cup of vanilla caramel coffee on the porch. Oh, how I've missed cooler mornings and evenings and will appreciate them while we have them. - Pleased with our teachers for the year. Hoping both boys continue loving school. - Woke up to an alarm today for the first time in months. I always get up early, so why does it feel so different? Yuck! - Fun family game night. We played The Game of Life on the Playstation. It was really fun for all of us. - My afternoon consisted of the Ipod in my ears and a Rug Doctor. Holy dirty carpet! I discovered I am a really good singer when I can't hear myself over the loud music and carpet cleaner. :) - Yes, I'm on my 2nd Starbuck's today. Don't judge. - Two things I love about Claire today. #1 I was watching her play trains with our 4 year old neighbor friend. She kissed every piece before she gave it to him to assemble the track. Must be a girl thing. #2 She isn't quite 20 months and just came upstairs asking for the Ipod. The girl loves her music. - While I wish Claire would learn to sleep a LITTLE later in the mornings, one of my favorite parts of the day is when she wakes the boys up for school. She gives them a little "Pat, pat, pat" and they both reach out and grab her to snuggle for a minute. - While the rest of the fam was napping, Drew and I spent the afternoon peeling wallpaper. The last of the border that was here when we moved in 9 years ago! He loved getting to climb on top of the fridge to do the part I couldn't reach. Good riddance, watermelons! - Sipping my caramel vanilla coffee, getting my day organized. These days are numbered. And, Drew just asked if he could get Claire up and dressed. Um, ok. Sure! A few more minutes for me! -

3: Working really hard this week to finish up projects I've been working on around the house. I'm super excited to be starting a new job on Tuesday. I get to work at Baseball Savings (The Golf Warehouse) doing HR/staffing again. They seem like a great company to work for. -September 2011 - Made sure to have lunch with both boys this week, since it's likely that won't be happening much anymore, since I'll be working 30 minutes away. I wonder at what age it's not cool to have your mom come to lunch. I thought we might be there at 4th grade, but nope, he asked me to come again next week. - How might you know that today is the kickoff of Notre Dame football? Would it be the boys sneaking Claire off to get her dressed in her jersey? Or Drew sitting on the couch trying to memorize the roster? How about Ben cranking up the fight song and doing countless up downs in the living room? Go Irish! - Great weekend kicking off fall sports. Drew is playing Fall baseball and they went 2-0 today. Ben is playing Flag Football and also brought home a win. Throw in a baseball practice for Ben, and the weekend was complete! - I tell Ben to go to bed and he says, hang on, i need to write in this notebook real quick. So, I ask what he's writing. He's giving me a reminder note to give him his allergy pill in the morning. Poor guy! He has a loser mom that can't remember to give him a sneeze-free day :( - How you know the poor girl has 2 older brothers? When I buy her her very first hot pink headband and she has a huge smile and she squeals "HELMET!" - Spending the day today pondering the fact that Dan gets up at 6:15 and leaves at 6:30. I get up at 6:00 and it takes every minute to get out of the house by 7:30. Unfair isn't really the word to describe it, but what is the right word? - Made 8 pumpkin rolls while the rest of the fam watched Transformers 3. That's my idea of a Friday night! - October 2011 - Claire just came in from outside. She is laying face down on the ground with her head in her hands crying, "Happen, moon? Happen, moon?" Poor thing can't find the moon. Stressful! - Had a really great day today. Ben's football game. Shopping with Dan while the boys went to the pumpkin patch, a little work on the Halloween costumes, caramel apples with the kiddos and almost time for bed! - Drew told me this morning that he doesn't understand how I do everything. Being a mom must be hard. Good news? Somebody noticed. Bad news? Apparently, I don't make being a mom look easy. - I've been afraid to talk about it thinking I may jinx it, but Claire is probably 90% potty trained! We've even starting braving short trips out of the house. If I remember right, she only had one accident this week. Still not #2 trained, but we'll get there! - November 2011 - I am SO thankful for all of my family and friends, who are constantly helping me with my kids. It really does take a village. - Today I am thankful for the moment when I come home from work and I can see the handle of the door to the house jiggling and I know Claire is behind it trying to open it to get to me. - Interesting conversation at breakfast this morning. Ben asked if I knew what a soldier was. I guess they had one come visit. I asked if he might like to be one someday. He quickly said no, then asked Drew if he would. Drew said no, bc he is going to be a football player. Ben said, "I don't want to die." WHERE did he learn that?! - Today I am thankful for my neighbors Matt & Stephanie Wiens and Ryan & Rachel Murphy. Every now and then it crosses my mind to move, but I love my neighbors and that's hard to find. I love the "between the houses" ball games that go on almost daily and the sharing of our baked creations! - A little help from Drew today. He is thankful for Mema and Beepa's house. I'm going to have to agree. Especially today when I know they ALL get to spend the night over there tonight. Yay! - Wow. Just felt the earthquake here, too! That was crazy. - Today I am thankful for the Ewing family. They have taken Claire in like she is one of their own and many days I'm pretty sure she would rather be there than with us. We are so lucky to have people who love her that much and who can teach her how to be a girl while growing up in a testostone-filled, sports-obsessed home. - Today i am thankful for a job that allows me to work a compressed schedule so I can avoid traffic from one side of town to the other. - Today I am thankful for the fact that my kids are all morning people. They generally just pop out of bed in the morning and many times with big smiles and lots of energy. - Today I am thankful for Drew. He is smart, helpful, funny, athletic, an incredible big brother, and thoughtful. I keep the rose on my dresser that they gave me at the hospital when they told me I miscarried him and I needed to start planning his burial. I am thankful every time I see that that we got to keep him. - Today I am thankful for Ben. He is known for always having a smile on his face. He puts everything he has into everything he does and doesn't do things half way. He is full of joy, orneriness and laughter and he is ALL boy. - Today I am thankful for Claire. She is sweet, so funny, and smart. It took me awhile to get used to the idea of having her, but now when I think about it, life would be so much less without her. She keeps us busy, but she also brings so much joy to so many people. - I am thankful for weekends without much on the calendar. I love being busy, so I wouldn't want this all the time, but the busy-ness of our lives makes me really appreciate these weekends that allow time for a little work, a little play, and a little rest. - am thankful for my husband, who is so involved with our kids. He has a very physical job and spends countless hours volunteering his time as a coach in the evenings. He helps with homework, baths, and sometimes even scrubs the kitchen floor. - Today I am thankful that I have such a long list of people to buy Christmas gifts for. We are blessed with a big family and lots of wonderful friends. - Today I am thankful for the time I got to spend at Circle of Love Maternity Home. I learned SO much and met some incredible people along the way. I was just thinking this morning about what I was doing this time last year and we were anticipating the delivery of our first 3 babies with some surprises we could have never expected. Fun times! Today I am thankful for our church. I love that it is a mile from my house. I love that there are many opportunities to volunteer and participate in activities. I love that it provides my kids with a good education. - December 2011 - As a kindergartner, Ben is wearing a size 3 in shoes. Drew wore a size 3 in 3rd grade. I'm scared. Btw one year later drew wears a size 6. a little growth spurt. - There's just something not right when Claire hears 3 notes and starts jumping up and down saying "Pumped Up Kicks"! The girl loves her music! - My kids are going to have the best Christmas. We are having so much fun teasing them with the cool things they will get. The boys are also super excited about many of the gifts they get to give. Can't wait! - I woke up this morning singing " "All I want for Christmas is a good night's sleep". I'm so tired of this puking. Dan is now referring to it as the vampire flu. The kids are totally fine ALL day and then one of them pukes every night. 2am, 4am, whatever. Must. Have. Sleep. Tonight.

4: Basketball Season

5: Dan coached Drew's basketball team. They played Advanced Basketball at the Farha Sports Center and played some MAYB tournaments. His team was Ethan McMillan, Logan Tajchman, Henry Cheatum, Brenyn St. Vrain, Ryan Hays, Vin Arrellano, Jimmy Howey & Seger Holman. s

6: Claire's 1st Haircut Her hair grew in with a long, straight layer on top and a short, curly layer underneath. We got it cut so you could see the curls.

8: This year was crazy because Easter was just a couple of weeks before Mother's Day, so we just had a simple party at our house to celebrate Drew's 9th birthday.

10: I was lucky to get to spend the summer with the kids and we took full advantage! Every day was filled with friends, pools, parks, and bikes.

12: It was Claire's first summer to really discover things like swings and water fountains.

14: We spent other days at our neighborhood pond feeding ducks, at the library, or just running through the sprinkler in the front yard.

15: We went to several pools around Wichita to try out the slides & diving boards.

16: We celebrated the 4th of July at Aunt Debi and Uncle Steve's. The weather was beautiful, so we played on the boat & jetskis. Claire played with bubbles, and once it started to get dark, Drew & Uncle Steve gave us a firework show.

18: Ben chose to have his birthday party at Lisa's house so he could swim!

19: Fun | with | Friends

20: Baseball Season 2011

21: All about the eye black! | The boys loved experimenting with their eye black. Mema and Beepa bought all different kinds for the whole team for State.

22: The boys were playing in 105+ degree temps this weekend. You would never know it looking at their faces. We went to a pizza place to cool off during a heat break. | John slid into home plate in quite an awkward position. He just hopped up like it was nothing. It wasn't until we saw this picture that anyone knew what it looked like! | Play Time!

23: We always have fun on and off the field.

24: Drew leading pre-game stretching | There were many games played in 100+ temps, so one of the moms made personalized towels for each player. | Drew & Brady in the dugout watching the game.

26: ball | PLAY | Ben played his first year of machine pitch at Westurban with the Mavericks. He gave 100% at every game and had so much fun. He was a really great player and loved playing pitcher and first base.

28: Drew - 4th Grade Teacher - Miss Schmitz

29: Ben - Kindergarten Teacher - Mrs. Louvar

30: We participated in the 5 mile fun ride portion of the 1st ever bike ride to benefit Heather's Camp. It was just our family plus a couple of other riders.

31: Heather's Ride 2011

32: In October, we took a trip to Hedrick's Animal Farm with the Ewing family. We stayed in a zebra themed suite.

33: There were so many things to do from feeding kangaroos and giraffes to riding camels and ponies. | Inside, there was a ping pong table, basketball goal, and pool table. These boys were in heaven!!


36: Football Season | Ben played his first season of flag football at the YMCA with his friend, Bryce. He loved it! He mostly played quarterback and he gave everything he had at every game.

37: Can't forget the fans!! | We had wonderful weather all the way through the end of the season at the end of October. | Claire loved playing with Jared. Uncle Dale & Aunt Shiela came to several games and we even ran into the other McDonald's!

38: The boys chose a WSU Shockers theme for their costumes and Claire joined right in.

39: XO | Dan and I dressed up as Peace & Quiet

40: Halloween | October was a super fun month in our house. We made caramel apples with our neighbor, carved pumpkins, and made S'mores, The boys took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Lisa and David, and we created a Halloween Dinner at Mema and Beepa's.

41: Matthew Gottschalk | Brady Pacha | Drew

42: Lisa & David took the boys to Applejack Pumpkin Patch. They look forward to it every year. There is no shortage of activities!

43: pumpkin patch

44: dinner

45: This year's menu included spider web dip, monster tacos, boo brew, and graveyard cake.

46: making

47: Riding in laundry baskets on a rainy day, first ride on an escalator, garage sales, & Claire having breakfast with the boys.

48: here comes | Claire is such an ornery thing! She was barely walking and would climb on her toys and balance. She always gives you this look like she knows she is pushing the limits, too! | trouble

49: We nicknamed her "The Tornado", because she could tear up a room in nothing flat. One of her favorites was to empty the shoe basket and sit in it.

50: The boys got bunk beds this year, but when I woke them up in the mornings, I would often find them together. | Drew had a very late baseball game, so we came prepared for Ben to go to sleep and he did even on the hard concrete!

51: It was a rare occasion, that at six years old, Ben would fall asleep in my lap. | We could always tell Ben was ready for bed when he would "assume the position.". He would put his head between the 2 cushions on the couch. | Sleepy

52: a few of my favorite things

55: In December, Dan & I had the chance to see our first NFL game when the Green Bay Packers played the KC Chiefs. Although the game was in KC, there were a TON of Packers fans.

56: We were all so spoiled at Christmas this year. The boys got lots of sports stuff, including tickets to an OKC Thunder game from Mema & Beepa. Claire was thrilled to get babies & princesses. We surprised them with a pair of parakeets. Santa brought the boys an XBox 360 and Claire a play kitchen.

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