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40th Anniversary book

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S: Happy 40th Anniversary!

BC: Anyone can get married, but it takes a special relationship to stay married.

FC: Wayne & Marilyn Kotylak October 7th 1972 - 2012 | Happy 40th Anniversary!

1: 40 years of memories... | For 40 years, there's been laughter and tears and a lot of baked goods in between. Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

2: What do you get your parents who don't need - or want - anything? Memories from their family and friends, I guess... What I remember about my parents aren't the really big things... I remember living on the airport and my mom in the kitchen baking me cookies or my dad inventing a "Shannon-wich" when I was upset. I remember the Christmas of 4th grade being the greatest one ever - we got the Atari from our neighbour Rick AND I got a stuffed ET doll (which I still have to this day). I remember getting in BIG trouble when I sneaked on an airliner that had an emergency landing in Kenora when I was about 7 to tell them all the newest jokes I'd learned - and how years later, my parents laughed about it. I remember my mom painting me up to be an alien for Hallowe'en and my dad working with the other dads on the airport to make the kids our very own skating rink. We went to the Okanagan on a family trip, and I was forced to finish the fruit leather I picked out even though I hated it and the big fountain that looked like a tap in mid-air at the waterpark and Dad going down the tube slide with me over and over and over... I remember going to restaurants where me and dad would try the craziest thing on the menu just to say we tried it - and then mom giving me some of her chicken when it didn't turn out so good. My dad telling us we were having "fried bologna" for lunch when he was home and us cheering - because it was code for Chicken McNuggets. My mom teaching me how to drive... More recently, I'll never forget my mom trudging to Tuesday "baby school" with me and being in the delivery room as Tilly was born with the biggest smile I'd ever seen... and the look of complete adoration on my dad's face when he held her for the first time and every day since. There's so many things I remember, but the one thing I'll never forget is how lucky Tilly and I are to have both of you. Love, Shannon & Tilly | For my dear parents, some memories... | Shannon & Ottilia Kotylak

4: Ron & Chris Brown | You have made a great milestone in life in reaching 40 years of marriage, something people might achieved nowadays in total of 2 or 3 marriages. This is something that you and your family and friends can be extremely proud of. Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary. How we met; We first met on a tour in London that took us around parts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales in 2011. After meeting wonderful people like them, it inspired us to visit their part of the world which we did this year where it was discovered that we were both in the Aviation business. Wayne, a traffic controller, myself building navigation aids and people like us made (hopefully) flying safe. Anyhow, we are both out of that game. When we were in Regina, we met Tilly, their first grand-child followed by a 2nd one (London) while we were there. Enjoy your 40th wedding anniversary celebration with family and friends. -- Ron & Chris Melton, Australia

5: As the story goes... KERU used to organize and run every year, a fishing derby on Lake of the Woods and this derby would run for the weekend. All the derby attendees would arrive on Friday to get a "refreshing" start (at the bar) on the weekend festivities. Come Saturday morning, all the participants would groggily stagger down to their assigned boats down the lake to God knows where and put some lines in the water. So everyone fished and drank a few and then drank a few more. At the end of the day, it was time to go home and there was Wayne at full throttle in his boat, still the captain, and not going anywhere fast. Apparently, the prop had been grinding on the bottom all day and the blades had worn down almost to the hub. I suppose by the end of the day, the motor would have to be at full throttle to troll which would have been okay, but they weren't going anywhere at any speed. It would have taken a long time to get back home. So Wayne and his crew of cutthroats had to be towed back to Kenora. Everyone arrived back safely and had a great time which was the main goal. Alls well that ends well! At least that's how I remember it! -- Rick | Rick & Claudia Bunn | Ahoy Mateys...

6: Wow, try to think of just one story! The kids remember being at Auntie M and Uncle Wayne's and playing downstairs. Uncle Wayne sat in one of the pink armchairs and... went right over, flat on his back. While everyone was laughing, he was yelling for Marilyn to come and help him! When the kids were little, they always loved to come and have fun at your house. Mackenzie searched for fairies in the backyard and Riley went into the downstairs shower "rocket ship" to go to their special planet, Plutoplutonia - the kids even got to travel to Plutoplutonia while they went on car rides with Auntie and Uncle! And last, when we all went fishing, the sweetest thing was when Riley fell asleep on Uncle Wayne. Happy Anniversary! | Faulty chairs, Fairies, Sleepy boys, and Plutoplutonia | Tracey, Cory, Mackenzie & Riley Craigen

7: Harvey & Carol Fahlman | Wayne and Marilyn are a lot of fun to be around. We met the two at a Knights of Columbus function many years ago and have never looked back. We enjoy their sense of humor and really enjoy golfing with them. Happy Anniversary!

8: Wayne’s Theory One day on the golf course, I mentioned to Wayne that if I find someone else’s lost ball and play it on the next hole I always lose it. He reasoned, “Why you lose it is because you didn’t let it become acquainted with your other golf balls. You should put it in your bag and let it bounce around with the others for a few holes. Makes them feel like family then they won’t leave you at first chance” Funny thing, it works. Go figure! | Bob and Erna Hepting

9: Ross & Dale Herrington | We think that Marilyn has done an excellent job of taking the lump of clay of a young Wayne and shaping him into the diamond he is today (scientific nitpickers might consider this a bit of alchemy but this only adds to the myth of Marilyn). She obviously recognized something in Wayne forty years ago and had the patience of Job to make the slow transformation. Wayne also had the common sense to go along with this plan. Congratulations, and may the honeymoon never end. -- Ross & Dale Herrington

10: Brenda & Bill Hildebrand | It will be a surprise to no one that Marilyn headed to the kitchen to thoughtfully help us out when a family member had passed away. In addition to some delicious baking, she prepared a beautiful fruit tray. Everything was washed, cut and artfully arranged. Wayne wasn’t so sure that the fruit tray was necessary, but his wife pushed him out the door and sent him to deliver the goods. Hesitantly, he crossed the street and knocked on our door. When Bill answered, Wayne was almost apologetic as he handed over the fruit tray, shaking his head as he said “I don’t know . . . . but Marilyn says you need this.” Our friendship was cemented that day. At the very moment that Wayne was crossing the street to deliver Marilyn’s creations, we were in the kitchen “discussing” whether or not fruit trays were required food when one was hosting mourners. That tray brought warm feelings of comfort, and lots of laughter as understanding came to all. Marilyn and Brenda thought alike, and Wayne and Bill thought alike, and all was good!

11: Fraser & Nancy Hunter | When we’re out golfing and a person is short with their putt, your dad says, “Is your pantyhose too tight today Harvey?” Your dad is sooo funny all the time. -- Fraser

12: Andy & Jo Anne Klapak | On one of our western visits Jo Anne and I were staying at Wayne and Marilyn's for the first time. We arrived mid afternoon and had a great time visiting and getting caught up on what each others kids were doing and the extended family. The time went quickly (as it always does in good company) and the drinks flowed freely and before we realized it, it was time for sleep and we said our goodnights. It must have been going on 2 a.m. when for some reason I realized I had left our camera on the back seat of the car in the driveway and I went outside to retrieve it. I was just coming back towards the front door where I was surprised to encounter a breathless, disheveled Wayne wrapped in a housecoat. It was then that I learned about the "house alarm". Fortunately for me Wayne (or Marilyn) were light sleepers or I might have met some of Regina's "finest" that night. In closing I want to say that Wayne and Marilyn have always felt like family. Even though we are miles apart a bond of friendship has developed. The amazing thing is that it just exists. It feels natural. Jo Anne and I wish to extend our very best wishes for you both on your 40th wedding anniversary and wish you many more years of health and happiness. You are two of the grandest people we have had the privilege to know. --Andy and Jo Anne

13: Ron & Pat Kozak | What we remember most is our Kenora days. The days at the airport when the kids were much younger, playing behind the airport houses, while us parents spent time visiting. Also the camping at Rushing River, fishing, couples curling, broom ball games and playing cards. The thing that always comes to mind is your dad at one of our fishing tournaments. He has just got his new boat. We were in Tranquil Channel fishing beside his boat, talking and having a couple beers (okay maybe more than a couple). Wayne was sitting on the side when he dropped his rod in the water. The look on his face was priceless. And no it wasn’t a fish that pulled it out of his hand it was the Labatt Blue. Happy 40th you guys. -- Ron and Pat

14: I remember our trip to Disney World, but it’s funny because what I remember most are the little things from the trip like: -Dad getting so sunburnt that we all had to help laying cool cloths on him -Playing GI Joes with another kid for a while only to find out that he was German and didn’t speak a bit of English. - Mom and dad thought I was lost and when they finally found me I was completely oblivious to having been gone. -All of us eating at Cinderella's castle and Shannon getting a dead fly in her fruit salad -All of us watching the Easter parade There was also Family Day at the PCS potash mine in Rocanville. We went for a tour of the mine up and down, in and out. The picture we took here is underground at the mine. And we are over 3,000 feet underground. There was a part during the tour where they stopped the trucks we were on and shut off all the lights. It was a dark we like none of us had ever experienced before. | Mickey Mouse and Mines | Jonathan, Michelle, & London Kotylak

15: Bob & Adair McIvor | One of the things we can remember about your parents is when they showed up at Andresens for our Kenora golf tournament with 4 green jackets as prizes (probably from Value Villiage) Your dad also made a trophy of a broken golf club (it was pretty ingenious) Our families have been pretty close for the last umptine years. Your parents followed us to Thompson, then Kenora, and then Winnipeg. That was a span of 37 years! A long and truly good friendship. Bob and your dad went fishing down the lake a few times in Kenora with a little brown jug (probably not that little) Also lots of curling and drinking went on during the days (nights) in Kenora. Oh - and we always wait with bated breath for your Dad's Christmas Tattler.

16: Danielle Nesbitt, Owein Heiliger, & Elsa

17: Jeff, Raenelle, & Austin Nesbitt | All of them came up with this story as soon as asked... It was the summer of 2009, Jan Lake was the site of the family fishing trip. After a long day of fishing we were heading back to camp following the boat captained by Uncle Wayne, with Auntie Marilyn and Danielle along for the ride. Everything seemed under control and all of a sudden with a roar of the engine, Uncle Wayne had their boat pinned underneath the deck overlooking all the docks. Once all the excitement cleared Captain Wayne had things back in line, until he would do one better. ROAR goes the engine again this time banking off another boat and catching some air placing a lasting mark on the deck boards 6 feet off the water. Luckily no injuries occurred only those from laughter in the end.

18: Diane & Merv Nesbitt | How time flies when you’re having fun. And fun it’s been sharing it with you both. From memorable boat rides to sharing countless gourmet meals and bottles of homemade wine thank you both for all the memories. Congratulations and best wishes on your 40th wedding Anniversary. -- Merv & Diane

19: Happy 40th Anniversary to an awesome couple!!!!! Sorry Wayne that there's not much I can say about you except that you're married to a fine golfer! Marilyn appreciates the unwritten formula of golf as an opportunity to get together to enjoy a walk, hear some stories, watch deer, rescue owls, celebrate birthdays, laugh a lot and forge into bush that other golfers rarely visit. A great game is finding more balls than you lose and the end to a perfect round is coffee at MacDonald's. It’s taken me a long time to find a wonderful friend like Marilyn and I’m truly blessed by her presence. Wayne, you’re an awesome teacher and thanks to you, my 7 iron is now one of my favorite clubs around the green. Happy anniversary to a “pair of professionals” and best wishes for many more rounds together. -- Barb | Barb & Glenn Schmuland

20: David & Kate Schneider | (From Auntie Susan) The one story I could think of about your Mom was when she was cutting David's hair and made a "Whoops". Usually Grandpa Joe cut his hair( in fact he cut all my kids hair until they were old enough to be picky and even sometimes then). Anyhow this time David said Auntie Marilyn could have a go at it and all was going really well until all of a sudden she said WHOOPS! The look on David's face was priceless, wish I had a picture of it! It really wasn't that bad but needless to say Grandpa did the rest of his hair cutting after that. Now David cuts his own hair, so any whooops is his fault!

21: Rick & Susan Schneider | Rick says that the best thing he can remember is when he and some of Wayne's relatives "decorated" their apartment for their wedding. Rick borrowed the car keys to get the apartment key and then they went in and put rice krispies between their sheets, saraned the toilet seat and took the labels off the canned goods. He says they did a few other things but doesn't want to admit to them- I wonder why? Loving little brother!

22: Sarah Schneider | I remember the time I was Auntie and Uncle's kid for a day. I was in grade nine and it was "take your kids to work day", it hadn't worked to go to either of my parents jobs so Auntie and Uncle adopted me for the day. I went with Auntie Marilyn in the morning and Uncle Wayne in the afternoon. I had the best stories to tell in class the next day about the important people I met and the cool things I got to do. It was a wonderful experience and I felt very special and important that day-- the same way Auntie and Uncle have always made me feel!

23: Jennifer, Eric, Caleb, & Elijah Siljer | Happy Anniversary to a wonderful Aunt and Uncle! Auntie Marilyn, I've always felt a special closeness to you for many reasons... We follow the same "Marilyn/Laura" time zone (fashionably late), we have the same led foot when driving, and we can sit and talk for hours about anything and everything:) And uncle Wayne, you put up with us crazy ladies! From my entire family, we love you guys:)

24: The Stipanovics wish Wayne and Marilyn a happy 40th wedding anniversary. Love is what makes two people lie together in the middle of the beach when there is plenty of room at both endsuntil the kids take up all the space. Love Damir, Ana and the Minions. (Katarina 10, Matthew 8, Daniel 4) | Damir & Ana Stipanovic

25: Jim and Elsie Taves | Happy 40th Anniversary Wayne & Marilyn...... Lots of water under the bridge.......and we're sure many memories along the way..... Best wishes to you both for many more years of health, and happiness as a married couple.... -- Jim & Elsie Taves

26: Laura & Jodi Terhorst | Being asked to submit a story about Marilyn and Wayne was somewhat difficult as I have many good memories of them. From visiting at each other's homes to cheering together at the Roughrider home games, travelling to other cities to cheer on our team, cribbage tournaments. The list can go on. But the one that stands out the most; and that's because it was a wonderful experience was our trip to the British Isles. We saw some beautiful countryside; one country just as nice as the other. We did lots of laughing and joking. Visiting with other people that were on our tour bus who came from all over the world was very interesting as we learned about them and their country and culture. And we had many laughs with them as well. We seen castles, visited Stonehenge, kissed the Blarney Stone, enjoyed a beer at the local pubs. And laughed some more. We had very little sleep as it was go, go all the time. But being with Marilyn and Wayne made it that much more enjoyable. Marilyn and Wayne are good people, good hearted and the kind of people that everyone should want to be around. I truly wish you a very Happy 40th Anniversary, I hope your day is great no matter what you plan to do. And many more anniversaries to come. I love you both and wish all the best for you. Your cousin, Laura. Keep smilin' guys!!

27: Linda & Larry Wiens | To our wonderful friends, Marilyn and Wayne Kotylak on the occasion of their Fortieth Anniversary: A Team Made in Heaven There is an old saying , “Fate makes our relatives but choice makes our friends”, which is true in the final state of things. However, fate does play a part in how we meet people long before choice comes into play. In the Kotylak/Wiens case fate played out through the medium of a mutual friend. It was early autumn 2004, Linda’s and my first year of retirement. With the curling season looming we decided that we would like to get into a mixed curling league. The problem was that, among all of our curling friends, there was not a single curling couple. About this time a friend called to invite us to join the Saturday morning mixed league in which his team curled. When he heard that, to this point we were only half a team, he said he thought he could help. A short while later he phoned back and happily announced “Have I got a team for you? It’s a team made in heaven!” He then gave us a name and a phone number to call to finalize the details and concluded with his enthusiastic reassertion “It’s a team made in heaven.” So, a long story made short, we called the number and agreed to meet as a team on the first Saturday morning of League play. We met, we curled, we lost. Inasmuch as that pretty much sums-up our curling story it is no measure of the friendship that flourished from the first face to face meeting onward. Without hesitation on the part of any of the four of us, choice came into play immediately and we all knew we had found kindred spirits. It is truly, a team made in heaven.

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