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50th Anniversary Book

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50th Anniversary Book - Page Text Content

S: Bob and Cheryl's 50th Anniversary

BC: ...And They Lived Happily Ever After

FC: Bob and Cheryl Johnson August 12, 1961 | 50 Years Together

1: Bob & Cheryl | High School Sweethearts | And still going strong | An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. | It doesn't matter where you go in life, or what you do ..... it's who you have beside you.

2: Other things may change us, but we start and end with family Anthony Brandt

3: Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future. Gail Lumer Buckley

4: 50 years of memories.... There are many ways to leave your mark on this world. some leave their mark through their work, others by their wealth. YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO LEAVE YOUR MARK through love, FRIENDSHIP, children and family. THE JOURNEY BEGINS WITH THE FRIENDS YOU HAVE MADE OVER THE YEARS FROM BROOKSIDE HIGH SCHOOL TO MILAN TO KENT AND FINALLY TO AVON LAKE. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!

5: And many more! Judy & Harry | It takes a long time to grow an old friend | Some people... | Just seem to belong together Happy Anniversary!

6: Dear Bob and Cheryl, We certainly go back a long way. Our road is full of wonderful memories. However, I don’t have any pictures of my high school years. When I left for Denver to teach everything was left behind including my year book. I’ve had a number of very good friends, But as I go back to the Brookside High School years you Cheryl are number 1. All those hours of making and practicing our cheers for football and basketball come back to mind. Do you remember when Miss Sauer had our gym class compete in who could do the most sit ups? Of course it came down to the two shining stars Cheryl and Edie. We knocked ourselves out making decorations for the Prom. I can remember asking Larry Gornell to take me home about 9:30- I was so exhausted. I remember visiting you years ago with my Mom. We sat in your living room to reminisce old times. Ron and I also enjoyed the time we got together with you and Bob during one of our visits back to Sheffield Lake. It was so easy to pick up as if we had never been parted! Thank you both for allowing me to stay with you for our 40th High School Reunion. Thanks too for the many hours of work you put into the planning for this wonderful event. It really meant a lot to me to talk to most of my old friends for the first time after leaving High School. You did a wonderful job Cheryl. God bless you both. You will always remain close to my heart. Let’s keep in touch. Lots of love, Ron and Edie (Tweety Bird) | BROOKSIDE HIGH SCHOOL!

7: Once upon a time there was a girl so fine and a lad so grand he asked for her hand Off they went to wed and it's said Love conquers all and they had a ball Two became five for success they all strive until three left home to see the world alone Mama is still fine with the passing of time Papa is still grand and handsome he stands Fifty years have past and they're still having a blast! Congratulations Carol & Andy

8: Bob and Cheryl Congratulations on 50 years of Marriage Memories of the 1960’s in Milan Ohio Poor as church mice we were. Pizza out of a Jeno’s box and Kool-Aid was one of our special treats. Affordable recreation was playing board games. One of the highlights of that era was when Cheryl baked a pizza and forgot to remove the cardboard bottom of the package. The air got a little smoky. We shared many good times together and still have pleasant and laughable memories. Andy & Kay Lavine

9: Bob & Cheryl, I have known you since the sixties and can remember how you loved my Danish pastry when you lived in Milan on Huron St. Also, I remember when Bret was a baby on Huron St., we were upstairs and I was carrying him downstairs and at the top I tripped on the curve going down and hit my back all the way down the stairs. When we hit bottom, Bret got up and laughed. I couldn’t breathe but was alright when I got my breath. We always met at the Melon Festival every year and enjoyed the day together. We enjoyed your company so much. In the winter time Don and I and you both would go shopping and for rides when we lived in Florida and then we would come to Ohio in the summer and do the same thing. Congratulations Bob & Cheryl on your 50th! Love, Betty Abbey Congratulations Bob & Cheryl on 50 years together. Sorry Bob but I had to pull out the old photos from the yearbook. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the B you gave me in American History when I probably deserved a C! Karen

10: Dear Bob and Cheryl, Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary and Best Wishes for many more happy years together. We are so happy that Kim thought of us after so many years and asked us to share some memories we have of your short time living in Kent. First and foremost, Cheryl, you were the best babysitter ever. You treated Sonya as one of your own, which made it so much easier for me to go to work everyday. Sonya remembers well being at your house with Brett and Kim and all the fun swimming trips to Silver Springs. As you will remember, Paul would get home from work well over an hour earlier than I, and was the one to pick up Sonya on a daily basis. Therefore, he has more memories and stories to tell than I. I do remember how Sonya would always want either Kim or Brett to come home with her so she would have someone to play with at her house. It was not unusual for me to come home from work and one or the other was at our house. Paul remembers one time during the Christmas season when he arrived to pick Sonya up and you asked if he wouldn’t take Brett instead. Apparently Brett had upset the Christmas Tree five times that day and you were ready to give him away. Bob, do you remember when you were moving away from Kent, much to our sadness, that you asked Paul to help bring a refrigerator up from the basement? You mentioned that it took several fellows to get it down to the basement and you were concerned if you and he could get it up. Paul’s suggestion was to take the door off which would make it lighter and less cumbersome. This worked very well and you were amazed that with all the education among you when moving it in, no one thought of that. I am sure both of you remember Sonya’s attempt to get on the swing by jumping off the picnic table, with the end result being a broken arm. Sonya remembers getting to wear some of Kim’s clothes while she had her arm in a cast. Kim’s clothes were a little larger and fit over the cast better. She said Kim had a blue sweater that she always liked and was happy when she was allowed to wear it while her arm was in the cast. She also remembers walking home from school with Kim and being frightened by the garbage truck, especially when it ran its compactor to crush the load. She said this happened often and Kim was not afraid and was impatient with her. She said Kim came to her graduation party and was telling her about her first year at Bowling Green which was of interest because Sonya was going to Ohio State in the fall. Of course, we all have pleasant memories of graduation parties and Kim’s wedding as well as Sonya’s. Those were wonderful times. We didn’t realize we were married less than a year apart. We will be celebrating our 50th June, 2012. Again we feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to send our sincere congratulations. God Bless both of you! Nancy and Paul Sonya and Mark send their congratulations as well.

11: Bob and Cherie— I have never known any "GOLDEN WEDDING" couples except for family---but that's what you are to me and to Phil. You were our first friends in Milan(coach/teacher--sorority sister). Even with the move to Avon Lake, each visit felt as if we had seen each other everyday. I enjoyed our dances and dinners and Phil his runs and races with Bob. Two moments stand out from our years. Thanksgiving Day swim at the end of Mansfield Ave.; and the immediate and unhesitating arrival of Bob as my support when Phil died. You have both earned my undying friendship through tears and laughter and your continued acceptance of the changes in my life and yours. May you have many more "golden years," my friends. As always, Love, Eileen | Although we never went out together as couples, we shared a lot of good times at the block parties in the summer. Then a Christmas time we went to different houses for drinks and food. I will never forget the stroller rides with my Debbie and Cheryl’s Chris going up to band practice. Chris could hardly stay in the stroller when he heard the drums. Those two marched up and down. They entertained everyone else who was driving down Electric Blvd. Another good time with Cheryl and the kids was our monthly trip to Nickles Bakery in Lorain for day old bread and bakery. You will have to ask Cheryl about the donuts. Congratulations Cheryl & Bob. You are a wonderful couple. You complement each other. I’m so glad I had you for neighbors. Even though we aren’t neighbors anymore, we are lasting friends. Diane Sisson | Bob and Cheryl, A "few" years ago Bob and I were working at J. C. Penney when we found out Cheryl was expecting. We were all very excited and decided to help them pick out names. I thought Michael would be an excellent choice, only to find out it came in second. But he will always be C. Michael to me. Best wishes and congratulations on 50 wonderful years! Michael Romick

12: Dearest Friends, We’ve known each other, for you have been our precious neighbors, for almost the “50” years you’ve been married. Today is the time to send warm wishes from your friends, the Bayley’s, that your love only grows and your joy never ends. Recall the years you’ve spent together making a loving home, building a life. Each year is a unique blend of ups and downs, fresh starts, and happy endings. Replay the memories and retell the stories of the Johnson’s and Bayley’s. We’ve watched our children grow from babies into wonderful adults with families of their own and careers. We’ve enjoyed various pets, neighborhood functions such as: round robins, showers, weddings, dinners, births, deaths, graduations, various parties and just plain socializing! I could go on and on, but all in all we have truly enjoyed the years we have known you and you are like “family” to us. We’ll cherish all our memories. As you celebrate your “50th” anniversary: reaffirm the friendship at the heart of your romance. To be loved for who you are is a rare gift! Hold hands, laugh a lot. No matter how busy life is, make time for togetherness (and you both do that a lot). Reflect upon the lessons time has taught you. The importance of patience (so true), the art of compromise, the healing power of forgiveness. Be PROUD of what you have together. Renew your commitment, knowing that a good marriage is a lifetime of “I do’s”. Savor the privilege of being companions of life’s journey. Daydream about all that’s still to come. In this great big world, you each found the right person to love, just the right person to love you. You get to spend the rest of your life with that one special someone. On your anniversary and every day of your marriage, REMEMBER HOW LUCKY YOU ARE and be happy! When God brought you together over fifty years ago, He gave you His blessing and encouraged it to grow. Along your journey you both have been guided by His hand. After fifty golden years of partnership and love, your life together still is blessed and guided from above. ALL OF GOD’S BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH ON THIS VERY SPECIAL ANNIVERSADRY. Jim and Diane Bayley | To Bob and Cheryl, A FAMILY IS. A CIRCLE OF STRENGTH AND LOVE WITH EVERY BIRTH AND EVERY UNION, THE CIRCLE GROWS. EVERY CRISIS TOGETHER MAKES THE CIRCLE STRONGER. EVERY JOY SHARED ADDS MORE LOVE. A FAMILY IS A CIRCLE, A WONDROUS CHAIN JOINED BY HEARTS FILLED WITH LOVE! God has truly blessed you with a beautiful marriage and wonderful family! Blessings with love from, Jim and Diane Bayley

13: Dear Cheri and Bob, I cannot believe you have been married 50 years!!!! I always thought you were MUCH younger than I- but I guess not! My very best to you both on this special day. I have great memories of living next door to you on Forest Hill. You were the very best of neighbors- others should be so lucky. Whether it was talking over neighborhood news over the back fence, discussing our pets, walking in the woods or just waving as you drove by- I miss all of that a lot. I do have two very distinct memories I want to relive on this special anniversary day, however. One concerning each of you. I can remember you, Bob, training for the Revco Marathon. Getting up every day at some unearthly hour (I was seldom awake to see you leave your house- but did often see you walking past on your return from some lo-o-o-ng run.) I did think that you were maybe a little crazy to go out in the rain or snow to run, but kind of admired your fortitude, too, I guess. I was a volunteer timer for the race and stationed between Rocky River and Lakewood and when I saw you coming up the road all thoughts of craziness vanished and I became the very proud neighbor of a marathoner!! I was yelling “Way to go, Bob!” and “Looking good, Bob!” to the point that I don’t think I gave out any times for several minutes. I don’t know if you heard me, Bob, but everyone else around there sure did. Cherie. I will never forget our excursions in the woods- especially when we went cross country skiing. I am not much of an athlete, but you were- I thought. However, when it came to cross country skiing- I was sure a heck of a lot better than you were! One time- in all fairness to you it may have been your first time out- you were ahead of me and go stuck going up a hill- not a hill really but a small mound. I had to bodily shove and push on your back to get you over this tiny mound. I didn’t want to laugh at you then, but now when I think about that time, I do laugh! We did have some good times and good memories. I enjoyed hearing about your families- still do- and would keep you up to date on my animals- still do. I am glad we are still friends and I hope to see you every time I get back to Avon Lake. Congratulations!! Love, Linda Rowe

14: Dear Bob and Cheryl, We think of the two of you more often than you would know. Sorry we have somewhat lost track of each other. But at this time let the Snyders congratulate each of you on your 50th wedding anniversary. Bob, thank you for all you taught me and I will always hold dearly the many Friday evenings and Saturdays we spent at Cleveland State. I sincerely believe you and I helped guide students not just in our mundane daily work but also through each crisis they endured. I also remember being at JVS when you received a call your first grandchild had just been born. I understood your excitement but did not fully realize what a special feeling it was until I experienced the birth of my own grandchildren. Perhaps as important as anything else you created a great change in my life by introducing me to running--thank you. Cheryl, you are the "very nice lady" kids would tell me about after their visit to the doctor's office. Oh, and the spirited one who loved cross country skiing and was never afraid to go rafting. (We found some rafting pictures to enclose.) As you begin your 51st year continue to be a model of loving parenting to your daughter, sons and grandchildren. We know they will receive the same love and devotion only Grandma and Grandpa can give. Bless you, Jack and Leslie Snyder | Happy 50th Anniversary Bob & Chreyl Nadyne & Gary Tallam

15: Bob & Cheryl, Congratulations on the celebration of your 50th wedding anniversary! This is a great milestone for anyone but you two are very special people to me. I have enjoyed your friendship for many years now. God bless you today and every day with health, happiness, and love. Love you, Carolyn | I met Cheryl (Cheri) many years ago when we were both in college enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program. I can remember having to get up before it was light picking each other up to attend clinicals. Oh, that shocking and dreadful experience in St. Joe's emergency room! On one particular morning, it was snowing so bad and the roads were still very snow covered. We thought we would never make it to the hospital, but we did. Over the years, we worked together up until 1993. Our employers changed and I was placed elsewhere. We still kept in touch with "our girls night out." I wish Bob and Cheri a blessed wedding anniversary and may our Lord watch over them always. Love, The "other" Cheryl

16: I started working in Healthcare in 1988 and shortly thereafter I met Cheryl. The Avon Lake Family Care practice joined Dr. Herberth and Ingleright's practice and became known as Tri-City Medical. It was at this time that I met Cheryl. Little did I know that our friendship would continue for 23 years. We use to joke that we spent more time together than we did with our families...... such is healthcare! Medical practice was changing drastically and our jobs were becoming challenging. As the practice grew, we moved to office to three different sites, dragging charts and equipment on Lakeside carts through the snow. Cherie would always make the best of a situation no matter what. She would come bouncing in the lab every morning "Hey girlfriend" she would say and the laughs would start. One doctor told us that I would have to stay up front and Cherie would have to stay in back so we wouldn't get in trouble. We shared many laughs and a few tears and as always, "Thanks for the memories" Jim and I wish you and Bob a very special day and may the friends who wish you well add joy to this event as they join you in remembering what these golden years have meant. Congratulations!! Sincerely, Jim and Mary Ann Hassel | Dear Cheri and Bob, 50 years together, quite an accomplishment. Since we are "old" friends, there are many memories that we have to sort through. We were trying to remember when we first knew both of you. We just can't remember!!! Cheri, there were sorority meetings and parties. Rides to and from the meetings sometimes through snowstorms. There were pool afternoons and going to Convenient to buy dinner after the pool afternoons. We would gather at the high school to watch the band. Chris was a little guy who loved to play his drums with the band. Bob, remember two races the same day? The second race, you dropped back and coached a young boy to get him through the 10K. As you came to the finish line with the boy, the boy's father not knowing you talked his son through the race, yelled to his son, beat that old man---NO RESPECT. There were lots of runs early on. We were always busy with the kids, graduations, weddings and sometimes while having two jobs. Now we have retirement, grown kids, grand kids and hip replacements. We remember celebrating our 25th with you. You even had to go to the "east-side" to be with us. Through it all, no matter when we see each other, there has been lots to talk about and lots of laughs. We wish you the best. Fondly, Skip & Nancy | A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

17: Congratulations Bob & Cheryl Johnson on 50 years of wedded bliss. I met Cheryl in 1993 while working at TCFM. I love this picture of that crew taken at a wedding. Cheryl has that ever present sparkle in her eyes and that smile that just goes on and on. I know that family is number one to both Cheryl and Bob. On this special occasion I know that they celebrate not only their 50 years together but the wonderful family they have loved and nourished these many years. They cherish each and every one. Our very happiest wishes to you. Jim and Claudia Clawson | Cheri & Bob, We toast you: To the love you share To more dreams come true To one of the nicest pairs That ever said I do! Love, Sandy & Skip | Hi Cheri & Bob, We send our congratulations on reaching this milestone. Let’s see 50 years- that’s about 18,250 days you’ve been married. WOW! As we look back over the years and remember the special people who have touched our lives, we think of you and feel lucky to have you as friends. Love and Happiness, Sandy & Skip | A

18: Bob & Cherie, Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary. Bob- We want to thank you for keeping our kids and grandkids informed as a Guidance Counselor at Brookside High School. Also, for the wonderful letter you provided for our grandson Jason Taylor during his time of need. Cherie- What can I say- we have been friends for a long time meeting through Beta Sigma Phi- Good times having more lost miles on our cars than anyone. We started out getting lost on our first ride together and still get lost, but our friendship will last forever. You are a giving person always serving on the Service Committee and Sunshine Committee for Sorority as well as your church and Volunteering at CRS. Again Thank You both for being our friends. Love & Blessings Dave & Alfreda

19: I spent five years in college and four in the Air Force at a time when Cheryl was growing into her teen years so I was not around much. I do remember when her brother Foster and I were chasing her or she was chasing us and screaming loudly and we were all called into the house and made to settle down. I am sure she was pre-school age at that time. Wish I had more to share. But I do wish them all many more happy years together. Chas Rhinehart | Bob & Cheryl, It doesn’t seem possible that it has been 50 years. Dick and I were very fortunate to celebrate 66 years and hope you will have as many if not more. This picture is from our dinner at Fratello’s for our 57th anniversary on 05/19/01. Love, Aunt Dot | What a beautiful way to keep a promise. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Best wishes for many years ahead. Love, Rick and Karen Armstrong | I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich. --Colonel Potter, M*A*S*H | F A M I L Y

20: Cheryl and Bob Wife and Husband Aunt and Uncle Sister-in-Law Brother-in-Law Our Very Dear Friends The Ladies of Ligonier Congratulate You on Your 50th Anniversary! Our Love and Best Wishes Judith, Jenifer Cara & Edna | ARMSTRONGS

22: Dear Bob and Cheryl, My heartfelt congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary. I will never forget the patience, understanding, tolerance, sympathy and kindness you showed me in 1979. I thank you and God for the love you have shown me in these many years. Love forever, Evelyn | For a special couple as you celebrate 50 years Honoring your 50 years together and celebrating with you the experience of a lifetime- all the golden moments the two of you have shared as one. Congratulations! | JOHNSONS

24: Ball Guy and his Cheerleader I remember it like it was just yesterday! My big brother was getting married to my favorite cheerleader! How could this be happening? Bob was only going into his senior year at Miami and Cheryl was at Bowling Green wherever that is. I always seemed to follow in my brother’s footsteps but this would be asking too much of me to get married in two years. The reason for this teenage marriage was not due to Cheryl’s father’s shotgun, but rather both professed so much love for each other that they could not wait. I thought this only happened in the movies!! When I asked my mom and dad how they could let my shy, moody, dated only one girl in his life, loved baseball more than any woman, wrecker of the family car brother of mine get married, Dad said he explained the “birds and bees” to Bob and he did not seem to get it so he drew some pictures which Bob put in his wallet. Between being tired of explaining the birds and bees story over and over again as well as being pestered by these two love birds to get married pronto, my parents just gave in with one condition. The condition was that Bob would obtain his Master’s Degree in Education before the football star and his cheerleader would start a family. They both signed in blood that they would wait.

25: The old married couple went off to Miami University and settled into the married couples apartments. Well, It took only one Delta Chi fraternity party for Bob to finally get the “birds and bees” thing (still had the pictures in his wallet and nothing else!) and along came Kim. From there life was never the same for the basketball star and his cheerleader. They really showed their understanding of what Dad was telling Bob before the wedding for then came Bret as well as the wonders and challenges of two wonderful kids and all that life brings. Then a strange thing happened, the baseball star and his cheerleader seemed to forget how things worked and no family expansion occurred. But wait, Bob found the pictures that Dad drew for him and the marathon man and his cheerleader produced Christopher Michael, the third child of the extended litter. As I look back over the years, the biker and his cheerleader have had a blessed life. Great kids, great careers, great home, great community, great dogs and cats, great brothers, great sisters-in- law, great grand children, great son-in-law and daughter-in-law and many more greats that are embedded in each of their hearts and minds. Karen and I had the privilege of spending a week with Bob and Cheryl two years ago. We drank beer on their back deck and swapped stories, kayaked on Lake Erie, watched a “Crushers” game, toured Karen’s old neighborhood which Bob will not let her forget and spent time at our parent’s house and walked around Chagrin Falls. The attached pictures are of that visit and fun time. The old “ball guy” and his cheerleader have done good and proved they knew what there were doing fifty years ago, well almost. Who has Bob’s pictures???

26: August 12, 1961 Oh those years! How they began, A green light in the morning, An unswept pavement of pleasure, Summer yelled from every surface, It was not so very long ago. Birds awakening with each morning, Sleeping through fifty years of night, Create life together, days become complex, labored, The child's tears on the parent's bare skin, The hours carried you on without end. Oh those years! Something unquenchable in the heart, Playing to you from heaven and earth, Birth, learn, grow, pain, trust, wrinkles, Facing the wind and the hovering storms, Oxford, Milan, Norwalk, Kent, Avon Lake. Oh those years! What began with so little, now has so much, A mother and father to what you have made together, Each are whole notes, your life together a song, We listen, hear that melody, beautifully sung. The hours dance for you without end. Oh those years! So rejoice, celebrate, remember, laugh, Look at each other in the morning's green light, Fill yourself with flowers, Stir in your blood, dreams, and happiness, mix well. The hours will be there always, to carry you on. Oh those years!

27: To my big brother and the love of his life - Congratulations Bob and Cheryl! On your wedding day, my present to you was a paperback book entitled "The Barkeeper's Guide", purchased at Woolworth's. Since that day and that book, your life together has gone on to become a remarkable and beautiful story. "In the still of night I held you Held you tight Cause I love Love you so Promise I'll never Let you go In the still of the night." Never let each other go! Love, Rick and Kathy | Billboard magazine's Number 1 Song on August 12, 1961 BOBBY LEWIS - "Tossin' And Turnin'" Got to thinkin' of you Baby things weren't right Well I was tossin' and turnin' Turnin' and tossin' a-tossin' and turnin' all night I kicked the blankets on the floor Turned my pillow upside down I never never did before 'cause I was tossin' and turnin' Turnin' and tossin' a-tossin' and turnin' all night Jumped out of bed Turned on the light I pulled down the shade Went to the kitchen for a bite Rolled up the shade Turned off the light I jumped back into bed It was the middle of the night The clock downstairs was strikin' four Couldn't get you off my mind I heard the milkman at the door 'cause I was tossin' and turnin' Turnin' and tossin' a-tossin' and turnin' all night Jumped out of bed Turned on the light I pulled down the shade Went to the kitchen for a bite Rolled up the shade Turned off the light I jumped back into bed It was the middle of the night The clock downstairs was strikin' four Couldn't get you off my mind I heard the milkman at the door 'cause I was tossin' and turnin' Turnin' and tossin' a-tossin' and turnin' all, yay, yay, yay I was a-tossin' and turnin' Turnin' and tossin'

28: We Just wanted to say Congratulations On Such A Special Celebration! 50 Years together is a Beautiful Thing!! We Love You Very Much! Greg, Jodi, Viala, and Dylan | Congratulations on this milestone; we're closing fast with only 48 more anniversaries to go! Scott & Alisa | NIECES & NEPHEWS

29: Dear Uncle Bob and Aunt Cheryl, Congratulations on making it to 50 years! I have always admired your relationship and the happy and active life you have lived in Avon Lake. When I think of you two, I think of you either going to sailing lessons, cross country skiing or making a delicious stuffed pasta shell dinner for Superbowl. Visiting you guys was always a highlight of my childhood and know that you two can make my family laugh more than anyone ever! Thanks for all the great memories and I hope to have more in the years to come. Much Love, Jenna, Dan, Noah (7) and Leif (6) Kammer | Ben & Danielle & family

30: Memories of Grandpa & Grandma Johnson Hiking through the woods 20 miles to Indian rock, where grandma would make tribal Native American calls and Grandpa would tell us made up stories about the Indians who used to gather there Watching Jumanji, and listening to Grandpa's thunderous applause and praises of how great of an actor Robin Williams is Clancy, and thinking of how funny it was that he had the same name as the restaurant Chocolate donuts, ice cream, and potato chips every time we arrived at the Johnson household – No matter how full we were from dinner Watching (with Grandpa) fat squirrels eat the rest of the bird seed Going to Indians games, doing the Indians hand chop and cheer Traveling downtown at Christmas, watching the ice skaters, and looking at all the decorations, toys, and characters Coloring Easter eggs with Grandma and Grandpa, then finding them the next day where the Easter Bunny hid them throughout the house Grandma offering us an assortment of laxative teas, then describing what a laxative was Grandpa telling our future neighbors in Dublin that we were in a Rock band. Grandpa rocking the air guitar in a solo jam session on a ledge at Chris and Ashley's wedding Grandma going into Hot Topic and saying, “Well this is different” Catch phrase with the Grandma and Grandpa – And watching Grandma pretend to be a cat taking a poop Going down to the beach, skipping stones, going out on the rocks, and watching the waves Kayaking at the beach, and watching Grandpa's fear rise as Jacob Lammers crashed into the rocks Grandma offering us their room last Christmas so we could have some privacy” Grandma Quotes o[At Crocker Park: “so do you guys like Hollister or Pac-man better?” referring to Pac Sun] o[to Jill: “I was thinking of Kyle when I bought those pajamas” o Whenever I feel sad I just do a little cheer then I feel happy again! o I really hated that Latin class. I only took it cause there was a big toga party at the end! | GRANDCHILDREN | Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your kids

31: "Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa! What a beautiful milestone. We are so blessed to have you as grandparents and to see the love that you continue to have for each other. Thanks for filling our lives with lots of love and plenty of laughter. May God bless you with many more years together! We love you dearly, Kyle and Jill | KYLE & JILL

32: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Happy 50th Anniversary! I know I have only been around for 23 of them, but I have loved spending every minute with "yall." Hiking in the woods, playing Old Maid, eating ice cream constantly, the ant game (not sure what it's called but you put ant body parts together), the "hot seat" at Christmas, Manecotti on Thanksgiving, and so much more. I always looked forward to weekends together with you, and I am looking forward to many more to come! Now that you have experienced Columbia, Atlanta should be your next destination so I'll introduce more southern food to you! But congratulations on 50 years and I love you! Your granddaughter, Casey Hilgefort | CASEY

33: Congratulations on the 50th anniversary grandma and grandpa!! We all love you so much and I'm excited to see first hand how wonderful it looks when two people are so perfect for each other. It is always a blast when I get to see you both, whether its rocking out at Chris' wedding with Grandpa and our air guitars, or going to the movies with Grandma. You are all a kid could ask for in grandparents and I hope I find someone that makes me as happy as you two are together someday. Love, Drew | DREW

34: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I have a great time when you watch me when my mommy and daddy are not home. You take me on long walks, play with me constantly, and teach me new things. Thank you for letting me eat and drink things that my mommy and daddy never do. I promise I won’t tell them. It will be our secret! Hopefully you will continue to spoil me more than my future little sister. Congratulations on being married 50 years. I just hope to be able to count to 50 someday! Love, Clayton | CLAYTON

35: Congratulations! I feel blessed to be sharing Clayton and our future granddaughter with two very special people. Love, Cindy | Grandparents are similar to a piece of string - handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren. | Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.

36: Dear Mom and Dad, The first thing I have to thank you for waiting to have me long after Kim and Bret. They must have worn you out because I got treated like an only child and got just about everything I wanted! I will never forget Kim and Bret complaining in jealousy over my late curfew. There was also never a dull moment in the Johnson household. Whether it be Mom claiming to have seen wooden gnomes in the woods or Dad waking up from his rest while driving to find that Mom had missed a turn and ended up in the wrong state! In all seriousness, I learned everything from the both of you. You taught me to be a good parent, a loving husband, and a compassionate person. It is amazing how you both always were able to put a smile on so many people’s faces. Your generosity and unselfishness are unbelievable. There was never a time when you could not help me buy something, assist with a house project, watch the dogs, or babysit for Clayton. You also taught me to be a hard worker and spent endless hours with me on the tennis court allowing me to play the game I love. The last few years have been truly special for me. Being able to share my family with you is an amazing experience. Congratulations on making it 50 years together, that is an extremely rare accomplishment in today’s modern world. I look forward to sharing many more experiences together in the future. Love, Chris | CHRIS & ASHLEY

37: Dear Bob and Cheryl, First, a huge CONGRATULATIONS on 50 years of marriage. Not many people reach that amazing milestone together these days and it truly shows your love and devotion to each other. This is certainly something that Chris has learned from you, as I could not have dreamed of a more caring husband. When I think back to the years I have known you my favorite story comes to mind. I was at your house for dinner for the first time, Chris and I had been dating around a month or so. Someone was telling a story about Uncle Rick, who had met someone through an online dating service. I believe Cheryl’s quote was something like this. “An online dating service, who DOES that???” I almost choked on my drink and had to walk out of the room. Clearly, Chris had not told you how we met I remember driving to the Avon Lake State football game together many months later when we finally told you how we actually met online! But that was the beginning of many fun dinners and family gatherings as I was lucky enough to become part of your family. I truly do feel blessed to have such amazing in-laws. Clayton and future baby granddaughter are so lucky as well to have you both in their lives. Love, Ashley

38: BRET

39: Cheryl & Bob, Here’s to 50 wonderful years together. I thank you because without you I wouldn’t be here and it has been a fun ride. You guys make a great couple. You complement each other. Growing up was so fun- from the camping trips at Findlay to the vacations in Florida- even though the car didn’t have air conditioning! It was just so fun spending time together- even in Cleveland, TN. If I could swap parents with any of my friends, I wouldn’t. Their parents are OK but mine are so cool. Every one of my friends thinks you guys are awesome and they all ask how you are doing and I always say “Excellent- What else would they be?” You guys let me have a BB gun and a motorcycle when I was a kid which shows you trusted me and that meant a lot. I had a popular older sister which came in handy in gym class- no toilet swirlies- and a little brother to torment (just kidding Chris). Like I said before it’s been a fun ride and I hope the ride continues for quite a while. Mom and Dad- you’re awesome and I can’t wait to move back in with you- WHAT?? Hope you have a great anniversary and I’ll see you soon. Love, Bret

40: Mom and Dad, I have been with you guys for almost your entire marriage and I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for better parents or a better upbringing. I have so many great memories from my childhood and I have you to thank for making them possible. Some of my favorites * -Running away to the ice cream shop in Milan and being hauled off to the police station when I had no money to pay for it ** -Building a float for the Milan Melon Festival parade in the alley ** -The family meeting to name our new cat- Jinx Blueberry Johnson ** -The Kent State riots and being bussed home from school with armed guards and all of the military helicopters around ** -Watching the first moon walk on TV together ** -Our many fun trips to Sarasota- especially our first when we ended up in bed for two days with severe burns ** -Block parties and spending hours practicing for the kids parade down Forest Hill ** -Camping at Findlay and having people come visit us at the campgrounds ** -Sitting on the steps with Bret listening to mom's sorority meetings and trying so hard not to laugh ** -Being completely shocked when told the news that we were getting a new baby brother ** -Making chocolate chip cookies for the sole purpose of eating the dough, you knowing that but letting me anyway ** -Having you guys in the stands to watch me cheer and run ** -Getting grounded for breaking my 10:30 curfew in high school and having Reverend Hart sent up to my room to talk to me about it- ha! -Our trips to the Vermillion McDonalds and then taking our food down to watch the boats ** -Going to English Parlor after school events for special treats ** -Visiting relatives in Chagrin Falls, Kent and Florida and so many more.!! As we celebrate both of you and your 50 years together I just want to say thanks for the memories and for still being there when we need you even though we're all grown up and have families of our own. Happy Anniversary- I love you guys! Kim | KIM & DAVE

41: Cheryl and Bob, Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary. First of all, I thank you for making it through those early years of marriage, and spawning your wonderful daughter Kim. You did a great job. I'm sure you weren't thinking of me at the time, but I guess it's one of those win-win situations. Bret and Chris turned out OK also. Secondly, thank you for welcoming me into your family. I was a little concerned after my first visit to the Johnson house. Kim had warned me that previous boyfriends had been intimidated by her dad. The occasion was Bret's high school graduation party. It was an hour or so into the party and I was drinking my second beer (I was legal at the time). Bob approached me and asked 'How many beers have you had?' Now I'm not sure if he was concerned for my health, or worried about running out of beer, but he convinced me that I wasn't thirsty anymore. I have always been so impressed with how both of you have been so physically active and health conscious. I remember vividly the first dinner I had at your house. I remember being served a mug of chili, which Cheryl had prepared. It was delicious, so I finished it rather quickly, which is normal for me. After the rest of you eventually finished, I was sort of thinking there might be another course, or possibly seconds on the chili. But nope, that was it. I believe there was a second dinner at McDonalds that night. Lastly, thanks for being ideal parents and grandparents over the last 26 years. You provided much appreciated love and support for Kim and I as we started a family of our own. You have been wonderful role models on how to make a marriage successful. Thanks for being there for our children and supporting them in everything they do. I think the best compliment I can pay you as grand-parents is that our children enjoy spending time with you. Plus you’re willing to dog-sit occasionally! I am truly blessed to have married into such a wonderful family, and to have such supportive, loving, and fun in-laws. Once again congratulations on your golden anniversary. Cheers.! Love, Dave (Hilgefort, your son-in-law)

42: I take my children everywhere, but they always find their way home- Robert Orben | You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance- Franklin P. Jones

43: You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. -- Desmond Tutu

44: T O G E T H E R I S T H E B E S T P L A C E T O B E

45: If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, go to the state fair. Because five minutes at the fair, you'll be going, you know, we're alright. We are dang near royalty.- Jeff Foxworthy

46: Families are like fudge... mostly sweet with a few nuts

47: Some family trees have beautiful leaves, and some have just a bunch of nuts. Remember, it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking. | Remember, as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice, normal family." --Homer Simpson

48: Side by side, year by year...

49: True love stories never have endings. --Richard Bach | Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint- Exupery

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