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Anne and Robert: The Beginning

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Anne and Robert: The Beginning - Page Text Content

FC: Anne and Robert: The Beginning By: Mandy Leatherman

2: Chapter 1 The Problem It was a battle for life or death. My family and I were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Susan and I were encountered in a dark alley fighting for our lives against a gang of five men, who honestly just popped out of nowhere. Then, the gorgeous, Robert Brown stood behind me. “Get out of here; I'll handle them,” he yelled. Susan was out of there in a second never to look back till she was home. I, on the other hand, stayed by his side. “Anne, don't you listen to anything,” he yelled over to me, focusing on their every move. “No,” I replied, pointing out to him that one was about to attack. “Get the one on the left he is weaker than the others,” he went on. They finally attacked us, Robert was beating

3: them all other than the one that lunged at me with a knife but missed and tumbled on the ground. He landed on his back, and I pounced on him like a lion on a gazelle, and I started throwing punch lines at him. He got up with a bloody nose and a black eye and ran off. The other four ran off just before him. “Don't you listen to anything,” Robert asked with a grimace on his face. I stared at him for a minute with a smile on my face and burst into laughter. He stood glaring while my smile faded. He still had no idea that I've loved him ever since I moved here from New York, New York.

4: Robert walked me home after his anger faded. As we reached my house I could see Susan was waiting for me on the steps that led to the front door. He suddenly grabbed me and spun me around with his muscular arms. Neither of us noticed my arm was bleeding until just now. “Follow me,” he ordered and turned in the opposite direction. He led me to his house so that he could stop the bleeding and bandage the wound. While he was finishing he told me that I was brave and kind of strange for not leaving when he told me to. When he finished he walked me back to my house. When we reached my house for the second time Susan had already told my mom what had happened. We walked to the door and they both ran out the door and checked me for any cuts and bruises. They finally noticed the white bandage wrapped around my arm. They started to panic and scolded saying that I was stupid for staying. She turned to Robert, “Thank You!” Then, she turned back to me and scolded, “Go to your room.” Once I was in my room I settled beside my window and looked down. Robert was still there and he was defending me from my mother. “I told her to stay with me once Susan had left,” he lied. “Susan is too girly to fight that's why I waited for her to leave; she might have broken a nail,” he continued. “How did she get the cut on her arm,” she asked. “She fell on her way here,” he lied again. “So I took her to my house to clean her up

5: and put a bandage on it,” he explained. My mom really got mad, then, because he took me to his house without her permission, and sent him home. The next morning, I saw him at school so I walked over to him to ask him what my mom and he were arguing about yesterday, though, I already knew. Once I was over to him I saw my ex-best friend, Jane Frits, who was hanging all over him, so, I turned around and walked away. He noticed me turn around and ran over to me, then grabbed my arm, and swung me around to face him. Robert grabbed me around the waist before I could tumble to the floor; my books weren't so fortunate they fell out of my arms and onto the floor. Jane started over to get him away from me, so he glared at her with fierce eyes and she turned back. I looked down and noticed I was still in his arms, though, I had already caught my balance and he released me. “What do you need to talk about?” he asked with curiosity in his voice. “I wanted to know what went on last night between you and my mother.” “Awe,” he said with light shock in his tone and explained it to me. “Now, I want to talk to you about something,” he said with a nervous edge to his voice. “Okay, shoot.” “You know the fall dance is coming up in two days” “Ummmm...” I interrupted him.

6: “Shhhhh,” he stopped me from continuing, “and I was wondering if you would like to go with me?” he asked. “I would, but I can't,” I admitted. “Why?” he asked confused. “I have a couple of reasons. I'm grounded, and I don't have a dress to wear,” I continued. “That's no problem I'll talk to your mother in to letting you go and I can buy you a dress,” he addressed to me. “.... I also don't know how to dance,” I acknowledged. Robert stared at me for a solid minute to where he couldn't hold it any more and burst out in laughter. “Is that all, you can't dance,” he chanted on sarcastically. “I can, I'll teach you.” “Really, I'm not that good at learning either.” “That won't be a problem,” he chanted. “Anne, answer me, please say you'll go.” I was in shock, I couldn't breathe and I was growing weak. “Yes, I'll go with you, I promise,” I managed to say before I fainted. Robert seemed to catch me when I fell into his arms. I felt him pick me up like a baby and hold me against his chest as he went to sit me down on his lap on the bench. Five minutes later I awoke, although we were going to be late for class already, he held me there until I had recovered then he loosened up and sat me on the bench beside him. “What happened?” I asked.

7: “You fainted.” The rest of the day past in a blur. The next morning, I walked to the door, at school, where Robert was holding it open for me. “Thank you,” I greeted him as I walked in the school house. Robert followed me and grabbed my hand once he caught up with me and walked me over to introduce me to his friends Max Greene, and Corey Adams. “I need to warn you, my friend Max has a slight crush on you,” he told me on our way over to them. “Actually, he is in love with you,” he continued snickering. I was startled. “Then why did you ask me to the dance?” I asked while I stopped. “I asked you to the dance because I like you way more than he does, and besides he wasn't going to ask you anyway,” he admitted. “Do you like me?” My face turned hot so I knew I was blushing. “You don't have to answer that, I know the answer by the way you just looked at me,” he announced. “Yes, I've had a crush on you ever since I moved here,” I said, blushing again. “When are you going to teach me how to dance, the dance is tomorrow,” I said. “I know the dance is tomorrow and I'm not going to teach you how because you already know how,” he added. I started walking again and he was beside of me, still clutching my hand. We made it to them, Max noticed Robert holding my hand and went off on him. They yelled back and forth to each other till Max went to punch

8: Robert, I jumped out in front of him and was hit. The punch was so powerful that I flew back into Robert, he caught me, and was knocked unconscious; Robert knew I was in pain and that I was cold so he sat me down on the floor while he removed his jacket and placed it on me. He picked me up in his arms and cradled me against his chest, keeping me as close as possible to him. Max walked over toward us to apologize, but Robert wasn't going to take any chances, so he walked away. I heard Robert's hum through my deep sleep and it started to awaken me. When I was fully awake I noticed Robert had taken me home but he didn't leave me there alone. He sat beside of me the whole time and had taken care of me I had a bandage wrapped around the top of my head and an ice pack on my eye. “Will you teach me how to dance now?” I asked. “No, you can hardly walk now, much less dance,” he replied. I glared at him for what seemed to be an hour. “Anne, come on,” he cracked. He picked me up like a baby and carried me up to my room. Robert stood me up in front of him in the middle of the room and turned some music on. “I'm not completely helpless you know,” I pointed out. “Yeah, I know, but your light in weight so I like to carry you around,” he admitted. “Why does Jane always hang all over you?“ I asked, changing the subject. “I didn't even know she has been,” he answered, a brief grin on his face.

9: “Why does Jane always hang all over you?“ I asked, changing the subject. “I didn't even know she has been,” he answered, a brief grin on his face. “Your doing good,” he admitted after we danced a little while. My mom was pulling in the driveway in her SUV. Robert suddenly dropped my hand and ran downstairs to meet her at the door. She was shocked that he was standing in front of her in the doorway. She walked in and put her accessories away. “Anne, get downstairs now,” she yelled. “I'll be right back,” Robert said as he ran up the stairs to get me. He picked me up and carried me out of my room and down the stairs to my mother. “Put her down before you drop her,” she yelled at him. She noticed my black eye and her mouth dropped like a skydiver jumping out of an airplane. She nearly fell back but she caught herself and her blue eyes turned gray. “What happened,” she demanded for an explanation. Robert explained everything before I even noticed what was going on. After listening to him she turned her head toward me. “Is this true?” she asked me. I shook my head ‘yes.’ “Get to your room right now,” she yelled in a fierce voice.

10: “You are not going out with him tomorrow night young lady,” she yelled at me when I was up in my room. I started to cry. Robert seemed to hear me and told my mom, “your a jerk,” and marched up the stairs to me. He walked in my room and sat down beside of where I lay and dried the tears off of my face. I sat up while he pulled me against his chest; we sat like that for at least thirty minutes. I had fallen asleep, but he stayed with me for the rest of the night after he called his parents and told them where he would be. The next morning I awoke under my covers, but he still sat in my room beside of my bed. He stayed there till I was finished getting ready for school. Robert and I walked out of the door together, holding hands.

11: Chapter 2 The Beating We arrived at school within five minutes. We walked through the door, but today was different, everyone was staring at us as if we had just robbed a bank. Max Greene walked up when he noticed my black eye and he apologized. I forgave him even though he had caused me a big majority of the pain I had. Even though Robert had already cured most of it. School went by like a tornado through a corn patch. Robert wouldn't let me go straight home like I was supposed to do. He took me to a farm five minutes away from the school. “Surprise,” he said in a glorious tone. The farm had a white house, a red barn, five horses, three cows, four sheep, ten chickens, six rabbits, and a goat. “This farm belongs to me, I come here when I get bored,” he told me. “It's beautiful,” I admitted, amazed by the farm's glorious colors and articulation. We walked over to the barn. While he fed the animals I walked around petting the horses. There was an Appaloosa stud whom was two years old named Camanche, a Paint mare whom was two years old named Dolly. There was an Appaloosa filly only two

12: months old named Buttons, and a Paint colt only four months old named Flash. There was an old Quarter gelding whom was twenty-one years old named Skip, he had one foot on a banana peel and another on his grave. He had finished by the time I got done petting them all. So we went down to a tree beside of the red barn. Robert climbed up into the tree and reached down to pull me up, which he managed successfully thanks to my ‘lightweight.’ We sat in silence up in the tree for at least ten minutes. “I love you,” Robert admitted to me, breaking the silence first. “I love you too,” I told him once I caught up to what he was saying. “I lied to you,” I admitted. “What do you mean?” he asked, upset. “I lied to you, remember when you walked me home that day when those guys ganged up on Susan and I?” I asked. “Yes, I remember,” he replied. “Well Susan told me over the phone not to like you and she threatened me: 'if you ever go out with him then I will slit your throat.' That's why I told you I couldn't go to the dance with you, not because I didn't have a dress or that I didn't know how to dance, because I can dance really good actually, I wasn't grounded either. I just didn't want to get hurt or even worse, killed. She was serious about it, too, because if she wasn't she wouldn't have slit my wrist the next day,” I admitted in a rush.

13: “She slit your wrist, let me see,” he interrupted me, angry. Before I could answer he had already grabbed my arm and was pushing up the sleeve of my shirt and stared at the big, long slit across my wrist for at least ten minutes. “I don't want to see you around her ever again your putting your on life in danger to be around her, and I most certainly don't like it,” he said, angry again. “Come with me,” he said, jumping out of the tree, unangry. “Jump I'll catch you, promise,” he yelled up to me once he landed on the ground. He held his arms out and I jumped. I squinted my eyes until I reached the bottom. When I realized that he had caught me, like he said he would, I opened my eyes. He put my feet on the ground and walked off expecting me to follow. I ran after him and reached out to grab his hand. Robert automatically stopped; he looked at me grasping my hand. “There's a bear in my corn field,” he said grasping my hand harder. Robert and I ran into the house, him nearly dragging me, and locked the door. We ran up the stairs and into a room. “Don't come out till I get back,” he said, leaving. When he returned I was asleep and he woke me up. “The bear is gone,” he said.

14: I shot up like a fox getting its rear end peppered with a B-B gun. “How did you...?” I managed to get out before he interrupted me. He told me the whole story of how he got rid of the bear. When he finished we walked downstairs to the kitchen of the house. He grabbed himself a coke. “What do you want to drink?” he asked me. “Water," I told him. He got me water from the refrigerator. Robert and I walked into the living room. He sat down in a big blue chair and I sat down onto a big, long couch. There was a long awkward silence that lasted at least ten minutes. “Are you grounded now or was that a lie too?” he asked, being the first to break the silence. “No it was over yesterday,” I answered him. “Don't ever lie to me again, okay,” he said. “How old are you?” he asked me after a couple of minutes. “Seventeen,” I answered. “And you?” I asked. “Seventeen, turning eighteen tomorrow,” he answered. “Are you going to move in here?” I asked casually. “Yes, actually I moved my stuff in here yesterday and I'm moving in today,” he answered. “When are you turning eighteen?” he asked.

15: “Friday,” I replied. He got up and walked over to the couch and sat down beside me; it felt like he couldn't get any closer, my breathing became shorter and quicker as my heart started beating faster when he leaned in and started to laugh at me. “What?” I asked. “You’re breathing short and hard,” he whispered into my ear. “OH MY GOD, what is your problem? You never make fun of a girl like that,” I lectured, furious. I got up; Robert grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. He leaned in even closer, gradually, until he got so close we could fit a magazine between us and it wouldn't fall. Robert got up and walked back over to the big, blue chair, where he had originally sat in the first place, and sat down. “What time is it?” I asked when my temper faded. He looked down at his watch, “7:50,” he replied with a sad look on his face. “I have ten minutes until curfew,” I said looking at him. “Let's go,” he said getting up. “Your mother doesn't like me, we better hurry,” he continued. I got up and followed him out of the door. We made it to my house two minutes late. My mom bursted out of the door after

16: me with a belt in her hands. She slung the belt and hit me with it on the face. She slung it again and hit my left eye. I fell to my knees and grasped my face while Robert ran up the driveway to me. “Anne are you alright?” Robert asked warily, while picking me up and walking away from the house. He headed toward his farm that we had just come from. We arrived back at the farm quicker than I had ever imagined. He walked in the door, still carrying me, and walked into the living room and laid me down on the couch. He walked off to get me an ice pack. When Robert returned I was sitting up on the couch. He walked over to me and placed the ice pack across my left eye. “How is your eye feeling?” he asked me, still a little worried. “Better,” I replied lying to him. It had actually gotten a little worse. “I'm not going back, if I do she will only hurt me worse,” I told him, fear in my voice causing it to crack. “Has she done this before... beat you like that?” he asked. “Yes,“ I stuttered. I rolled up the legs of my jeans, showing him all the cuts and bruises on my legs. Then, pushing the arms of my sleeves up, showing him the cuts and bruises on my arms. “Why didn't you tell any body?” he asked, expecting an answer. “Because she threatened to kill me,” I told him, cold chills appeared on my arms

17: while having a flashback. He got up and walked over to me. He picked me up and carried me up the stairs into the same room that I had been in earlier when he was getting rid of the bear. “You can sleep in here until I get a room fixed up for you,” he told me. He looked down and noticed that I had fallen asleep and that I was cold. Robert laid me down on the bed and covered me up with the comforter. He walked out of the room closing the door behind him. I heard the door close and it woke me up. I got up, and walked out of the room. I went downstairs looking for him. “Robert,” I called out for him when I couldn't find him. “Yeah,” he said from behind me. I turned around. “Anne, what do you need?” he asked in a polite tone. “Why did you leave?” I asked. “Because you were asleep and I had some work to get done in here,” he explained. “Oh,” I sighed. I turned around, embarrassed, and walked back up the stairs and into the room. Robert followed. Inside the room he grabbed my arm and spun me around. “How is your eye feeling?” he asked. “It doesn't hurt any more unless I touch it,” I answered. “Do you want to go get some of your belongings tomorrow?” he asked. “No, she might hit me again,” I told him. “Okay, that's fine... your cold go lay down and cover back up, you need your sleep,” he told me.

18: “Okay,” I agreed. I turned around, and I walked half way to the bed. I spun around, and ran to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped up in his arms. “You take me,” I demanded. Robert walked forward and laid me down on the bed again and covered me back up. He turned and walked out closing the door on his way. “Robert,” I called. He walked back in. “Don't leave.” “Okay, I won't,” he said walking over to a chair beside of the bed. Before he sat down he leaned over the bed and kissed me on my forehead, then sat down. Within ten minutes I was asleep.

19: Chapter 3 The Hospital “Good morning,” he greeted me when I awoke. “How long have you been awake,” I asked him.“Since seven 'o clock this morning,” he answered. “How is your eye?” he asked. “It doesn't hurt any more, but it's awful watery,” I replied. “Come on down stairs, I'll get us some breakfast,” he suggested. “Okay,” I agreed, getting out of the bed. Robert and I walked out of the room and down the stairs. We walked into the kitchen where he told me to sit down. “What do you want to eat?’ he asked me. “Cereal is fine,” I answered. He grabbed two bowls from a cabinet, two spoons from a drawer, a carton of milk from the refrigerator, and a box of cereal from another cabinet. “I was thinking, since tomorrow is Friday, that maybe we could go get some of my stuff; she doesn't beat me on my birthday,” I challenged. “Alright, sounds like a plan. Do you want me to get a policemen to go with us so she won't or can't try to, or keep you from getting your stuff?” he asked. “Yes, just to be on the safe side,” I answered. Robert walked over to the table with two bowls of cereal and two spoons in his hands. He set them down on the table and sat down. “Thank you,” I told him when he placed one of the bowls in front of me.

20: “Your welcome,” he replied back. “We'd better hurry or we'll be late for school,” he continued. Within a few minutes we were done and we headed off to school. Robert and I were at school within five minutes. We grabbed our books from our lockers and when the bell rang we went to our classes. We didn't have any classes together, but we saw each other in between classes. Robert and I also sat together at lunch, when Max Greene and Jane Frits walked over. Max grabbed my arm and yanked me up out of my seat. He dragged me across the cafeteria while I watched Jane sit down in front of Robert like I had been. Robert got up, angry, and walked over to me where Max had dragged me. When Max saw Robert approaching he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder, not aware of how much pain I was now in. “Put her down, look at her can't you tell she is crippled, man have some dignity, you’re putting her in even more pain than before. If you really like her than you'd put her down and leave her alone. Besides if I know her like I think I do, she doesn't like you and she probably never will either,” Robert yelled when he made it over to us. Max put me down and said, “I'm sorry.” I ignored him and ran to Robert's side, wrapping my arms around his waist. While at the same time, I laid my head on his chest crying from the pain. Robert picked me up and carried me out of the school building and headed home.

21: “Did he hurt you? Anne, how much pain are you in?” he asked. I didn't answer; I continued to hold my stomach. “Are you able to talk?” he asked, worried. I shook my head horizontally. I moved one of my arms around his neck and pulled my head up to his left ear and whispered, “I can't breath.” Robert stopped dead in his tracks, moved over to the sidewalk, and laid me down. Then, Robert gave me CPR, and I began breathing again. He picked me back up and carried me the rest of the way home. When Robert and I arrived at the farm, he carried me to the door, unlocked it, walked in the house, and then over to the couch, where he laid me down and walked off into the kitchen. He came back with an ice pack and a glass of water. When he noticed the cold bumps on my arms he walked off, without saying a word, into a room down the hall from the living room and came back with a blanket in his hands. He walked over to the couch and spread the blanket across me. I sat up and motioned for him to come and sit where my head had once been. He walked over and sat down. Robert pressed down on my forehead, for me to lie back down, but barely added pressure. I laid my head back down but this time on his lap other than on the seat of the couch. I soon fell into a light sleep. I awoke that night at about six 'o clock. I had slept a total of three hours. I started to sit up but a strong force pulled me back down, I looked up, and there he sat where he had been when I drifted to sleep although, he was playing with

22: my hair. “You have the softest hair,” he assured me. I giggled in response. It hurt. “Relax,” Robert whispered to me. “It hurts,” I told him. “What hurts? Where does it hurt?” he asked. “Everything, everywhere,” I answered. He grinned. “What?” I asked. “Does your arms hurt?” he asked. “No,” I answered. “Then you’re not hurting everywhere,” he explained. Robert pulled me up by my arms and sat me on his lap, putting my head against his chest. He grabbed my wrists and wrapped my arms around his neck. Moving very slowly he placed one hand under the back of my knees and the other on the center of my back. He moved forward, getting ready to pick me up the couch when he stood. He pulled my legs in tighter, very carefully, and stood up, holding me against his chest. Robert walked into the kitchen and sat me in the chair I was in earlier. “What do you want to eat?” he asked. “I'm not hungry,” I answered, looking up at him.“Yes you are,” he told me. “Owww!" I yelled out in pain. “Please get rid of the pain,” I begged. Robert ran over to me and picked me up in his arms, like he had before. He then sat down with me on his lap. He rocked me in his lap until the pain gradually past. I soon fell asleep.

23: Robert suggested, releasing my waist from his arms. Robert picked me up, the same way as he had yesterday, and walked out of the door. We arrived at the hospital in twenty minutes. Robert got the doctor to give me an x-ray and the doctor discerned that I had two broken ribs, four bruised ribs, and he went ahead and examined the rest of my body. My left arm ended up having a hairline fracture. The doctor, during this process, noticed all of my cuts and bruises so he pulled Robert aside so Robert could explain what had happened. “She has always been a good kid, why did her mother do that to her?” he asked. “Her mother doesn't like me and I had her home two minutes past her curfew, and I've been living with her for a total of two days watching her yell in pain, you wouldn't prescribe her some medicine would you?” he asked the doctor. “Yeah, I could tell she was in pain when you carried her in, so yeah, I'll prescribe her some pain medication,” the doctor replied. “Thank you sir, I'm going to go sit in her room to keep her company.” When he walked in the room my face went from a frown to a grin. “Hey,” I said to him. “Well, I see you’re awake,” he said. “Yeah, they gave me some pain medicine and told me I could leave any time I wanted,” I mentioned. Robert moved from his position at the door over to me and stood beside of the bed I was laying in. “Are you ready to go now?” he asked. “Yeah,” I answered.

24: “Good let's go,” he said, grabbing my clothes off the counter from beside him. “Do you want me to go get a nurse to help you put your clothes on or can you do it on your on,” he asked. “I'll need the nurse, but you don't have to go any where there is a button right over there, just press it,” I pointed out to him. “Well I'm still going to have to leave so that you can get dressed,” he mentioned. “Robert, just press the button,” I demanded. He walked over and pressed the button without saying a word. The nurse walked in. “She needs help putting on her clothes,” he told the nurse. “Will you help me get her to the edge of the bed please?” the woman asked. Robert nodded and helped the woman get me to the edge. “Hold her back,” she demanded. Robert placed his hands on the middle of my back and added little pressure. The women pulled my jeans up to my knees. “Will you help me get her jeans on her?” “No, absolutely not, she needs her privacy,” he told the woman, strictly. “She still has her gown own,” she assured him. I sighed. “Please help, this nurse is being to rough,” I whispered to him, begging. “Fine, switch sides with me,” told the woman. “When she changes her shirt I'm outta here.”

25: They traded spots, but he did it a little bit different than she did. He put my arms around his neck and lifted me up, then finished pulling my pants up. I buttoned them while he left the room. The nurse had no problem helping me with my shirt. When she finished she left the room and Robert walked in and helped me off the bed. Soon I was standing, but my legs began to wobble so he picked me up and kissed my forehead. He walked us all the way back to the house on the farm; by the time we arrived I was asleep. When I woke up the next morning I was laying on the couch. Robert was nowhere in sight. Then, I noticed a piece of white paper lying in my lap. I picked it up and read the note. Gone to pharmacy Be back soon. My ribs were hurting by the time he was back. “I see your up, do you need any of your medicine?” he asked me. “Yeah, my ribs are beginning to hurt again,” I answered. He gave me some medicine and the pain vanished within ten minutes. I stood up and headed up the stairs to my room. Robert walked over to me. He helped me up the stairs and once at the top where my room was he opened the door for me,

26: as I walked into the room and over to the bed he jumped out in front of me, scaring me to death. He wrapped my arms around his neck and placed his hands on my waist being very careful. He lowered his head to make his height level with mine, moved one hand to my face, then he leaned over and kissed me for the first time, not counting the two times he kissed my forehead. Robert moved his other hand and placed it on the opposite side of my face as the other. I kissed him back until he abruptly stopped and left the room five seconds after he came in the room. “Good night,” he called over his shoulder.

27: Chapter 4 Moving Out The next morning I woke up at seven o' clock and went downstairs after I got dressed. Robert was still asleep in his bed in his room across from the living room. I walked over to the couch and sat down until he walked out of his room. “Did I wake you?” I asked him. “No,” he responded. “Robert can we go get my stuff today?” I asked as he made his way to me. “If you want to, sure, let me go heat up the truck,” he answered. “You have a truck,” I said sarcastically. “Yeah but I only use it when I need to haul something,” he chuckled. Robert walked out the door and a minute later I could hear the truck's engine roar. He walked back in. “Are you ready to go?” he asked. “No, let me go brush my hair and then we can go,” I replied. Two minutes later I came back downstairs and walked over to him. “Don't let her do anything to hurt me,” I said to him. “I won't, I promise,” he spoke in a firm voice. Robert put his hands on my waist and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his

28: waist. He then wrapped one of his arms around my back and the other to the back of my head. He stared into my eyes for two seconds and began kissing me. I wrapped both of my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Robert stopped kissing me and I opened my eyes to find his gazing at me. “What?” I asked. “You know, your so beautiful it's hard to stop looking at you even for a second, I love you way more than you'll ever know,” he admitted. “Same here, I love you too, way more than you love me,” I clarified. “In your dreams,” he chuckled. “Your probably right if you turn who your pointing that at,” I said. Robert sat me down on the floor and wrapped his left arm around me and led us out of the door. He stopped once out the door and locked it, and then proceeded on to the truck. The truck was a blue Chevrolet and in perfect condition. He helped me up into my seat and closed the door, then walked over to his side and got in and closed the door, then turned the key in the ignition. We buckled up and drove off. Robert and I arrived at my mother's house within five minutes. We got out and walked up to the door. Robert rang the doorbell. My mother came to the door and answered it. She had a blaze of fire run through her eyes. Robert pushed her out of the way and pulled me in behind him.

29: “Go gather some of your clothes in a suitcase,” Robert told me. Then he turned on my mother. “Ma'am, you should have seen the pain you put Anne through. And if you did you would want to kill yourself I know I wanted to kill you for it, but seeing her made me understand that if I did it would only hurt her worse. You don't deserve a daughter like her and that's why she will no longer be living with you,” he lectured. “Get off my land before I call the cops,” she yelled fiercely. “Okay, you do that, but when they get here Anne will show them all of her cuts, bruises, x-rays, and casts all of which you done to her. So you either let her get her stuff or say good-bye because you’re going to jail,” he threatened. Robert walked past her and up the stairs after me. “Need any help?” he asked. “Yeah, just a little,” I answered. “What do you want me to pack?” he asked me. “You could put those two piles of clothes over there in that suitcase right below them,” I mentioned. He walked over to the piles of clothes, bent down, opened the suitcase, stood back up, grabbed one pile of clothes, stuck them into the bag, and repeated the process again for the second pile of clothes. When he finished he zipped the bag, closed it. He walked back over to me. “Anything else I can do?” He asked. “Ummm...you could grab my summer clothes from that dresser over there.” He took the same suitcase over to the dresser and began piling the clothes in it.

30: “Ummm...you could grab my summer clothes from that dresser over there.” He took the same suitcase over to the dresser and began piling the clothes in it. “Okay, anything else?” “No we're finished,” I told him. Robert grabbed some of the bags and walked out of the room. I grabbed the two “All I know is she may strike again if your not careful,” he told me, a serious edge to his voice. Once Robert and I were home we unloaded the bags off the truck. We went to the door and Robert unlocked it. We went in and closed the door behind us. Robert and I walked up the stairs and into my room. We unpacked my clothes and stuck them in a dresser. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and the oddest thing happened it didn't hurt. He leaned over and kissed my forehead. Robert released me and grabbed my hand and led me out of the room, downstairs, and into the living room. He pointed to the couch signaling for me to go sit down. “You need to sit down and relax,” he clarified in a quiet and gentle voice. I sat down on the couch following his orders. Once I sat down I looked over to him. He walked over to me and I fell asleep in his arms.

31: Chapter 5 Healed and off to school The next morning when I woke up I was feeling great. I was shocked; I was lying in my bed. I got up and went downstairs. Robert was in the kitchen making breakfast. “Hey!” I chanted, walking over to him. “Hey! Sleepy Head, how was your night?” he asked. Robert spun around before I could answer and picked me up into his arms. I opened my mouth to answer but before I could answer he pressed his lips to mine. “Great,” I managed to answer between kisses. “And this morning?” he asked, still kissing me. “Even better,” I replied. He had never kissed me this way before or this long. Suddenly, he stopped and put me down. I stared at him, confused. “What?” I managed to say. “Did I hurt you?” he asked, staring at my ribs. “No, Why?” I asked, meeting his gaze. He lifted my shirt up far enough to examine my ribs. He, lightly, ran his fingers across my ribs.“Amazing,” he replied. “Your ribs are healed.” He grabbed my hand and unwrapped the bandage to examine it also. “Really? Maybe that's why they don't hurt anymore,” I said, excited. “They don't?” he asked, pulling my shirt back down. “Your arm is no longer broken either,” he continued, picking me up into his arms like a baby. He walked us over to the couch and sat me down.

32: “Are you ready to go back to school?” he asked, rolling my pants legs up. He looked surprised. “Your legs are no longer bruised or cut up, either.” “Yes, I'm ready to go back to school,” I replied. He rolled my pants legs back down and stood up. “You can go back tomorrow, which, of course, I'll be with you,” he said, taking my face in his hands. I wrapped my arms around his neck, while he stood up so that he would pick me up with him. This time instead of kissing me, I wrapped my legs around his waist, knotting them there. I moved my face to his and began kissing him. Robert wrapped one of his arms around my waist, holding me up. He slid his other hand up my back and to the back of my head, holding my face to his. I pulled away, gasping for air, and so was he. Robert started laughing. “What?” I asked. “Am I a good kisser?” he asked me, still laughing. “I don't remember, kiss me again so that I can,” I challenged. “I'll take that as a yes,” he chanted, leaning in. “You should,” I qualified. He started kissing me again but with more enthusiasm than before. Robert sat me on the couch again, never leaving my lips. He gripped the hair on my head as I mimicked the same to him. He moved me onto his lap and pulled away, leaving a pout on my face. “So, how good of a kisser am I?” he asked again, breathless.

33: “I thought I was in Heaven,” I answered him, blushing. “So why am I not allowed to go to school today?” I asked changing the subject to hide my embarrassment. “Because, since you are healed we are going to celebrate,” he answered. “How?” I asked, curiosity filling my voice. “Anne, we are going to do this all day as much as you want,” he answered, pulling my lips to his. After a couple of seconds I pulled my face away. “I need some air,” I stated, getting up and heading for the door. Robert ran over to me and swooped me up into his arms, carrying me the rest of the way outside. He sat me on a bench that was on the porch and began laughing. I lifted my arms up in the air; Robert walked over to me, and picked me up in his arms. This time he didn't pick me up like a baby, instead he picked me up like he was going to give me a piggy-back ride but he held me in front of him instead of behind him. “This is new, you never want me to pick you up,” he verified. “Really?” I asked, laying my head on his right shoulder. “Yeah,” he answered, kissing my hair. “Do you mind? My wanting you to hold me, I mean,” I asked. “Of course, I don't mind, actually, I love that you want me to hold you, I wouldn't

34: ever put you down if I had the chance,” he answered, a smug smile on his face. I pulled my head off his shoulder and looked down. “Do you want me to put you down?” he asked. I leaned in to kiss him and shook my head “no.” “I love you,” I whispered in his ear so my voice wouldn't crack. “Really? I love you, too!” he chanted. “Will you take me back in now?” I asked. “Sure,” he said. “You never have you put me down as long as I have something to do about it,” I said, laying my head back against his chest and smiled. “You know I will take you up on that, right?” he asked. “Yeah, but I don't care. What were you laughing about earlier?” I asked. “You were acting like you hadn't ever been kissed before, you looked...shocked,” he continued. “I've, actually, never been kissed before in my life, until you came along, and you half surprised me, because I didn't see it coming, and I was half shocked, because I didn't know you could kiss that great," I admitted, my face still hidden. The next morning I woke up in his arms. I looked up and he was already awake. “What time is it?” I asked. “Six forty-five,” he answered. “Would you let me go get ready for school?” I asked, pleased that he stayed with

35: me all night with me on his lap. “You said I never had to let you go, but sure go ahead, I know you want your privacy,” he answered, unwrapping his arms from around me. “Thanks,” I said, getting up. I walked out of the room and up the stairs to my room, grabbed some clothes from the dresser, went in the bathroom, took a shower, put my clothes on, then brushed my teeth and hair. I grabbed my schoolbooks and ran downstairs. “Robert,” I yelled out, looking for him. “Yeah,” he came out of his room. “It's raining outside,” I announced. “I know, I've already got the truck heated up, are you ready to go?” he asked. “Yeah, I'm ready...almost,” I admitted. “What else do you have to do?” he asked. I didn't answer. I leaned in and kissed him. He laughed, “Come on.” Robert picked me up, carried me out of the door, and sat me in the truck, locked the front door, then got in the driver's side of the truck. He stuck the key in the ignition, and stepped on the gas. We made it to school earlier than we normally do. Robert pulled into an empty parking space. We both got out and walked to the door of the schoolhouse. I went to my locker and gathered my books for my first block class. Robert met me

36: at my locker once he had finished at his. He walked me to my class and kissed my forehead. Max Greene ran over and knocked Robert on the ground, picked me up, and ran with me. Robert got up and ran after us. He caught up with us within ten seconds, grabbed my arms and wrapped them around his neck, then shoved Max into the wall. Robert grabbed my legs so that I wouldn't hit the wall with Max. “Thanks,” I told Robert. “No problem, now run to class before he tries again,” he ordered, putting me down.

37: Chapter 6 The Fight After school Robert and I walked to his truck. Max noticed us and ran over. “Get in the truck and lock the doors,” Robert demanded. I didn't answer and, yet, I couldn't move, either. “Anne, do what I said, please,” he begged. I still didn't move. He picked me up and put me in the truck and locked the doors behind him. “What do you want, Max,” Robert yelled. “For you to leave that girl alone so I'll have a chance with her,” he replied. “Too bad, I can't do that man, I love her and she loves me,” he yelled, not quite as loud this time. “Where did you hear that lie from,” Max laughed. “It's not a lie and she told me herself, so why don't you leave her alone to live a happy life away from the people who hurt her,” Robert yelled at Max, furious. Max threw a punch at Robert but missed. Robert slung around and hog-tied Max with his belt right after giving him a bloody nose, black eye, and a busted lip. Robert got in the truck and drove off. “Why didn't you get in the truck like I told you to?” he asked. “I'm sorry, I couldn't get my legs to respond with my brain,” I apologized as we pulled into the driveway of his house. He stopped in front of the house and turned to look at me.

38: “It's okay, I'm not mad I was just curious is all,” he told me. Robert got out and came to my side, opened the door and picked me up into his arms and kissed me. “Really, I'm not mad at you,” he informed me again. “I know. You know, it's really not a lie I really do love you with all of my heart,” I confessed to him. “I know you do and I love you, too,” he admitted. I started smiling and looked up to see that it was raining. “Let's go in,” I whispered. Robert closed the truck door. He walked onto the front porch and unlocked the front door. Then, closed the door behind us. Robert sat me down on the chair and left the room. It was unusual because he normally sits me on the couch. When he walked back into the room he was holding a small blanket. He walked over to me, picked me up, sat down, sat me on his lap, and covered us both up with the blanket. “Your freezing,” he choked out in laughter. “Sorry,” I apologized. “Sorry? What for? It isn't your fault that you’re cold,” he said, rubbing my arm. I shrugged my shoulders and buried my head into his chest. Soon I fell asleep. “Anne, wake up,” Robert spoke into my ear. ‘This is odd he never wakes me up,’ I thought. I opened my eyes to see his face a few inches from mine. “Hey Sleepy Head! How was your nap?” he asked, kissing my forehead. “Wonderful, so, why did you wake me up?” I asked him. “Well I figured that you might want to get some sleep

39: tonight and if you slept all afternoon you'd be up all night” he answered. “Ahhh. Thank you,” I thanked him. “Your welcome,” he replied, touching the tip of my nose with his index finger. I sat up from my slouch and tried to get up but Robert tightened his grip around me. “Where do you think your going, missy?” he asked, a smile crossing his face. “I was just going to stretch, I'm starting to grow stiff,” I confessed. “Oh, well go ahead then,” he sighed, relieved. “Just kidding, you don't have to ask my permission to get up, go where you please, I don't mind.” I stood up and collapsed back into his lap. Apparently my legs were already stiff. He laughed. I stood back up, not falling, and stretched. I grabbed his hands in mine. Robert stood up and I wrapped my arms around his neck, motioning for him to pick me up, and he picked me up. I stretched my face up to his and kissed him, lightly. “Where to?” he asked. “Bathroom,” I replied. He didn't answer but he walked out of the room, down the hall, and stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, he placed me on my feet and closed the door on his way out. I walked out of the bathroom just as soon as I was done washing my hands and drying them.

40: “Hey beautiful,” he commented me as I stepped out of the door. Robert walked over to me and picked me up. “Where to now?” he asked politely. “Wherever, nowhere in particular,” I answered. “Your choice.” “All right then, it is six o' clock, you are going to take your shower upstairs and I'll take mine downstairs, I have a surprise,” he chanted.

41: Chapter 7 The Surprise When I was through with my shower and had my clothes on, I walked downstairs. To my shock Robert wasn't waiting on me like usual, I was waiting on him. At that moment I heard his water shut off. Two minutes later he walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed. “Wow,” my mouth slipped. “What?” he asked. “You, you look great,” I admitted, stuttering. “Thanks, I'd say the same about you, but I would use something more powerful like: hot, beautiful; not great,” he said, staring. He walked over to me and picked me up. We kissed for one short minute. “Why am I wearing this dress?” I asked, curious. “I told you I had a surprise for you,” he chanted. “Well, what is it?“ I asked. “You'll see,” he answered, teasingly. “That's no fair,” I told him, a slight pout in my voice and on my face. “No, your no fair, do you know how hard it is not to give away the surprise is with you?” he asked. “No, but I do wish you would tell me,” I admitted, trying to flirt. “Follow me, I am not going to ruin the surprise, so stop flirting with me ‘cause it

42: ain’t going to work,” he said, sternly. “Why not?” I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him than before and leaned my face in toward his. “If I kiss you will you change your mind?” I asked. “It's possible,” he answered. I leaned my face in toward his even closer and began kissing him. Robert wrapped both of his arms around me and lifted me up off of the floor. Robert dug something out of his pocket and music started playing. Robert put me back on the floor and put his hands on my hips. He pulled his face away from mine slowly, careful not to hurt my feelings. “Surprise, since you are now heeled, living with me, and we both missed the Spring Dance, we are going to have our own dance, just the two of us,” he told me, chanting rather. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah, unless you want to do something else, if you don't want to we can do what ever you’d like,” he said, starting to waltz. Robert lifted one of his hands to my face and brushed his fingertips against my jawbone, then lifted his other hand to the center of my back and pulled me closer to him. He lowered his face to mine and kissed me. We stopped dancing, and Robert lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. “Have I told you that I love you, yet, today?” he asked. “Yes, I do believe you have,” I answered. “Well, I’m going to tell you again just to be sure, I love you,” he chanted in between kisses.

43: “I love you, too,” I told him, yawning. He stopped kissing me. “Your sleepy, let's get you in the bed,” he told me kissing me one last time about ten short seconds. Robert carried me upstairs and stood me up in my room. “Get your bed clothes on, I'll be back in a minute, or when I get mine on rather,” he told me, kissing my forehead. He left the room, closing the door behind him.

44: Chapter 8 Surprise Visitor I walked over to my bed and pulled my clothes off, replacing them with my lacy nightgown that has spaghetti straps and reached half way down my thigh. Suddenly, I saw a movement in my peripheral vision. I turned to face what it was. I stopped mid-turn and noticed that my window was open. Something sprung at me. “Robert,” I screamed. “Help.” Ten seconds later Robert ran in the door, without a shirt on, and pulled a man off of me. Robert rammed the man's head through the door and left him there unconscious. “Are you okay?” Robert asked me, searching my body for any damage. I started crying and Robert knelt down and picked me up, cradling me against his chest. “What's the matter? Are you hurt?” he asked. “Anne, please tell me if he hurt you,” he begged. I shook my head. “He scared me, No, I'm not hurt,” I choked out in between sobs. Robert sat me down on my feet. “Go close and lock the window,” he told me, kissing my forehead. I did what he told me to do while he pulled the man's head out of the door and pulled his mask off. I screamed in terror when I saw the man's face. “That's my dad, he's been after me ever since the day I was born,” I told Robert. “Call the police, do something, he's waking

45: up,” I panicked. Robert had tied him to a chair his wrists and ankles tied together. Hearing this, Robert punched and broke my father's nose. He backed away slowly to the other side of the room, away from my father. “Anne, please come over here so I don't have to worry about him attacking you again,” he begged, holding his arms out for me. I took off, running to him, and jumping into his arms, burying my face into his collarbone. Robert wrapped his arms tightly around me, pulling me against his still bare chest, firmly, in protection. Robert pulled his cell-phone out of his pocket and dialed 9-1-1. There was a long pause. “103 Gallop street,” Robert told the receptionist. He closed his phone. “I wonder how he knew that I am here and not at my mother's house,” I thought aloud, still crying into his chest. “I don't know, not even my own parents know I live here,“ he told me. “How did he climb the house and get in the locked window?” he asked, muttering to himself. Robert pulled my face up, level with his. He noticed that I was still crying, and he wiped the tears from my eyes with his fingertips. “Anne, why are you still crying?” Robert asked me, worried.

46: I shrugged my shoulders. “Anne, your gown is ripped,” Robert said, panicking. Robert took off with me in his arms to the couch. He laid me down flat, and searched, through the hole, for any damage on my skin. “You have a two and a half to three inch cut across your ribs,” he told me. “Weird, I didn't feel it and it doesn't hurt,” I admitted. “Anne, have you ever noticed that everybody is out to get you, most likely kill you?” he asked me. “Everybody except you,” I corrected him. “Don't move, I'm going to go get some gauze, antibiotic, and a bandage to clean that up,” he told me, heading for the bathroom. My dad became conscious and pulled a knife from his shoe and threw it at me like a dart but luckily he missed. I screamed. Robert ran into the room with the stuff in his hands. "Anne, what's the matter?" he asked. “He just threw a knife at me,” I answered, nearly screaming. Robert didn't say anything. He walked over to my dad and kicked him in the head, knocking him unconscious. “Anne, are you alright?” he asked, walking over to me. “Yeah, he missed me,” I answered, crying harder now. Robert walked over to me and pulled the blanket off of the back of the couch and laid it across the bottom half of my body. He pulled my gown up far enough to work on the cut. He put some antibiotic on the gauze pad and placed it on my wound. Then, he wrapped the bandage around my ribs to hold the gauze in place.

47: Chapter 9 The Police At that moment someone knocked on the door. Robert walked over and let the police in and then showed them where my dad was. Then, Robert walked over to me. “If you don't mind closing your eyes, my girlfriend needs to get up,“ Robert suggested to them. “Sure,” one of them answered. “Everyone close your eyes, this young lady needs her privacy,” the same one commanded of his crew. Robert walked over to me and pulled my gown back down and lifted me up off of the couch, allowing the gown to fall back to my thighs. He didn't set me back down on my feet; he kept me in his arms. “Alright, she's decent,” Robert assured them. The head Chief was the first to talk. “What happened?’ Robert began explaining from the beginning. “I left Anne in her room for her to get dressed to go to bed. When she screamed I ran upstairs to see what was wrong and when I bursted through the door that man was on top of her, choking her to death, so I ran over and pulled him off of her and rammed his head through the door. I had her to go shut and lock the window, of which he climbed through to get in, while I pulled his head out of the door and dragged him downstairs and tied him up, as you can see now. Then, I noticed a slit in her gown." he motioned to the hole in my gown. "She ended up having a two and a half to three inch

48: inch cut across her ribs from a knife I hadn't known he had. I went to the bathroom to get some supplies to clean and bandage her up. Then, she screamed again so I ran in the room and asked her 'what's the matter' and she told me he threw a knife at her so I walked up to him and kicked him in the head and asked her if she was okay. She told me that he'd missed so I walked over to her and bandaged her up when ya'll knocked on the door. And, well, ya'll know the rest,” Robert finished. “We would like to see the evidence,” the head chief said. “Well,” Robert said, setting me down on my feet. “I would like it best if ya'll would allow her to cover her bottom half,” he continued. “As you wish,” the head chief agreed. “As you can see, here is the slit in her gown,” Robert motioned. “Anne, stay right here, I'll be right back,” he told me. Robert walked over to the couch and grabbed the blanket. He returned with it held out in front of him and wrapped it around me like a skirt. He, then, pulled my gown up far enough that the cut was in view. “And here is the cut across her ribs,” he continued, unwrapping the bandage and removing the gauze. “May I wrap this back up now? I don't want it to get infected.” “Of course,” said the head chief. “Thank you,” Robert said, wrapping me back up.

49: When Robert finished wrapping me back up, he pulled my gown back down and removed the blanket. He noticed I was cold and wrapped me in the blanket and picked me up in his arms against his chest. “Follow me to see the whole in the door,” Robert said, walking upstairs. I closed my eyes. “That's one nice girl,” a man said. “Yeah, I know, I got lucky, but she, however, isn't as lucky,” Robert told the man. “What do you mean?” the man asked. “It's like everybody is out to get her, kill her actually. Her mom beats her, that's her dad downstairs, and there's a guy at school that keeps harming her. See these scars here? Her mother done them,” Robert explained. “Poor girl, she must stay terrified,” the man suggested. “Yeah, if it were any other girl, I'd say she's too much trouble, but I love her,” Robert admitted. I sunk my head into his chest deeper and started crying. “Anne, what's the matter? Are you hurting?” Robert asked. I shook my head, “my ribs are killing me,” I answered. “Sir, you wouldn't mind my going downstairs to get her some pain medicine, would you?” Robert asked. I groaned. “No, sure kid, go ahead, she looks like she's in pain,” the man answered. “Thank you, sir,” Robert said, walking downstairs.

50: Robert walked into the kitchen, sat me down in a chair, grabbed a bottle of pain medicine from a cabinet, got a glass of water, and placed them on the table. He, then, got two pills out of the bottle, laid them in my hand, and gave me the glass of water. I took the medicine and gulped the water down after. Robert put the medicine back in the cabinet, came back to the table, picked me up, and we headed for the stairs. When we began to climb the stairs the head chief called, "we're in here." Robert stopped and turned around, heading for the living room. “Stop,” I told him before we were in view. He did as instructed. “What's wrong?” he asked. “Nothing,” I answered into his chest. “I just don't want to face him right yet.” I lifted my face so that our heads were the same height. I placed my lips to his, without hesitation. “Okay, let's get on in there so they will leave soon and we can have some alone time,” he challenged. “Sounds perfect,” I agreed.

51: Chapter 10 Alone Robert and I entered the living room as the squad exited through the door with my father. Only the head chief remained. “I would like to speak with the two of you for a moment, if you don't mind,” said the head chief. “Sure, we can talk,” Robert announced. “What is your girlfriend's name?” the head chief asked. “Anne,” Robert answered. “Well, Anne, would you like to press charges or...?” he asked, trailing off. “I don't care what ya'll do with him, I just want him and my mom to stay out of my life,” I told him, without hesitation. “What was that dear? Did you just say him and your mom? What has your mom done to you?” he asked. “Yes sir, my mom used to beat me before I moved out. Have you not seen my scars?” I asked. “Yeah, but I never knew the stories behind them,” he admitted. “Well that's where they came from,” I told him. “Would you like me to arrest her?” he asked. “If you don't mind,” I said. “Where does she live?” he asked. “300 Rock Elm street,” I answered.

52: “We will leave now, thank you for the extra information, although I would like to ask one more question,” he said. “Shoot.” “What is your mother's name?” he asked. “Rochelle Black,” I replied. “Thank you, Goodbye,” he said, walking out of the house and into his car. Robert closed and locked the door. He walked into the living room, still carrying me. Then, sat us both done in the big, blue chair. “Do you feel safe enough to sleep in your room or do you want to sleep else where?” he asked. “I would rather not sleep in that room, I'd rather stay right here,“ I admitted. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Then, rested my head against his shoulder. Robert wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead. “You wouldn't mind my going to go get change, would you? I never actually got the chance,” he mentioned. “No, I don't mind, you can go straight ahead, I'll be right here when you get back,” I replied. Robert stood up, with me in his arms, and walked toward his room. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Taking you with me,” he answered. “Why?” I asked, confused.

53: “I'm not letting you out of my sight or reach unless you’re taking a shower, using the restroom, or changing,” he admitted. “But you have to change, don't you want your privacy?” I asked. “Of course I do, you are going to stand, or sit, in a corner with your back facing me,” he answered. “Okay,” I breathed. Robert entered his room and stood me up facing the wall. "Stay here," he said, walking over to his bed and bringing back a chair to sit in. Robert sat the chair down behind me. I sat down. He walked over to his dresser and grabbed some clothes from the drawers... When Robert finished putting his clothes on he came over to me and picked me up. “I love you,” he told me. “I love you, too,” I murmured into his ear. “You look sleepy,” he stated. I yawned in agreement. Robert kissed me for two short seconds. I relaxed, and placed my head on his shoulder, then closed my eyes. One of my arms fell against my stomach and the other on his chest as I drifted into a light sleep.

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  • Title: Anne and Robert: The Beginning
  • When Anne’s family moves to Philadelphia, she has no idea that she will find a man who not only saves her from danger but also realizes that their relationship is stronger than some adolescent affection. Anne first realizes this attraction when a gang attacks her and her friend Susan in a dark alley headed home from a grocery store when Robert takes battle by her side. Anne and Robert attend the same school together. When Robert admits his love for Anne she is scared stiff of the threat Susan has placed upon her. When Robert sees Anne’s mother beat her he takes Anne away immediately. Robert helps heal all wounds and bruises. Everything is great, Anne has healed and is with Robert, when Anne’s father tries to kill her. Robert saves her once again. Now Anne’s family is far away and cannot harm her anymore, which allows Anne and Robert to live their lives. Their lives and relationship together is only the beginning, but from all they have been through it’s hard to believe their lives are not over.
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