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CINDERELLA (As Told by Shonice)

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BC: I choose the literary term personification because the story gives the mice human qualities to be able to talk to Cinderella and make the dress. In the real story more than just the mice have human characteristics. The carridge that Cinderella's fairy godmother gives her is really a pumpkin but it was able to drive Cinderella.

FC: CINDERELLA (As Told by Shonice Woodson) | Shonice Woodson 2nd Period Due Date: 3/12

1: Once apon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. Cinderella's mother abandoned her and | her father when she was only 5. So her father held a ceremony to find young Cinderella a stepmother. Cinderella was in desperate need of a mother figure.

2: Cinderella's father finally found the perfect stepmother | for his darling daughter. Little did he know she was the | wicked witch of the east, Denise.

3: Denise had 2 very spoiled daughters: Moneca and Lashay. Neither of them liked Cinderella, not even a little. They thought she was so ugly that they didn't want to be seen with her in public.

4: Cinderella's father became very ill. Cinderella believed that he was food poisened by Denise, but she couldn't prove it.

5: Soon after being sick for about 4 months, Cinderella's father dies of an 'unexplained' death. Denise, now a wealthy widow, inherited all of her dead husband's insurance policy and all his belongings. With this came sweet Cinderella. Cinderella knew her life was about to change forever.

6: Denise made Cinderella clean up after her and her two daughters. She brought her girls the | the best clothes money could buy, but poor Cinderella had to sew her own | clothes out of old and torn rags. Denise made Cinderella cater to all her needs.

7: Cinderella's stepsisters blamed everything on her. If thier hair wasn't going right then it was her fault. They thought they were prettier and better than her. They nagged her alot just to get on her nerves.

8: Cindrella felt so alone. So she went looking for a friend. Instead she found her a fairy godmother.

9: Also, while on the journey of finding a friend Cinderella came across a flyer that explained a ball hosted by Prince Charming. It was to be held in 2 days.

10: Cinderella wanted to go to the ball so bad. Her only problem was she didn't have the | right attire. Cinderella decided to sew herself a beautiful dress. If only she had the right fabric. So she resolved her problem by asking her godmother. In response her godmother gave her two magic mice.

11: Cinderella told the mice that she wanted to look elegant. So they replied that they would gladly help her. It took them 10 hours to make the perfect dress.

12: The mice had to call some of their friends to come and help them create the best piece of work for Cinderella. They made it mostly pink and white. They knew Cinderella would be pleased.

13: When Cinderella seen the finished product of her dress she was very enthusiastic and ready to go straight to the ball.

14: Cinderella's fairy godmother told her that if she gave Cinderella a good ride to the ball then Cinderella had to be back by 12 midnight.

15: Cinderella promised her godmother that she would surely be back home. Then her godmother added in an important piece of information and told her that if she didnt be back then her dress would turn back into rags. So Cinderella promtly made note that she had to be back at home before time was up because she definately did not want to be embaressed.

16: Cinderella overheard her stepsisters mention the flyer to their mother because they were | curious to meet this handsome Prince Charming. So Denise went and brought them both very pretty dresses. When it was time to go to the ball the sisters noticed Cinderella getting ready in her beautiful dress.

17: Moneca and Lashay went and told their mother that Cinderella was planning on going. In response Denise told Cinderella that she had to mop all the floors and clean the kitchen before she left. Cinderella was devastated because she thought she was going to be late. When Cinderella told her fairy godmother about this her godmother told her not to worry about it, and with a quick swift of her wand the whole house was cleaned. Cinderella could finally arrive at the ball.

18: As soon as Cinderella walked through the fancy doors Prince Charming noticed her. | He felt the need to first explain to his guest the reason for this speacial occasion and | to introduce hinself to the most beautiful lady in the room.

19: Prince Charming made a toast and told all his guest that they were part of his birthday celebration. Also, he mentioned that he was looking for the perfect princess to later become queen when he took the thron in 2 years. The crowd cheered and cooed as he left the spotlight in search of the women he had seen earlier. | When he found her there were 2 other unattractive girls in her mist so he thought to himself: "She must be very popular." Him not knowing that these were only her annoying stepsisters and that Cinderella was very poor. | As he approached her, she seemed flattered that he was even talking to her. Moneca and Lahsay listened with jealousy.

20: When Cinderella looked at the time she noticed that she only had 5 minutes until | her clothing would change. She told Prince Charming that she had a nice time talking | and dancing with him, but she had to go. Cinderella left in such a hurry she left one of her glass slippers.

21: Prince Charming soon remembered that he never did get her name, so he ran after her. When he got outside all he could | find was a glass slipper but no beautiful girl. He then realized what he had to do, he had to search for his mystery princess. The next day he posted flyers everywhere in search of her. After 2 days and no replies, he decided to go to all the women who were at the ball and see who could fit it.

22: He had went to all the women houses in his district except one. When he rung the doorbell an ugly women answered the door. At | first he thought he had came to the wrong door until he noticed 3 girls standing behind her. He then introduced himself and his reason of visiting; each girl wanted to try on the shoe. when the last and most prettist of the 3 tried it on, it was a perfect fit.

23: Denise, Moneca, and Lashay were all very stunned. They couldn't believe that Cinderella would be the queen of their town. Prince Charming and Cinderella were both very happy. Cinderella knew she would remember this day.

24: They Lived Happily Ever After

25: My 2 Literary Terms Are Theme and Personification

26: I choose the literary term theme because the theme of the story told my way and the theme of the real story are about the same. I wanted to try and give the story a little twist by changing the names of the characters and relating it to my life. The movie with Lizzie McGuire as Cinderella is told very differently. It focuses on Cinderella finding more tjan just her true love.

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