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Happy Anniversary

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S: Verden and Doris Mortensen 70th Wedding Anniversary May 25th, 2007

FC: Verden and Doris Mortensen | Celebrating 70 years

1: Celebrating our 70th Anniversary

2: ~ Love ~ True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach | Verden and Doris were married in the Salt Lake City Temple on March 25th, 1937

3: Verden came to attend my school when Sanford school closed for lack of funds. We started dating. He stayed in Manassa with a family. We had to walk most every place we went. We dated on and off the first year and then steady our senior year. At Christmas time he gave me a diamond. He was really a special person. He treated me like royalty and has always been especially kind and admired by all women. We planned to get married in June but decided not to wait and were married on the 21st of March at Presidents John B. Reed's ranch north of Sanford. We had Frances and Millie Faucette stand up with us. We left a couple of days later and were married in the Salt Lake Temple on March 25th, 1937. We have had a really good marriage. Of course we have had our ups and downs. We have worked together and played together. We have worked hard to make a living but have enjoyed doing it together. Verden is the love of my life, he has always stood up for me at all times, has treated me like a queen. We have had fun at dances and parties with great friends and family. Doris Mortensen

4: I was livin’ in Manassa when I went to school there. Doris was just a little girl going to school there too. Either Sanford or Manassa had a dance every Friday night. Sometimes we’d go together. The senior year I think we was going pretty steady then. But we thought we was datin’ big enough to get married anyway. So we decided to get married one Sunday afternoon. Her folks were happy about that. They were ready to give her away! I thought she’d make a good wife. She was raised in a good Mormon family and she knew how to work. My folks thought I was awful young, but they didn’t ever say I couldn’t and they went along with what I wanted to do. Doris has been a good wife. She went to the fields if she needed too. She done what needed to be done, whatever it was. Working in the garden, even irrigating, herding sheep, working in the hay fields, picked peas. She was loved by my dad and mother and the rest of the family. They accepted her and she was just a member of the family. After a while the kids started comin' along. We had DeAnn and Rosalie and pretty soon Jeanne. I remember when Gary was born. He was born in Del Norte. He was a little ol’ skinny thing. Looked like a chicken. Didn’t have an ounce of fat on him! I brought him in here and set him in his basket up on the stove, there was no fire in it, but I set the basket up on the stove. I remember that. Mary Lynne was born before that and we almost had her in the car. She was real fat. Susan was born while I was working for Campbell. Then I left Campbell to work on the highway. Kathy was born while I was on the highway job. She was born in Del Norte and I was working on the top of the world there – Coolidge. Thats where we was building roads. Delores was born while we was living here and I was working for Clyde. Raising that family, that was a precious thing, me and Doris. Our marriage is a successful marriage. We made due, made a living, raised a family, and that’s what it's all about. What we were placed on earth to do. [To have a successful marriage] have a lot of respect for each other, be honest in your undertakings whatever it is. And you’ve got to put forth an effort to have a successful marriage, or be successful in anything. It all takes work and sacrifice. There’s not many free lunches. Verden Mortensen

5: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do ..... it's who you have beside you.

6: I remember living at the Hank's place and Dad doubled up in the little round tin tube taking a bath in the kitchen since there was no bathroom. I remember the mornings when Mother was getting things started for the day and crawling into bed with Dad to be cuddled. I remember my first bicycle and Dad's frustration trying to teach me to ride it! I remember Dad never hesitating to put his arms around Mom and letting us see his love and regard for her. I remember waiting for a ride home since we only had one vehicle and Dad had it. I remember getting scolded for popping my gum and staying in bed late so Dad couldn't ask what time I got home the night before. I appreciated his great love for Mom, his respect for all women, his sense of humor and the sense of love and belonging he gave us all. We always knew he was a honest and hard working man. A man of great integrity. What a great heritage he and Mom have given us.

7: XO | Mom was always there for each one of us. She was always patient, long suffering and accepting. On top of that, she made it look like it was no effort at all to be there always for daddy and eight kids. I remember her rocking a sick child endlessly for days. I can remember the empty feeling when she wasn't home when we came home from school. She was the heart and warmth of our home. She is always there with a helping hand whenever any of us need her. I feel so fortunate and blessed to belong to the family of Verden and Doris Mortensen. What a happy childhood we were blessed with. I hope and pray that we might have this relationship throughout all eternity. | DeAnn

8: Rosalie

9: I want Mom and Dad to know that even though I was a hard child to raise, I will always appreciate their standing by me and seeing me through the hard times. They are the greatest! I can't say enough or show enough love to let them know how I feel about them. They were always there for me and for any of us. I think that just looking at our family says it all. Even if I do say so myself, I think you can be extremely proud of how we all turned out. I am really happy to be able to help celebrate your 70th wedding anniversary. Know that I love you and hope for many more years for us all to be together.

10: xcx | Mom has always been my best friend. She was always there when I needed her. She would always come and stay with me when I had a baby and take care of everything so I could enjoy the baby. I never remember her lifting her voice or even scolding us. She would sometimes make us feel bad for not doing something she wanted us to do, but she never said anything. We could just tell she was upset. I remember her working hard and seeing that we were able to do the things that other kids were doing. I know it wasn't always easy. She always raised a garden and canned food. We would eat a lot of popcorn and grape juice. She had a beautiful yard and she worked very hard keeping it nice. She always made our friends feel welcome and was a wonderful cook. I remember her milking cows and working in the field with Dad. Mom always opened her home to everyone. She made beautiful quilts for each child and grandchild. Mom has always been an example to me in the way she treated people, did her church callings and helped her neighbors. I just want to tell mom how much I love and respect her. | Jeanne

11: I tried to think of the first thing I remember as a child growing up in Sanford with Dad. I thought of when I used to drive the truck for him to haul hay. I was too small and couldn't reach the gas pedal, so I would kneel down and could barely see over the dash. At the end of the field, Dad would jump in the truck and turn it around because I wasn't strong enough to do it. Then I remember when Dad was working for Campbell's Ranch. He would take me to play with the pilot's son - he was around my age. He was going to teach me how to tame a lamb. I think he made them wilder. I remember going to New Mexico with Dad and spending time at the trailer park and meeting a lot of people he worked with. Dad always worked very hard to make life better for us. I know he missed a lot of activities because he was gone so much. But I always felt his love and I can't remember ever being spanked. When Leo and I got engaged we went to see if Dad would get ready and go to the Temple with us. It took me three hours to get up enough courage to ask him. I think I was a little afraid of him! We have done a lot of traveling together and I love it when he tells the stories about when he worked on road construction. Dad always wanted us to go to church and do the things we should. He always wanted us to come and spend time with him. I want him to know I love him very much and I'm glad I'm his daughter.

12: Mary Lynne

13: I remember new babies, their baths, lullabies, nursery rhymes, hugs and kisses. I remember Mother reading us stories. I remember family parties and reunions and playing games. I remember trips and holidays. I remember Mom doing laundry with a wringer washer and rinse tubs. Hanging out, starching, sprinkling, and then placing the clothes in an oil lined basket...and then ironing them. I remember her mopping, waxing, and washing windows. We always had cats and dogs. I remember being excited about new baby chicks. I remember gardening, planting, mowing and irrigating the lawn, lambing, milking cows, feeding sheep, hauling hay, carrying in wood and coal, having company over, visiting relatives and friends, cooking, dishes, camping, road construction, tractors, herding sheep, hunting, riding horses, going to the mountains and to ball games. I remember being guided, encouraged, reproached and loved. I always felt secure and protected. I am very thankful for my upbringing in the San Luis Valley and as an active member of the LDS Church. Mom and Dad worked hard, but we still managed to have lots of fun times over the years. I think I had the best parents and the best family in the world. Thanks Mom and Dad!

14: I have many memories of the man we call "Grandpa". I often thought of him as The Marlboro Man, riding his horse off into the sunset, the mountains silhouetted in the background. He is a ruggedly handsome man and always exudes a great deal of confidence. At the same time he has a soft side we often saw as he cared for the young lambs during lambing season, often bringing them home to be warmed by the stove. Some of my fondest memories come from when I left the corporate world and returned to the ranch. Dad and I spent a lot of time together as he taught me about being a sheep and cattle rancher. Many lessons were taught as we stood knee deep in mud while irrigating, riding the trail while packing in provisions for the sheepherder, walking in the dust behind a herd of sheep on the BLM, working on an overworked piece of farm equipment to get a little more out of it, struggling to skin a newborn calf that didn't make it so we could tie the hide to the back of a living calf to fool the cows senses until she would accept it as her own, wrestling sheep and cutting away the hoof rot and treating them to prevent spread of the disease, working with neighbors and friends to make life a little better for everyone, rebuilding fences, bailing hay, chatting on the roadside or at the coffee shop to discover what market prices were or what the latest technique might be, driving an overloaded Toyota, stopping to have a hot lunch at the house prepared with love and tradition by Grandma, working from before sunrise until sunset and then going out in the middle of the night to change water or check the birthing livestock, feeding livestock in snow storms with below zero temperatures, and deciding when to gamble and cut the alfalfa or grain, gracefully acknowledging that we were at the mercy of the elements when it got rained on and vowing with optimism to do it all again next year. It is rare to have a conversation with Dad of any length that he does not express his love for Mom. He acknowledges was a wonderful woman she is and that no other woman in the world could have lived with him at all, much less for 70 years! Thanks Dad for all the hard work, the sacrifice, the blood, sweat and tears and the love you have given to all of us. We always knew what you did for us. We love you! I love you!

15: I often tell people what an angel my Mother is. When I think of her I marvel at the things she did to provide a comfortable and loving home for us. She cooked, she grew a marvelous garden, she cooked, she sewed, she cooked, she cleaned, she cooked, she laundered, she cooked, she nurtured, she cooked, she counseled, she cooked, she disciplined (honest), she taught, she cooked, she led, she cooked, she comforted, and yes - she cooked. For many years she played the role of a single Mom while Dad was away on road construction. Mom always took things in stride. It was hard to get her upset although we tried often and succeeded occasionally. | On one occasion I was guilty of a lapse of good judgment. After a few days I confessed to mom what I had done. She said, "I heard what you did from someone else. I told them I would not believe it until I heard it from you. Don't do it again". I was forgiven but much more importantly I was filled with a desire to never disappoint my mother again. Mom sacrificed much so she could spoil us. We always had what we needed and usually had what we wanted, but I never remember her going to the store to buy herself a new dress. She was up at 5:30 every morning going about her chores so that we could have breakfast before we left for seminary or school. She worked all day and at night, when the work was done, she would sit and read, help with home work, counsel, organize and prepare for another day. She would finally sit in her rocker and fall asleep watching the News at 10:00. At 5:30 the next morning it would start all over again, and she never complained or wished anything was different. She always made time to serve other people in whatever way she could. We certainly had a regular example of helping someone in need. We learned how families work together to accomplish the task at hand. Mom always made sure we went to church.. It wasn't an option. She knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She taught us how to love and live by precept and example. Thanks mom! I love you! | Gary

16: We are living happily ever after... | Delores

17: It has been heartfelt Heartfelt affection and love Heartfelt dedication Heartfelt anticipation and wonder To each other and every child they brought home They had heartaches When life gave them challenges When they lost a child When they watched as family made poor choices Then had to live with the consequences. And maybe even at times broken hearts Along with broken promises Broken limbs And just broke For life can be hard There has been things that would touch the heart Small triumphs Lessons and learning Family and the Gospel As little ones grew, matured and had families of their own May we all be so fortunate that the chains that bind the heart will be as strong as Mom's and Dad's and last the eternities and not just 70 years. With all my heart, Delores

18: Susan

19: Dad, I have good memories of living in the road camps in the summer. All of us kids thought it was an adventure, but now I realize how much work and how hard it must have been for you and Mom. Thanks for letting us have that experience. Sometimes I would resent not having my Dad there for special occasions, but now I realize the sacrifices that you made for us. At the time I didn't think you cared. I'm now sure it was just as hard for you to miss those events. I know that you love your children very much and would do anything you could for us to make our lives better. I admire your work ethic and your quick wit. I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to get to know you better these last few years. I'm so thankful Heavenly Father sent me to you! Mother, you're the most wonderful Mom a girl could have. You never made me feel like I was a burden or in your way. You have great understanding and the patience of Job. Even though our house was full, you always welcomed all the neighborhood kids. Anytime there was fresh bread, you would have all our friends over to help us eat it. You didn't yell at us when we would take your good quilts out on the front porch and nail them to the posts to make walls. When you would cook all of our little hands were in the bowl thinking we were helping. I don't remember being spanked or yelled at by you. We always wanted to please you and worried about you being disappointed by our behavior. It helped us stay out of a lot of trouble! Thank you for being there for me. I could always depend on you. My girls have a special bond with you because of the service you gave me. Thank you for raising me in the Gospel. You truly live a Christ-like life. Both you and Dad have left a great legacy for us and our children. I thank my Heavenly Father for sending me to you.

20: Kathy

21: I feel it's a privilege to be a member of the Verden and Doris Mortensen family. It is rare that families are not torn and distant due to jealousies or ill will toward each other. I do believe this is a reflection of how we have been raised. I had an old car that wasn't running and I was trying to get it to the high school so the guys in the auto shop could fix it. That old car just wouldn't start! After several attempts I knew Dad was extremely frustrated. He decided the bumpers matched enough that he could push my car [with his] and I would then drive on. This tactic finally worked and I was able to go on my way. During this whole ordeal he never gave up on me and stood by me even though it would have been so easy to throw his hands up in frustration and tell me "too bad." Mom has always been so compassionate and empathetic. We were all taught to consider others' feelings. If a guy got up enough nerve to ask us to dance or go out we should consider his feelings. If the girls left someone out, we should befriend her. Isn't this one of the messages we get from our Savior, Jesus Christ? I know Mom spent a lot of time praying for me. She never gave up on me either. I can truly say that I enjoy spending time with my family. They are my best friends. What a rich blessing and good fortune it is.

22: Side by side, year by year...

23: Doris is the youngest of eight sisters in our family. I am the third son but was two years younger than Doris. Growing up, we did a lot of things together like hoeing in the garden, going to dances, taking cows to the pasture, riding horses and bicycles and ice skating. These are wonderful memories to me. I first met Verden when he came to Manassa to attend hight school. He was a good basketball player and I like to play, so we got acquainted on the ball court and when he started dating Doris. Once in a while we went on dates together to shows or dances. We had good times together. Living with them during these times was a good experience because of the love they showed for each other and when their children were born, the love they showed for each of them. They had a good life together and we witness the love they still have after all these years. I wouldn't be thoughtful if I didn't congratulate you for your wonderful family you have raised to bless the inhabitants of this world. Cathryn and I both congratulate and commend you on this great occasion! We honor you on your 70th wedding anniversary. Loyd I enjoy staying in your home when we come to Colorado. We remember the good hot biscuits and sausage gravy we had and enjoy the Chickree you gave us. We also remember the fun trip we had going to Nauvoo and other church historical places and Birmingham. Also, we had a good time when Gary led the group in several songs and the stories that Hazel and Ruth told in our home. Cathryn

24: I'm in Alamosa in the Adam's State College gym, watching the Mortensen team playing for the championship! People are crowded in everywhere. All I have to say loudly is "I'm the sister of the Mortensen brothers!" I'm instantly asked a lot of questions and the crowd is in awe and I am proud! Verden is a member of that team, the Mortensens. | The players were tall, well built and physically fit. Practicing free throws was a way of life. They were out at the basketball hoops in the yard everyday. Our father said, "if you made your baskets from the foul line, you could win the basketball game." The folks had their first grandchild when Verden and Doris had DeAnn. All of us were so glad to have this curly headed little girl in our family...followed by Rosalie, Jeanne, Mary Lynne, A BOY, Gary, and then more girls - Delores, Susan, and Kathy! Mother was delighted to sew little dresses for the girls. She made her own patterns out of newspapers. Her creations were fabulous! Lena

25: Verden is my only sibling I have no memory of him being single. I was 1 3/4 years when he was married. It has always been Verden and Doris. When we mentioned one name the other was always there. Due to the age difference, I grew up almost as a son rather than a brother. I ate many a delicious meal at their table, spent many a night sleeping in their home and many hours playing with my cousins. I can truly say they contributed to my upbringing. Verden taught me a lot about work and ranching. He helped | teach me to drive a team of horses and then tractors. There were many days I would see him return from the fields or other work so tired he was nearly ready to drop. This was especially true at lambing and irrigating time. My favorite memory of Verden is when I graduated from | college in 1962. Janice and I went to Colorado to visit before reporting to our first job in California. As I said goodbye,Verden said, "now Wayne, I know that sometimes it can get rough out in the world, especially when you are working for the other guy. So if you ever fall on hard times, | you are always welcome to come back to the valley. We will move over and make a place for you. We won't make money but we won't starve." That invitation was a great comfort to us all of our lives for we knew that Verden's words were not idle. We knew he meant it. We hope and pray for many more years of joy for our brother and sister. Wayne

26: A couple of events I will always remember...the fishing trips to Blue Lake. I recall bringing 25 fish home and putting them in the wash tub with the hose running for a few days to keep them cool, and mom cooking them for breakfast. Another fond memory was when Verden and I were sent with a team of horses and a wagon to La Jara Canyon Claims to bring sheep camp home. The herders could not pack on burros to move home in the fall. It took one day to go up - stayed all night at camp - and then loaded up camp on the wagon. It took all day to come home. How times have changed in a lifetime! Other times I went hunting with you and Bill Koch to Marshall Pass over by Salida to get deer and elk meat. Bill had big tents to stay comfortable in. It was and is fond memories. Love Always, Gaylon | Lena, 8 months Gaylon 5 years Verden 9 1/2

27: love | When we think of you we think of charity and love. How often we have found Doris quilting or cooking wonderful meals. We think of all the years that Verden left home to work on road construction, away from family and the comfort of home. Doris kept the home fires burning in Colorado and Verden earned a living in New Mexico. We think of Doris and Hazel working day after day in their cafe serving tasty home cooked meals. We think of Verden farming and raising sheep. Success was often controlled by weather. What a wonderful family you have raised. They are truly your shining stars. This is a reflection of your love and guidance. What a wonderful milestone - 70 years of marriage! Very few couples reach this point. We congratulate you and give you our love. Rex and Nancy | Verden and Mary

28: Memories Walking in the field hand in hand Moving the sheep across the land Bringing them in for the night Then Grandma tucks me into bed nice and tight Sunday after church, gathering together Playing games of scrabble, laughing forever Smells of Grandma's cooking fills the air Just thinking about it takes me back there Apple pies in the fall Gathering again, on and all Cinnamon and sugar, smells so nice Hot apple pies with perfect crust and just the right spice Driving the truck while Grandpa throws the hay Those cows look hungry this wonderful day Don't touch the gas just steer straight ahead Together we got those hungry cows fed Christmas Eve parties that come to mind Just thinking of them makes me smile all the time Gag gifts and cherry desert Laughing and laughing until my stomach hurt These are just some of the wonderful memories I have. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. Pam

29: My Memories | I remember picking peas in Grandma's beautiful garden. I remember digging through her purse to find mints at the bottom. I remember looking forward to dropping by on a Friday night just to hear Grandpa say, "you better not be out chasing those boys!" only to chide Ammon, "why aren't you out there chasing those girls?" I remember picking catnip in the drain ditches and proudly bringing bags full of it to Grandma for drying. I remember the catnip tea Grandma would make me if I ever had a tummy-ache. I remember driving to California with Grandpa behind the wheel. Who could forget? I remember hiding in the closet with Grandpa's boots and guns. I loved that smell of Grandpa and old leather! I am full of wonderful memories of Grandma and Grandpa. But most importantly I remember that they love me. I Love you guys so much! Sariah

30: Grandma and Grandpa, Writing a tribute to the ultimate example of love, marriage, commitment and family is not as simple as one might think. How is it possible to sum up the lives of two of the most influential people in one's life? Even though I have grown up over 600 miles away from Grandma and Grandpa, they have played a very important role in my life and the lives of my family. Seems like we always considered Grandma and Grandpa's house a place to go and get back to what is truly important. Their house was a wonderful break from the world. When I would visit Grandma and Grandpa, everything just seemed to be peaceful, old fashioned and slower. I remember going out and picking peas from the garden in the morning, shelling them in the afternoon, and eating them for dinner that night in potato and pea soup. When I asked my kids about their favorite foods from Grandma's house it was overwhelmingly peppermint tea and haystacks. Brandon especially likes that Grandma has M&M's around to put in his tea. John remembers when Grandma fried up the trout they had caught the day before in Leo's pond. The kids also loved making forts out of Grandpa's haystacks, battling the big sprinklers in the fields, playing on the old tractor, fishing, and the 24th of July celebrations - these were all the same memories I cherished from being a kid at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I asked my children how they would describe Grandma and Grandpa. Richie said, " they seem like they don't bother worrying about things. They have all their stuff together and don't seem to get all upset about things". I know I always felt love, acceptance and support from Grandma and Grandpa no matter what kind of chaos was going on in my life at the time. All the Bumbernicks are thankful to have such wonderful examples of love, marriage, commitment and family in two people we really look up to. Congratulations on such a long life together and we wish for many more happy years together! John, Donna, Richard, Samantha and Brandon

31: Grandma and Grandpa, It is an honor to have you as our Grandparents. You have been a wonderful example throughout your lives with which we hope to pattern our own lives. You both have strong testimonies of the Gospel which has brought happiness in your life, as well as in the lives of your posterity. What a blessing that has been to us. We want our lives and marriage to emulate the gospel as yours has. We appreciate everything you do, and know that you are always there for us. We love you and are proud of all your accomplishments. Happy 70th Anniversary! Brook and Charlie Grandma and Grandpa, We just want to thank you for being such wonderful Grandparents. You have been great examples and have always showed so much love to us. We want to wish you a happy 70th Anniversary. We love and appreciate you a lot. Daniel, Amber and Hunter Smith | Grandma, Thank you for the example you have given to our family. You have always been so loving and nurturing. Your soft spirit radiates. I don't know how you raised my mom with such mild and calm discipline, but you did and now we're considering sending you our Brysen! You are such an unselfish person and have helped so many people in many different ways. You are patient, even when your adult grandson puts cake in your face and then licks if off! I remember combing your hair and putting bands all over your head. You would tolerate such torture often. Your Sunday dinners of roast, potatoes and creamed green beans can't be beat! Thank you so much for your support and love. You are the best Grandma ever! Grandpa, Your door is always open, often times finding you sitting in your chair in your underwear! You always have a welcoming hug for the kids, and you always tell us to "come back and see me!" Nobody can beat your beans and I still crave them on occasion. Thank you for being so kind and loving to our family! Brandon, Mikel and kids

32: I remember Grandpa taking me out into the fields to help him plow, plant seed, rake and bale with his Case tractor. Even though he did all the work he made me feel like I did a great job. I learned to love my Grandpa. I remember one time he came into the house with a big rack of lamb and sat it on the counter. It had bloated on green alfalfa and they butchered it before it died. He and Grandma cut it all up with a saw and knives and we ate fresh lamb for dinner. What an amazing lesson on the food chain and self sufficiency. Thanks Grandpa! My favorite memory of Grandma was sitting at the kitchen counter as she would make taffy and popcorn. I loved it when she would make us homemade soda pop too. She always had something for us kids to enjoy and we knew she loved us by how she served us. Grandma and Grandpa, I love you. Thanks for everything you have done for me! Garet Mortensen | Grandpa, my fondest memory of you is the way you make me feel every time I see you. I know it's not really a memory but it is the thing that means the most to me. Every time I see you, you put your strong arms around me and say, "How's my girl?" I know that I'm probably not the only one you do that to, but I want you to know that at that moment you make me feel like I'm the only one! I love you so much for making me feel loved and accepted and part of the family. I hope you know what an impact you have made. You are a great example to us all. I love you forever and hope this anniversary in the best one ever! Grandma, I remember you making breakfast, dinner, sharing your home, giving to those in need - including little granddaughters! You are one of the most caring, compassionate, giving, and loving people I know. I want you to know how thankful I am to you for your example and especially for raising such great kids. The son is the one I'm most proud of! I hope I have learned to be that way in my life. You have influenced so many people with your kind heart and it will just keep growing with each generation. I love you and all that you are! I'm so proud to say that you are a part of me! Trina

33: When I was 11, Grandpa drove me out to the field where the big haystacks used to be and had me get in the driver's seat of his Toyota pickup. He put it in low range so it wouldn't stall very easily and showed me how to work the clutch. I bucked the truck a few times by letting up the clutch too fast, but Grandpa never complained. He just had me keep trying until I could get going without too much trouble. Pretty soon I was shifting to 2nd and making turns over the small dikes that ran the length of the field. Looking back now I realize that they needed me to be able to operate equipment so I could help on the farm, but at the time I was so proud that Grandpa would trust me to drive his truck. When we moved from Bountiful to Sanford, Marci, Greta and I came a month or so ahead of everybody else so we could start school in Sanford instead of switching schools after the year started. Grandma took care of us until the rest of the family came. I remember one night she made some really good chili. I liked it a little too much and got heartburn for the first time! Grandma got out some vinegar for me. I couldn't see how it would help, but within a few minutes I felt better! During a difficult time in our family Grandma played a big part in helping us feel at home in a new place. Brett | My favorite memories of Grandpa and Grandma are from my care free days as a 4 year old spending time with them on the farm in Sanford. I remember how fun it was for me to go along with Grandpa, my dad and my brothers to herd sheep. I also remember watching Grandpa and my dad working hard in the spring to sheer all the sheep. I'll always remember the laid back warm summer days riding around the farm in his old Toyota truck. Grandpa worked hard his entire life, and that is a quality that I hope to emulate in my life. Those days were also some of the best I can remember because we got to spend a lot of time with Grandma at her house. She always pampered us and made sure we were never hungry. I'll never forget her delicious mashed potatoes and gravy. She would also let us use her little soda pop making machine. Ice cream from the big freezer was the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. Grandma has always shown great generosity and love to all of her grandchildren. I have been so blessed to have such a warm, caring, and loving Grandma. I also hope I can emulate her in my life and develop the level of generosity and love that she has for everyone. David

34: Grandma and Grandpa, I came into the family as an outsider looking in and wondering what I got myself into. I didn't understand the relationships of a family of girls and how they interacted with one another and their mom. It took a while, but I finally adapted to it and the fact they would discuss everything you did or said and it became public knowledge. I soon found that I was adopted in and was treated as one of the children. From the start Jeanne and I traveled a lot with Grandpa and Grandma. We went to Mexico and other places while Grandpa was working on roads in New Mexico. Later we traveled to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, and took many trips to Arizona, Utah and California. We went with Grandma to Branson and then to England. I have enjoyed all the times we have been together and gone places. We have spent a lot of time on the phone card route and I have appreciated them going with Jeanne when I couldn't. I t was a real comfort to me to have them go with her. I always feel welcome as one of the children when I go to the house to visit or for Sunday dinner. I have been treated so well and felt as if they were my parents here on earth since my | parents left so early in their lives and mine. I have felt I still had parents I could turn to when I needed that love and concern. At one of the moments of deepest despair in my life, Grandpa offered me all he had to help me out of the challenges I faced. I felt I had to rise or fall on my own but we was willing to stand by me and offer all I might need. I really appreciated that kindness, love and respect I felt and always do feel. I enjoy the teasing I get about the best car. I have tried all my married life to convince Grandpa that the Chevy is the best. Someday he will understand! My best story is when we were in Hawaii with Grandpa and Grandma on Waikiki beach. Grandpa was sitting under a beach umbrella with his cowboy hat, shirt, pants, and boots on. He looked like a real tourist a few thousand miles too far west! He should have been on a desert ranch in Texas! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all the fond memories over the past 41 years that I have been a part of your family. Leo Price

35: Verden, I have always admired you for the kind of person that you are. You have a great work ethic. Your love for a hard days work on the ranch, your expertise with farm animals and passion for honesty tells me a lot about the kind of person that you are. However, the love that you have for the Lord, your wife and your family is what stands out to me. Your willingness to serve others and share is a great quality. Thank you for raising a great girl! Doris, What a wonderful mother-in-law! When others are making jokes about theirs, I just have to be grateful for mine. You truly have the ability to love people and never see the weaknesses in them. You and Verden have raised a wonderful family. Your kids have had a great example to follow. I will always be grateful for the kind of pattern my wife has in her life to follow Your favorite son-in-law, Mark Reed | Verden and Doris, After waiting so many years to finally have parents-in-law, I couldn't have dreamed of a better couple. The kindness and acceptance that you showed me from the very beginning made my dramatic change from old-maidhood to matrimony much easier. I will always cherish the beautiful quilt that Grandma and "the girls" made for our wedding and the constant love and affection that I receive from Grandpa. My most recent memory is of Christmas 2006. I was awe struck at all of the wonderful candy and cookies that Grandma prepared and the time she took to have the delicious bundles delivered to families all around the valley. I was also very touched by Grandpa encouraging me to call my brother in Denver and have him bring his family to Sanford for Christmas so they wouldn't be lonely for the holidays. Lastly, I will be eternally grateful to them for the wonderful son they raised. Their goodness shows through Gary every wonderful day of our marriage. Julie Mortensen

36: My favorite memory of Grandpa Mortensen happened not too long ago. In June of 2006 I was in Sanford for a number of different things but mainly to meet up with dad and introduce Allison to her Great Grandparents. One day Grandma and I were going to run some errands and asked Grandpa if he would be willing to watch Tanner for about and hour. After being assured Tanner would stay in the TV room and play with his trains, he agreed. An hour later when Grandma and I returned, we found Grandpa and Tanner sitting on the couch enjoying a large bag of candy. Grandpa didn't know where it had come from but he was glad Tanner wanted to share. It was good to see them enjoying each other and the tasty treats. Long ago in my backyard (spring 2005) I managed to kill everything I planted! I went to great lengths to ensure a good first garden bu in the end I failed. Vowing to never put on my green thumb again, I hung | up my gardening tools. Time had passed but I had not yet forgotten. One day I found myself far, far away in the fields of Grandma's backyard. There were these rows of dirt and a hoe in my hands. Then it happened - Grand ma appeared with a handful of plants and the garden hose. She didn't speak a word, just pointed, and before I knew it, I was digging, watering, and filling the holes back up. I asked myself, is this how it's done? I then realized I was learning the secret of the garden. As I look out into my own backyard I still see the remnants of a lost dream, but now have the knowledge to start anew and end with success. Thank you Grandma! Greta

37: My strongest memories of Grandpa are from the three years we lived in Sanford. I remember how hard he worked and that when we were over playing with our cousins at their house he'd either be out irrigating the fields, coming in from irrigating the fields or sleeping with a newspaper in his lap in between irrigating the fields! Those were the best darn irrigated fields in the world to the mind of a ten year old girl! When he did have a moment in between responsibilities, I recall how sincerely interested he seemed in all the goings on of our little kid lives. And how much joy he seemed to get from watching all his family grow up around him both healthy and happy. What do you say about a woman who does it all? My memories of Grandma aren't so much individual moments but rather a melding of all she is and all she does into a bigger than life superwoman! Grandma was always there. She was there to teach us little life lessons as they arose. She taught me through example about hard work and perseverance. And | that there is great joy to be had in the simple moments of life, like making Christmas candy, stirring popcorn in hot oil slow and steady so each kernel pops in its proper time, tending the garden, canning, taking time to play with newborn babies, starting a roast each Sunday before church so it's ready at the end of the day. These are just a couple memories that come to mind, but I'm sure I could fill a dozen books with the small acts of kindness and selflessness I've seen her perform through the years. I am so proud and tears well up in my eyes to be able to say Doris Mortensen is my Grandmother That I carry her same genes and that someday I'll be able to pass those on to my own children and teach them all the lessons I was blessed to learn from her. I love you Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you both for all of your years of hard work and patience. You've been a shining example to me of lives lived in service to others and in happiness together. Marci

38: Grandma and Grandpa, First of all, I want to just let you know how much I love and appreciate both of you. You are both wonderful people and I am so thankful to have you as my grandparents. Not only did you raise a wonderful daughter that is now my mother, but you were always very supportive of me too. You are awesome!! I also wanted to share a few memories that I have of both of you. I am so thankful for the memories that I have of you. As most of us probably know, my parents like to travel a lot and there were many times that I wasn’t able to go with them. It was during these times that I got to stay with you. I looked forward to staying with you. It seems like if Grandma didn’t cook us breakfast, we got to eat Honeycomb cereal which was a treat for me. It was almost like a special thing that we only got at your house. We also got wonderful home cooked meals that Grandma would make. I don’t think any of us will forget eating Grandpa’s beans. There are times that I get hungry for those beans. Every once in a while, my parents would take me along on there trips with them. This was a lot of fun because you both came along too. Now I know that you all thought that I was just sleeping in the back, but I heard more than you think I did. On these many trips, Grandpa would always talk about working road construction and it never got old. Grandma would share some stories of when Grandpa worked road construction too. I think I learned a lot about both of you on these fun trips. There was one special trip that we went on to England to get Tanya. I know Grandpa wasn’t there and we missed him, but Grandma was there and we had a nice time. Again, I know I spent a lot of that trip sleeping, but it was still fun. A special memory I have of Grandpa also has to do with Willy. When I first started dating Willy and Grandpa found out, he let me know that Willy’s dad, Tim, used to help Grandma Jenny. I think everybody loved the story of when Grandma Jenny asked Tim to give her a perm. He told her that he didn’t know how and she just told him, “you know how to read, don’t you?” So, he gave her a perm. Also, Grandma Jenny had a huge garden that the Snyder family would help take care of. I think Willy even remembers going to Jenny’s house to pull weeds in the garden. Grandpa would tell me, “I should have pulled that kid (Willy) when he was a little weed”. Grandpa also said that he was sure they did that for Jenny so that the Snyder kids would learn to work. I think that is true as well. A memory that Willy will always have is when we all went to Nauvoo for Tanya and Reo’s wedding. Willy and I had only been engaged for a month when we went to Nauvoo and we had the whole family with us. Since Willy and I weren’t married yet, Willy was lucky enough to get to stay with Grandma, Grandpa, and Gary. I think it was a good test of his commitment to me because even after the snoring and having to share a bed with Gary, he still married me. There are many more memories that I’m sure I could go on and on about, but I hope that the little bit that I did share will help you know how fond I am of both of you. You are both wonderful and I congratulate you on these 70 years together. We love you both very much. Love, Willy and Jami Snyder and Family

39: To Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for being my grandparents. Thank you for being such great examples of love and kindness and I thank you for all you have taught me. I remember the taffy pulls. I loved helping Grandma make taffy and I remember how yummy it was to eat after all our hard work. I would beg her to make it whenever I got the chance. I also remember how much fun we would have as we turned the handle for the popcorn popper, then eat up all the popcorn we “helped” pop. I remember Grandma’s yummy bread and how she always fed us good food even if we just showed up around lunchtime. I remember homemade bread, homemade rolls, homemade pies, homemade candy, and cream style corn. None of these could be topped. I also remember always seeing a huge garden and getting to pick and eat lots of peas. We loved eating peas out of the garden. We (me and cousins or sisters) loved to play in the pantry with all the canned food. I am sure the caned items ended up in different places each time, but we would stay busy for hours. I remember grandpa riding his horse and seeming really tall. I remember him working with the sheep and cows. I always love to hear grandpa tell us stories and memories of growing up or working on the roads. I love to hear about the basketball team and their adventures. It is fun to ride through New Mexico with Grandpa and hear him talk about the roads he worked on. Grandma and Grandpa always give the best hugs and they hug me every time they see me. They always told me how proud they were of me in my dance and music activities. They are the kind of Grandparents everyone wants and we got them!! Even during a convention one of the speakers said how cute grandma was and how he enjoyed visiting with her and Jami and I said we agree and she is ours! How lucky we are! I love you Grandma and Grandpa. Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary. Love Heather

40: Dear Grandma & Grandpa, I wanted to write to say thank you. In this world where commitment to others has diminished you stand as an example for all your family to follow. By setting this standard the rest of us have a lot to live up to. Thank you. Along with the thank you I wanted to share one of the memories that I have. One of my favorite memories and things I liked best about your house was making candy, specifically taffy. In the year’s since, others have offered me what they consider taffy and it has never measured up. Anyway, I remember the sweet smell and the heat; I remember having to pull it then fold it over and wrap it around then pull it again. I knew once we had pulled it for a while we would get to my favorite part and that was the eating of our work. The other thing that always impressed me was grandma’s garden. I remember, what seemed at the time, to be rows and rows of peas. There were a number of times I spent more time than I should have sitting on the ground in the middle of the peas just eating one after the other. To this day there is nothing better than fresh from the garden raw peas I again am grateful for the chance to say thank you for your example and for setting the standard at a level that will make all of us reach. We love you, Kevin Price & family

41: I have several wonderful memories of Grandma and Grandpa. Christmas and Thanksgiving were always so much fun because all of the cousins were there at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I loved going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (and still do). I remember the wonderful smells, eating cherries in the store room, playing in the attic and box car. I loved picking peas in their garden. There is always a feeling of love and peace in their home. Grandma and Grandpa’s house was a very special place. Although this was fun, I think even more fun and something I will always cherish is the opportunities I have had to either work alongside them or having one on one time to visit with them. I remember a couple of summers having the opportunity to help with the alfalfa, irrigating and hauling hay for Grandpa. I remember on a few occasions I got to see Grandpa in the field and work along side him. Although I don’t remember some of the conversations we had, I remember noticing how he worked. He knew how to use a shovel and was a great example to me when it came to work. I remember Grandpa on several occasions saying if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. More recently I remember having the opportunity to speak with Grandpa when he visited Arizona. I sat with him in Rosalie’s kitchen and talked to him about the days he played basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Grandpa. That time to me was precious. As for Grandma, I remember the wonderful hugs that I always could expect. I believe she has that great capacity to love and she always shows it. She passed that capacity on to my mom and in turn I sought a spouse with those same characteristics. I loved to just be with Grandma. I remember seeing her do so much for all of us grand kids. She put up with a lot of us and did it with a smile. I have no doubt that she loves us. Like Grandpa, I love to sit and listen and learn from Grandma. Chad R. Price

42: I remember when Grandma & Grandpa lived in Manassa, the big willow trees in front that always dripped and the lilac bushes that smelled so sweet. I remember taking baths in the huge bathtub and sleeping with Kathy in the little bedroom that strangely could only be entered by going through the bathroom. They had a big salt rock that sat by one of the bedroom doors and we used to lick it. They had an upright piano that Susan and Kathy would play songs on out of the Readers Digest Songbook like “I want to hold your hand”. I must have been very young when one time I was with Grandpa and probably Floyd and we went to the little diner in La Jara and sat on bar stools and had something to eat. I don’t remember any more than that. It is just a short sweet memory of being with Grandpa. I have memories of pulling taffy with Grandma and eating fresh peas in her garden, playing upstairs in the attic and outside on the train car in back of the house. Christmases when everyone got together were always so much fun and there was always great food at Grandma’s house. Sunday afternoon there would be roast, and potatoes and gravy and creamed beans and yummy salads and desserts. Grandpa always would make the best pot of beans with ham. A lot of times their house would smell of peppermint from the fresh peppermint leaves Grandma would pick and have drying in the house. When Boe and I decided to get married we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to tell them. They were so excited that I was going to marry Voris and Duwayne’s grandson. We have had a lot of fun through the years telling people that our grandparents were best friends. I always enjoyed watching home movies with the Cornums because Grandma and Grandpa and their family would often be in them and in the stories they told. I really enjoy Grandpa’s humor and how he always asks where Boe is when I come to see them and I tell him that Boe is in Carlsbad working and Grandpa says that is good I need to keep him down there making money so I can come and visit. I also enjoy when I get a chance to listen to Grandpa tell stories especially about his ancestors and some of the things they went through. I’ve also really enjoyed taking Grandma to Utah with me a couple of times the last couple of years and I realize in what great shape she is in like when she came to Carlsbad and walked the entire Caverns – about 3 miles in hilly underground terrain- with no problem at age 87. I think it was really classic when just a few years ago as she made Christmas baskets for the elderly (some people younger than her) she asked “I wonder how old you have to be to get one of these?” I’m really proud of the heritage that comes through my grandparents and I also appreciate the great job they did raising my mom. I’m also proud of the fact that they have been together for 70 years. I’m grateful for sweet memories. I hope Grandma and Grandpa know I love them very much. Jeana (Price) Norton

44: Verden N. Mortensen, 93 Posted: Wednesday, Aug 3rd, 2011 SANFORD — Verden N. Mortensen, 93, was born on August 2, 1918 on the family ranch in Sanford, Colorado where he grew up. Verden married Doris Dunn in Sanford, Colo. on March 21, 1937, then four days later were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple on March 25, 1937. They began their married life on the ranch north of Sanford. After a few years Verden went to road construction in N.M. to help support the farm and family. After 23 years of road construction he returned to the work he loved most, the ranch, to raise sheep and cattle. He continued ranching to the age of 79 when he sold the ranch and retired to watch innumerable basketball, football and baseball games and enjoy life at home with his family. Verden loved for his family to come see him. As anyone opened the door to enter the home he always greeted them with a hearty “come in the house, did you bring something to eat?” That greeting will be greatly missed by all. Verden passed away on his 93rd birthday August 2nd 2011. He was preceded in death by his parents, Eugene and Effie Mortensen, one brother, Dolan, his sister Lena Sowards, and four great grandchildren. He is survived by his beloved wife of 74 years, Doris, at the family home in Sanford, eight children, DeAnn Cornum (Dale) of La Jara, Rosalie Williams (Al) of Mesa, Ariz., Jeanne Price (Leo) of La Jara, Mary Lyne Parker (Blake) of Sanford, Gary Mortensen (Julie) of Salt Lake City, Utah, Delores Niebel (Paul) of Sanford, Susan Reed (Mark) of Canon City, and Kathy Millward (Kelly) of Salida, 28 grandchildren, 81 great grandchildren, two great-great grandchildren, his brothers Floyd Mortensen (Ellen) of La Jara, Gaylon Mortensen (Doris Mae) of Sanford, and Wayne Mortensen (Janice) of Bountiful, Utah, and many nieces and nephews. A Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday August 6, 2011 at the Sanford 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A visitation will be held from 5-8 p.m. on Friday August 5th at the Rogers Family Mortuary in Manassa. Burial will follow services in the Sanford Cemetery.

45: Doris Dunn Mortensen, 92 Posted: Thursday, Nov 17th, 2011 SANFORD — The world lost one of God’s angels on earth with the passing of Doris Dunn Mortensen, 92. Doris was born February 7, 1919 in Manassa, Co. She was the 8th daughter and 10th child of Simeon Harmon Dunn and Anna Buletta Jensen, who had 13 children. In this home she learned to work hard, serve others and love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and instilled these qualities in all of her children. She married Verden N. Mortensen in Sanford, Co. on March 21, 1937 and was sealed in the Salt Lake City, LDS Temple on March 25, 1937. She and Verden worked hard ranching north of Sanford for the next 20 years. They then moved to Manassa where she worked preparing lunches for the school. Later she and her sister Hazel ran Buster’s Café. After her husband retired from road construction they returned to the ranch by Sanford. She and Verden were married 74 years. She enjoyed gardening, quilting and cooking and was known for her delicious candy and pies. Her children and family meant everything to her and she spent many hours serving them, the community and the church. She passed away November 16, 2011, three and one half months after her husband, the love of her life. She is survived by her eight cherished children: DeAnn (Dale) Cornum, Rosalie (Al, deceased) Williams, Jeanne (Leo) Price, Mary Lyne (Blake) Parker, Gary (Julie) Mortensen, Delores (Paul) Niebel, Susan (Mark) Reed, and Kathy (Kelly) Millward, 28 grandchildren, 81 great grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren, her sister Hazel Nite, her brother Rex (Nancy) Dunn, and many nephews and nieces. She loved them all and each one was her favorite. A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday November 19, 2011 at the Sanford 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A visitation will be held from 5-8 p.m. on Friday, November 18th at the Rogers Family Mortuary in Manassa and from 10-10:45 at the Sanford Church. Burial will follow services in the Sanford Cemetery.

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