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Happy Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary - Page Text Content

S: Together Forever - The First 61 Years

FC: Together Forever The First 61 Years

1: The First 61 Years

2: June 21, 1946

3: Went to the temple at 8:00 being 15 minutes late. We went through the ceremonies.... At two o'clock the sealing was completed by Jesse K. Knight. My ring had not arrived so I borrowed Mom's. We were then married. Went to Donna's and took some pictures of her long dress. Then to the hotel and to bed after a long day which shall not be forgotten - imagine me a married man. It is very difficult to imagine. The truth of it will grow on me. To a lovely girl indeed.

4: 1947 We went to the market. Donna has to feed David every 3 hours so both came along. Wedding anniversary but we only went to the market as usual.

5: 1948 It is two years since we were in the temple.

6: 1950 Anniversary day of four years. We didn't even have enough cash on hand to take care of a dinner in a store. | 1949 | 1950

7: 1951 | It being our wedding anniversary, Donna and I had a malt in celebration. We did nothing more. Mom stayed with the children.

8: 1952 | 1953 | 1951

9: 1952 Six years married. Donna planted petunias in her slacks until 8:30 waiting for me to ask her to go somewhere. I waited for her to put on a dress all afternoon, so we could go somewhere and we ended up by the same Saturday night program of shining shoes and showering and going to bed. 1953 Seven years married. Our show was for its celebration. Friday, June 19 - Worn out by night so we saw a show. Anthony Adverse - a great show. Saturday, June 20 - Went to a 3-D show. What a waste of time and money on a novelty as that. | 1954

10: 1955 | Wedding anniversary. A Tongan show and Sinbad. A new Bible for my anniversary present. My old Bible is falling apart at the seams so it is nice to have a nice new one. We decided to go out, so we picked the best cinemascope in town, The Villa. The show was lousy - more undressed women than is decent. Howard Hughes prides himself on how much he dares to leave off and get away with it.

11: 1956 | On this ten year date we decided to go out and have a big evening - even skipped stake Bishoprics meeting to make it. Then we went to Cleo's Broiler to have broiled food and it was lousy half of broiled chicken. We then went to a show, Autumn Leaves, and it was a morbid thing about a man who lied continuously until he had to go to the insane hospital. Very weird and disappointing. We left and went home..

12: 1958 | 1957 This is our wedding anniversary. Eleven years ago today we were married. The years have added events and interest. After the ordinary day of work, Mommy gave me a book, and I gave her a card to buy a temple apron. Upon my arrival home she was all dressed so we went out to dinner. The spot chosen was Lamb's Café, the same that we attended eleven years ago. Had chicken, too, only it was broiled chicken rather than chicken pie. 1958 Twelve years of married life. We were going out, but Derby and Ruby rushed Camille to the doctor, and my task of grocery getting took more time. The night was gone and we got nowhere. Of course, to have Derby and Ruby here is good.

13: XO | 1959 | After the day Donna and I went to Cummings to get something cold. She ordered a lime freeze. I ordered a banana split with sherbets. The lime freeze was warm and tasted like fly spray. My lime sherbet was the same. So we bought some root beer to take home to the boys. It looked so good I decided to have one. The looks were deceiving. It was warm and distasteful. I could hardly get it down. Over a dollar shot for bad taste and ptomaine.

14: One finds new admiration and love after years of living together. That is what I find after these years. I still like to be in Donna's glowing presence and hear her pleasant voice. More so than before. | 1960

15: 1962 | 1961 We are married for 15 years. Time passes with speed as one project is seen in the future, planned for, anticipated, rushed forward and soon rumbles on by into the past. Only to be followed by another and another. 1962 NYC - Lincoln tunnel, Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty

16: 1964

17: 1965 | 1963 Seventeen years of married life for me this day. We would have gone somewhere and done something, but we are overwhelmed with relatives. So we just got some food on the table and had a few minutes of chatting with them. We shall have to take another day to celebrate our anniversary. 1964 We gave each other a wooden fence. It has been planned for 10 years - but never got around to it financially or otherwise. We discussed the pleasant and interesting events of 18 years ago. Virtue has rewards that are unbounded - that never can be known nor felt or evaluated were it tossed away carelessly. 1965 Donna got some things for our lawn - a croquet set and a volleyball set from the stamps we are saving. The girls got us a lovely card and a bar of candy. What a pleasant surprise. Then we all went swimming in Bountiful. It was a wonderful swim. We played basketball, came down the slide and swam and swam. The water was wonderful and warm. Then we topped it off with hamburgers and root beer. A very excellent occasion. We shall celebrate our anniversary just the two of us at a night out some day later.

18: 1966 Twenty years married this day. What about another twenty? Maybe a little different pattern. This first 20 have led us to many places with much experience being gained. We find there is a reservoir of background which the Lord has been gracious to provide, and we are still gaining and training for the work to come. Willingness has brought opportunity and blessings. | We went to Burbidges for a lovely occasion of a Mexican dinner. All specially prepared. Enchiladas, burritos, tostadas. And all good pleasant talk. When we arrived home we found Mary Dawn in tears. She had wanted to do something special for our anniversary and decided to bake us a cake but it didn't turn out good. She felt so bad. It had run all over the oven floor.

19: 1967 | 1968 | 1967 To France - We tried a new restaurant. Ordered "Filet Americain." She brought it out. Raw hamburger with salad dressing on top. I was amazed, "It isn't cooked!" Said the waitress, "No, it's good." I can imagine what that would do to me. Delwin and Michael ate theirs. This was our anniversary dinner! 21 years married. We talked much of our early years - How long - years - it took to become acquainted!

20: 1969 | We are married 23 years. We arose early. Mary and Flora prepared breakfast for us. Tonight we went to see "Flea in Her Ear." A very amusing story. Actually the plot was not the important thing. The action, characters, and humor were what carried the play. We hardly stopped laughing - and besides that we saw Laurence Olivier in person. I didn't dream that would happen. It was a delightful evening. We recalled some of the events of that day some years ago. Some things are a bit hazy. Other things are deeply imprinted. | 1970 | The end of the Youth Conference. It was a great occasion. 350 young people in one great activity. Twenty-four years married but Mother is so busy we had to forgo a special activity to another day.

21: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do ..... it's who you have beside you. | 1971 | Married 25 years. Imagine that - so we went to eat at The 3 Thieves. Got a first rate steak and sour stomach. | I look forward to a new life in the next 25 years. I am grateful for the numerous blessings of the past 25. I wonder what they may bring. What has this 25 laid a ground work for?

22: 1972 | 1974 | 1976 | 1972 - 26 years We went out to eat at Palmer House and talked a bit. An enjoyable time. Mary brought us ice cream for our lunch. Flora bought some material to make me a shirt. 1973 As long married as single. My daughters had a lovely dinner prepared. A formal dinner with fruit cocktail to begin with. Flora had made a blueberry pie and special hot rolls. Mary had cooked some shrimp. All was very tasty.

23: 1975 | 1974 - 28 years Flora and I went to Bellefontaine and to camp Mac-o-shee. It is the girls camp for the stake. 1975 We were planning to eat at Red Lobster, but it was so crowded we went to China Girl. After these few short years we are still together. This period of life is interesting because it is changing from many children to no children. The transition from being needed to not being needed is difficult. 1976 I am 30 years married. After 30 years I have an old house, two old rusty cars, 6 vigorous children, 3 grandchildren - all healthy and beautiful. I have a good relationship with my wife who like me has slowed down somewhat, tires more easily, but still our spirits are young. We live happily together and work out plans for the painting, remodeling and all that is pressing. All the family gathered for dinner prepared by Flora and set on the back lawn. Both Mary and Flora made cakes. I gave Donna some earrings. She was pleased.

24: 1977 | 1977 | 1978 | 1977 We decided to celebrate somewhat by going to Lamb's Grill to eat - where we ate the day of our marriage. It was a pleasant dinner and we enjoyed the change in pressing pace that we have continually had for months on end. From there we went to a Walt Disney movie, The Boatniks. Amusing, clean and a good relaxation. It was good to sit by my wife and hold hands.

25: 1979 - 33 years To celebrate we went to "The Roof" of Hotel Utah. Never been there before but one night of splurging was probably not too bad. We ordered baked salmon. The tuxedoed waiter was attentive. The view of Salt Lake, the temple down below was very nice. The chandeliers were modern and very nice but for $23.00 for two they should be. Only one thing marred the meal and that was the bee in Donna's salad. It was dead, however, so it didn't eat much nor sting anyone. We had a look at the big mansions on "pill hill" for amusement. They are bigger than many small English pubs. Who would want so many rooms on a hill that will wash away when the rains come. We are grateful for these many years. May there be many more.

26: 1980 | 1981 | 34 years from the date of our marriage. Successful, enriching years. Growth and understanding. | 1981 Michael came up and we ate excellent home made ice cream. It is pleasant to have children around and grandchildren for such occasions.

27: 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1982 - Since we were married 36 years ago today, Flora and Larry took us to the show, "Chariots of Fire." A fine film of two runners, one who was so strong in his faith that he refused to run on Sunday. He was a Scot - Presbyterian and a faithful determined young man. What a pleasure to see a show of faith without foul language or actions. | 1983 For our anniversary we went to Trolley Fish. Fish and chips was excellent and so was the clam chowder - Then to the show "Raiders of the Lost Ark" a brutal violent show of fantasy. The hero came through by killing all else. My stomach was churned and my desire for something worthwhile was left empty. | 1984 38 years ago we were married. This was a day of family activity. Delwin & family, David & family and Flora & family all came together and we went to Saratoga to camp, but the wind was blowing so hard we went to Michael's. After a chicken dinner we went to the rodeo.

28: 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | We went to eat crab for our wedding anniversary - and then ordered oysters instead. It was a good dinner. | 1986 Forty years married. As I fasted and prayed before marriage I saw two high peaks - one for Donna and one for me. Now we are such. Each a peak in his own way and strength. Two high peaks above the crowd. 1987 Forty-one years married. Flora helped me select earrings on Friday.

29: 1988 We went to the Red Flame for dinner. It was quite good. We commemorate our wedding anniversary 42 years.

30: 1988 Our home for 37 years was sold. We left for a mission and a different life.

31: 1 9 8 9 | 1990

32: 1991 | Fords and Newmans took us to dinner at the Crouching Lion. It was very nice. They are pleasant people. | 1992 - 46 years

33: 1993 | 1994 | Today we have been married 49 years. To have a little remembrance we went to the Lamb's Café and had dinner. We talked much of that day and of the years in between. Who could have even imagined the many travels and experiences that happened from then until now? | 1995

34: 1996

35: We started with the 10:15 session at the temple. Present were David & GayEtta, Michael & LeeAnn, Mary & Ed, Jan & Ray, Flora, Johnnie & Colleen, June & Ormas. Endowment followed by sealing. Before that Bradley went with me to the baptistry arranging for baptisms by the youth. Others came later. They included Jonathan,Will, Charity, Julia, Eddie, Levi, Don, Jannifer. They did hundreds of baptisms. We then all ate at the cafeteria. Following this we all went to the temple steps and took pictures, Donna in her wedding dress and I in my white temple suit.

36: Bro. Murdock was our sealer. Each couple did one sealing. The persons for whom we worked were direct line ancestors submitted by Donna having lived back in the 1500's. The baptisms were those I submitted on Irish relatives.

37: . | Went to dinner at the Lion House at 6:00. Here there was food, a video of our lives and a few things of interest said by children and wives - all recorded. This indeed was a special day. David arranged for and conducted the dinner. Flora made a special tiered cake with a 50 on top. We cut it together.

40: 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | Our bathroom was flooded from the shower. Ah me. What a way to begin our day of 51st anniversary. We had been thinking about going to "the Roof" for dinner and many other places. I called for a reservation but there were no openings. We decided to go anyway and we were taken to a table for two. We had all of the delicacies plus a piano player and a roof top view. All for $61.00. | A significant day being Father's day and our anniversary - 52 years of marriage. This afternoon we went to Michael's for dinner. It was very nice. | 53 years of marriage. To the temple this morning. Donna did initiatory. I did a sealing. We had a lousy dinner at "Lakota" restaurant. Burned lamb chops to celebrate our anniversary. Then walked through the peace gardens. | Tonight to make notice of our anniversary we took Mary, Michelle, David, and Dalllin to dinner at Chuck-a-Rama.

41: 2002 | 2001 - Got Donna a handful of flowers for our anniversary. | Jan and Ray were here and took us to dinner at the Golden Corral for our anniversary. Married 56 years.

42: 2003 - Married 57 years! To stores. Bought pants and a blouse for Donna. We went to Lamb's restaurant - where we went 57 years ago. Walked around Gateway looking for the planetarium. Didn't find it. Came home and worked on names from vital index. | 2004 58 years of married life. Went to Flora's for dinner, a lovely 3 course dinner with soup, shrimp and steak. What a kind ambitious girl. | 2003

43: 2005 - Happy Anniversary. Donna hurts much. Mary brought us our dinner to celebrate 59 years married. She is full of vitality. Erich came and helped Donna with the float (for the Blanding celebration). | 2006 - Sealing and dinner on this 60th anniversary day. Tonight David picked us up and we celebrated at Vienna Bistro. David & GayEtta, Michael & LeeAnn. We had German food and much talk. Long waiting until it was cooked. 60 years of marriage 1946-2006. Imagine that. | 2007 - 61 years of marriage. Michael and LeeAnn took us out for their leaving and our anniversary. I bought 2 roses. Michael made two corsages, one for Donna and one for LeeAnn - Two queens. We went to McGrath's Fish House for dinner - it was very nice. Then we came home and talked a bit. All is well on 61st year of marriage. | 2005 | 2007

45: And again, verily I say unto you, if a man marry a wife by my word, which is my law, and by the new and everlasting covenant, and it is sealed unto them by the Holy Spirit of promise, by him who is anointed, unto whom I have appointed this power and the keys of this priesthood; and it shall be said unto them--Ye shall come forth in the first resurrection;...and shall inherit thrones, kingdoms, principalities, and powers, dominions, all heights and depths--then shall it be written in the Lamb's Book of Life,...if ye abide in my covenant,...it shall be done unto them in all things whatsoever my servant hath put upon them, in time, and through all eternity; and shall be of full force when they are out of the world; and they shall pass by the angels, and the gods, which are set there, to their exaltation and glory in all things, as hath been sealed upon their heads, which glory shall be a fulness and a continuation of the seeds forever and ever. Then shall they be gods, because they have no end; therefore shall they be from everlasting to everlasting, because they continue; then shall they be above all, because all things are subject unto them. Then shall they be gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them. D&C 132:19-20

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