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HappyAnniversaryBaybiee !

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HappyAnniversaryBaybiee ! - Page Text Content

S: KelvinChung&MeowMeow's One Year Anniversary 1.23

BC: I Love You Babe ! <3 HappyOneYear 1.23

FC: Happy One Year Baybiee

1: Dear KelvinChungg, This book is dedicated to our first year together...... It has been an amazing, life-changing year for me. You've taught me so much about love, life and everything in between. I don't know what I would do without you. You are my best friend and you've given me everything that I thought I would never have. You love me, you laugh with me, you shop with me (and even let me go to the chick stores), you ahem(hem) with me (kekeke), you're everything I've ever needed and more in a person And you amaze me :] You've given me a amazing second family to be with, and taught me how to love and be a part of my own You've given me the best PapaChung anybody could ask for ! Having him as a dad has changed my lifee .. thankyousomuch for sharing him with me . He's AWESOME ! :] You've given me more of a life than I ever imagined that I would have, and I know that nobody in this world could ever, ever come close to replacing you . Thankyou babes for being the most amazing guy I've ever met. I love you for everything that you are, and I wouldn't change a single thing about you. You are honestly, the best thing that has ever happened to me You love me like nobody else could I know we have an amazing future ahead of us I know that we'll last forever I know that we were made for each other Even though marriage seems like a long time from now.. .. I've never been more sure about anything else in my whole life. ... And I can't wait to marry you ... <3 Love, Meowmeow

2: This is the story of how it started....

3: Welcome to our mall adventures ! .. | Remember how we always used to go the mall together like every weekend, and stay together until really late ? .. Remember how everytime I tried to find you, you would always SCARE ME (PapaChung reference if you didn't catch that)! AHAHA :] ahhh you are soo cutee ! :) BUT YEAH. so we would always go get in line for a greatkhans (nothing has changed. HAHA) and after we ate we would sit around and talk then we would go get a Lollicup Green Tea.. REMEMBER?! it was tradition :] (before we discovered Half&Half) Then we would walk around the mall for a while until we found somewhere to sit and then we would claim our spot and sit there for like FOREVER ! and we would play THE QUESTION GAME ! and when we got home we would call each other and talk until we fell asleep :]

4: Remember these chairs ? We used to cuddle in them all the time ! You see that chair in the upper right corner? That's the exact chair that we first held hands in .. :] You were so romantic babee.. | Remember that bench that we always used to sit at when we went on our little mall dates? HAHA :] And one time your dad came to the mall and you were scared that we were going to get caught so we turned around and sat backwards so he wouldn't see us HAHA :] we were so clever ! | Remember all of these places babe ? | One time you stopped me right here to tell me that you were crazy about me .. | And I will never forget that <3

5: hehehe... Pe-Titties :] | Remember this day babe?! This was a really, really amazing day :] I don't even remember how many times we walked around Macy's and Jcpennys just talking and talking :] | Remember this is where you asked me ! <3 1.23 Baybiee

6: This is where it gets hot... | Our first kiss ! <3 | This bench.... & Our secret room. WINKWINK. | AHEM. the elevator :] | Oh . And not to mention.. AHEM. The Family Lounge. AHEM.

7: And that is the story of how we met.... Time to move on with the rest of our amazingg life togeders.. :]

8: Welcome to the Beachh :] (the nakey page) | Rawr! <3 | Gawww :] iLovesYou

9: Hi there sexy... ;] | Look ! we're nakey togeders ... HAHA | (Beach music) Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun HAHAHA DUNDUN!! :]

10: Welcome To Morning Garden! | "Kelvin. Hurry up! My leg getting tired !"

11: 'Kelvin. Act scared!" ... "RAWRR " | MeowMeow with the MeowMeows !


13: OMG BABE. look at your straight face. HAHAHAH LoveeeYouu | .... HAHAHAHHA | Look how hard we're all smiling! :D | Then look how scared Cindy is..

14: Ahhh.... | .... Mmm | We're 'Lil Kids ! | This is going in our future restroom ..

15: Welcome to the .... Wonderful World of Color

16: Happy Halloween ! 10.31.10 | Ni Hen Hao Kan !! :] | I almost peed myself laughingg :D | MUAH ! <3

17: Our First Thanksgiving Together ! 11.25.10 | I. AM. INFURIATED. | Black Guy Face. | "Want some PapaChung?!" | We're Cute !

18: Ian's 2nd Birthday ! 12.4.10 | HOLJIE KELVINCHUNG ! | DoubleDater+Ian .. Please don't laugh at me. HAHA

19: Ian's So CUTEE !! :] | "Laura get out of the picture!!!" | "You guys make me sick..."

20: Merry Christmas ! 12.25.2010 | ... LOOK AT YOUR DAD LOLOLOLOLOL | AWW LOOK ! WE'RE A FAMILYY :] | Christmas with the Chung/Giang/Lam/Wong Family :] | WE'RE CUTE! <3

21: Family Picture Time ! <3 | Everyone with a penis come take a picture ! -runrunrun- | Everyone PLUS their significant others ... 'HEY THATS ME!'

22: DoggieDoggie !

23: Benny ! <3 | He's So Cute !

24: Boba ?! | His Sexy Picture :] | Rawr Monsterr !

25: Remember that time that your dad put a cookie on the top of the table outside and Boba couldn't get it ?! And he would just stop there and BARKBARK cause he was frustrated HAHAHA so funny :] | BUDDY? | Psstt... Don't forget our future Shiba Inu

26: These Next Pages are Dedicated to Just You&Me | OMG these pictures made me laugh so freaking hard | LOOOOOL AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

27: OMG you were So effing cute when you were a little kid :] | Mini K E L V I N | C H U N G

28: Model :] | He has a kid ?! --Richard | Hi there sexy :]

29: Hey babyy ..

30: Remember when we went to the apple store in OldTown ! HEHE :D that was fun ! | DoubleDate at WoodRanch!

31: MARIO ! | Then.... .. and Now | + MeowMeow ! | PCCHHYYAA!!! | Domestic violence is the test of true lovee...

32: What uh... whatcha lookin at over there babes ? ;] | GET SOMEEE !!! | YOU'RE SO FREAKING CUTEEE !! <3

33: HALF&HALF !! <33 | Such a crucial part of our relationship .. | Of course it gets its own page ! :]

34: Hello There Handsome ! :] | Shopping Days :] | YAO HAMM !?!?

35: Look how happy blackops makes you :] | The chicken from my favorite showw.. FamilyGuy ! | I'M STANDING NEXT TO MY FAVORITE ASIAN ACTOR .. EVERRR

36: Dear Chootchie, This was a super fun date :] thankyou for taking me out to eat at cheesecake factory and picking up the bill. Lavvyouuu HAHA :] and taking me shoppings with papachung ! We're AWESOME !

37: All you babyy.. all you :]

38: KissyKissy :] NYAH ! <3 | This is when you saw your own picture... HAHAHA | Look what a cute couple we are ! :]


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