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FC: Imperialism

1: The creation and maintenance of an unequal economic, cultural and territorial relationship usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination

2: Spanish American War | Maine was bombed, and the Americans blamed the Spanish which in turn got them involved in the war, along with the need to protect their investment 'in the sugar industry. When the Americans made Capital city of Manila fall on April 13. The Treaty of Paris was signed in December 1989. U.S. paid $20 million to Spain for the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico.. | The Spanish-American War began to boil when Cubans started rebelling against Spain. The U.S.S.

4: Modern Day | 1878

5: Panama Canal | The panama canal was built during Roosevelt's term as president. Roosevelt believe that connecting the two oceans was vital to the united states Navy.. Roosevelt had to first buy the land from panama which he offered 10 million which was denied until after the rebellion happened As the Building of the canal started the area became swampy and construction workers started to get sick.

7: Boxer's rebellion was about when Americans entered china hoping to trade with them but the empress wanted them to leave china because of all the negative things like trying to make Chinese people Christian. so John Hays offered a policy to all the "spheres of influence" to have fair and equal trades within the spheres. The importance of this was so that American businesses can trade with Chinese businesses. China's issue. Chinese government opposed having an open door policy with the United States because when American's came to their country Americans tried to influence Christianity on to the Chinese people. Also, American business owners thought they would be able to walk over the business owner in china and demanded to much. | Boxer's Rebellion

8: Open Door Policy | In 1898, President McKinley stated his desire for the creation of an "open door" that would allow all trading nations access to the Chinese market. John Hay enabled the secretary to be credited with authoring the Open Door policy. This needed the establishment of equal trading rights to all nations in all parts of China. The | impact of this policy was putting all of the imperial nations on equal levels and

9: minimizing the power of nations with existing spheres of influence. Nations used other nations excuses not to do the Open Door policy as their own excuse not to join.

10: Spanish-American War | Americans/Cubans | 1.Cubans were not happy with Spanish rule, so they burnt down sugar plantations. 2. American Journalists stretched the truth, saying Spain was torturing Cuban rebels. Americans wanted to come to Cuba's rescue. 3. U.S.S. Maine was bombed, America blamed Spain. 4. Multiple battles are fought with many American lives lost 5. Treaty Of Paris is signed ending the war and give America control over Cuba, The Philippines and Guam Cubans angered

11: Spanish | 1. Spanish arrested rebels. 2.American's invade-Spain declare war on America 3.Started war this bombing happened because Spain felt threatened by the ships outside their ports. Spain decides to bomb it. 4. Spanish loses the war because of the many lives lost and many battle lost. 5. Spanish give away countries that rebelled in the Treaty Of Paris

12: Success of Imperialism Imperialism was considered a success in America because when we owned other countries or parts of other countries we would get access to new markets and new materials for use giving more profit. I wouldn't want imperialism in a country I live in because it causes a lot of problems and gives that country several enemies that would later have to be dealt with.

13: The open door policy. (n.d.). Retrieved from Panama canal. (n.d.). Retrieved from Spanish-american war. (n.d.). Retrieved from | References

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