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Kayla's Book

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S: Scott and Kayla - A Love Story beginning in 2011

1: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a (NIV)

2: Once upon a time there was an extremely handsome and manly bear named Scott. Scott was a bear of faith and tried to live a life that was pleasing to the Lord. Although his life was full and happy, he was a lonely bear and he often prayed to the Lord, asking God to bring him his one true "forever" love. He prayed for a love that would please the Lord; a lover who held the same values and passion for serving God as he. Scott prayed for many years asking for a lady bear of faith, a lady bear with a heart for mission, a heart for outreach and serving the church and the under resourced; not only in her community, but around the world. He hoped for an educated lady bear with a passion for learning and leading others to help build God’s Kingdom. Scott prayed for so many unique and different qualities which he felt his dream bear needed in order for him to marry. At times, it seemed as if he was praying for the impossible. He never gave up hope and kept faithfully praying for the impossible dream, because he knew that one day the perfect lady bear would eventually cross his path. Scott knew that our God was a God of answered prayers. Many years passed and Scott began to struggle; he started to believe the enemy's lies. The enemy kept telling him over and over that his dream bear would never come and that he was praying an impossible dream;

3: Once upon a time there was a beautiful young bear named Kayla. She was an incredibly gifted and smart bear with a heart that was formed with heavenly gold. She was just as beautiful on the inside as she was out; she was truly the most beautiful bear in the world. She was a lady bear of faith and had a loving heart for the Lord. As all young bears do... Kayla Bear fell into a rebellious season of her life and for a time fell away from the church. But, God loved her very much. He had special plans for her to help God build His Kingdom. God never gave up on Kayla Bear. He continued to work on her heart, leading her back to the church, guiding her return to help build God’s Kingdom. | this was a dream which God would never answer. Then one day during a season of 21 days of fasting and prayer, God spoke out against the enemy's lies. God told Scott, "2011 was the year his prayer will be answered", this is the year God will bring his dream bear into his life.

4: Eventually God’s perfect plan came into effect and Kayla began looking for a church to call her home. In time, she stepped out in faith and followed God's leading which brought her to Crossroads Community Church. This church was nowhere near Kayla Bear's family or home; she traveled a great distance on her American Classic Honda Shadow motorcycle, `just to visit the church to which God was miraculously bringing her. After just one visit, Kayla Bear knew this was "the" church for her. It was a life-giving church with the same outreach mindset as her own.

5: This was the church she would call home. During her second visit, she decided to open up and talk with campus Pastor, Mark. Kayla Bear told him she carried a secret, a gift from God, but God's gift weighed heavily and frightened her heart. Pastor Mark introduced her to someone whom he felt could understand and help minister to her. Tara Bear enjoyed meeting Kayla and invited her to attend the church Singles Group.

6: The very next Thursday Kayla agreed to meet Tara Bear and came to her first Crossroads Singles Group meeting. Kayla was introduce to everyone and was immediately loved and accepted. Kayla Bear brought a yummy Guacamole dip and chips which everyone enjoyed; everyone but the group leader Scott. He couldn’t try it because he was on a 42 day fast. This was very hard on Scott Bear; he LOVED Guacamole dip, but stayed true to his fast. Toward the end of group, there was always a time of Praise and Prayer requests which everyone joined in sharing their week's praise and prayer need. | Fasting | Mmm Caramel...

7: When it came time for Kayla Bear to speak, she was very nervous to share her secret Godly gift; it was just her first visit after all. Because of the group’s love and acceptance, Kayla Bear felt comfortable enough to share, and she courageously told everyone she was a few weeks pregnant; she was carrying a baby cub. She boldly shared her past, showing her true nature and love for the Lord. Kayla Bear was not judged, she was accepted; and she left the group feeling comfortable with her brave decision to share. The group’s leader Scott Bear immediately reached out to her and gave her information about the group and how best to contact him. Kayla Bear continued to attend the Thursday night meetings and quickly became a relevant part of the Crossroads Single’s Group family. Directly after her second group visit, she responded to a second email from Scott Bear by sending him a text message. This opened up an historic dialog between the two Bears which began what seemed to be a lifelong friendship. | Family and Friends | Gods Love

8: One late Saturday afternoon, after Kayla Bear got off work, she invited Scott to go on a hike in the mountains. He eagerly accepted and rushed to where he would meet her. After a short argument as to who would drive, Scott Bear gave in and agreed to let Kayla drive. Twenty minutes later Kayla pulled into the parking lot of the hiking trailhead. It was not in the mountains at all; barely considered the foothills, but it was a trailhead nonetheless. By this time, it was late afternoon; there wasn’t much daylight left. They took a short hike through a meadow and up a slight hill.

9: When they reached the top of the hill, the sun was setting and Kayla Bear asked for a break to watch the sunset (sharing how she loved the Colorado skyline). Although Kayla Bear would never admit it, she got tired, (as all Pregosaurs do). Scott Bear knew she was tired and needed the rest, so they agreed to sit at a nearby spot along the trail. They had an amazing conversation to which Scott Bear completely opened up and shared his past; something he had never done with any other bear in his life - he shared everything. Kayla Bear also shared her life’s story and their friendship began to blossom.

10: After their hill top talk, during the hike back to Kayla’s car, Scott began to realize he had feelings and was falling for her. Scott knew the large age difference between them and he tried to bury his feelings. He never dreamed that she too was beginning to have the same special feelings for him. They continued to text and email for a time and their relationship continued to grow. Scott Bear continued to fall for Kayla. One afternoon after Scott arrived home early from work, he was exercising on the elliptical in his home. During a texting conversation, Kayla Bear finally got Scott to tell her his age. To Scott’s surprise, Kayla didn’t care and still seemed very interested in knowing more about him. | fallen

11: They quickly agreed on a first date and decided to go see a Christian movie called Soul Surfer. It was an okay movie for a chick flick. There were some adventurous bloody shark bite scenes, so Scott Bear enjoyed it too. During the entire movie, Scott kept looking over at Kayla, fighting his desire to lean over and kiss her. He stood strong and was able to fight off his wild bear urges to kiss her. He remained happy just to hold her hand. The next day Scott saw a special gift and ordered it for Kayla Bear. He knew she would love it and that she was going to become someone very special in his life.

12: Later they decided to spend Easter Sunday together. Scott's spiritual fast would be over and Kayla was going to prepare his first Kayla Bear cooked dinner – BBQ chicken. YUM! So after Easter church service, they got together for Kayla’s famous BBQ chicken. They had a wonderful talk and continued to learn more and more about each other. Later that afternoon, Scott decided to give Kayla the special gift he ordered; a Christian Ichthys necklace with a Jesus saves pendant hanging from the fish. Kayla Bear loved the necklace. Soon after, she finally gave Scott their first kiss. He fell deeply in love that night and has not wavered from his love since. | Easter Chicken Yum! | First Smooch | J e s u s S a v e s

13: Scott Bear continued to pray to the Lord God, asking for clarity and direction. He knew God had brought Kayla into his life for a reason. Their relationship fit well, like a hand in a glove, tailor made for a perfect fit. God continued to open door after door for this relational growth, encouraging each and every step Scott took in faith. Eventually Scott Bear grew comfortable in the knowledge that this was the "Great Love" that God had told him about during his New Years fast. This was the dream bear Scott would marry and they would live happily ever after. Scott Bear began having visions and dreams of a marriage and his upcoming life with her. | Dreaming | Day | HEAD IN THE CLOUDS | Big Smiles

14: The next movie they went to see together was Water for Elephants. It was yet another chick flick type movie, but there were weird twists and some manly scenes along with a very happy & exciting ending which made it okay for Scott Bear to see and tell his friends. | Bear's Love Veterinarians

15: Soon after, came an event which Kayla Bear had been planning for weeks; a group event with her friend Kevin to go see "Real Pirates" traveling exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Scott Bear along with a number of others from the church Singles Group, joined in the festivities. They all met at the museum and then walked over to an historic Gyros diner a few blocks away. Well, it ended up being a few miles away; much farther then what Kayla Bear remembered and told the group. It was a nice walk through the Denver City Park on a lovely day. After a fantastic gyros meal, they returned to the museum, enjoyed the exhibit and spent an afternoon of wandering through the different museum attractions. Scott and Kayla enjoyed their day together. This was the first time some of the Singles Group saw them together in a dating environment; some even commenting on how cute the two bears interacted together. | GARrrr

16: As their relationship grew, Scott wanted to show Kayla Bear his appreciation for her coming into his life. He made special reservations to a nice restaurant in the foothills, just outside a small town called Morrison. This was a world famous restaurant that served exotic wild game dishes. After a couple exotic appetizers, Scott Bear ordered the Buffalo Sirloin Steak while Kayla Bear ordered the Forts Game Plate which included an Elk Chop, Buffalo Sirloin AND a Grilled Teriyaki Quail. Both were served with fresh seasonal vegetables and the world famous Fort potatoes. Dinner was fabulous. Almost as good as the quiet charming table with an overlooking panoramic view of Denver, and a fabulous conversation. It was the perfect night.

18: They didn't want their special night to end and since their dinner reservations were early, there was time to make the early show at the Belmar movie theater. Kayla Bear rewarded Scott for the fabulous dinner by paying for him to see the new release of Thor in 3D. YES!!! Obviously, this was a Great movie. But to watch it in 3D, while sitting in plush leather seats, was a real treat. | FYI - Belmar Logo By Scott

19: Kayla and Scott began diving deeper into their relationship together; both wanted to know and learn more about the other. They decided to read a book together called "101 Questions to ask Before Getting Engaged", by H. Norman Wright. Although they weren't engaged, they wanted to ask the tough, hard-lined questions. The answers would help them decide if their relationship had what it took for a happily ever after fairytale ending. They didn't rush reading through the book together, diving into only a few questions at a time. They eventually found that they had already answered a lot of the big questions. They had such an open and honest relationship, the tough questions weren't all that tough. Even though, they still continued to learn a lot about each other from the book, and it became a valued ally and confirmation of a relationship ordained by God. Next stop... "Devotions for Dating Couples"...

20: Scott learned how much Kayla Bear loved to dance. Scott Bear was not a dancer at all, but was very willing to learn. He so wanted to dance with Kayla and make her happy. He purchased a few dance lessons over the Internet from Groupon. Soon after Scott and Kayla learned to Box Step together. Although Kayla Bear was a fabulous dancer, Scott was not and he needed lots and lots and LOTS of practice. The dance teacher soon overwhelmed Scott by teaching too many dance steps at once, never giving him time to grow comfortable with each new step. Scott knew how much dancing meant to Kayla, so he vowed to never give up and to do better. | Now I can Box Step

21: Kayla Bear loved how Scott tried so hard to please his lady bear, and she began to see how happy she was while being with Scott. In every new relationship there comes a time when the bear must meet the family and Scott's time came to meet hers. Oh, how this made Scott nervous; he was about to meet her mom, brothers, sister-in-law and her niece for a home-cooked meal at her mother's house. Scott was afraid how her family would accept him because of the large age difference between them. Thankfully, they did accept him and made him feel very comfortable and a part of the family. The home cooked dinner was wonderful, and Scott really enjoyed her family's company. Her Mama Bear even asked Scott to attend her brother Jesse Bear's High School Graduation ceremony and the party after. Scott quickly accepted and then found out Kayla Bear's father would also attend the graduation party. Scott was extremely nervous about meeting Kayla Bear's father, as he knew her Papa Bear didn't initially approve of their relationship and time spent together. Not only was her father going to be there, but a large number of Kayla's family would also be there. Her Grandmother was going to be there! Scott Bear had plenty of reasons to be nervous, but he wanted to make Kayla happy. He knew just how important her family was to her, so he went to Jesse's graduation and had a great time. Kayla's family was very gracious to Scott; a kind and fun loving family. He felt honored and at home with them all, having a very nice day. | JESSE

22: Later that afternoon, Scott drove Kayla Bear home after the graduation party. Soon after they parted, Kayla received an invitation for both bears to spend the rest of the Memorial Day holiday weekend at her father's cabin in Red Feather Lakes. Within a few hours they were packed and on the way to spend the weekend with her father and step-mother. Scott was very honored for the invitation and excited to learn more about her Dad and Val, as they were once cross-cultural missionaries. They didn't have the best weather for Summer's opening camping weekend, but they had a memorable, fun and relaxing time together. Scott Bear left the cabin in the mountains feeling very blessed and totally in love with Kayla Bear and her family.

23: Scott Bear continued to struggle with his dancing lessons and told his struggles to his mother. She told him about a place that offered a free hour dance lesson every Saturday night and then held an open dance after, where he and Kayla could practice the box step. Kayla Bear loved the idea for a night of dancing with his mother and they agreed to meet at the dance studio. The free dance lesson that night was the Texas Two Step, which was fun enough, but Scott wasn't happy about the dance instructor leading everyone to change partners throughout the free lesson. His Mama Bear explained that it was to his benefit to learn to dance with many different people, but Scott remained focused on his desire on learning to dance with his lady bear. They all had a very nice time; Kayla loved watching Scott's Mama Bear dance and the two bears had an older couple offer to help Kayla and Scott learn some different approaches to the box step and Scott's box step started to slowly improve. | Free Texas Two Step Lesson | Be a better Box Stepper | Line Dancing with Moma Bear

24: Weeks earlier Douglas Bear from the Church Singles Group scheduled a group event at the community drive-in theater. It had been years since either Kayla or Scott had been to a drive-in theater and they decided to join the group for the night of fellowship and movies. Kung Fu Panda 2, X-Men First Class and Thor were playing that night. This was another fun and memorable evening. | NOW SHOWING | Star Light Star Bright | Warm Summer Nights

25: Scott and Kayla Bear grew very close and continued looking at what a future together would look like. Kayla eventually asked Scott if he was interested in going with her to Baby "K" Bear's 20 week Ultrasound appointment. Scott was delighted for the opportunity to go and share in this event. Soon after, the Ultrasound images revealed that Baby "K" Bear was in perfect health and Kayla was obviously the Momma Bear of a beautiful Baby Boy. It's a Boy they shouted and shared with the world, as they drove to Scott Bear's home and held Single's Group that evening. | Frenchy

26: Kayla and Scott had such a good night of dancing their last visit, they thought they would return to the Ward Carter Dance Studio for a second night of dancing. This week's free dance lesson was the Rumba. They also had a chance to practice the newly learned Fox Trot; a step they learned a week earlier from the Groupon dance instructor. Scott Bear soon became overwhelmed by the numerous dance steps floating around in his head and easily got confused as to what to do when on the dance floor. Kayla Bear was very kind and generous, she sympathized with Scott letting him know she understood his frustrations. They went away from the crowd, off into the corner of the studio and danced in private to their own beat while they practiced a few of the steps they had learned. | Rumba Dancing... or Fox Trot... Anyone remember the Two Step? | Happy Dance

27: Even through Scott Bear felt like a clown when he tried to dance the many new steps floating around in his head. Kayla Bear showed great love and respect for him and his efforts, expressing gratitude for Scott Bear just trying to learn something new; something she loved to do. She understood this was a stretching step, far outside of his natural comfort zone. She knew he loved her and wanted to make her feel special, loved and happy. | That night they both realized that they really were falling in love, and realized the true blessing and happiness they had found in each other’s arms.

28: They both talked and dreamed about what life would look like together and the possibility that one day they would get married; speaking about the powerful force they would be together in building the kingdom of God and how they would live a life pleasing to the Lord. | Big

29: Soon after Scott Bear began planning and working for the big day (Project Kayla) | About

30: Scott Bear knew he was madly in love with Kayla and that no other lady bear would ever make him as happy as she. In keeping with tradition, Scott knew the importance of meeting with Kayla Bear’s Father Howard, and asking for his permission to marry his daughter. He scheduled a meeting with her Papa Bear at Famous Dave's BBQ and he asked for his permission; for her hand in marriage. Howard Bear was warm and very gracious with Scott and gave him the approval he so earnestly desired. Howard shared many great stories and extended wise fatherly advice, making Scott feel welcomed and loved. | The day came that all was in place; project Kayla was nearing its completion. The story had been written, the ring was in hand. Scott Bear had permission from Kayla Bear's Father; just one final step remained. Scott Bear had to ask the big question and propose to the love of his life. Scott Bear held out for the right moment in time when Kayla Bear least expected it. He prayed for the perfect moment. When the time came, he put on his best Prince Charming outfit, place her ring on a pillow (knowing how important pillows are to Kayla, Scott Bear thought this was a nice touch). He got himself ready and prayed to the Lord asking for just the right thoughts, words and then he approached her... | What's This?

31: Kayla, I have fallen for you like no other. I vow to always love, honor and cherish you ever single day for the rest of my life. I Love You Kayla and I just can’t imagine my life without you. Kayla will you do me the honor of being my wife? Of course she said YES and she leaped (well about as well as a Pregosaurs could leap), into his arms for a kiss, repeating the word yes, Yes, YES... | fallen | On Bended Knee

32: After the proper amount of time to give them the opportunity to prepare for the lifelong adventure, they met in a church and pronounced their love to God and to all who were present, their vows to always love honor and cherish each other for the rest of their lives And then Scott Bear kissed his bride and they lived happily ever after. Praise God, Amen.

33: And to this day, their love story continues to unfold...

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