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Love Birds

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S: The Story of Us

FC: The Story of Us | The Karolyis

1: Once upon a time, A Midwestern girl took a chance and sent a message to a sweet Southern stranger she saw on Myspace. . .

2: ---------------- Original Message ---------------- From: the kayla Date: Apr 26, 2008 11:17 AM I was just looking around myspace... I'm new to Atlanta so I was kinda seeing what’s out there and I stumble across someone who 1-wears flip flops (I ALWAYS order at least 15 pair every year from old navy...I stock up when they go on clearance at the end of summer), 2-quotes RENT (in high school, my best friends and I used to sing the entire soundtrack from beginning to end...ok, somehow that isn't as lame and dorky as it sounds...), 3-loves bulldogs(I had one when I was growing up, I love dogs, but I especially love bulldogs...the snoring, the farting, the slobbering, I love it all!), 4-is a Gemini (I'm a Libra. I get along Really well with Gemini’s...They keep life very interesting and Libras need someone who is a challenge), 5-and is intelligent and really cute..... I had to say hi! I'm sure you already know, but you are pretty much Awesome (in my book anyway!) I just had to let you know!

3: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Jessica Wow... thank you for all the compliments! You are gorgeous! I am really glad that you decided to drop by and say hello. You use the word awesome??? I use that word every day! What are you getting into today? Would love to hear back from you and get to know more about you...

4: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: the kayla ok..so, we might have problems...awesome and rad are like my official catch phrases!! I practically trademarked them! lol I'm glad I have piqued your interest.... What would you like to know, handsome? Thank you for the compliment...you make a girl blush!!! I am OFF today... I'm not doing much of anything... This is the first weekend I've had off in almost 20 days, so I am just chilling!! It's kind of nice....but I also don’t really know what to do with myself... so I am doing some work from home! What are you up to today?

5: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Jessica Ok ok... so they are your catch phrases... all that means is that I will have to get your written consent to use them. And you have my interests very piqued... and that is not easy to do. What would I like to know???? I'm usually not this forward but I'm on a new kick about just going for things... I would like to know if you would like to hang out sometime. We could go to dinner or anything you would like to do... something is just telling me that i should get to know this beautiful woman with a killer smile. Today I am not doing much of anything, just getting ready for another fun week of work.

6: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: the kayla I suppose I can share my trademark rights....especially with someone who embodies the awesomeness! And it helps that both you and your puppy are adorable! Knowing what you want and going after it are very sexy qualities!! I would love to hang out! I am quite intrigued... For me too, that is pretty rare... and awesome!! lol It's really VERY rare that someone makes me speechless... I must admit I am a little bit...very flattered, blushing a bit...very intrigued!! hmmm...

7: ---------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Jessica Well, she isn't really my puppy. She is my best friend’s dog. But my friend is going through a divorce and because of her job she is out of town a lot so I watch her dogs. But it is quite obvious that the dog is more attached to me than she is any other person. But thank you once again for all your compliments... I too am blushing. I'm feeling awesome right now too. Where do you live in GA?

8: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: the kayla Im in Atlanta, Inside the Perimeter. I'm 10 minutes from Cumberland Mall, so I'm on the West Side. Like between Vinings and Bankhead off of 285. Well, you two are precious. Anyone who is such a dog lover gets like 10 cool points in my book!! I don't usually do this...but here's my cell number. You can text or something if you want... 678-215-7321 What about you? I am totally new to Atlanta, I moved here from Michigan so I don’t know the area AT ALL! And I'm bad with directions too... kinda tragic! Lol

9: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Jessica I'm outside of the perimeter... but not too far! I am Georgia born and raised so I could show you around. I will practice my southern accent so that you can feel like you’re with an official southerner. Lol. I was just about to give you my cell number (being on the same wave length is really hot!) Lol... 404/932-7643. It's a good thing that I am good with directions. All you really need to know is that everything is off the fruit loop... meaning 285. If you want to go anywhere... especially in a big circle then just go on 285. I will text message you in a bit. Until then beautiful...

21: Puppy love!

23: happy times

26: May 12, 2008 the actress Current mood:awake Look at you... How could I not? How could anyone not? You demand attention like the star of an elaborate show Skillfully lit by the lights of old Broadway But you are not mere entertainment Your antics have no place in a proper script You are the girl behind the mask Weaving an intricate web of illusion And although you have somehow claimed the spotlight on the stage of my thoughts Suddenly I catch a glimpse of the actress as the character begins to unravel and all too quickly the intriguing visage has been replaced the cold sting of reality greets me with a familiar slap I begin to wonder, as I gaze out from under the intensity of your attention Am I still the audience? Or have I become an unknowing player in the show? | The Kayla's Blog

28: May 18, 2008 I wanna know, Whitney.... Current mood:curious On one of the first records I ever owned, a pre-Bobby Brown, pre-crack Whitney Houston asked, "How Will I Know?" She was talking about a boy. She wanted to know if he loved her. And I remember thinking this was a lame song. Even as a young child, I thought Whitney Houston was pretty dumb. "How could you NOT know?" I wondered. "It is LOVE." I've always expected the butterflies. The stomach flip. I've felt these things for people before – the physical signs of being flush with emotion for someone else. But what about the others? The nice girls who for some reason don't make you weak in the knees as much as they deserve to? The ones who always return your text messages, who always open doors, who always notice and comment on how pretty you look, who always sound excited to speak to you. Do you penalize them for not wanting to vomit up your guts and feeling weak when you see them? What about the ones who aren't so much afraid to let you into the little intimacies of their lives? When it feels effortless and you kind of just know things about them, like how they like superhero stories and save their ticket stubs from movies. Do those things matter? And should they? Am I so obsessed with waiting for lightening to strike that I'm missing all of the little signs around me that are pointing me back to one of the normal girls in my life who are quietly waiting for me to get my head out of my ass... How will I know, Whitney? I need to know, Whitney. Because I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. Eventually, if not sooner.

29: Aug 26, 2008 Current mood:blessed An Unstoppable Force Tangible, you make me believe the impossible is possible. Chemical reaction, it leaves no room for doubt. Broken fragments of a sentence, left undefined. Could i build a spotlight and sort the thoughts in my mind? A drop in the water, I'm caught in a ripple effect. This iris, constricting, it shows me life in Technicolor...sunshine, warm grass, fluttered flesh. I wish I could wrap my fingers around it, an image for my shaking hands. Perspective, an evolution, how do i now expect the unexpected? Trickle, of spontaneity, a hanging moment in time, pause, fast forward, rewind. I need a heartbeat to remind me I'm still breathing. Its like a distant summer, the day just being born. Play, it keeps moving, storybook scene, outside of everything i ever let myself know. Your tornado touches down and rearranges everything in your path, a force of nature, how can something I thought was so wrong, feel so right? Sweet release, ill pretend to be busy when really i'm watching you pass me by. Take another look at your world, in the silence something is happening. Random sequences in the void, i will bare it all. And I will count the days till your tornado touches down in my little world again. 3:31 PM

30: Feb 13, 2009 from the Kayla with love... Current mood:adored Jessica, sour patch kid, My peacock... i still remember the moment you swaggered into my life... melting the walls that surrounded my heart for so long. I knew the moment I laid eyes on you that I was in serious trouble! You shuffled through the doors of the hotel in your signature sandals. We locked eyes for the first time and a little smile played at the corners of your beautiful mouth. My heart began to beat a mile a minute... and it has not slowed down since. I thought for so long that I would be incapable of loving someone fully, with all of myself. But I find now that I am so open with you. I am an authentic and honest version of myself when I am with you. You notice everything! You see and accept all the little things about me. Every flaw, every bad habit but all the great things too. You see me with no makeup on, hair a mess, in my pajamas and you love me still. You love me when I am being a brat and my only-childness comes out. You still love me when I am bitchy and hyper-emotional...on my period and crying while watching Extreme Home Makeover. You make it so incredibly easy to love you. You are so good. You ground me and you quiet that little voice of self doubt in the back of my head. And I must tell you, you drive me crazy... but in the best way. There are times when I just want to scream...("Are you going to call them today?" "Yes babe." "And what are you going to say?" "grr") but I still love you! You excite me. You make me laugh, deep down from my toes. A good healing laugh. You have made me domestic!!! I love cooking for you and get such a sense of pride when you lick your lips and compliment my efforts. We have carved out this little world of our own. Just us, our little family with Rocky and all his sweatshirts and toys strewn all over. And I love it. You have helped me get to a place where I have mended some of the pieces of my own broken heart. All on my own, it helps just knowing that you are there... waiting for me to get it together...or at least cook dinner in the mean time! Happy Valentines Day, with all of my heart, Your Kayla

32: Sep 30, 2008 I never want to forget... Current mood:loved I crawled under my familiar pink satin comforter and we snuggled sleepily together with a movie playing on the computer and Rocky snoring at our feet. She nestled into the crook of my arm, and slept. It was a gentle, kind sleep, a sleep like an embrace, her sweet, furrowed brow pressed against me, and I loved her all the more for it. I kissed her lightly on the back between her strong shoulders and watched her beautiful face as she breathed softly. It was a sleep I didn't want to end, but when we woke up in the morning she hugged me and kissed me sweetly and ran off to work. I padded about the apartment, still in my pajamas, unsure of what to do with a weekday off of work when suddenly I was struck by the intimacy of it all. Sharing a week night. Getting ready for work. Coming home to her asleep on the couch wearing my shirt. It felt so connected, so real. I have an terrible memory... I can't remember most days. I mean, I can't remember what I did those days. It all runs together... work, sleep, work, sleep... the monotony of it all. But I will always remember that night though. I will always want to remember that night.

33: 12/25/2011 Looking back on the years we have shared, I think of all the laughs, all the tears, all the hugs, all the sweet kisses, all the moving boxes, all the projects but most of all- the love. Every day I love you more and more. You have given me a life I could have never imagined and I thank m y lucky stars that you strutted into my life. Here is to remembering all that we have shared thus far. I can't wait to see where we will go together.... All my love kk

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