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BC: This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever been in love... | Only to have been split in half and crushed by love as well

FC: Love | Hurts | BY: TERRIE LUTZ

1: NO ONE LIKES 2 BE ALONE Although why – I can not say After a long and drawn out day When everything's quiet And everyone's gone I stand firm in belief Nobody likes to be alone Just to unwind – let down your hair Blow off some steam – with someone who cares Read a book – maybe watch some T.V. When you do it alone – you remain lonely Pick up the phone – and call a friend But once you hang up – you're alone again There's comfort and contentment Knowing someone's there – to support you Or just listen - when you feel the need to share I know it may sound – like an old cheesy song If you believe otherwise – tell me I’m wrong But nobody likes to be alone Yet everything’s quiet – everyone's gone So much to share – All alone

2: I FEEL SO ALIVE I feel so alive, I feel so free I feel like I’m getting to know the real me Where there was emptiness, I’m beginning to fill Could this be – is “He” for real? I’ve been so alone – I’ve felt hollow for years Can the kind gentleness of one, ease all of my fears? I want to open up and let myself go He's made me feel things I’ve never felt before Take Care! Be Cautious! My head screams at me While my heart calls out – Was he sent here to find me? He's confident, bold and filled with knowledge from above It seems he's on a path guided by Gods love If he should perhaps turn and walk out the door To him I’ll be grateful forever more For in a few short days, in both actions and words He's taught me more about liking myself And the promise of so much more Life is a gift this I have always believed How you life live is a choice He's helping me to see

4: YOU ROCK MY WORLD I lie awake in bed at night And wish that you were here To feel your warm and tender touch Or just to have you near The thought of you can make me smile Some thoughts make me blush Remembering your lips on the back of my neck Gives my head a rush I like it when you caress my hair I like it when you touch me there You make me feel things I’ve never felt before You rock my world to the very core Each time I have to take you back I feel it isn't fair - I want to turn and speed away To hide you out somewhere I’d like to spend the entire night Totally in your arms Sleep and wake and sleep and wake To again enjoy your charms

7: WHERE DID HE COME FROM? Where did he come from? How long will he stay? I can't stand the thought of his going away I’ve waited so long – he seems perfect to me I can't shake this feeling – I’ll cause him to flee I keep telling myself to be honest and true I hope and I pray he's honest with me too I’ve never let myself trust like this before He's so good and kind – who could ask for more? Now with a sick empty feeling After talking to him on the phone This is not just a gut feeling I’ll soon be alone Somethings not right - what, he won't say I know in my heart – he's going away Now he's come and then he's gone I re-play the scene Was he ever really here? Or just an imaginary dream

8: LOST I can't believe one can hurt so bad Loosing the love I may never have had I tried to keep myself well guarded To protect my heart from feeling thwarted But the moment I looked into his eyes I was lost As I could see a man like no other Whose past held such a cost On his journey to finding his way back I stepped in to block his path I held him for just a moment in time I began to believe he could really be mine I had been praying to God for quite some time To send me someone to make me feel alive When I met him I felt God had answered my prayers My head spinned when he kissed me My legs grew weak with desire

9: Yet still – I held back - as somehow I knew I’d done nothing to deserve What seemed too good to be true I almost hate myself for starting to let go, Yet he broke through my barriers making my love over flow He made me feel as I’ve never felt before And so soon now he's gone And I’m crushed to the core I can't believe he will never hold me again He says I deserve more Yet I love only him I don't know how to forget and return To the life I had before I met him The pain is so deep - the hurt so real I’m afraid of the love he helped me to feel I’m afraid of the future – I don't want to love The pain hurts so bad, - and I’m alone once again

11: MY EYES CRY How can my eyes Cry out any more? I’ve cried a river of tears In the last few days or so I’ve never been weak, It's embarrassing to me For out of no where at all The tears well up inside of me I try to hold back – Will myself to stop But the tears seem endless And continue to drop How can I stop the tears And the pain He seems not to be hurting While my pain Falls like rain

12: LOVING YOU I’ve heard it said that time heals all wounds Yet it's been weeks and my every thought contains you Why did you come here, can I really be glad You've awakened in me something I can no longer have I spend so much time wondering if you ever think of me I need you – I love you, Oh why can't you see I lie in my bed unable to sleep, I smell your scent I breathe it in deep. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad Remembering your touch makes me both happy and sad Your kisses leave me breathless- my insides start to churn My blood gets so hot I feel that I’ll burn My mind and my body both yearn to have you near Yet facing the truth fills me with fear Does she love you half as much as I Would she do anything for you – would she even try Do you love her- is it the same Does the thought of her leaving fill you with pain? It's painful to think of but maybe its true You're loving her is like my - loving you

14: AT ONE TIME At one time - A long time ago I’d have done anything for you I truly loved you so I feel I proved it time and again I wanted only to be with you - for our life to begin We had a bright future - A love that continued to grow I couldn't fathom anything that could end it Or even cause it to slow But things sometimes happen Things we can't quite control A black cloud rolled upon us - causing a storm Which took a devastating toll The aftermath was catastrophic Anger, pain and the loss of trust We've been through so much - We were forced to accept A life together just wasn't in the cards for us

15: Although time has a way of easing great pain And loneliness begs you To believe you can begin again Start over fresh - begin life anew Regain the love, trust and feelings You knew well to be true You hope and you pray And try with all your might To believe the love you once had Is still worth the fight But somehow it's lost And you know that it's true We need to move on As this relationship is through I’ve tried to tell myself We could still be friends But I can see now - that can't happen So here it must end Let's wish each other the best And hope we can both find A love which can weather tough storms And sustain the ultimate - the test of time

16: NOW THAT YOUR GONE Now that you're gone I feel so all alone Together we blossomed I felt we had grown I loved you as no other With you I felt so free Not to be ashamed or timid You loved me to be me When things were good They were exceptionally great When things were bad Our love became hate Life will never be the same My heart is broken There's so much pain Will I ever feel the same again?

17: IN THE BEGINNING I have definitely been hurt And I’m sure so have you Love is great Especially when brand new In the beginning - It's wonderful for sure A love made in heaven - So raw and so pure A love that will last and - Withstand the test of time A love never ending - Was yours and was mine We've had this connection - You and I Seasons change - But we've always got by Nothing lasts forever - Anyone with half a brain knows Just as no one is perfect - Love comes and it goes With the change of the seasons - We mend and we grow April showers fall fast and strong But dry up quickly - And are soon long gone Mark my word - Where ever we are We'll be together again - As winter isn't far

18: IN MY DREAMS Your in my dreams both day and night I’ve tried to forget but can no longer fight I see your face everywhere I go I’ve decided to write just to let you know Not a day goes by that I don't miss your smile Your warm embrace – your zest for life I wish things had been different I didn't know what to do But giving into your weakness wasn't at all helping you I was actually relieved when they took you away I truly believe your life was spared that day I sincerely believe God's looking out for you He's given you time to think things through If you'd have stayed on that path You must know this is true

19: The fast spiraling down Would have been the end of you God has a plan with you in mind Don't give up it will come together in time I’d love to think I have a part in this plan But I will accept whatever Cards are dealt in my hand Perhaps my part is just to let you know How loved you are so you can grow I love you as well And thought you should know

21: IS THERE ANYONE Is there anyone out there? Who wants genuine company? Who doesn't want to use me? For I truly have no money Is there anyone honest? Is anyone for real? Just Looking for friendship Instead of a good deal I want to grow old With someone by my side Through good times and bad With a common goal in mind Just to be happy To share and to laugh No freaking drama No stinking crap One common goal In both of our minds To be eternal companions To the end of our time

22: My Dream World I’m back in my dream world where all is ok Living out my fantasy to get through another day Keeping in contact wanting to believe Words are real - a lifetime of happiness Needing to seal the deal I convince myself constantly I deserve true love Yet I also mistakenly pretend That sex means pure love I choose to believe words Once spoken – are true But deep in my heart I think I always knew They just want to use me But for what I’m not sure I’m not rich, I’m not famous And it's not my looks for sure

23: With that all aside just what could it be? Why are these old flames Keeping in contact with me? What could I have that anyone could want? When I fall asleep at night This dream begins to haunt. I’m looking and searching as I walk along Yet somethings not right In fact - it's all wrong I can't find my true love He's no where in sight But then I wake up I’m back in my dream world Where everythings all right

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