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Mom's 50th

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S: Moments With You

BC: A mother helps create the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. Thank you for all the priceless memories- we look forward to making many more! With Love, Alissa, Adam, Bryce, Natalie, Joe & Garrett

FC: moments with you

1: Celebrating 50 years of memories with Vicki Lee Bennion

2: Vicki has always been a ball of fire. We had just moved into our new home and didn't have screens on the windows yet. Vicki was only 3 years old at the time. Our neighbors across the street called and asked if we knew our little girl was playing on the roof! One of our favorite memories of Vicki is when she had a cat named Tinker. Tinker was about to have kittens. Vicki took care of that cat and made a nice bed for it in her bedroom. I had a large drawer down in the family room with linens in it. Vicki had a slumber party with the Mia-Maids from the ward. That night Tinker decided to have her kittens, only she wanted to have them downstairs in the linen drawer. We had those girls running up and down the stairs all night long delivering those kittens. Vicki started gymnastics when we was very young and made the cheerleading team at Kearns HighSchool by doing back flips all across the stage. She rushed home and asked me to make her a cheerleading outfit. Vicki was so talented. We took her to California to see a 49'ers football game so she could perform with the expert groups dancing in the half time ceremonies. One of her greatest accomplishments was getting on the Utah State University Gymnastics Team in Logan, UT. We drove up there, rain or shine often, to watch her. Another favorite memory, when we came home from a movie one night, Brett was baby sitting, we found Vicki with a sock stuck in her mouth to keep her quiet. Brett really wanted to watch TV with out her chatter. I remember we had a pretty vase standing on the floor in our old home. The kids were messing around and knocked it over. It shattered into a million pieces. Vicki was determined to glue it back together. When we got home all was well, we didn't even notice the vase for weeks after.

3: happy times | Vicki had a boyfriend from Iowa on the wrestling team. They went on a picnic in Logan Canyon. A skunk came out of the woods and squirted them! She had to wash her hair in tomato juice multiple times. She was working at a clothing store part time and they wouldn't let her come back to work for days. One of my favorite memories is when Brian and Vicki met. They worked together at the Desert Gym. He came to our house to ask if he could marry our daughter. We didn't hardly know him! (Good thing dad said yes!) We took him on a Campbell camp out before they were married. Brian was somewhat of a health nut and wasn't used to junk food. That's all we had! Vicki even made doughnuts. Brian got so sick we thought he was going to die. Vicki has always been very active in life. She is always involved in raquetball, tennis, running or gymnastics. When you are with Vicki, expect to have a good time. Something active is always going on. We love you Vicki. You have made a wonderful family. Happy Birthday! Love, Mom & Dad

4: Dear Vicki, Happy big 50! It is hard to believe my little sister is 50, but then it doesn't. Time flies, it seems like it was just yesterday I was protecting you from our pesky brother and yet now I turn to you every time there is a major issue in mylife. Whenever I have needed a sister you have been there. From the time we just adopted Laci, I had to give my 2 week notice at work and needed you to check-in on Kenny with our new baby. And now I am calling about new grandchildren. You were always the go-getter of the family. You have made a wonderful life for yourself, your family and our extended family. Thanks for all the extra FUN you bring into our lives. Here's to wishing you have another 50 of loving life and allowing us to tag along. Love Ken and Chris

5: "I lived in the gym" | Happy 50th Vicki, We are only getting better with each passing year, I hope you have a "Fabulous 50th Birthday". My memories of you go way back to our sophomore year, you were the cute little gymnast from Valley Jr. We were aquaintances in highschool and had some fun times. The great friendship began in our USU days. You lived in Merrill Hall and I in Reeder Hall. I loved the mornings or afternoons when you would walk by and knock on my kitchen window. It was always fun to see your friendly smile and either just a quick hello or if there was time you would come in and we would have our fun girl talks. I also remember a couple of those in your room at Merrill Hall. We also shared a few drives from Salt Lake to Logan together. Then we got married about the same time, you just a couple months ahead of me (which made you the expert). Many great dates and game nights shared as married couples. We planned a shower together for Lisa making pumpkin rolls in your cute little A shaped house in Holliday. Then the pregnancies, again you were a few months ahead of me with Alissa (which made you the expert). Following our first's we had our next two pregnancies very close to each other. Those were good times comparing notes and pragnancy and delivery stories. I remember our darling little kids playing together over the years, Alissa and Jenna, Michael and Bryce, Joey and Mallory (she remembers taking a bite of a soap golf ball with Joey telling her it was candy). Then Danny for me and Garret a few years behind. There were a lot of fun memories made with our young families. Then as life gets busy with kids, church callings, work, activities, lessons and such our lives became more separated. I always loved to run into you at basketball or football games with Bryce and Michael on opposing teams when we were playing Bingham. We would always have a quick visit and update. Then to see each other at our children's weddings (more for you than for me). How beautiful/handsome they all are and we are such proud parents!!! Wow, it is time to get together once again and build upon where we left off. Now life has grandchildren (at least for you, first once again, this makes you the expert). I look forward to hearing your grandma stories and getting some of my own. I love you and cherish your friendship over the years! Love, Julie McDonald

6: September 19, 1981

7: Oh Girl You stand by me I'm forever yours Faithfully

8: "You've got a friend"

9: I am one lucky guy! I have been married to the amazing Vicki Lee Campbell Bennion for almost 30 years. We have grown-up together and along with being husband and wife we are best friends. We have had many exciting and wonderful experiences during these 30 years of married life. The highlight has been raising our 4 children. They have brought a lot of joy and happiness to our lives (as well as stress) and given us a sense of purpose. It has been a fun ride. Vicki is very organized and has a good head on her shoulders. She has managed our money extremely well. She has made good decision on what we spend our money on and has kept us out of debt. This has been a great blessing to us as a family. She is not afraid of work and has taught our kids the value of doing things right. She has made our house a home and a place we can all be proud of. She was 19 and I was 24 when we first met. I loved being around her then and I love being around her even more today. We butt heads from time to time but we always work through our differences and forgive each other. We can do this because we have common values and goals. We are both very committed to our marriage. It is our number 1 priority. I owe so much to this good women. I only hope I can be the husband and friend she deserves. I love you Vicki! I hope your 50th birthday is one to remember. Thanks for saying yes when I asked you to marry me. Asking you to marry me was the best decision of my life. I wouldn’t trade our years together for anything! | Brian

10: I really can't think of many memories that don't have you in them. You have always been there for me through the many happy times as well as the tears. When I think back on my childhood I see Grandma Campbell's house (the one with the cookies) and remember how you helped make every holiday or celebration extra special. I loved growing up being your mother/daughter sidekick and “raising our boys”! Watching you made me want to be a mother and from what I hear from the boys is that I started pretty darn young!! You helped me find my love for gymnastics and although I hate the spotlight- I loved being your little star. Having you cheer me on and be my biggest fan, even when I wasn't the MVP ,meant the world to me. I always knew I could do anything because I had your support. One of my fondest memories by far have been our late night talks at the end of your bed or in the middle of a grocery store. You have always been someone I can talk to about anything and you are still often the first one I turn to for a shoulder to cry on or to tell my exciting news. There is something about your words that comforts me like no one else can. You always seem to know what to say to make me feel better. I am so lucky to have found a friend in you, my sweet mother and cherish our relationship more than you know. I think that becoming a mother has made me reflect more on what you have done for our family and I am amazed at your sacrifice and service. As I have watched these sweet spirits be directed to our home I know that Heavenly Father sent me to you. I could not have made it this far without your example, friendship, and support. Thank you for picking me up when I was down and having faith that gave me courage to face another day. Thank you for your countless service that has often seemed to go unnoticed. You have saved me! Thank you for being the type of woman I can be proud to call my mother. I have loved having the opportunity to live “so close” these past couple years and I have been blessed to watch you be such a sweet Grandma to Ethan & Emery. Thank you for your unconditional love and friendship! I look forward to making many many more memories with you! Lissy Annie | A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when trouble thickens around us, she will cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

12: Families are Forever

13: Vicki – YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF!! Once I met Alissa and things began to progress (after two weeks), I just had to meet her mother. I wanted to know what type of person Alissa would be like. What type of testimony would she have? How were her kids raised? What were her priorities? And after meeting you, I knew I could marry Alissa! I am so thankful to have you as a mother-in-law. You are such a great example to me of what it means to serve and put your children's priorities above your own. You truly sacrifice for your children and that includes me, and I love you for it. I really enjoyed living at your home for the last couple years and getting to know you better. I think your laugh is contagious and anytime you laugh its hard to not smile or join in. You have been such a great help as we have tried to get started with our family. We have gone through quite a bit together over the last couple years and it has been very emotional for all of us. One of my favorite memories was having you do all you could to make me feel comfortable in the hospital, including a foot massage. That massage was absolutely amazing and I will never forget the care and attention you showed me in those difficult days.You have been the anchor to help keep us going. You have helped me stay positive and realize life is not a sprint but a marathon. I hope you truly enjoy this 50th birthday! You deserve it. You really have outdone yourself for me. Thanks for always being there. Love, Adam

14: Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.

15: Marme, I have had so many happy memories its hard to know where to start. You have always been involved in everything that i have done and you have always been there to support me. I have always found it easy to turn to you for guidance and counsel because I know that you have always had my best interest in mind. I love you so much and am so thankful for all that you have done for me and our family. When i think of you a lot of memories flood my mind. Many of those memories have to do with all those games in my sporting career that you never saw the end of... Not because you weren't there but because you would get so nervous you would have to hide behind the bleachers or go out into the hall. Then when the outcome was positive,(which they mostly were!!) you would be all disappointed you missed it and dad and I would have to describe what happened in GREAT detail not leaving out anything and I mean anything. That nervous disappearing act also showed up every time we had to get off the lake and put the Boat back on the trailer!.... I think you worry a little:) We love you for it. But the thing i love and appreciate the most about you mom, which has brought me many great memories, is your devotion to family. Family has always seemed to be the most important thing to you and it has always been put first in your life. You and dad have sacrificed many things so that our family could go on vacations, have the things we need, and have the gospel in our lives. Because of you we have a tight family bond and spending time together is important to all of us. I think of Idaho and all the weekends we spent up there together and how you would not allow us to bring the X-Box or watch TV during the day. By not allowing those things we had to spend time with one another playing games, building forts, boating, riding ATV,s and even catch Joe shooting birds. Whenever I think of Paris Idaho, Lake Mead, and San Clemente California I think of our family and all the great times we had and how those experiences brought our family together. F.F.F. (Forced Family Fun) Is a motto that at first i didn't like to much but know that I'm growing up a bit will enforce in my future family. Thanks for all the wonderful memories and i look forward to even more in the future. You are a wonderful mother and I hope you know I Love You!! Bryce

16: "Once blessed with a wonderful mother, I am twice blessed with my mother-in-law."

17: Where do I even start? I am so blessed to have an amazing Mother-in-Law. I am amazed at the amazing family you have created. I am so proud to say I am a Bennion. I tell Bryce often, what a wonderful example you are to me and how I want to raise my family one day. Thank you so much for your support. You have always been one of my greatest cheerleaders. It definitely hasn't gone unnoticed. I am so grateful. I have so many favorite memories with you. I remember the fist time I met you in the Bingham Football Stadium. I was only sixteen. You let me cheer, right along side with you, for one of the "main squeezes" in both of our lives. I remember how warm and welcoming you were to me the fist time I went to Paris, Idaho with your family. I was so nervous and you opened both your arms to me. The many lunches and dinners you took me on while Bryce was serving a two year mission meant the world to me. It was a difficult time in my life and you were always a shoulder to cry on. Of course we all love the memories we make on our family vacations, but I have to say, my favorite memories are at home. The every day small things. When Bryce and I drop in for dinner, to use the computer, game nights, or just to say hello. Those are the times that make special memories and that have bonded relationships. I love you and am so happy to be apart of this family! | Natalie | Natalie

18: We have gone through so much together and you are truly one of my best friends. You've been there every step of the way through my life. I am so grateful for all the time that you sacrificed for me and prayers you sent my way. One of my favorite stories was back in elementary school on grandparents day when Grandma could not make it but you saved the day by dressing up for me, and was the best looking grandma there! | If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been. | I appreciate the times you would sit with me as you home schooled me. I still remember learning math on that old arithmetic chart with the beads. Your service has taught me more than just how to read, and I continue to learn from your example everyday. Many thanks needs to go your way for all the family vacations and holidays you have worked so hard to make special. I know we would not have had as much of these great family memories and "traditions" without you. I love our relationship now and how easy you are to talk with. I find that we think a lot alike about most things. I love you MUMZY!!!! Love, your favorite son, JOSEPH!

21: To put how I feel about my dear Mumzy in words is as impossible as it is for my dear Mother to go a whole day without cleaning! But I will do my best. I love you Mom for all your little quirks, like your love of absolute silence in the car instead of music. But in all seriousness now I may complain about all the guidance and chores you give me but I know you have a real good reason for writing those lists that seem endless. I know you are just teaching me how to work and how to become the best man I can be. One of my favorite memories of you is anytime I got sick, which was quite a lot, you would drop everything to help me. Another great memory would have to be our summer trip to Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York .While Dad was in all his meetings I just remember all the one on one time we got to spend together. Those are just a few that come to mind but I want you to know you are a great Mom I love you so much. Happy Birthday you young lady! Love your youngest, and most likely your favorite- if you compare me to the others, Garrett

24: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves"

25: I started to really get to know Vicki while serving with her in the young women's presidency of the River 1st ward. I was just newly called to be the president and had absolutely no idea how to do it. I kept Vicki in as 1st counselor and she became a very good and patient mentor to me. Vicki is so talented and creative and I saw first hand how she did things by watching her fix up her cute home in Paris. Vicki is very very clean and tidy and anyone could eat off of her floor at any time, so knowing this about her caused me to feel uneasy when she would come over to my house. I would make sure that it was clean and tidy (not always so in my home) before she would come. Now that she really knows me and loves me.... I don't care as much anymore! I always love visiting Vicki's home because there is such a beautiful spirit there. David would come home from hometeaching at their house and would always say..... we need to have a home more like the Bennions! I love the Bennion family and am so glad that we have gotten closer over the years. I share many memories of Vicki spending time in San Clemente on our beach trips. We have fond memories at the beach, playing volleyball, drinking diet cokes, chillin' in our beach chairs, playing tennis, shopping, going to fisherman's eating crab, boobie boarding, watching sunsets, and especially watching her plummet to her face while jumping over a man-made hole in the sand! Vicki is truly someone that I admire. She is so creative, fun, and really and truly full of wisdom. She and Brian have raised such a beautiful family and our lives have truly been blessed by their friendship. We love you so much Vicki! Happy 50th! Here's to 50 more! Love, The Fonda's

26: Our friendship starts way back in the 4th grade. You were my best friend in that grade and after that I'm not sure what happened, but how cool that 37 years later we would pick up right where we left off. Soul mate friends we are. It is amazing how much we think alike even though our paths were different growing up. We have had so many fun times together., and we have gone through some of our toughest times together. I am glad we were there for each other through it all. We have had so much fun together going to the beach together each year. Volleyball, wiffleball, boogey boarding, pedicures, big dinners and games. Of course celebrating your birthday at the beach and playing silly games with all our kids together. But nothing tops your graceful (NOT) jump across the 8'x3' wide and 4 foot deep hole. As we expected great things from our number one gymnast to make your flying leap, we all held our breath to see the amazing take off only to be stunned by a sudden head first dive in to the hole. I personally held my breath praying that you would come back up, and when you did I sighed with relief and then busted a gut laughing along with everybody else. All I have to do is think about it and It brings a smile to my face. Then there were days of skiing. You are the ultimate ski jumper. Nobody could ever catch air like you especially with the feet straight up in the air. I will also never forget our Vegas trip with the mag 7. I learned you have a very small bladder. When Vickis gotta go nothing will stop her, just give her a crater on the side of the road to climb down in. Of course you weren't expecting the paparazzi to find you there to snap your photo. Remember Elvis at McDonalds? Boy what some people will do for a buck, he was one crazy Elvis. Your face was priceless when he just kept going and going, singing his songs. I think you were the one who finally told him thank you, that's good, goodbye. I also remember walking really late one night and Becky Reber had to use the bathroom and couldn't find one; we were all laughing so hard we had to lean against the wall to keep us from falling over. Besides our beach trips we have had good times working out together in my basement, you put the first and only dent in my wall. You shouldn't have been curling 40 pounders. We left the dent in memory of you. We also achieved our ideal weight through weight watchers together. Didn't last long but, I could only do it with you. I'm no good without you. We have had a lot of fun playing tennis together. I'll never forget you severing your achilles tendon. That was the weirdest injury I have ever seen happen. You were so cool and collected through it all. I was so sad for you and I was so sad to lose my tennis buddy. I'm sorry I'm not as true a friend to be converted over to racquetball. The problem is how could I ever compete against a state champ. I have a feeling I would be nothing but a target for you to hit. We have had good times as you have invited us to your home in Paris. Summer trips with the girls on jet skiis. I'll never forget Jo's trailer sinking in the lake as we frantically ran to get help to help us lift it out before it sunk. We had so much fun that trip laughing, eating and connecting on a deeper level. We also have had fun as family and couples there riding snowmobiles and your four wheelers. We always have so much fun with you guys. St. George was a blast. Spelunking, playing tennis and golfing. I love how much you like to play.Vicki I feel honored that you would trust me as a close friend to talk to when your were going through some very tough times. I think you are amazing how you have weathered the storm and continued in faith and now are seeing the rainbow from all your hard work and faith. I know when I was going through a though time you were there for me and helped me through it. We have had lots of long talks together and I always have gone away feeling hopeful and happy with the great counsel from you. I really do respect the advice you give me and the faith you encourage me to have throughout my own trials. You are a woman who says it like it is, and I love that about you. Your faith has inspired me through me own trials. I feel so grateful for all our fun times together. I know we will always be friends. You were always my friend in waiting when we first moved in. We were both so busy our paths didn't cross like I wanted them to do so badly. But finally they did and you were worth the wait. You will be a forever friend. I love your family like family. You have the most awesome family. Each one of them is fun, FUNNY, and loving like you. Not only do I love them I feel love from them. I love that our kids are good friends too. You are the best mom and friend ever. I am so blessed to have you for a friend that I can always call, I love talking to you. I am so blessed to have you as a friend that I can always play and laugh with. I am so blessed to have you as a friend that no matter how much time passes in between our visits I know nothing has changed. Happy 50th!! Your Friend Always, Christy

27: “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” | Dear Vicki, Happy Birthday! Let me start out by letting you know that it doesn't matter what other people are saying, I don't think you look a day over 60...or is it a day over 30...I don't know, I get confused. I have many fond memories of you, most of which were things you and Susan did together. I remember watching the two of you play racquetball, running, and sitting out in the front driveway with a diet coke and talking for hours on end. I'm still puzzled to this day over how both of you could talk so long. The only conclusion I can come up with is you must have been talking about the Jazz and Utah football. One of the most touching memories I have of you was the day Brian and I were released from the Bishopric. I was conducting sacrament meeting when all of a sudden the following thought came to mind...."Now that Bishop Bennion (the beloved father of the ward) is released, a new bishop will be called, which means we will have a new mother of the ward. The ripple effect of this change means that Vicki will become the first "Grandmother" of the ward". As I recall, after the meeting, all of the news reporters and cameras that were there covering this historic event rushed over to you to get your thoughts on becoming the first grandmother of the Jordan River 10th Ward. I'll never forget what you said, and I quote "This is a moment in time that will be recorded in my journal for all posterity to read. I'm hoping once things slow down I'll have time to write a book on the matter". I will never forget the tears of adoration and anticipation in the eyes of the people when they heard your comments. I've heard it said that the title of your book should be VICKI BENNION, ATHLETE, FRIEND and PIONEER GRANDMOTHER EXTRAORDINAIRE. Love, Jay Williams | My dear sweet friend, Happy 50th birthday!!! How this world has been blessed because you have spent 50 years in it. I count our 7 years together as a tremendous blessing. You are a strong, determined woman. You have taught me many things by watching your constitution in action. There is NOTHING you can’t do once you set your mind to it. I am often in awe. You are beautiful inside and out. Your life experiences have been extremely challenging ones; however, you have risen to the challenge and met them head on. Consequently, your insides are bursting with the countenance of Christ. How truly beautiful you are!! Goodness and a determination to do good ooze from your soul for all to see. You are a people magnet because of these gifts you have acquired and masterfully developed. What a gift you are to me, your family, and all you come in contact with. What fun we have had over the years 1. Being bishopric wives, 2. Racquet Ball dancers, 3. Relief Society car talkers, 4. Crazy, insane, marathon runners, 5. Fulfilled Gutsman accomplishers, 6. Yap, yap, yappers, 7. Reciprocal counselors, 8. Tournament buddies, 9. Early, early, early birdies, and 10. GREAT FRIENDS!!! I love you my dear sweet friend. I hope you have a super 50th birthday and many, many, many, healthy birthdays to follow. All my respect and love, Susan Williams

28: Dear Vicki Happy, Happy Birthday!! There are so many memories it would take hours of reminiscing Raspberry Days, Stellaluna, walks, talks, movies,, dinners, games, FHE, boating, babies, marriages, grandbabies, maybe we need to go to camp again! You have been a true and dear friend and I am blessed to know and love you.. You truly are my sister. I decided to pen a song!! Think of the tune to “The Beverly Hillbillies”. I can sing it for you sometime, or better yet have your Brian sing it to you...he has been in a choir you know! Love, KaRynn...and Bryan...and all the rest! Song for you... Oh, here’s a little story about my bestest pal. Her name is Vicki Bennion she’s a real swell gal. We met years ago camping in a tent. Up all night was how our time was spent. Laughing, Talking, that is. So the next thing you know our kids are bestest friends. Swapping yards and houses, the fun never ends. Movies, sports, vacations; St. George even Lake Mead. Hiking up to Timp and even graffiti. Buckets that is, Ranger Rick! Now the next thing you know she’s half a century. We’ve all grown up together, we’re all like family. We’re here for one another through laughs, and smiles, and tears. We’ll keep the lovin’ going through the next fifty years! Have a Happy Birthday y’hear!!

29: Grammy Vicki

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