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My Old Yeller book(:

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My Old Yeller book(: - Page Text Content

S: Landrie's A-Z book (:

BC: iLYuu Mrs.Simmons(: THE END I hope you like it! p.s I worked SO hard(:

FC: Old Yeller | by: Alandria Smith

1: Name: Alandria | Date: Wednesday 11,2011 | Mrs.Simmons (: | iLYuu (;

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss is the little kid that that is ALWAYS getting into things. He is the narratives' brother (Travis). He always stand up for what he thinks ,and is always making fight at Travis for doing something to Yeller.

4: B | Buzzard

5: Yeller and Travis had a accident with some hogs, so then he had to leave Yeller. Then buzzards came swooping at Yeller because his entrails were out . When Yeller saw Travis reach in he growled because he thought he was a buzzard trying to get him.

6: C | Carcass

7: A carcass is a Dead animal; buzzards eat it. Travis had to burn the carcass of the bull ,and spot. If you find a carcass you are most likely to see buzzards

8: D | doe

9: A doe is a female deer; Travis shot a doe between the shoulder blades. Actually the deer was running which made Travis antsy about shooting because it was his first attempt. When he shot the deer, he thought he missed but he had shot her.

10: E | Entrails

11: Entrails are your insides. When Yeller got attacked by the hogs ,his entrails were out., that made the buzzards come. Entrails aren't a specific part of the inside of your body it is all internal organs period. .

12: F | fussy

13: Arliss was always fussy and throwing a tantrum. Especially when Travis threw rocks at Yeller. He also attempted to make fight at mama once.

14: G | Gnarled

15: Yeller gnarled ,showing his teeth when he smelled the bull's hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is a disease that is better known as rabies. The bull and heifer both had to get shot and had their carcass burned because of this.

16: H | Heifer

17: The spotted heifer named Spot caught hydrophobia and had to get shot by Travis. Her calf nearly starved because she didn't come feed it . I think at the end of the book they should have said how the calf survived.

18: I | indians

19: The "raiding" indians were sorta like the "bad people" of birdsong creek.I made an inference of that because in the book they were always saying "in case the indians come."

20: J | jumper | &&

21: Jumper is the family mule that is always misbehaving ,but Travis and mama make his act right. He isSO stubborn. But even thought he is stubborn he is a very hard working animal.

22: K | Knoll

23: The Coates house was build on a knoll. A knoll is a hill. The hill could be big or small.

24: L | Lunge

25: Yeller lunged at the bear when it was trying to attack little Arliss. Travis was about to shoot the bear until mama spoke and it scared the witts out of him . When she did he ran toward the house . Yeller came running shortly after. With the she bear running after him, but he shook her.

26: M | Melons

27: Yeller and Travis had to save the melons from skunks while they were sleep in the corn patch. When yeller had to kill a skunk the skunk would spray him,and Travis would have to try and go to sleep somewhere else. Yeller would try to follow Travis, but he would only get his feelings hurt because he was to smelly for Travis to sleep with him

28: N | Nettles

29: Nettles are flowers that sting when you touch them. Travis used them as a simile in the book. Some people get easily fooled by the beautiful flowers on the nettle. They have little spiny prickles on them that if you touch them they stick you , but its the flower that actually sting you.

30: Old Yeller (: | O

31: Old yeller was the title of the book. I think that Old Yeller was the main character because he was pretty much always being mentioned . Travis was not the main character ,he was telling the entire story (narrative.)

32: P | Papa

33: Papa was gone to Abilene , Texas the entire story until the end. He went to make money by selling cattle. When he came back he had Travis a horse

34: Q | Quiver

35: Quiver means to shake rapidly, from fright. When Travis heard Arliss scream because of the she bear, it made him quiver because he knew Arliss was in trouble. When Jumper tried to pull the dead bull his body quivered.

36: R | Romp

37: Romp means doing something with pride or victorious. Arliss always romped in the drinking water.

38: S | Speckled

39: Lisbeth brought Arliss and Travis a speckled pup. Speckled means to have specks or dots. Travis hurt Lisbeth feelings because he wasn't excited about the puppy.

40: T | Tushes (;

41: Hogs have tushes. they are sharp teeth that are used for chopping and/or cutting something. They use them for protect, and sometimes they use them to eat. They eat stuff that they find that is already dead. The will just cut you up. They may even chase you for hours at a time.

42: U | Unity

43: Unity means to become one with something or someone. In the book Travis became one with his manly side, until his daddy came back. I think Travis learned many things that summer.

44: V | Vension

45: Vension is the part of a deer that is used for food . It is around the stomach and middle areas of a animal. When Jumper tried to pull the heavy carcass of the bull, his stomach quivered..

46: W | Withers

47: The family pack mule (jumper) had withers . Thats were they tied the rope when they had to take injured old yeller back to the house. Sometimes Jumper gets annoyed and bucks because he doesn't like stuff touching his heels.

48: X | Xanthic

49: Old Yeller was xanthic. It means to be of a yellow-ish color. You pronounce it Eks-an-th-iks.

50: Y | Yellow

51: Yellow was the color of old yellers' fur. In the book when it describes his appearance it says his fir was a dingy yeller. He also had one ear half gone, and he was skinny with a fat stomach.

52: Z | Zoom

53: When Travis and Yeller got attacked by the hogs, he had to zoom home before his leg got stiff and numb. He zoomed way to fast because by the time he made it home because he could hardly stand. Mama was telling hin to lay down but he refused.

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