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Our First Year

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Our First Year - Page Text Content

S: Our First Year

BC: The End

FC: 2009-2010 | Our First Year

1: Four years ago you were a handsome guy who caught my eye at a party -- a Marine who stole all my attention (and my heart) for a fun three days. Three years ago you were a past fling who still knew how to tug at my heart. A good friend, who I was still ridiculously attracted to. Two years ago you were an amazing friend. Even through times that we were distant (because of miles & time), you were always there for me, just as I was there for you. One year ago our friendship changed... and progressed. We began to see what had been in front of us for years and began to fall in love. Today I am completely in love after spending one of the craziest, most exciting, most fulfilling years of my life with one of the greatest friends I've ever had. I am who I am today because you love me the way you do. I could never love someone as much as I love you.

2: May 2009 | May brought us together. Seeing you walk towards me for the first time in three years was one of the most surreal feelings I had ever experienced. It was as if I was acutely aware that my life was about to truly begin. My love, my life, my friend -- was walking towards me with his perfect smile and warm eyes. I will always be thankful for May. It was the beginning of ... everything! | What I learned this month: I learned that waiting is worth it! You were, and still are, completely worth every moment of the three years in between meeting and reuniting. | "I'm Kyle McKee's girlfriend!! Ah! That alone is making me smile. I look back at the past three years and I can't believe we've gotten to this place. I'm so happy and SO proud to call myself your girlfriend, baby. You are the best man I've never known -- and you're my boyfriend. How'd I get this lucky!?" - From Laura, May 18 | "I think back to when we used to talk just friends every once in awhile and I would have never guessed that we would be boyfriend and girlfriend. It feels so good that it has finally happened. I am the lucky one, not you sweetie " From Kyle, May 19

4: June 2009

5: June wasn't easy. It was the first month of our relationship and we spent it on different sides of the world, unsure of when we'd see each other next. However, June taught me how devoted you were to me. You knew how to make me feel loved from thousands of miles away. | "Hey baby, Happy Birthday, I love you." "You deserve to have someone who does stand out, who constantly wants to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. If you let me I will do that forever." "... I can easily say you are the strongest and most amazing woman I could ever be with." "It's amazing how comfortable we are together. I have always felt that way, even when we were just friends, talking to you was always soo easy and great. ... Looking back, everything always felt just so right." "How many times did I come to you about some shitty girl? I loved how you were always there for me. I always felt at home talking to you." - From Kyle, June 2 | "I want to share absolutely every part of who I am and what I have with you. I don't care about what's mine and what's yours... It's an "ours" thing to me." - From Laura, June 8 | "I feel like I really NEED to see you ... " - From Kyle, June 9 | "I love also love that fact that we can make each other laugh. It shows that we are also friends and not just boyfriend girlfriend. We couldn't have it better." - From Kyle, June 18 | "I love you so much baby. You are an amazing man and I'm so lucky to have been able to call you my BOYFRIEND for the past month. :) I'll never understand how on earth I got this lucky. How did I get a guy as special and amazing as you?? I'll always brag about how amazing my Kyle." - From Laura, June 17 | In June ... - We used to crack each other up by asking each other questions from "The Newlywed Show" - You surprised me with two of the greatest birthday gifts I've ever gotten -- the painting of me and my friends, and that amazing letter. - Maybe not a great memory, but as I reread our emails I remembered that we bickered a lot in June. But, we got through it, learned how to better communicate & became stronger for it!

6: July 2009 | July was both busy and exciting. I packed up and moved out of my parents house making Columbus my permanent home once again. This meant many things for us: "Our life," which we so often called it, officially took a step in the right direction and my trip to Japan could be booked simply because where I was going to be and what I'd be doing was definite. As soon as I was moved in to my apartment we began counting down the seconds until we were together again. July was a test of patience! But, I learned that when we really want something, we'll do anything to make it happen -- like our time together in Japan!

7: "I am so happy for you that you have your own address, that is so exciting. I want to send you things!" - From Kyle, July 6 | "I love you baby and am so happy for you that you get to move soon. I cannot wait for our life. I REALLY cannot wait for you to get here, ughh! Less then a month babykinsss." - From Kyle, July 9 | "I miss you so much. Uhg. I can't wait until I'm there baby. I can't believe we're down to less than 4 weeks away. It's so crazy. It's going to be amazing to be able to wrap my arms around you again." - From Laura, July 11 | "It really hit me how soon I'm leaving today. I have this full work week, then next week I only work until Wednesday then I leave!! Soo crazyyyy!! Eeeee!! I can't wait to see you lover! I can't believe that this all worked out. It's so crazy to me. I can't wait for dates..." - From Laura, July 28

8: August 2009

10: "I feel like this is all so surreal. Usually before I go on a HUGE trip like this there's soooo much planning and what-not going on but you have pretty much done everything and I've been along for the ride." - From Laura, August 3 | August was unforgettable. Our first vacation as a couple -- in Japan on all places! You are definitely the only person I'd ever fly half way across the world for (even with the threat of a typhoon nearby!). And honestly, I'd do that trip over and over again. I'll never forget our 10 days under the HOT sun, falling even more in love, enjoying every second of our time together. | "I am glad that you are coming out not only cause I get to see you but because you can get away from your work and your stressors. I think it will be good to take a nice vacation. Ughh it is going to be sooo much fun baby. I love you we are gonna have a blast." - From Kyle, August 1 | "Babbyyyy... ughhh I miss you already, I have the same feeling as I do when I am coming back to okinawa off of leave. I feel empty and sad. I miss you so much girlfriend.... This past nine days has been the best time I have ever been out here, all because of you. I had sooo much fun, I cannot belive that nine days could seem to go by so fast. I feel like a piece of me is missing now that you are gone. I love you soooooooo much!" - From Kyle, August 16 | "Japan is incredible. I'm loving every second of being here and falling even more crazy in love with this perfect man." - Written by Laura, August 9

11: "I love that I've been in the bed I've been watching you lay in, that I've seen where you work, met your friends, see where you go out, even sat in your car. I feel so much closer to you now that I've been there. I think that's the best part of coming out there... That and just getting to be with you plain and simple." - From Laura, August 18

12: September – Another month away from you. But, of course, life continued on. The month began with my application to graduate school – which for some reason scared me to death. Shortly after I bought Kyle the Fish who committed suicide only a couple weeks later. Uhg! But, what stands out the most about September (for me) is that you participated in Fight Gone Bad, raising over $1000. I was so unbelievably proud of you! So, even though we were apart, it was a good month. | “Hooow did I get so lucky to find you? You are just preciouss. kiss. I love you so so much baby.” – From Kyle, September 3 | “I can't wait to have you here and never have to worry about saying goodbye and our last night together. Uhggg to be NORMAL.” – From Laura, September 3 | "I am convinced that I have scooped up the world's greatest guy. The way he loves me amazes me. Who he is amazes me. How did I get this lucky? How in the world did a girl like me get so damned lucky?" - Written by Laura, September 19 | "How funny are you for getting a fish and naming it Kyle, your a goofball. That is probably why I love you so much." - From Kyle, September 21 | "All I know is that I love you so so much, kisses." - From Kyle, September 20

13: September 2009 | "I couldn't be more proud of Kyle's efforts to raise money for something that's so important to him. He's incredible and I'm truly in awe of the man he is and the Marine he has become during his career." - Written byLaura, September 21

14: October 2009 | "I've definitely never been this honest in past relationships, especially about this kind of stuff. I guess what's just what makes us so perfect for each other -- That we can be this honest and we actually love each other more for it." - From Laura, October 9 | "I like that we can be this honest and secure about it with our love for each other." - From Kyle, October 9 | "Wow, could I be more in love with you? Yeahhhh probably NOT. I love you so much. I don't know what it's lately I just am wanting you more and more each day." - From Kyle, October 10 | "You and your kitties are so cute. I wish they were still really small, but it is fun to see you so excited over them." - From Kyle, October 14 | "I got my flight date today, November 20th!" - From Kyle, October 19 | "I'm so so so in love with you baby. I'm so lucky... I can't get over how perfect you are. I can't even remember what life was like before you... and I don't want to remember." - From Laura, October 19

15: October brought me to Mike & Anita, the spooning kittens. It was fun for me to make my apartment feel more like a "home" with pets. In October you decided (officially) to leave the Marine Corps even though you had been promoted in September. That decision was difficult on our relationship, but overall made us closer and stronger. I also started searching for a new job, which didn't end well when BMW decided not to hire me. But, we were one month away from you being home and that was worth smiling about! | "Every day I feel blessed that I by-passed what "could be" and landed right in the middle of what "should be." Kyle is my heart, my world, my friend, the love of my life. I fall in love every single day. I never thought I'd feel this way. I am the luckiest." - Written by Laura, October 17

16: Homecoming month! The month we had waited for for SO long! I was surprised at how nervous I was for our life to begin, but still anxiously counted down the days. Of course, when you did get home I was in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving, but just knowing you had made it back was comforting. When I arrived home you surprised me with a candlelit apartment, roses on the bed & dinner in the oven -- So romantic! Our life started on an amazing note! | "Another day down.. Another day closer to my life with you. Uhg. I love you so so so much baby." - From Laura, November 4 | "Things seem to be moving faster and faster, I got done checking out with my SgtMaj and then I get my car signed away tommarow morning, and then I can have my Platoon commander sign off, then all I need is the CO and I am done!" - From Kyle, November 4 | "I honestly DO NOT know what I would do without you. I feel like if we weren't together I would be such a wreck. I NEED you in my life baby, I need to be able to hold and love on your forever. That is such a scary yet exciting thing to know that someone else has so much control over how you feel. I know my heart is in great hands with you. I promise to always be the best person I can with you, and always will treat and take care of you the way that you deserve." - From Kyle, November 10 | "Not only can I not imagine my life without you, I now know I flat out can't do life without you. I need you for so many reasons baby -- You keep me strong and brave, you make me feel so soo safe, you keep me grounded and in touch with who I am, you're the most supportive person in my life, you're my heart baby... My whole world." - From Laura, November 11 | "I have never nor will I ever feel this way about another person, you are my perfect match and I will do anything for you. I love you so much baby, thank you for making me the luckiest man in the world." - From Kyle, November 10 | "I know that we both arent used to regualr relationships, I am kind of looking forward to finding out what it's going to be like. I know that we will make the most of it and that we will do great. I love you so much and just know that we cannot go wrong." - From Kyle, November 17 | "I love you too much to ever risk losing you. Not after everything we've been through and how far we've come. I trust you entirely with my heart. For the first time in my life, I'm not scared about the future." - From Laura, November 11

17: November 2009

18: December was such a great month! Having you home for the holiday season felt perfect. We had fun doing holiday things, like decorating the gingerbread tree, going to my staff Christmas party, taking a trip to the Zoo Lights, and swapping presents for the first time. What I loved most about December was getting to know you even better by being around your friends and family and falling into the “routine” that would become how our relationship functions. We soaked up every second of your first month home and the last days of 2009 – the year that brought us together. | December 2009

19: “I knew having him home would be amazing, but I never could have imagined things to be this amazing. My life is perfect.” – Written by Laura, December 8

20: January 2010

21: We brought in the New Year the way most American couples do -- at a party with our friends. I was thrilled to be entering 2010 by your side (and with an awesome midnight kiss!) and to be leaving the mayhem of 2009 behind. The next day we went to your friend's house to watch Ohio State win the Rose Bowl. On January 2 we went to your first Columbus Blue Jackets game. They lost in the last 57 seconds, but we had a blast. January also began your revamped college career. You started back at Ohio State with full force. It was a strange adjustment for us at first, but I was so proud of you -- my college boyfriend. | "I am very, very lucky to have a man like him. Sure, things aren't always going to be easy, but I'm happy for that. It's life. It's OUR life. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that man more than anything in the world. " - Written by Laura, January 27 | "Let me tell you -- LOVE is when you'll happily empty their puke bucket. hahaha. " - Written by Laura, January 31

22: February 2010

23: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do ..... it's who you have beside you. | In February Ohio saw an obscene amount of snow, breaking an 100 year old record. And in the midst of all that snow, we had a busy month. Early on, you got a serving job at Moretti's. We celebrated our first Valentine's Day early in the month during a romantic dinner downtown. Mid-February, I finally left Goddard and started working for the Spaldings which was everything I could have hoped for. Less than a week later you turned 25! We celebrated at the Fish Market (eh hem, the night of your infamous cab ride) and again the next day at a party at your friend's house. The very next weekend, you met my mother (and so did your mom!). It was refreshing for me for you to finally meet someone in my family just to get another taste of who I am. It was a brutally cold month, so I was happy when it was over!

24: On the very first day of MarchI got the news I had been waiting for since September: I was accepted into Graduate School! It was the perfect way to start off a great month! Later in the month we celebrated the engagement of Shannon & Soren. We also went to our second Blue Jackets game, which ended up being one of the greatest nights of the month! We went from nosebleeds to by the glass with a private bar in a matter of minutes - awesome night! That same weekend we broke in your grill and made an amazing meal together. | “We may have been naive about a lot in our "online dating" stage, but there is one thing that I know we had right -- we have amazing love. No matter how hard things may get and how many variables are tugging us in different directions, you will always remain my constant -- the one thing that gets me through it all.” – From Laura, March 4 | “I love you, you are wonderful and I am so happy for you that you got into grad school.” – From Kyle, March 6

25: March 2010 | “I'm realizing how much I appreciate my relationship with Kyle because it has provoked a lot of growth and maturing. It's taught me about truly unselfish love. I'll always be thankful for that.” – Written by Laura, March 13 | “As stupid as it sounds, you really do make my life wonderful and I feel lucky every day that I'm yours. I really do think that I have the best guy in the world.” – From Laura, March 4

26: April 2010

27: “I'm so thankful ... so lucky ... to have him. I know he's not perfect -- but I love him SO much for everything he is.” – Written by Laura, April 3 | Another really fun month! We went to our first concert together (Passion Pit), which was a blast, and also bought O.A.R. tickets – finally! I also got to meet your family at your cousin’s wedding. We had way too much fun, which is obvious by the pictures on this page. I really loved getting to know you even better by seeing you interact with your family. The best part of April was the news that you got a 4.0 in your first quarter back at OSU. I couldn’t be more proud!

28: Thank you for making my life so wonderful! Happy 1st Anniversary!

29: Coincidentally, I’m finishing this book exactly one year from the day we were reunited at the airport in DC. Collecting memories, reviewing our emails, photos & journal entries has made me so happy. It’s amazing to me how much we’ve been through and how far we’ve come. It has been one hell of a year, babe. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, either. I’m so thankful that you are who you are and you chose me. I can’t wait to see what the years to come will bring us. Happy Anniversary, baby, I love you more than anything in the world.

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