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Our Story

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S: Our love story

BC: to be continued...

FC: Gareth & Mel | O U R S T O R Y

2: about us | Gareth Lloyd Wilson | July 18th, 1985 | Yellow | Football, Rollerblading, Star Wars, Ribena, | Intelligent | Perfect | Passionate | Captain Corelli's Mandolin, among many others | Usually found on anAnime soundtrack, or probably by Muse | It's A Wonderful Life (but let's be honest...it's Star Wars)

3: Melanie Ann Bafitis | September 7th, 1989 | Purple | Singing, Playing Piano | Kind | Analytical | Quirky | Sense and Sensibility, among many | Anything by The Beatles or Coldplay | Les Choristes

4: H O W W E M E T | It was late September, 2009 when Melanie made the best decision of her life and chose to study abroad at Kings College London. As fate would have it, Gareth happened to be studying medicine there already and was a Senior Student assigned to the eminent Floor 13, of the distinguishedWolfson House. Melanie didn't want to live in Wolfson House originally. It was her 13th choice of accommodation for that matter, but she too was assigned Wolfson House. It turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to either of them.While Gareth was under the impression that Melanie was a hermit for her initial time on the hall, he was mistaken as she had a very fulfilling social life. It just took Gareth a little longer to realize how well the two clicked. As the whole of Floor 13 grew extremely close, Gareth and Melanie began to nurture a blossoming friendship, one that would continue for years despite a rather pesky ocean eventually coming between them. That friendship formed the basis for a loving and meaningful relationship. A lot had to coincide for these two to meet. Call it fate, call it the Gods intervening, call it serendipity, call it whatever you like. I call it true love. | I'm not quite sure what constitutes as the couple's first date. It may be the ever-romantic driving on the LIE in bumper to bumper traffic while Melanie suffered a migraine and Gareth navigated the highways of New York for the very first time in an all around emergency situation. That may have been their first outing as an official couple. I like to think that they had a number of first dates. They had their first date as friends, when they went to "The Real Greek" on the South Bank and Melanie taught Gareth how to pronounce important things like "tzatziki" and "spanakopita," dazzling him with her advanced language skills. Or maybe it was all of those beautiful moments leading up to the incredible point where they became a couple. Skipping rocks on the beach in Sea Cliff, looking out on to a breathtaking Manhattan vista from the top of the Empire State, even riding a commuter ferry down the Thames. Every moment with you feels like a first date all over again. | O U R F I R S T D A T E | FIRST DATE

5: O U R F I R S T K I S S | Now this is quite unique, amazingly special if you will. (What I am about to tell you does not leave this page, understood?) Now, although Melanie had been a completely normal girl of 21, bright, social, not too incredibly repulsive up until now, (she's always been very good about personal hygiene) Melanie was however abnormal in one sense. She had never in her 21 years, shared a true kiss with someone she cared for. Many in Gareth's situation would scoff and dismiss someone with this level of inexperience. Not Mr. Wilson. No, not the truest gentleman, the sweetest, most patient, caring, kind, accepting man in the world. Gareth had just revealed his feelings for Melanie, emotions were running high, hormones were racing. So there, in Melanie's kitchen, in the house she grew up in for 21 years, 21 years of longing, wishing and hoping for that passionate kiss she had dreamed of, they gazed into each other's eyes and both got their wish. I like to think that Melanie had just been waiting for Gareth all along. | By now the couple had been dating a while, around 8 months or so. 8 months an no "I love you?" Both Melanie and Gareth had wanted to say those three little words, but never felt it appropriate to do via Skype, or on the phone. It was implied, but never said, until...Gareth came to visit Melanie in New York. The two were finally reunited after months of cross-continental separation. The very cultured and artistic couple took a day trip to the Guggenheim where they climbed the spiral ramp all the way to the very top. Just before the two embarked on their journey back down, Gareth pulled Melanie into a corner, spoke soft and low, at first a bit cautious and shy, but genuine and from the heart, he said "I love you." Melanie, taken completely, said it right back, and the two jollily trotted back down to earth, back to reality, their heads, or their hearts rather, still up in the clouds. | F I R S T I L O V E Y O U

6: favorite places | duo, Hank and Cupcakes, Gareth and Mel explored all of the wonders of New York (and each other.) There was in fact one very memorable event that occurred here. Perhaps it was long overdue, but it was made even more special by the wait and is surely something which they will both cherish forever. | Who knew that a little steel, brick, glass and cheap carpeting could have housed one of the greatest meetings of all time. Here, in Wolfson House, Weston Street, in the London Bridge area of the metropolis that is London, England, Garamel had it's first beginnings. Gareth and Mel formed a strong friendship on Floor 13, sneaking around and hiding from security guards, making nachos and smores in the kitchen, watching the first episode of Battlestar Galactica because, apparently,Mel had more important things to do after that, Although it would be a while before each would come to realize their true feelings, the great love story of Gareth and Mel would never come to be without Wolfson House. | WOLFSON HOUSE Where it all began | OUR WILLIAMSBURG APARTMENT A Home Of Firsts | CENTRAL PARK & EMPIRE STATE BUILDING The Almost Spots | During the great New York Adventure of 2011, emotions were high and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. The then single Gareth came close to telling, the then singleMel about his feelings for her, A breezy night atop the Empire State Building looking out in the the depths of the blueish blackish New York City sky, evocative jazz music tantalizing their ears. Love was in the air and both of them knew it, but no. Their love would not come to fruition, not yet at least. | Gareth and Mel spent a magical few weeks in their very own apartment, in perhaps the world's coolest, trendiest, most painstakingly hip neighborhood -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sharing the home with the surprisingly down to earth Israeli, Pop-electronic-rock

7: All of these places hold special meaning and cherished memories for both Melanie and Gareth, but ask either one and they will tell you without hesitation that their favorite place in the whole wide world is wrapped in each others' arms. | Sea Cliff, NY. Where Melanie had spent 21 years of her life, growing into the person that Gareth had come to know. Sea Cliff is a quaint town filled with Victorian Houses, former hippies and picturesque beaches. Mel and Gareth visited one of these beaches where they skipped rocks, dipped their toes and even created suntan lotion tattoos. It was in Melanie's home kitchen, after the two went to get authentic New York bagels, olive cream cheese still fresh on her breath, her wonky glasses unevenly balanced across her ears, still in the pajamas that she wore the night before, where Gareth revealed his true feelings, feelings that Melanie shared. After years of friendship a new type of relationship was about to begin. | IN YOUR ARMS | SEA CLIFF, NY Where Truth Is Revealed

8: The transcontinental, metropolitan lives that both Gareth and Melanie lead make for great memories, plus they're just pretty exciting people. However, the times when they've sat and watched hours of Community or SNL, or fell asleep watching The Emperor's New Groove, or baked Whoopie Pies in Gareth's "kitchen", or the fact that they can talk for hours on end when it only feels like 15 minutes, these are just as special as climbing to the top of the Empire State, boating through the lake in Central Park or seeing a game in Madison Square Garden. Every moment together is a favorite memory.

10: London, UK | ................................

11: It was the city of London that brought these lovers together in the first place. It just so happens that Melanie is rather obsessed with the place. It's a magical place for the pair, from walking along the South Bank, to traipsing around Trafalgar Square, from catching a show in the West End to late night fried rice in Chinatown. Even the royal Will and Kate couldn't compare with these two lovebirds.

13: New York City | ...........................................

15: Coney Island | Gareth got a little taste of America on his trip to Coney Island, literally. While Mel and Gareth stuffed their faces with Nathan's hotdogs , fried Oreos and funnel cake, they grew ever closer, emotionally, romantically, physically and gastronomically. (Additionally, we will continue to tell everyone that Gareth won Melanie a stuffed animal and never ever the other way around.) | ..............................................

16: Chang Face | Get In My Belly! | Yummy

17: Gareth and Mel are a quirky pair. While Melanie's face has been described as elastic, Gareth has been told he resembles a llama at times. This makes for fabulous facial expressions at any given moment. They are two peas in a pod and are never afraid to be silly with each other. In fact what's so special and rare about these two, is that they can be their complete and utter selves with one another. Pretty remarkable, right? | True love | Ridiculously Goodlooking People

18: Sir Gareth Lloyd Wilson, Esq. was born with many strengths. He is a talented young man, brilliantly intelligent, athletic, witty, hilarious, passionate, kind-hearted, responsible, well-spoken, charming, personable, friendly, ridiculously attractive,yes the chap was blessed. One thing he was not always blessed with, however, was a sense of fashion. | The Ever-evolving Style of Sir Gareth Lloyd Wilson, Esq. | ..............................................

19: Fortunately for Gareth, Melanie, while not the epitome of haute couture, nevertheless had a few tricks up her sleeve. Slowly and ever so subtly, Melanie began introducing Gareth to 21st century attire. They explored the wonders of the flannel shirt, the chambray top, and even the risqué skinny jean. Some trends were more successful than others,..but in the end Gareth began to see the light. | In all seriousness, Gareth has always been and always will be just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside, and Melanie couldn't have asked for or even imagined a more wonderful, perfect, beautiful soul to call her boyfriend.

20: A Year in the life of Gareth's Wardrobe

21: Dedicated follower of fashion

22: sarcasm | GOOD


24: friendship | Do you ever think about the classic romantic comedy plot, where two best friends who have known each other for years and have developed this close bond are both secretly in love with the other, or one just doesn't seem to have realized it yet. Our relationship seems to have played out as perfectly as is does on screen. We have accomplished what so many others only dream of, falling in love with you best friend. | Long Distance Runners | No matter how far apart we may be, you are always in my heart

25: Gareth, you have been worth 100 times the wait. Having the strong foundation of our friendship to build upon has made our relationship and our love the wonderful, caring, romantic, respectful, trustful bond that it is. You are my other half and I could not imagine my world without you. With your kind heart, passion, intelligence, quirkiness, sense of humor, wisdom, caring soul, ambition, drive, the list goes on, I have always so admired you, respected you and found you utterly irresistible. I'm so proud and truly lucky to have you. I love that we can talk for hours on end, from discussing the most insignificant things to how the universe and everything inside it seems to work. You're my first love, my true love, my everything. I didn't think it was possible but I seem to love you more and more each day. | Ever since I was a young girl, I had always dreamed of finding the special someone who I could call my own, someone who needed me, the one who would love me unconditionally, and the person who would make me feel special, important, cherished and loved. I had spent a long time by myself, developing my independence, finding out who I was, growing into the person that I've become, At the same time, I had become used to being alone and always wondered if I was ever going to find that person that I longed for so much. | I am so blessed to have you in my life and this year has been so incredibly life-changing. Happy one year anniversary my love. Here's to many more. Who knows that the future may hold, but I would be the luckiest woman in the world to be able to spend any second of it with you. | Happy Anniversary, I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul. | LoveMel

26: happy anniversary my love | love

27: HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSAY GARBEAR! You are my life and I cherish every single moment with you.

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